More T-Mobile customers losing Advantage Plan monthly discount from September [Update x2]

Earlier this year, T-Mobile caused something of a ruckus when it announced it would no longer be offering monthly line rental discounts for its Advantage Plan customers. The plan was to move everyone off the old monthly discount scheme on to a newer model which offered a gift card/discount every time they bought a new phone, or upgraded. After the announcement, it changed its mind somewhat and allowed old Advantage Plan customers to be grandfathered in, past a specific cut-off date. Everyone was happy, at least, for the short term.

Since then, relationships between T-Mobile and some of its corporate partners have ended resulting in some customers losing their discount altogether. Something which can’t be avoided. After all, if the company ends its deal with T-Mobile (or the other way around), they can’t continue to offer a perk to the customers currently receiving it. Both the AAA and the PTA ended their relationships with T-Mobile earlier this year, and it would seem more companies are doing the same.

Today, we’ve been informed by a few customers that a new batch of postcard notices are being sent out informing them of further corporate partnerships ending. postcard1

One company T-Mobile has ended its association with is NEXT JUMP. As seen in a screenshot below. One customer got in touch whose Advantage Plan discount was handled through the company that specializes in developing work place culture, and handling corporate discounts and perks.


As part of T-Mobile being the “Uncarrier” it believes it should be offering the same prices, the same great value and same service to everyone. The “old hat” system of offering corporate discount to employees or members of specific companies and groups meant having higher then necessary regular prices. And although it sucks to lose discount, it does, from a big picture standpoint make sense in the long run. Particularly if T-Mobile is going to be more successful.

If you’ve had a post card, or been informed over the past few weeks that your discount is ending, let us know by sending an email to with the details, let us know which company you’re associated with which is no longer in relationship with T-Mo and I’ll update this post as and when I can. If you’re able to, send us pics of the post card/online notice.

UPDATE – If you haven’t been sent a notice and you currently receive a discount, please don’t take this as a sign that you’re going to lose yours. Unless T-Mo gets in touch, via text or post card, there’s no need to worry.

UPDATE 2 – Another customer receiving an advantage discount through NEXT JUMP received a text to inform them.

advantage plan text


Another customer in New Jersey received the initial post card and he was getting his discount through the American Federation of Teachers in that state. Another still was getting his through working for Scripps Networks Interactive. 

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  • steveb944

    If partnerships have ended then that explains why T-Mobile was making those changes earlier. I just signed up through the public sector so they told me I should be receiving my discount in 1-2 billing cycles.

    I’m not the primary on the account, if that’s an issue I plan on switching everything to me in order to get the discount.

    • Get_at_Me

      As far as i know, an authorized user on the acct who’s affiliated with the company that’s discount eligible is fine. Your name has to be listed on the tmo acct in order for the entire tmo plan to receive the monthly discount.

  • When I lost my original 15% discount last month (don’t work for that corp anymore) I did the following to get it back. Called their retention folks and said I was leaving to Sprint (my wife and her family is on it, barf…) because my wife had convinced me (not really but she was trying).

    They re-applied the discount to my account as a loyalty offer for the life of the account. Problem solved and done. I was nice about the whole thing and so were they. Thanks TMO :) Now ditching the OnePlus One and getting a new unlocked BlackBerry Z30 LTE since BlackBerry is offering a 30% off sale through shopblackberry DOT com :-) until the end of Aug.

    • Jesus M. Rodriguez

      That’s great. I hope they keep that up.

  • James

    Here I thought they removing my discount since I submitted a form for the premium SMS refund! Thankfully, I submitted my work email address and sure enough, discount re-activated!

  • nash859

    This sucks

  • dm33

    Can you still sign up for a corporate discount? I thought it was only grandfathered?

    I called customer service the other day to cancel my service and asked if I could get the corporate discount if I came back to Tmobile later. They said yes.

    Is that true? I assumed it was a typically misinformed CS person. However the website listed in this story still talks about signing up new customers as “advantage” members, making it sound like you can get discounts for employees of your company. Of course, the webpage could be stale but its adds to the confusion.

    • tmo_rep

      The CS rep was partially correct if they said you can still get a discount in your scenario. If you come back and if we can open your existing account then yes you can get a discount. If we have to start a new account, then you will be eligible for the rewards card.

      • Matt

        My contract is over on tmobile, is there a way i can switch to simple value plan the newer plan and keep the discount ? or if i switch ill lose it

        • Third_Eye

          I was able to keep the discount when I switched to Simple Choice in Feb 2014. Of course this was before the new validation rules.

          I did validate in May and was able to retain the 10% corporate discount.

          As a FYI, the discount is not applicable to the EIP only to the plan.

  • Jesus M. Rodriguez

    That is unfortunate. Because most folks get discounts via AT&T that could easily bring them cheaper than T-Mobile’s regular prices. And while T-Mobile might have a fast network, they lack the reach that AT&T has. A fast network is pointless if I can’t access it. I’m a T-Mobile fan, but this annoys the crap out of me.

    • Terry

      I am in total agreement with you. I have to say, that even with unlimited data I can almost no longer justify why I stay with Tmobile. The discount that I received through them was better than my employer offers with AT&T. However, now I have to consider going to them, because I can get a bigger network for less money.

      Don’t bet me wrong, I love Tmobile and I have been with them for over 10 years, but if I can get a bigger network for less money, it does not take a genius to figure that one out.

      • Bklynman

        I have friend from my church,who gets,ready for this,not 15% off,not 20%,but
        27%,off there bill from Sprint. He told me his service is so-so,but the reason he stays because of the big discount,not sure how many lines he has.

        • Terry

          That is cool. As much as I hate the Death Star (AT&T) I am much less of a fan of Sprint. But if I can get my lines down even a few dollars with them, then I may consider switching. Plus I am sure AT&T or Sprint will love to help me move away from Tmobile.

        • All I’m gonna say is, I get a 22% Toyota discount from ATT.Ive got 7 lines with 20gb of data monthly and I pay $260 a month with real national coverage. There is no way in hell TMobile can compete with that.

        • Binny Gupta


    • PiCASSiMO

      I’m with you. My Value Plan contract
      commitment ends in a few months (October 2014) and when that time arrives I’m
      going to get a quote from AT&T to determine what our monthly cost will be
      with all the taxes and my wife’s corporate discount with AT&T. If the
      numbers are $10-$15 more per month, I’m willing to spend the extra cash for the
      better coverage, especially in areas like driving from Chicago on highways east
      and west on highways through Michigan, Iowa, and Illinois. I can understand on rural areas, but getting
      EDGE or GPRS signal on major highways in 2014 is embarrassing.

  • JamesG

    The partnership ended with T-Mobile. This isn’t T-Mobile at fault

    • Terry

      If T-Mobile chose not to renew Corporate discounts with anyone other than the Government, then how can this not be a t-mobile issue?

      • JamesG

        They chose to keep current partnership with current companies that were participating in the program. New customers aren’t able to get this benefit if they joined after a certain date. Though if the company wishes to break this partnership, then the discount is removed. It wasn’t Tmobile’s decision

        • Medion

          Because T-Mobile terminated new discounts for new customers, many companies didn’t see it as advantageous to continue the partnership. As a result, even grandfathered users are losing their discounts. This is very much a direct result of T-Mobile’s actions, and therefore, their fault.

        • randomnerd_number38

          I’m all for believing in T-Mobile, but let’s not kid ourselves. Saying this had nothing to do with T-Mobile is like a kid bringing home a bad report card and saying “it’s not my fault I got bad grades, it was the teacher’s decision.”

    • Hornos

      Both your and Cam’s post are inaccurate. According to the PTA, T-Mobile ended the relationship not the PTA. So I fall to see how that is not T-Mobile’s fault.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    They are still honoring my gov’t discount. I did have to verify employment but that’s all. 15% makes a difference but I get a basic phone line for free. Just paying the tax..sweet deal

  • besweeet

    I wonder when/if military discounts will end.

    • rtechie

      Probably never. They’re a condition for selling at PX. If T-Mobile wants to sell to active-duty US military, they have to keep the discount.

  • peralta61

    Sorry but did anybody get the update for galaxy note 3 ….. It came with a bug …. i can’t take the icon from the status bar

  • VG

    Wasn’t there an earlier rumor that T-Mobile was going to eliminate these discounts so that they could offer post – paid plan prices inclusive of all taxes and fees?

    • Medion

      There was prior to one of the uncarrier unveils, but it never happened.

  • Anon

    I lost my discount but honestly, T-Mobile is still a better value in my opinion than AT&T and Verizon and I qualify for large discounts with both of those carriers. I’m happy to spend a few dollars more on a company that is actively changing an industry for the better, and even without discounts comes in below the competition.

  • MarcusDW

    Is it just me or does “from September” or “from tomorrow” just sound weird?

  • Mike

    I lost my discount in June even after I was grandfathered in. I called. They said they screwed up and it would fixed the following month. It wasn’t. I called again and was told that I didn’t validate but the previous CS rep made no mention of the need he said it would be on my account the following month. The last call all she said was tough luck you didn’t validate you lose out. I was so pissed I looked to switch to give the finger. But realized, I’m still saving compared to other two big players. Argh.

  • kekel1123

    I lost my discount without notice. I was just persistent an check my bills every time.So they did honor the discount and gave me one month Advantage Plan discount until I sent a copy of my payslip attached/scanned on the advantage website. After few days , they sent an email that they received the paper works and I will continue to receive the discount from then on. But the notice that they are going to remove the discount , i did not receive any, not on post, on email or whatever!

    • kekel1123

      FYI , I am not working in the government so this is not a government discount. I worked in the healthcare industry.

  • BlackJu

    Whether it’s fair across the board or not, individuals and families don’t care. They expect to pay the same every month, so this amounts to a price hike in their monthly budget. And when that happens, they start to look at their options. Let these people keep the discount if they complain, even if T-Mobile, err, their company has discontinued the partnership.

  • Medion

    If T-Mobile wanted to give lower prices as a whole, then they should have removed ALL of these discounts from their new Simple Choice plans when the plans went live. That way customers could keep their existing plan and discount, or move to the cheaper (in many cases) Simple Choice plans without a corporate discount.

    I’m still getting my 15% military/gov’t discount. My wife and I use the unlimited plan from last year. Baseline, this plan is $120/mo. With my 15% discount and the hidden fees and fake taxes (all major carriers charge it, doesn’t make it right), I pay about $122.

    Remove the hidden/fake fees and corporate discounts at the same time, and MOST people will save a few bucks. Billing would also be simpler.

  • CalicoKJ

    My discount was with Corporate Perks (aka Next Jump). That’s 30 bucks a month of discounts that I am losing on my 5 lines.
    Happy? No.
    Stuck? No.
    Staying? Probably. I may try calling retention to see what they have to say. My EIP balance is to the point where paying it off would be easy and then switching is an option (although not one I really like to think about). Coverage at home with T-Mo is poor, nearby towns are great though and I do have WiFi calling to take care of things at home. I have discounts available through my employer for Verizon (blah) and AT&T (sorry-hell no).
    My monthly bill without the discount is slightly less than what I would pay to any of the other companies and I have had fewer headaches with T-Mo than I did with Verizon or Sprint…and I still won’t go near the Death Star.

    • PHL

      I also have my discount through Corporate Perks. Haven’t received a text message yet, and they can’t find my info at the verification link. Sure looks like TMO is purposely cancelling all these discounts in small batches to avoid a large outcry.

  • rtechie

    As far as I can tell, in July they revoked the Advantage Plan for every single customer, including those that still have their plan. Every customer had to login to the web site to re-verify the plan. Note that this includes all government workers.

  • George

    Does this affect school employees who receive a government discount as well?

    • Justin Johnson

      I just lost mine from California State University Northridge.

  • VegasSmitty777

    If I lose my discount I’ll jump to Verizon. They offer a higher percentage discount then T-Mobile so I’d still come out better then staying with T-Mobile.

    • SirBitsy

      man I wouldnt touch verizon for a truck load of money. I got rid of them a long time ago and got smart talk. I ordered my phone from them on the phone and got one that uses the verizon network. $45 a month. PERIOD.

      my last month with verizon cost me $538.00

    • Chreez

      See ya later.

    • maximus1901

      My work offers 22% discount but remember: it’s only on the data bucket not the access line fee.

    • noc007

      GLWT. I had a “22% discount” on VZW for two lines with data and it knocked about $10 off. That discount doesn’t discount much. In comparison I pay about $50 less being on T-Mo with more lines and a 12% discount.

    • guest

      Verizon only discounts off of Data portion of your bill not the full amounts

      • UglyPete

        It’s actually off of the account access (talk text, data) , not the line access ($40 for each line).

        • monkeybutts

          New plans are data only, the $100 10 GB stuff

    • MuthaFuckinStephen

      We won’t miss ya.

  • bisayan

    I hope government and military discount wont go away! Pls!!! dont take it from us!

    • nycplayboy78

      No worries on that front…Government and Military discounts are NOT affected by this…Also if you have Veteran’s Advantage you are safe as well :)

  • notyourbusiness

    I was able to successfully renew my discount since my mother works for one of the CUNY schools. A few months ago, when I got a notice to check if we were still eligible, I panicked because it came up that we no longer had it when I signed in. When she did, though, everything was fine.

    • I wonder about me because I’m going to SUNY – Purchase College, and I applied the discount on our (Me and my grandma’s account) last week. I got my discount through a Student Advantage discount the school sent through the mail.

      • notyourbusiness

        Hope you’re able to keep your discount!

  • RR

    Received the same postcard last night (NJ). My corp. discount (12.5%) is tied to my employer’s enrollment with the organization Working Advantage. So i reached out to Tmo online chat support. They verified that Working Advantage will remain as an eligible organization for the discount, however I now have to verify my employment with Tmo once annually to keep my discount. A little added inconvenience but worth it to keep the discount.

  • StankyChikin


  • Justin Johnson

    I got a post card(two or so weeks ago) from T-mobile saying I needed to reverify. My discount(15%) was for California State University Northridge. After trying to verify my email online I was told that my work no longer was eligible. Looks like I’m out of luck.

    • techymexican

      I attend CSUN too! I just got mine verified and it all went through just fine, still getting my 15% discount

      • Justin Johnson

        Did you use a or email?

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Reverified with chrysler

  • Roger Elizondo

    Im currently on two corporate discounts NextJump that i got from corporate perks and Sands Corp., On my last statement it says “A discount you were eligible for will expire next month!” i chatted online with a rep. and they said it was the NEXTJUMP discount that was expiring, what I want to know is will the sands corp. discount also expire?

  • Nevsky2

    If I lose my Next Jump discount, a great reason to consider the Sprint $60 Unlimited Plan – Unlimited Talk, Text and Data

    • p0nch0

      Unlimited crappy service that’s has throttled speeds all the time…Bye Felicia!

      • Nevsky2

        Which is why I hope T-Mobile will match it.

  • poisonoussting

    Will we be able opt into the plan that gives us gift cards for phone purchases if we get our discount removed?

    • miki

      That’s available to everyone

  • Sayahh

    A coworker of mine lost her government discount. I had her fill out the form, and she was still denied the discount. She finally got it back after several calls to customer service, when she encountered a customer rep who agreed to give her the discount. Not sure if she received credit for the month (or two) when the discount was revoked.

    Also, did anyone get the postcard stating that their plans will be changed in October 2015 to Simple Choice?

  • DaveTexan

    TMO offered a new option. (which I recommended them to do on TMOnews(they do listen?):
    $40 Unlimited Talk & Text with Data
    Unlimited talk & text
    Up to 500MB of 4G LTE data. No overage fees. Data service suspended after 500MB.
    Not eligible for discounts.

    If they cancel my corporate discount I may just downgrade my plan from $50 to $40. My actual usage of data never exceeds 500MB anyway…YMMV but if you don’t use that much data the $40 plan may be a good alternative.
    Also, I tested their free international data roaming in Italy. It’s a nice backup mobile networking but I still got a local sim card for 4G and more reliable connection. The free roaming could be as fast as 3G and works with multiple local carriers but stability is not as good as with a local sim card. (Not due to the speed. reauthentication was quite annoying when you reconnect.) It was still helpful when I was out of the local 4G carrier’s coverage area. The value is quite good for free, though.

    • miki

      The international plans are only available on postpaid $50 and up Simple Choice plans. The Simple Starter plans do not have free international data and text.

      • DaveTexan

        Thanks. It was unclear in “My T-Mobile.” Thanks for the clarification. I learned that Simple Starter does not have tethering either. Glad I did not make the switch.

  • Jesus M. Rodriguez

    UGH I got my post card yesterday. This is lame, now I’m re-evaluating my carrier options. Why Tmo Why?

    • HalfnHalfCoffeeJelly

      Because they really don’t care about you. Once they start making enough cash they’ll be done with these “nothing to lose” Uncarrier moves. Those discounts do save you alot over a year.

      T-mo moving up past Sprint might be the worst thing to happen to its customers.

  • dmunch

    Originally posted to wrong story:

    Not some. All! I cant believe I didn’t see it before. This is the carrier M.O. If you cant do it through the front door, go the back door.

    If you cant raise rates with out pissing people off, making then leave, and/or getting bad press, what do you do? CAP THE DATA PLANS!!!

    If you cant get people off of the discount program by cancelling them, then you change the t&c with the provider. I got the post card and immediately went to my association (Texas Bar Association), only to find that their website already has the new rules ($25 card, blah, blah, blah). Sneaky, but not really.

    Thank You T-Mobile, you lost 3 uncarrier points on the board today. My bill is going up $22.50 a month because of this. Cant leave just yet, still have unlimited data. Touch that and see what happens!!! Grr.

  • Nobunaga Oda

    Thoughtful comments , BTW , others require a CA GC-251 , We came across a fillable version here