T-Mobile Advantage corporate discount scheme in its current state set to end


T-Mobile is about to get rid of its current T-Mobile Advantage corporate discount scheme. At least in its current state. As it stands, various companies, education providers and organizations partner with Tmo to offer their employees cheaper plans at varying levels. Advantage offers a 15% monthly discount on plan rates. But that’s all set to change next month.

First to tip us of these changes was @CellPhonius. Following his contact, our own handy collection of sources confirmed that these changes would be concrete from the end of the month. Internal documentation and customer emails would suggest these plans have been incoming, very quietly, for the past couple of months.

Thankfully, it would seem anyone who signed up to the program before February 3rd will keep their monthly discount.


Anyone who signed up to the program afterwards may find that it’s disappeared, and sales reps in store will no longer be able to add it to customer accounts. Instead, you’ll have to go to T-Mobile’s Advantage signup page to check your eligibility.

Now, details on the exact changes and documentation on it isn’t the clearest. So, I’m a little hazy on some of the details. The fact that some of our sources themselves are unclear shows how poorly this is being communicated. But, here’s what I know (or think I know) so far:

  • From March 31, 2014, T-Mobile Advantage in its current state disappears. (Except for government workers?).
  • In its place is will be a new scheme where corporate partners get $25 off the price of a device (or a “reward” card).
  • Anyone who signed up before February 3rd will get to keep their monthly discount, and it will apply to any lines added to that account going forward.
  • For anyone who took it after that date, you’ll probably receive (or have already received) a letter detailing the changes.

Like I say, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. But, if any of you can help out with details to get this crystal clear, or can provide any documentation on this to help us all understand it better, please hit me up on Twitter (@TiP_Cam) or send me an email: cam@tmonews.com. If you’re a sales rep, or a customer who’s received notice of the changes, I’d love to hear from you on this.

*UPDATE: Changes are coming.

Checking through the Support pages on T-Mobile’s website, there’s a conversation regarding the Advantage scheme. One commenter in response to the original question about the rumors posted the following:

Thanks!  I e-mailed MCSAmigrations@T-mobilesupport.com and this is what they had to say.  To summarize they said that starting March 31st, the Advantage program will change from a discount on rate plans to a reward card offer with the purchase of a device.  It says eligible customers who purchase a device in store may enroll in the new Advantage Program up to 30 days after activation.  If your company participates in the Advantage Program, you will receive a reward card when you validate your employment  by visiting www.t-mobile.com/verify.  It says you can use the reward card to purchase accessories, or even apply it to the purchase of your next device.

So with that being said it sounds like it’s confirmed that it will be changing.  I sent another e-mail asking if customers who are already on the Advantage program would be grandfathered in or not and what the reward card amount would be for my employer.  So we’ll see what they come back with.

In short: In three days time, the Advantage plan as you know it will no longer exist.

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  • Phil

    Well gotta say, that really sucks. I’m lucky enough to have been on it for years now, but now they are going to be the only one that isn’t offering a discount % wise. All the others have it through my company, and Verizon is one of the biggest as they charge the most. Bummer to see it go.

  • Danny Lewis

    I’m no longer with T-Mobile, but AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have discounts through my employer. When T-Mobile improved enough, I was going to switch back, but with the discount, AT&T may come out to be the same for me.

  • Bklynman

    If Sprint/Softbank ever get their act together,TMO will be in big trouble. Let’s see Mmmm,average customers,doesn’t know Japanese company own Sprint now. I know people who has Sprint,they never heard of Softbank. Now I am average customer with TMO,Sprint just now inform the world they have change their phones over to gsm. Bring your unlock TMO phone over here,get corp discount, I know people who have Sprint is happy with them,I go checkout Sprint,with the corp discount,it is cheaper than TMO,I go get my phone unlock,now with Sprint. Don’t say it can’t happen either. I can’t talk about any cities,but in NYC,the people I know that have Sprint is very happy with them.

    • fsured

      I have yet to meet a person who is pleased with their Sprint service. Some from New York City and others in Austin and Houston. I’ve tethered my T-Mobile service so that a friend can use his Iphone from Sprint because the network was that bad. There are areas where Sprint has good coverage but everyone I know who has left Sprint or shopping for another carrier, will not consider them cell service.

      • I agree with both of you guys, makes me wonder why just so many people actually stay with Sprint in the first place even if they don’t like their service.

  • Matthew James

    Surprised to see the “uncarrier” make such a carrier move. Wow.

    • UglyPete

      what carrier move is that? Verizon gives most employers 15-22% access discount and almost everyone gets 25% off of almost all accessories.

  • vrm

    tmobile has become arrogant after their recent successes; that can easily reverse as well.

    They haven’t been paying attention to recent price changes at at&t. For 1-2 lines or multiple lines with > 10GB data, at&t prices are close and with a 15% discount, will be actually lower than tmobile.

    At this point, the only thing tmobile has over at&t is international roaming. OTOH, at&t has coverage and network reliability in the US. Guess which way people will be switching now. Number of people who crave unlimited data is small (and that explains tmobile’s subscriber numbers).

    • Robert

      That’s a pretty hard statement to prove. Sprint still has unlimited data and a VERY large number of ATT customers still do as well. In fact, ATT customers cling to their grandfathered data like it was a dying grandfather in most cases I experience.

  • While I understand that T-Mobile had to respond to its shareholders, it is obvious that the latest promotion did not sit very well with T-Mobile Investors/shareholders. They also have to “raise money” for the 600 mHz spectrum auction coming up. That is likely why they decided to trim the fat. What I am not sure of is why they attempted to do so so quietly. This could put TMUS in danger, if AT&T and Verizon get a hold of this story and try to “expose” the true UNcarrier. Again, I think T-Mobile is trying to remain financially sound AND make positive changes. Folks, however, do have legitimate reason to do their math and make sure they are getting the best deal. I think that the discount of $25 will be considered a joke by alot of people. It would have been better to get a $100 discount… they still would have been able to protect their bottom line.

    • Robert

      I don’t know what promotion you are talking about, but in the last year tmo has moved from down payments on devices to full 24 month interest free financing.
      I can see 2 ways this can help them. Sure the lack of down payments means the cash they are getting is forecast as future revenue, but it’s a steady stream of revenue based on the valididty of the credit check system that seems to have permeated every aspect of American life. As these devices start to get paid off, and tmo how encourages new outright phone purchases, they are able to 1) keep the revenue stream flowing in an consumer market, and 2) take advantage of those people who like me have already paid off their phone and intend to sell it to help pay for the new One when it hets shelves in 2 weeks.
      The uncarrier plan is a marathon not a sprint. The tmo investors have to see that when they see revenue projections 12-36 months out.

      • I was referring to the ETF reimbursement promotion. You make good points as to how viable the T-Mobile options are vs the competition. With the recent adjustments to AT&T’s plans, however, that does pit them closer together price-wise, if you factor in their corporate discount program.

      • fsured

        Latest promotion could be the company paying off Early Termination Fee’s for customers who switch to the carrier. Sure they recoup some of the money back with the phone trade in but it could also be a costly move to get customers. We don’t know the financial impact of that yet.

        • Kidney_Thief

          John Legere said in an interview that the average cost of acquiring a customer is about $350. He said that most peoples’ ETFs are significantly less than that (around $165, I think he said) and the money that they make recycling the phone, Legere admitted they either made money or broke even in most cases.

    • fentonr

      The discount is a joke but I don’t think this has anything to do with recent promotions going over well with investors or not. So, no, sorry it isn’t obvious.

      • Our opinions may differ on the subject. While it might not be “obvious”, it surely was not an UNcarrier move. I think it was a necessary one, though. That was the point I was trying to make.

        • fentonr

          Fair enough

  • Guest

    I’ve done the math for myself and even with a larger discount at the other carriers, the total cost to me still ends up cheaper with T-Mobile even without the Advantage Plan. I have no problem with this and feel that it’s fair that everyone gets the same pricing.

    • fentonr

      No kidding the discount at other carriers is a joke. I had a 17% discount at Verizon before I switched but almost nothing qualified for the discount so I ended up getting about $2 off a $200 bill every month.

      • kalel33

        All account level charges are discounted with Verizon(ie plan costs on Nationwide and data charges on More Everything). I was a rep for Verizon for awhile and you are flat out lying.

        • mloudt

          lol i knew something was wrong with his statement when he said he got a 17% discount but only $2 dollar came off a $200 bill lmfao forget college algebra he can’t do kindergarten math or like you said he lying and based on his posts trolling also smdh

  • JBrowne1012

    That’s freaking crap I’m trying to have my family stay with good old T-Mobile but every turn some change is happening for the disadvantage of the consumer. So instead of getting discounts on every bill we are going to have to wait 4-6 weeks for a crappy rewards card that they want us to use for jump? T-Mobile is no longer budget worthy anymore with all these changes .

    • fentonr

      What other changes were bad? Also, if they already have a discount they do get to keep it. All that said though, the new discount is crap, no discount would be better. That way it just costs what it costs there isn’t any crappy insensitive you get to spend more money on a new phone and accessories after you have already purchased a new phone and likely any accessories you intend to buy.

      • Romdude

        You don’t get to keep it unless it’s a government discount.

        • fentonr

          That’s not what the graphic says. I know care reps are saying otherwise but I’m going to believe the graphic until I get a bill that doesn’t have the discount. Even then, I still pay way less than I would elsewhere.

        • Eddjz

          Trust me everyone is getting their discount taken off except government accounts…. Does this mean tmobile won’t apply a discount anymore thru your job? No. You have to reapply for it and verify it with your job. Simple as that

      • JBrowne1012

        This whole uncarrier thing was a false positive. Since uncarrier started its completely way more expensive to get new devices and on the plans themselves. it used to be pay $200 fee or maybe a device was free plus a $36 one time fee which usually gotten waived in the first place if you knew who to talk to.

        recent changes to unlimited is crap its $10 more which is an additional $30 on 3 lines Now if you want a free device you gotta pay about $25 a month per line which on 3 lines is $75 a month. add $30 for insurance… Insurance became tiered based on the size of your phones screen

        removing discounts is effectively a problem, surely is not a place to cut corners on.

        These changes make me wonder about tmobile’s future

  • Guest

    LOTS of discussion on Howardforums from people being told they will NOT be grandfathered no matter when they signed up for the advantage program…..

    • mmunson

      If thats the case I am going to JUMP to a Nokia 521 and quit T-MO in December.

    • wazmo

      The graphic above doesn’t match-in the end the next bill cycle will be the tell.

  • My company gets discounts through all the big Four and as such I receive a corporate discount through Magenta, if this goes away this is ridiculous considering all the rest of the carriers will continue to offer their discount. I’m not often disappointed in T-Mobile, but this could be one of the most disappointed I’ll be “if” this turns out to be true.

    • Robert

      Come down off the ledge. It’s not THAT ridiculous when you consider a 20% Verizon discount I had was still more than my Tmo bill with 2 $20 device eips.

      Maybe the point of the uncarrier program is to charge you what your service and device are worth. Discounts are only intended to entice customers who are already overcharged.

      • Come off my ledge? I have a right to be upset about this especially when co-workers on other carriers continue to receive discounts on their plans, don’t try and tell me how I should feel. Thanks @Robert:disqus

        • Tim

          And like Robert was implying, they’re probably still paying more since the plans on the other companies cost more to begin with.

        • fsured

          Even if they are paying more it is their choice to pay more. Taking away a discount regardless the amount, the price increases from what a customer pays. I’ve been with the company for 5yrs and get a discount with my employer and it does bring me about 20 bucks in savings every month. Yes I’d be disappointed like SparklingCyanide is.

        • vrm

          actually, with discounts, at&t prices are lower in certain scenarios, esp for 1 to 2 lines. So it is international roaming vs US coverage.

        • Unitymustgo!

          Exactly. I only need 2 lines. Like someone else wrote further up, I had a great older AT&T plan I can never get back. The difference in plan price and new phones between t-mobile and AT&T was minimal. For me the real savings are coming at the end of 24 months when the phone costs drop off t-mobile. I figured I’d find a way to survive for an extra year before a new phone. If I lose the discount then I’d much rather be on AT&T and be able to pick up a new discounted phone after 24 months.

        • vrm

          at&t also lowers the rate after phone subsidies are paid off.

    • Eddjz

      You still get a discount. Pretty much it’s like a restart….. Tmobile will take everyone’s discount off except for government. Then you have to apply again and verify it thru your job so you can get your discount. Simple as that. I know this because I have a very detailed memo on how it works

  • Paul

    Whew, I can keep mine.

    • Lucky you, Paul! Many will not fare similarly.

      • Paul

        I’m betting that this will everyday die out, but probably down the road a ways.

    • thepanttherlady

      Looks like one of my daughter’s just barely made the deadline of 2/3 which was pure coincidence.

  • pezman726

    Just switched from at&t at the end of Feb. According to my bill in getting a government discount. Hopefully I’ll be fine. Otherwise, I’ll be really pissed off! I can understand getting rid of a program. But you need to keep the people that have already signed up for it on. If my discount gets removed, as soon as I get my etf credit, I’m going to start to look at MVNOs.

    • Romdude

      You will be ok, 611 told me government discounts will remain but don’t take my word for it, ask them.

  • S. Ali

    T-Mobile gave you free international data, free international texting, unlimited data, no overages, no contract service, and the cheapest rates in the industry and you people are complaining about losing discounts? You’re all a bunch of entitled idiots.

    • I agree with this part: “T-Mobile gave you free international data, free international texting, unlimited data, no overages, no contract service, and the cheapest rates in the industry”… however, that we are all a bunch of entitled idiots I do not agree with. I think folks are more worried that this was not announced, that it was, kind of slipped under the table… not as transparent (or UNcarrier) if you will as their most recent moves.

      A statement from Legere or a top exec, weighing the benefits of T-Mo’s cost structure vs the competition could have been less potentially damaging than this.

      • S. Ali

        I’ll wait for an official announcement, before I complain about rumors.

        • Romdude

          Call 611, they gave me the bad news.

      • mmunson

        But some of us do not need international data or texting. We should be able to choose our bolt-ons to save money.

        • kalel33

          It’s not “some of us”. I don’t know of a single person that calls to another country or travels enough for that benefit. It was a great thing to add but with their customer base, it’s not that much of a loss in revenues.

    • pezman726

      I won’t pretend to know your situation, but here is mine:

      I left at&t at the end of febuary, going to t-mobile, which I new had less coverage, but I was willing to sacrifice a little bit to save $20/month WITH my 15% discount through my employer. Without that 15%, I am right back to within about $3-$5 of at&t, where I would’ve been eligible to renew another contract and get new phones that would cost me a whole lot more to purchase outright on t-mobile. I switched to save money…period. Without the discount, I am not really saving anything. Had they announced at the beginning of February, “hey, we’re not going to do this anymore” I would still be with AT&T right now, in my grandfathered family plan that I can now no longer go back to.

    • maximus1901

      How you used their international data? It blows! Yes it’s free but it’s free crap. Give me 200 pounds of crap and guess what: it’s still crap.
      I don’t WANT international data, texting. If people actually started using it to any degree, they’d change it cause they’d be losing money JUST LIKE THEY CHANGED THEIR JUMP.
      What I do want is for my 4G on iPhone 4s to not turn into 2G because I walked into a 1 floor stripmall shop.

    • JBrowne1012

      Majority of Americans don’t need any international anything, unlimited data was great and is great at $20 then they forced us to have mobile hotspot and add $10 to the price. The cheapest rates? not if other carriers are offering bigger discounts.

  • S. Ali makes a good point of the many discounts and benefits that T-Mobile offers. I just think that this move will not help T-Mobile sell its UNcarrier to their customers. I venture to say that it was devised to help keep their investor base happy although fentonr’s views are correct that the stockholder/investor base needs to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It will take time to crank those profits. T-Mobile has already been doing many very positive things that are sure to increase their revenue. I just question or feel that the timing of this decision is not the best, nor the fashion in which it is being administered; that many people will find out through another source vs. T-Mobile just selling their value proposition regardless of this program going away. I wish T-Mobile the best of success for being at the forefront of the changes in the industry here in the USA.

    • Kidney_Thief

      I think this is mostly about increasing revenue ahead of the upcoming spectrum auctions. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another stock sale in order to raise more funds in the near future. Ultimately, the 600 MHz auction is the most important spectrum auction for the next decade and T-Mobile has admitted that they can’t compete without it, full stop, and DT hasn’t exactly been tripping over themselves to provide financial support for T-Mobile. Ultimately, they need to worry about the future of the company.

      As for notification, at this point, it’s just a rumor that’s apparently been confirmed, but not officially announced. It sounds more like somebody let the cat out of the bag early than them intentionally trying to conceal anything, so who knows if there was ever supposed to be announcement or not.

  • JBLmobileG1

    One thing I thought was odd recently was that after so many years of getting a discount through my work, Tmobile sends me something in the mail and email asking for me to update my information if I want to continue to receive my discount through my work. I have been working at my work for over 13 years, so of course my discount was still valid, however I thought it was odd that they needed updated information after all this time considering I’ve had Tmobile since 2004 and this was a first. Since that little extra discount helps me every month, as soon as I received the notice I immediately took action so I wouldn’t risk losing the discount. I look at it this way, that extra $10 that I save can go towards my phone every month, and to a more expensive one, like my Note 3. I am just glad Tmobile is letting the ones already receiving their discount, continue to do so, because it is true…. I would actually get a larger discount through another carrier which could very well make the prices very similar.

    • WW

      Long ago, I priced the discounts with AT$T & Sprint. They both tend to give bigger % off discounts that only apply toward the “base” service (to varying degrees). “Add ons” (that aren’t included in the base plan) such as extra data, tethering etc are billed full price. It likely, mostly works out to about the same price ratio. In my most recent check with Sprint (since the “Family” plans), their price is nearly the same as T-Mobile for comparable service but still requires the stinking contract.

      • JBLmobileG1

        In away if you finance your phone through Tmobile you are in a contract.

  • JBLmobileG1

    One question I have though, the ones currently getting a discount will still receive it correct? What if they upgrade their phones? Do they lose the discount or are you like grandfathered with it so long as you are still at your job?

    • Those who signed up prior to February 3rd will be grandfathered in and can even add lines with the original Advantage Program discounts.

      • Romdude

        No, I just called 611 and they said they are doing away with it unless you are a government employee. So this was misleading. Call them yourself to confirm. No grandfathered in.

        • Justin Merithew

          So government employees will continue to get it? I asked on T-Mobile’s twitter page, but hadn’t gotten a response yet.

  • MarcusDW

    Ive been enjoying a 15% company discount for nearly 2 years and I dont even work for that company anymore.

    The program honestly does need to be revamped.

    • WW


    • JBLmobileG1

      All they need to do is to have you prove where you work to see If you still qualify for a corporate discount, like maybe once every year, you’d be required to send them a check stub. Heck for me just a few months ago, after receiving a discount since 2004, they finally asked me to update my work information…. that’s what? 10 years? While I still work at the same place you’d still think they would have asked that question at least 5 years ago. Not really sure why they must end it completely because other carriers are still offering corporate discounts but my guess is like what others said, they can use that extra savings to help buy spectrum.

  • John Bones

    Wow, I added mine about three weeks ago because of a new job. IM GONNA LOSE IT??!!

    • JoeyKhache

  • FuturePS4Gamer

    This sucks!!

  • Guest

    You guys might not understand this but probably half of this program is fraud. If you are friendly with the retail rep they can just apply any company discount to your account. Internally there has been reporting on this for a very long time and discussion on how to curb the fraud. No need to provide more discounts when the company already provides best pricing and best add ons for free. They are now starting to verify the discounts for existing customers and rumor was is that everyone will lose it and will have to re-apply and either get the reward card or some type of discount. We will see what happens.

  • pug_ster

    I want to add an additional phone line and get a discount. I guess it is too late huh?

  • JBLmobileG1

    Doing the math, if Tmobile removes my corporate discount which is a little over $10 in savings per month, I will be giving Tmobile another $240 over 24 months. And all I will be getting is possibly a $25 card, or $50 over 24 months, to use towards a new phone? Not going to work for me. I already shell out Almost $30 a month just for my phone. And before people say that it’s still cheaper, blah blah blah, I have been getting this discount for quite some time and have worked it into my budget. $10 is $10, and that savings actually helped with me deciding on going with a more expensive phone.

    • philyew

      Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but it looks to me like current subscribers receiving the discount will continue to do so.

      • JBLmobileG1

        I hope so, but I just received a tweet from Tmobile and it sent me a link talking about the $25 card you get when you get a new phone. If this is the case then I may actually goto Family Mobile where I’ll get a discount, or even… gulp Sprint. True, they sick now…. but with Soft bank they can make a turn around. After all, Tmobile did so it’s not impossible for Sprint to do the same.

    • Eddjz

      It’s funny how you say you will be giving an extra $240 a month to tmobile but in reality that’s money you should of been giving to them a long time ago because that was the fair rate plan… If you don’t work for the company any longer or never did I don’t see how it’s fair for you to keep it. No offense

  • ric

    Big tmobile supporter here. I have been with tmobile for last 10 years but if they cancel my discount ,next day Im with ATT. I know is more money but at least works.

  • xmiro

    I’m guessing now that Sprint and AT&T corporate discounts only apply to the data plan T-Mobile feels like they can do this. Which sucks. I hope we get to keep our 15% discount. I’d rather have 15% off than $25 off a phone

    That and the fraud that was happening with this, with people just finding discount codes online and calling in to have them applied without actually working for the company trough which they get a discount

  • Bklynman

    Let’s not forget Metro Pcs,last I read about them on this blog,they will be on there own but still part TMO. Their top plan for everything only $60. Amonth,they have bunch add ons,you can get
    if you so choose. Before people run off to big red,the death star,the yellow bird,you should check them out,not sure if they offer corp discounts or not.

  • str8loungin

    Is the discount program in question the same as “Corporate Volume Discount” (which is how it’s spelled out on my bill)?

  • Chris

    Wow, I just ordered new service with T-Mobile last night and requested to transfer my service over from Sprint. I wish I found this info out before I clicked the finish button, but needless to say, I called T-Mobile and cancelled the order this morning. I don’t see how they are going to cross the finish line on top with this one, being that all the other carriers are still giving out corporate discounts. Hmmm, $25 discount per phone on a non-subsidized phone vs a monthly corporate discount on my data plan? I think I will stay right where I am! T-Mobile will continue to stay as the bottom feeders, when they do stupid things like this.

    • Dakota

      Legere just announced current corporate customer discounts will be honored after all.

  • mjs64

    I can see where the military should get a discount, but not the overpaid, underworked civilians who are getting a discount.

    • Military retiree

      I am so glad that you lump ALL government working civilians in you r little hateful rant. You are a piece of work Bill.

  • Dakota