HTC One M8 – Unboxing

One advantage of living in the UK, is that we get many of the newest handsets as soon as they’re available. So, even though T-Mobile isn’t going to be releasing the device for another couple of weeks, I can still bring you the unboxing, and will be publishing a variety of content leading up to the launch to hopefully help you decide whether you’re going to buy this device or choose the Samsung Galaxy S5.

HTC One M8 will be available from T-Mobile retail stores and online from April the 11th. Price is $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $26.50.

If you’re interested to see how the design compares to the iPhone 5s, I filmed a comparison and uploaded an extensive gallery at

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  • sidekicker89

    Does anyone know if the Speakers on the M8 are as good as the original HTC One? I love Beats Audio on my HTC One! D

    • Aaron H

      they are louder by about 25%. Best speakers ever on any phone to date.

      • Aaron H

        unfortunately I just left tmo since they did not get this phone on the day of the release and my wife’s old Galaxy S Blaze literally died on the same day lol. Me and the wife both got the new M8 from Verizon with the buy one get one free promo @199. And also coverage in my area with tmo wasn’t very good although the plans are unbeatable in price. So this is my 3rd day of being a proud owner of this new phone. I am very pleased with the battery life, speakers, camera features, and looks of this phone. There is also a quick charge 2.0 that it supports however the charger for it is not yet available but the charger that comes with it still charges fairly fast. My only 2 complaints so far are the HTC logo that takes up wasted space making the phone a little taller than I wanted but I can live with it. Also the on screen buttons on the bottom of the screen do not turn off or disappear when browsing the web which is somewhat annoying and making the view-able space smaller . Maybe an update will resolve this issue in the feature who knows. Performance on this phone is excellent and I feel that I could keep this device for longer than 2 years and will still be able to handle anything that comes out. I was a previous owner of the HTC ONE S which going from that to this is a huge difference in every aspect. As for the M7 I haven’t owned one or had the chance to experience it so I can’t compare it to that phone although I have heard the volume level on this phone is improved over the M7 and stated 25% louder and it is very loud for just phone speakers. I watched a youtube video of the new z28 camaro and the sound was incredible. I could hear the rumble of the car and everything else in the video. The sound was incredible and blew me away. I did compare taking pics with my 8 mega pixel One S VS the new M8 and the pics from the M8 are better over the One S. So I would say that the camera is at least equivalent to an 8 Mega Pixel camera or better. Personally for what I use the phone for I think the camera is more than enough. The front facing 5 Mega Pixel camera is very clear and comes in handy for selfies and also has a special camera feature for that. It works great for video chat as well. One handed operation is still possible with the double tap feature on the screen. Otherwise the power button on the top of the phone is a bit of a stretch. I hope my little review helps with any questions you may have about this device. If you have any other questions about it I will do my best to answer them for you.

        • spartanjet

          The first thing I saw on the phone was that wasted space where the HTC logo is. If they were going to keep that there they should have just went with capacitive buttons rather than have on screen buttons further shrink the phone. With the on screen controls the display area is probably very similar to last years 4.7″ screen. To me that area with the HTC logo ruins a really nice looking phone.

        • Aaron H

          I agree with you on the wasted space and about placing the buttons there if needing to waste the space.

  • Me

    Did we ever determine whether the GPE HTC One M8 has the bands necessary for T-mobile’s LTE expansion (i.e. the 700 mhz A block spectrum Tmo picked up from Verizon earlier this year?).

    I’m highly considering the GPE version, but I want to make sure it carries the same LTE and HSPA+ radios as the Tmo version does. Don’t want to get screwed if I take it to a part o tmo territory that hasn’t been refarmed just yet.

    • steveb944

      For now the GPe listing says yes, but there’s still no info for the T-Mobile version. If in doubt I’m sure there’s some sort of contact info on there. Too bad Cam can’t find out for us.

    • Cam Bunton

      Official line on the 700MHz is “we have nothing to announce on 700MHz handset support”. T-Mobile aren’t saying anything, even if the handset is compatible.

      • Me

        But the AWS spectrum is 1700/2100, right? Which means that the GPE would get Tmo LTE using that, where its available, of course?

        Just out of curiosity, if you were in my position (def. prefer the HTC One over the GS5 and def. want a stock android experience) what would you (Cam and/or anyone else) do? Go ahead and get the GPE because it’s easier and get automatic OTA updates or wait on the Tmo version, root, and throw a custom rom on it?

        • Rami Abdelmajid

          I have Jump and not enough money to get full retail so I’d go with T-Mobile version root and flash a ROM on it. If you have the cash to buy full retail and don’t care about the duo camera functionality then deff get the GPE because its only $50 more

        • Cam Bunton

          Honestly, if the GPE was available in the UK, I’d have got it. If stock Android is what you want, and you have the cash to pay upfront, do it.

  • Larry Griffin

    The sign up page for the HTC ONE is up … no sign of a giveaway or anything

  • Prod1702

    Looks like I am waiting for the note 4. This phone isn’t worth it to replace my note 3. Nor is the S5 from the looks of it.

    • Singleweird

      holding it might change your mind if you appreciate quality.

  • tomarone

    HTC is unique, no doubt about that. Worth having except why the name confusion?

  • Jordan

    We *normally* don’t get headphones or any casing. They like to ‘nickel and dime’ us over here Cam. So don’t be surprised if you get complaints about the video how they didn’t get their headphones… LOL.

    • Cam Bunton

      Ouch.. Sorry man. We get all the gubbins over here.. I was surprised by the case though. Last time I got a case in the retail box with an Android phone was probably the Nexus 1.

      • Me

        I had one of those, a Nexus One, I mean. Mine came with a neoprene slip case, like you might have for a tablet or a netbook. Did you get something different?

        More importantly, I wonder what their market research is telling them that makes them think that you guys over there prefer one thing while we over here prefer another? If there was a vote, I was not invited …

    • David Firebaugh

      Honestly I don’t see why anyone would want the headphones they usually put in the box. The ones I have got in the past might last a month and they are trashed.

  • TheVorlon

    Now that it is shipping, should we start a pool on when HTC will stop issuing OS updates?

    • Cam Bunton

      HTC’s committed to 2 years… We’ll see how that goes. I give it 18 months. ;-)

  • Javi J

    Got the phone yesterday. Great phone so far. No beats audio but still great speakers. No headphones in box. Nano SIM card (move over iPhone 5/5S) . 32gb internal memory AND expandable memory. Awesome!

  • i been using the T-Mobile version and has been running good thus far on the network

  • corona10

    So why is the M8’s launch the same day as the GS5s?

  • Perk

    Will tmobile be selling the 32 gb or just the 16 gb m8?

  • Henry

    Hello all , does someone know if the Developer Editon will work on Tmobile. Ordered mine online and should be getting it on Friday.
    Thanks .

    • AllThingsReviewed215

      Yes gets LTE out the box. They are shipping them Thursday. the UNLOCKED edition shipped out today

  • OneuSer

    I love my HTCONE!!