Windows Phone lineup on Tmo set to get a new addition? Nokia “Monarch” incoming


Yesterday, the prolific leakster of all things mobile, @evleaks┬árevealed that T-Mobile is set to get a new face in its Windows Phone lineup. Sadly, we didn’t get an image. Simply the message: “Nokia Monarch headed to T-Mobile”.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 20.10.11

We’re convinced the “Monarch” moniker is a code-name for a future Lumia device, but not at all sure what it is. Is it the next high-end Lumia set to launch soon? Is it mid-range or low-end? Ubergizmo speculates that it could be a Magenta-version of the Lumia Icon that’s currently an exclusive on Verizon. It’s due to get an international model, so why not Tmo too?

Other options include the Lumia 930 that’s rumored to be making its entrance at Microsoft’s BUILD Conference next month. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be long before we find out on this one.

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