AAA and PTA members losing their T-Mobile monthly discount? [Update: Company Statement]


T-Mobile caused something of a stir a little earlier this year when it announced that it would be ending the Advantage Program monthly discount, replacing it instead with a credit-per-phone system instead. Perhaps what got the strongest reaction was the fact that those who had already signed up would lose theirs as well. At least, that was the initial plan. Thankfully, after strong reaction and a petition, T-Mobile changed its mind. Although the plan to replace the monthly discount scheme with a credit-per-phone system went ahead, current monthly discount receivers would be grandfathered in, providing they renewed by May 31st.

T-Mobile then issued a second set of reminders separately to renew monthly discounts by June 26th. Similar to the postcards sent out to other discount receivers. But, those who received discount by being a member of the PTA and AAA are seemingly losing it, despite being reminded to renew.

A growing thread on Howard Forums would indicate that a number of members of the Parent Teacher Association and Triple-A – upon attempting to verify and renew their monthly discounts – are being informed that their organizations are no longer accepted. And that their discounts will end, unless they find another affiliate to register through.

What’s a little unusual about this is two-fold. Firstly, there’s a notice from February on the PTA’s site claiming that anyone with the discount who signed up before February 3rd this year should be able to continue, and even add extra lines.

“T-Mobile has discontinued their association discounts. This change only affects individuals who are thinking about signing up. Members and employees on the T-Mobile Advantage Program as of February 3, 2014 will continue to receive their discount.” 

Secondly, to send out reminders in the form of a postcard to PTA/AAA members to re-verify their discount by June 26th, only to be informed that those organizations are no longer recognized or partners, is a little harsh to the consumer on the receiving end. One reader (a PTA member) who got in touch had 4 lines with 14% discount, and hit the link mentioned in the reminder postcard above, and had his verification request declined.

If T-Mobile and the PTA/AAA have ended their agreement, it’s understandable that any new sign-ups shouldn’t receive discount. As laid out in the notice back in February. But, to have customers expecting to be grandfathered in after announcing it during the hubbub a couple of months back, and then not renewing it does seem steep.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve had your verification request declined after attempting to renew your Advantage Program discount. There are all sorts of explanations why this is happening; system error, filling in forms incorrectly etc. But we’d like to think T-Mobile isn’t going back on its word. Send me an email to with any experiences you have. If you’ve successfully renewed, we’d love to hear from you too.


We have a company statement which we hope helps clear the confusion, even if it doesn’t help ease the frustration:

We’re doing what we said we would, and asking participants in our Advantage Program to confirm their affiliation with a company or association in the Advantage Program.  Some companies and associations are no longer members of the program. Many associations still have active agreements with T-Mobile for the Advantage Program, and those discounts will remain.  For those that do not have an active agreement (like AAA and PTA), you can still keep the discount if you are employed at a company that has an Advantage Program agreement. “

So there you have it. If you’re a member of AAA or PTA (plus some others), you won’t be keeping your monthly discount.

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  • Dakota

    Start petitioning Sprint since that will be your Carrier next year

    • Insider

      That is not happening! Even if there is a merger, it will be T-Mobile managed and operated.

  • Eric

    Unfortunately for some who stayed with T-Mobile for the discounted pricing, this may be the last straw before switching over to another carrier who may have better coverage.

    • maximus1901

      Cricket wireless: att’s lte network + a little more expensive than TMO.

    • Yeah I’ve been getting a 15% discount through my old employer for years… Looks like that will soon end. Aio [criket] anyone? I might call and drop a line on my account and see if they offer me some type of loyalty incentive to stay with Tmo.

      Anyone thought of going to Metro PCS and their unlimited LTE $60 per month plan? Is the speed like T-Mobile’s LTE given they are the same company….?

      • Moby

        Yes, same speed.

        • Good to know. I don’t tether as much as I used to so that is a non-issue. Don’t see tethering as an option on Metro.

          Time to get a Z2 and move to Metro. =)

        • Moby

          It’s not an official option on Metro’s unlimited plan, but there are ways around that like with a VPN and such.

      • Neolution

        I hope you know who owns Metro PCS?

        On Metro PCS, you are still a T-Mobile customer! Still giving your money to the same carrier.

        • Of course I know MetroPCS is really T-Mobile. I just picked up a new Metro branded LG L70 for $49.99 online, unlocked it and wifi calling is working! Good for a backup/emergency Android phone. My new Z2 arrives today :)

          I don’t dislike T-Mobile – just the fact that I’ll be loosing my discount. Metro here I come for $60 a month and all you can eat data.

          I might give the loyalty folks at TMO a call once my rate goes up. I already have a free @Home land-line home phone on my account as a loyalty perk but might cancel that free account and see if they could apply the discount to my main # line to keep me around. If not then my employer offers a nice 20% discount through AT&T or my wife gets me to join her and the rest of our family on Sprint and the Framily plan thing.

  • steveb944

    I wish I had even known there were so association discounts. Too late now obviously.

  • ChitChatCat

    Definitely a bad choice of wording on that postcard if it was the one sent out for people whose discount was being removed. “We no longer have a relationship with the organization through which you receive a discount. Check to see if you qualify for a different one!” seems more fitting.

  • UofM2005

    Got the same postcard, tried to re-verify, and was given the message saying the Alumni Association is no longer partnering with the Advantage Program. Regardless of what was said whenever TMO customers verified their discounts, they should still continue to receive the discount! Isn’t that what ‘grandfathered’ means?

    • ChitChatCat

      I don’t know how they do association discounts, but corporate discounts are based on the corporation maintaining the relationship with the carrier (i.e. keeping corporate lines there that make the discount possible for the corporation and the employees). If the corporation bails, so can the discount. I’m not sure how association discounts work into this, but I’ve had friends have their discounts removed from other carriers to do to the company moving its lines.

      • LongTimeCustomer

        It was T-Mobile who ended the relationship. Not the other way around. This was a corporate decision. It doesn’t matter. We were told we could keep it if we had it already provided we could verify we are still with them. I can easily verify I am still with AAA.

        • LongTimeCustomer

          T-Mobile definitely did the cutting off. From the Association Discount Removal FAQ:

          T-Mobile has discontinued their association discounts. This change only affects individuals who are thinking

          about signing up. Members and employees on the T-Mobile Advantage Program as of February 3, 2014 will

          continue to receive their discount.

  • djrider

    I am one of the people that were denied my current PTA discount, Very disapointed at the uncarrier.

  • LongTimeCustomer

    Thank you for posting this article. I got a text saying I needed to verify and got the answer AAA had been discontinued. I believe ALL of this was in the discussion earlier in the year and we were told we would be able to keep what we already had. Again, T-Mobile has deceived us just long enough to keep some of us from leaving and then dropped the boom again. To he*l with them. Ive had it.

    Here is a reply from T-Mobile help: “The agreement with AAA ended earlier this year. Our apologies for any inconveniences this may cause.”

    Here is a reply from t-force: “Thanks for reaching out to TForce. Unfortunately, we no longer have a relationship with AAA and all discounts have ended.

    We want to make sure you have the best value in wireless and can review your plan with you to ensure you have the best fit for your needs. We’ve improved our Simple Choice plans greatly in the last few months, even adding an additional 500MB of data to move plans at no additional cost to you.

    We believe that complicated rate plan discounts and backroom deals with big corporations and associations are part of what needs changing in the US Wireless Industry. We are committed to providing the best overall value in wireless and encourage all of our customers to consider the benefits of our Simple Choice approach.”

    • Moby

      LOL—added an additional 500MB of data….I’m already on an unlimited data plan.

    • kanakamaoli

      I don’t know why most AAA or affiliates customers are all blaming T-Mobile solely?
      It takes two to tangle. If it was T-Mobile who decided to end the affiliation so be it? It if was AAA or the PTA, etc, etc? So be it.
      We don’t run those companies and make business decisions for them. It is what is it.
      Some of you make it like it’s the end of the world?
      Guess what? There are other options out there that you could explore? If saving 14 percent a month is a deal breaker for you ? You could either downgrade your data plan if you normally don’t use much data (how many of you have unlimited data and use less than 3GB a month) if this is the case? You are wasting at least 10 dollars per line each month. Or go to a smaller carrier or pre-paid? If you are getting good service and coverage with T-Mobile? Costing a few dollars more could be worth it? Again if it doesn’t?
      There are other options.

  • JMF_mobile

    As a sidenote, I wasn’t rejected but didn’t get notice to verify until 5/30 for the 5/31(Sunday) deadline. More than a bit inconvenient when your work email access is needed for verification process.

    • archerian

      Work email alone isn’t the only option to verify. There is an option to upload your payslip and get it verified too.

  • gnd

    It is stupid to make people go online and check , knowing what the outcome will be. That is what really angers me. I would not be as pissed off if they had just said sorry but no more AAA discount. Why make us go through the motions? When I called for another issue, I brought the AAAdiscount up. I told them that I will have to look at other options. they “graciously” said that they will give me a $5 discount for 6 months. I think that I will look at Cricket with the autopay discount. I will end up paying $45/ month. Less then what I pay T-Mobile. Last night I even tweeted @Tmobile and @JohnLegere . I got a reply from @TMobileHelp — We don’t want to see you go! Please email TForce{@}T-Mobile{DOT}com Include your name, mobile#, last 4 SSN & situation . Don’t think that I am going to bother.

  • ChitChatCat

    Not to say that this isn’t be handled as well as it should be, but the “back peddling” that occurred after the March announcement stated “Everyone enrolled in the Advantage Program or who applied to enroll before April 1st will be able to keep a rate plan discount as long as they work at a participating employer and remain on a qualifying plan.” http://multimediacapsule.thomsonone(dot)com/t-mobileusa/blog_with-simple-choice-value-and-transparancy-are-for-everyone

    The key there being “qualifying employer”. Although I don’t think this was made terribly clear, it was in the statement that Legere posted. And it seems they are sticking with it giving everyone who had an association discount the chance to switch over to a corporate discount and not just removing it. I know people will still be upset about losing a discount (as would I), but the removal of the discount unless you can verify employment at a qualifying employer is in line with what was announced.

    That being said, the post card really should have had different copy on it.

    • Moby

      This is not correct. They didn’t announce the backpedal on the corporate discounts until April 2nd. So those with association discounts had no time to sign up for a corporate discount.

      • ChitChatCat

        Well, yes, the second announcement was on April 2. However, all discounts were still in place then.

        If you look through a lot of the comments here and elsewhere though, you’ll see that people going to “verify” their association discount are being given the chance to renew a company with a valid discount.

  • Sean

    Got my card in the mail two days ago. I had my association through “Freelancer’s Union .org”. That association appears to have also ended as I’m told after going through the process that it is no longer eligible.

    • Moby

      Right, it appears that every single association discount is being canceled. If T-Mobile and Legere had any guts they would just come out and say that.

  • Caz

    I received a postcard telling us to verify our 15% discount (for 4 lines). We received this discount because we banked with Chase. After talking to 3 T-Mobile reps about how to verify and uploading the document which showed we were still affiliated with Chase, our verification was denied. After talking to yet another rep I was told that you had to be an employee of Chase now and that our discount had been discontinued! Why they sent us a postcard and why none of the other reps didn’t tell me this I don’t know!

    • Tmoamigo

      Being employed at chase to renew? Definitely. The discount happened in the first place by you slipping through the cracks.

  • xmiro

    The PTA and AAA discounts were wrought with fraud. people on certain deal forums talked openly about signing up for those memberships just to get the T-Mobile discount then cancel the membership and keep the discount

    Guess T-Mobile finally had it with those shenanigans.

    • gnd

      Fine- Just verify the accounts and get rid of the fraud. Those of us with legitimate discounts should be allowed to keep them as originally promised.

      • xmiro

        Discounts have never been permanent, they are contingent upon many factors and often expire. Freelancers Union if I’m not mistaken has had T-Mobile discount come and go several times for example

        • Moby

          You’re mistaken. Those with Freelancers discounts have had it up until now.

  • qmc

    I hope mine doesn’t get lost. I was expecting the card last month, but didn’t get one, so assumed my ~14% (7 off of 50) was fine (apparently through AAA). I tried to renew anyways using my employee discount (15% but I never bothered for 1%). Now I’ve renewed, bit hopefully they don’t decide it’s after Feb whatever and only give me the 25 new equipment discount.

  • Alex Pilaia

    It worked fine for me.. Accepted my AAA membership info without any issues. Have confirmation email from T mobile within minutes that It is confirmed. :)

    • David

      How did you do the verification? I go to the URL on the postcard and get told AAA no longer available with a text box to search for another company.

      • Alex Pilaia

        I used to work for a Higher Education. When I go to the site and and enter my info, it asks if I am still employed by the state. I say NO. It asks for the new company name, and i type AAA in CAPS. Iput my email i used to sign up with AAA, and it sends a verify email to you to verify the address. Click Verify, and you get another email from Tmo giving confirmation that you are enrolled.

        “Thank you. Your T-Mobile® Advantage™ Program membership has been renewed.

        You will continue to receive discounts on your monthly bill—plus other great T-Mobile benefits including:

        no annual service contracts
        no overages
        the best upgrades in wireless
        and ultra-fast service on our nationwide 4G LTE network

        • Hornos

          You had a corporate/employee discount. The current wave of cancellations are affiliate discounts, and the situation is slightly different. The box that comes up doesn’t say “New company name”, it says “Name of participating employer” because affiliate discounts like AAA and the PTA have been discontinued and the only way to get an Advantage discount is through an employer (versus just membership).

          IOW, from what you said you have probably represented to T-Mobile that you’re employed by AAA. Some of us don’t feel like doing that. I’d rather leave T-Mobile than have to knowingly lie about my employment status, especially because of the way they’ve handled this.

    • ChitChatCat

      Huh. You’re the first to post that it worked for keep AAA discount. Can you share how the verification process went? Did you upload your card, etc?

  • notyourbusiness

    I’m a member of neither, but I finally got the card to renew our discount late last week. Oddly, when I entered the info on the page, it said the organization no longer had a deal with T-Mo. The deal is because my mother works at one of the CUNY schools. It didn’t even come up with the actual name of the school. She went onto the website to renew herself, added her email in another page that came up and thankfully, everything went through okay and we’re keeping our 15 percent discount.

  • Guest

    The company i had b4 I no longer work for, so I say NO. and it gives me a text box to enter new company, and I type AAA in caps and it comes right up.

  • KGB

    My fiance has (had?) the AAA discount. She got the above postcard in the mail, went to the website, and was told she’d lose her discount. We went in to our local T-Mobile store, and their rep was unable to help. He suggested she contact T-Mobile customer retention and threaten to leave. It’s utter crap they aren’t grandfathering in loyal customers.

    • Justin Merithew

      I agree that it’s crap, but it could be the Uncarrier 5.0 may be tweaking pricing. If that’s the case though they really should’ve timed things better, instead of leaving a 2 week gap where their customers feel shafted.

    • Alex O’Brien

      I threatened to leave and they told me to. So I am going to ATT.

      • LOL I guess t-mobile at this point doesn’t give a rats ass about customers. I’m leaving to Metro PCS which is the same thing just $20.00 less a month for me :) and same great unlimited LTE service.

        • Alex O’Brien

          Good. I don’t know how they thought this would boost their business. I guess people will just have to find better deals elsewhere.

  • Ryan Vega

    I work at at major indiana university, and it rejected my email when trying to renew though the website. I did it the manual way and they approved me. i was worried for a minute but all is good for me.

    • $15454173

      Explain the manual way please.

      • Ryan Vega

        I’m sorry my link to do mine was
        but after it didn’t recognize my email i was guided though a way to submit forms to get manual verification

  • Joshua Kelley

    My discount with the Freelancers Union was not renewed, supposedly. I’m hoping my current employer offers one (the TMO logo is on our employee discounts intranet page…). If that doesn’t work, hopefully my Alumni Association membership works.

    • hanfeedback

      I have a freelancers and I haven’t noticed any change. Even if there is a change Im not concerned, Im not going anywhere as I am happy with Tmobile. Im curious to see what Uncarrier 5.0 is about also.

  • MerikC

    It’s so easy to get a discount though. If your child has a school email just use that email to get verified. It worked for my high school student email.

    • notmenoti

      Some of us have no children, or children past that age.

      • MerikC

        College emails work too.

    • Alex O’Brien

      Not every school has a discount with T-Mobile. My school doesn’t. Mine has a 10% with ATT though.

  • J

    2 lines moving to Att, and last line moving in 2 months after eip paid, Good Luck TMobile it was fun while it lasted….

    • Justin Merithew

      I’d wait for Uncarrier 5.0 before you start moving. They could be leveling out pricing for everyone. Corporate discounts are kinda lame, they just chose the wrong way to move them before. The previous way caused bills to increase, but if they lower the base amount then ax it it’s totally fair.

      • Maximus

        It’s not lame for those getting the discount…

    • xmiro

      based on rumors without knowing full details or how things would evolve?

      Buh bye

      • notmenoti

        Maybe J’s discount was already denied.

      • J

        Well thanks for the buh bye and thank you tmobile for the $400 in blackberry credit, and the $400 in etf payment to Sprint.
        Once I sell my phones, I may even profit for being a customer for 8 months.
        I hope you enjoy the train wreck ride in the possible future of SprintMobile.
        I could come back and have them pay of the ATT etf so not too worried LOL

        • H

          As you will be new to att make sure you read over your bill very close. They like to add in hidden fees from time to time. I have them for my WiFi at home and im always having to call in to see why my bill has gone up $10-$20 and i get the same BS story.

        • J

          To be honest all wireless US companies have hidden fees or buried stipulations but thanks for the heads up :)
          Habe you ever gotten the fees refunded or explained by any chance?

    • Starcube

      More bandwidth for us. :) Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

      • J

        So you follow me around all day right? The only way you would see more bandwith is if we are using the same tower niccumpoop!

        Losing customers is the last thing you want because less money for Tmobile to improve their network.

        Since I will be paying the same amount for better service, the door sorda missed hitting me LOL.

        • Alex O’Brien

          I too lost the discount and I am moving my two lines to AT&T. I am moving to a family plan so I am actually paying less. I would have stayed and paid more with T-Mobile. I gave them several opportunities to keep the discount or do something about it but they refused. This is going to lose them a bunch of customers!

  • Insider

    The reason T-Mobile is fighting Corporate and Affiliation Discounts is due to the next phase of Un-Carrier. T-Mobile is going to include all taxes and fees in their rate plans so if your plan costs $50 a month, that is what you will pay each month, not a penny more. No more hidden fees or junk Regulatory Programs Fees. Just Simple Pricing on Simple Choice. Just wait for the announcement….

    • Cam Bunton

      Care to send me an email?

      • Miss Cleo

        Cam psychics don’t use email, they got esp for that ROFL

    • gnd

      That will still be less of a savings then AAA or any other discount. If this is true, they should have done both things at the same time. cuts the sting. I think that the announcement actually has to do with Amazon. both making announcements on the 18th.

      • PMB01

        Nothing to do with Amazon. That wouldn’t be “Uncarrier”.

    • archerian

      That would be too much of a dent into their profits especially in states like NY and FL where all fees run to around 25% of the bill. I don’t think T-Mobile or at least their finance people can allow for a $25 cost to be eaten up for a typical 4 line plan as uncarrier. Just an example but the costs for this uncarrrier move can get unwieldy quickly

    • Outsider

      Is this gonna happen right after every TMO customer gets be the CEO for the day?
      If you had even a tiny amount of proof I might believe you but judging by your guest name of “insider” it was probably just a thought in your head that sounded cool

  • Marcus Rose

    I got my card in the mail, and had to check the website to see if my employer still participated. Turns out, University of Denver has also been dropped. So no more discount for us!

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    I went through this in May. Turns out they are removing ALL affiliation discounts. (At least that’s what the rep told me). Luckily for me, I added my fiancée as an authorized user to my account a while back. She works fro CVS. CVS still gives a 10% discount. Not as good as before, but better than nothing!

  • Mathew Colburn

    I got the postcard and tried to sign up and got denied as well. American Farm Bureau was my company affiliation. Reading through the comments it seems as if every one is losing their affiliation. It’d be nice if they lowered their rates to match the discount I got but I know that won’t happen. The only thing that could get me to leave right now would be them becoming Sprint with the Sprint name. No way am I paying Sprint. I’ll go back to Verizon before that.

  • Fujitsujeff

    Same problem here. Received the postcard to verify, tells me my National Society of Collegiate Scholars discount is no longer available. Tried my Alumni association and no go there either. I think they should let you know what organizations/associations are now participating.

    • Moby

      There are no more organizations and associations participating. Only government and corporate workers get the discount.

      • Cupcake

        Not true. I work for a major corporation here in the US and I still get my discount. I’ve already been verified.

        • Moby

          My post clearly says “corporate workers get the discount”. Your experience shows that to be true.

  • Singleweird

    association discounts (member of a frat, member of AAA, student) are going away entirely. If you are an employee of the same corporation that you were before the program was discontinued, you can (could) verify that you still work there and keep it. This will be an annual verification and you will lose it if you stop working there. -tmobile rep

  • Eric W

    I was with Sprint for 14 years and got tired of waiting on the network of your dreams so left them for T-Mobile a year ago. I’ve been impressed with how quick T-Mobile upgraded the network and was really happy until now. I have 4 lines so the discount is a nice savings for me. It’s not all about the money though it’s how T-Mobile screwed up the discounts up not once but twice. T-Mobile told us what we wanted to here last month only to screw us over this month. I’m probably going to AT&T or Verizon since I have discount with them and don’t have to worry about them merging with Sprint. lol Or I might stay with T-Mobile until the merger is approved or denied but I will cut my bill down to what my discount was so I’m not paying more.

  • RLB63

    Getting pretty sick of his constant price increases. I can pay 130 more a month at a different carrier to break even now. 5 lines at $27 dollars a month for new phones. Was able to get current top line phones for$1 in past and still on other carriers on black Friday. Now the hassle of the affiliate program. Was told I could ads 6 line then they told me the agent didn’t know what they were talking about. That isn’t unusual at tmo any more unfortunately

  • Eric W

    Proof that PTA didn’t drop T-Mobile. I would bet that T-Mobile dropped all the discounts but a few. So T-Mobile not only messed this up once but twice. Here I thought they couldn’t do anything wrong after they reversed the first screw up.


  • noc007

    I’m thankful that mine got renewed. Overall I’ve been a happy customer for the past year after leaving VZW after 10 years. I have an e-mail address with one of our customers that gets a better discount. It’s odd that they would allow VZW’s verification e-mails through and not T-Mobile’s. First world problems, I know.

  • Tinger12

    Wow so many crybabies. Face it, having an “association” was nothing more than a backdoor to a discount that most didn’t deserve. I had a discounted plan when I actually WORKED for a company. You complainers knew this would be happening even after Tmo grandfathered people’s accounts when the discount program was being severely cut back. It doesn’t even matter if it was TMo or the other organizations that cut the ties, it was a decision that needed to be made. TMo has been cutting the garbage out of their price structure. These discounts are one example. Too many discounts for too many people who really have no affiliation to a company besides buying their service or just “belonging.” You had your discount for years and with all the changes that TMo has done recently I am not surprised they cut them off. If this is too much for you to take, then leave. I’m sure TMo has taken into account the amount of people leaving when changing things up like this. Cry all you want. Create petitions all you want. Post on forums all you want. Things change, get over it already.

    • Jason Williams

      I had a discounted plan when I actually WORKED for a company.

      So what you are saying is you have a discount for a company you no longer work for and do not deserve your discount. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

      • Tinger12

        I see you can’t read too well, ” I had a discounted plan when I actually WORKED for a company.” Doesn’t say in that sentence or anywhere else that I still HAVE the discount. When I left the company, I lost the discount. I didn’t try to abuse the situation. Working for a company is far different than just buying their product or service. Man, you even got the right sentence but your comprehension of it is not even close to what it says. Are you sure you read it?

    • Moby

      I still have my discount. Get over it.

  • Eric W

    LoL @ crybabies. You are missing the point..T-Mobile said people with discounts on or before April 1st would be grandfathered in. If they just made it more clear then it wouldn’t be a issue. T-Mobile screwed this up not once but twice. I left another carrier because T-Mobile was a little cheaper with the discount. Last time I checked donating to the National Parent Teacher Association was a good thing.

    • Tinger12

      Oh I get the point. You think you deserve a discount just because you belong to an organization. TMo did change the plan up. They put in a yearly verification and are now holding that verification to stronger rules. They grandfathered people who were with certain organizations after they said they would drop you. Now, because TMo and that organization no longer have an agreement (and who stopped the agreement is a non-issue) you think you have a “right” to a continued discount until the world ends.

      Just because the discount was grandfathered a few months ago, there was NO guarantee that it was for any specified length of time. (See first sentence of the definition of “grandfathered” (or grandfather clause) from the Wiki – “A grandfather clause is a provision in which an old rule continues to apply to some existing situations while a new rule will apply to all future cases. Those exempt from the new rule are said to have grandfather rights or acquired rights. Frequently, the exemption is limited; it may extend for a set period of time, or it may be lost under certain circumstances.”

      You were grandfatherd for the life of the association agreement with TMo. People are crying here because they have a huge sense of entitlement.

      • Eric W

        Do you work for T-Mobile? lol I’m thinking you won’t have any issue if they approve the Sprin T-Mobile deal. Good luck with that. hehe

      • Hornos

        Talk about Tinger12 utterly and completely missing the point why so many people are ticked off at T-Mobile. Let’s revisit the facts:

        1) T-Mobile UNILATERALLY cancels association discounts – specifically all of those based on membership/affiliation outside of employment, and possibly some based on employment as well. IOW what’s left are government/veterans affiliations and employment affiliations. That’s their right.
        2) T-Mobile announced that as of February 3, these discounts are no longer available to new subscribers. However – and this is from T-Mobile’s own document – “Members and employees on the T-Mobile Advantage Program as of February 3, 2014 will continue to receive their discount.” Grandfathering? Check.
        3) Very shortly thereafter, T-Mobile announces the end of Association discounts for current subscribers, then backs off.
        4) After the ruckus dies down, T-Mobile starts sending out postcards telling people to go to a link to verify their discount. So you go to the link, enter your account info, and it tells you that your discount is not available.

        So here’s where the problem starts – WHY IS T-MOBILE SENDING US TO THEIR SITE TO CONFIRM ELIGIBILITY FOR A DISCOUNT THAT T-MOBILE ALREADY KNOWS NO LONGER EXISTS? T-Mobile could have just said that the Association Discounts have ended, and if you have some other form of employment discount then go to the site to verify that you are eligible. But they didn’t.

        Ironically, the whole way this has been handled is very un-uncarrier, Mr. Legere.

  • n_a_v

    Members of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) are also no longer eligible for the a discount. Crap.

  • Eric W

    Update – “Some companies and associations are no longer members of the program. Many associations still have active agreements with T-Mobile for the Advantage Program, and those discounts will remain”.

    Ok they said many associations still have active agreements, I’m thinking only a few if that. Does anyone have a list? The $25 credit Advantage Program is a joke. I was getting that every month without buying a phone. It’s stupid that T-Mobile sent out the reminder notice in the mail knowing which associations they dropped. A simply letter stating to customers stating that the association was dropped would have been the smart way to handle this.

    Howard Forum link says 502 Gateway error.

  • seealotofthings2

    I have had the Advantage plan for over 10 years and never got any card in the mail. I just received a text message that the plan is over and my rates will increase. Good going TMobile – here I thought it was mostly the cable companies that double crossed it’s customers. I have become totally disabled recently and TMobile tucks it to me and my wife. We only used the cell when necessary – mostly for emergencies. Time to start looking for a different carrier or just give up the cell phones altogether. Too many dead spots for their service anyway.

    • Rick Rudge

      seealotof things2: If you and your wife don’t use your phones very often, why don’t you just switch over to the Pay-As-You-Go plan. $100/year is pretty cheap.

    • Eric W

      Yea I guess all good things come to a end at some point. I’m looking at the AT&T shared plans now. I heard AT&T runs promotions and will give you a credit if you come to them. I might wait and see what happens with the merger but will probably drop my unlimited data which would be close to my discount.

  • Jeremy

    T-mobile and PTA dropped the ball. PTA was not given very much notice also either. I sent an e-mail to both places with reply back as of May 28, 2014 that the plan was still good. June 2 in my mail get a card from t-mobile discount is not good anymore. Why not much notice from either place?

    • Eric W

      I’m thinking PTA and all the other associations didn’t know T-Mobile was going to drop them. T-Mobile probably new ahead of time. If PTA knew then they would tell people so they can get more donations.

  • Matthew Stachelek


  • Eric Blackman

    My Allstate Motor Club discount was renewed. Just got confirmation email yesterday. 12%. Pretty much covers my taxes and fees.

    • Eric W

      Nice. I wonder if State Farm has a discount? Anyway do find out the current T-Mobile association discounts? I see that Columbus, Ohio is one of the markets for Wideband LTE so that’s making less pissy. lol

  • Sam300

    Government workers are unionized (exception military) and can never be fired and earn way more money for the same job as private sector workers.

    If anything, private company employees should get the monthly discount and government workers get the cheezy $25 off when buying a new phone deal.

    PROOF CRONY CAPITALISM works..because T-mobile knows if it stops the discounts to senators/their families and house reps…..congress controls the regulations and will not look kindly on them any longer. IRS audits then await T-mobile or hauled before congress on every little thing or congress will pass a law that helps a competitor….who does still give them discounts.