T-Mobile Advantage corporate monthly discount customers reminded to renew by May 31

T-Mobile caused something of a stir recently when it announced that it would be ending its corporate discount scheme for anyone who wasn’t government or military. Initially, T-Mo planned to end it for everyone, including existing customers. Needless to say, it didn’t go down well. People complained, and Magenta changed its mind. Sort of. Existing customers still get to keep theirs, but any new customers will instead get discount towards any new phone when they upgrade, or get a new device. Not a monthly discount.


Anyhow, it’s the time of year when current Advantage monthly discount customers have to re-verify to make sure they keep their monthly discount. Any of you currently receiving money off your monthly bill through the plan should complete the necessary steps at T-Mobile.com/verify by the end of this month. Obviously, if you don’t complete the necessary procedure by May 31st, your monthly discount will be removed. Just wanted to make sure you guys were reminded, in case you didn’t get the memo above, or just plain forgot.

Quick Update: It would appear that you only have to re-verify if you receive the notice shown in the image above. However, it’s always best to be cautious, and check with the customer services team anyway to be sure.

Update #2: A little further snippet of information, after getting off the phone with T-Mobile’s Communications Team. This – as you probably know – is a reminder for those on the old Advantage Program giving them monthly discount to re-verify so that they get grandfathered in. T-Mobile will be sending out SMS messages for those they don’t have mail addresses for, and will be sending further communications out to ensure that nobody on the old plan misses out. If you’re not on the old monthly discount plan, this doesn’t apply to you. It’s not a difficult process. Let us know how you get on.

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  • Jonathan

    Are they requiring everybody to verify, or only some people? I’ve been on the program for less than a year, it seems odd they would already make me re-verify.

    • Fr0stTr0n

      You didn’t read the news that they wanted to cancel ALL corporate discounts but the flack back from people caused them to change their minds to where you must “VERIFY” your current job status with discount to continue it or you lose it

      • Talmai

        I didn’t receive anything from Tmobile.

        • Iunderstand

          If I dont receive a speeding ticket for speeding I dont pay it. This is not hard people…if you dont get a letter or text messaeg you do not need to reverify at this time.

        • DaveTexan

          I didn’t receive anything, either. I don’t think it’s necessary to create more work for me and T-Mobile employees. I’ve got enough work to do and I’m sure T-Mobile employees got enough, too!

    • Talmai

      I’ve had service for 10mo and I just verified. Though, I’ve not received anything that said I needed to.

    • You’re only required to re-enroll if you signed up before a certain point.

  • Gabriel

    It’s a little confusing. I got a message saying that **if I had not received a notice from T-mo to verify, then I did not need to verify at this time**.

    • Justin Merithew

      I’d either call CS or try to verify anyway, so you don’t end up getting shafted.

  • steveb944

    Are government employees in the clear from this? As in able to get discounts in the future without hassle.

    • Justin Merithew

      I believe so, we weren’t being affected by the original decision to remove discounts.

  • Ver

    I have a AAA discount and have received nothing. Should I be concerned?

    • Fr0stTr0n

      Call and make sure

    • Moby

      No. T-Mobile Advantage is for corporate discounts, not association discounts.

      • PeteR18

        AAA Discount will be ging away as well

        • Moby

          This is false information. AAA discount was already grandfathered in.

      • Andrew

        I’m on another association discount and received nothing. Thanks for explaining why…

  • S. Ali

    I get a discount, but it says it can’t find me on that site.

  • WW

    I received my notice yesterday and was able to renew

  • Lakers

    Anyone that has discount for a year, no need to do anything! They will not remove it, I’d verify this already.

  • AJ

    Is this new? I have never had to verify before (5+ years of discount). Maybe I should check my mail.
    BTW, agent said that AAA discounts are only eligle if you get the phone/activate through AAA website. AAA is very strict w/ how you can receive the discount.

    • Medion

      You (used to) get the discount through AAA. T-Mobile recently changed their plans. no new customers get the discount. Customers with existing discounts can keep them (grantfathered) with an annual verification. This is the first annual verification.

    • Moby

      This only applies to discounts through one’s employer. There’s no announced verification for association discounts like AAA.

      • Radnoff

        I’ve had it though my employer for 7 years and never had to verify.

  • Menel

    Too late. The threat prompted me to do a little consumer research. Ported out to lower cost, better coverage Aio Wireless. Very happy.

    • Paul


    • Willie D

      Then why are you still reading this site?

      • Menel

        Still in reeder feeds. Still follow Legere on twitter. Why? Curious and entertainment.

    • Maximus

      Right… move on to the Aio blog then if you’re so happy.

    • Medion

      Enjoy. You’ll be a part of Cricket within a few months. If AIO plans aren’t grandfathered in, you are being moved from unlimited throttled to $10/GB overages, based on current leaked plans.

      • Menel

        Can port back, or GoPhone or Straighttalk if it goes to shit. Lots of options.

    • VG

      I tried AiO for a month. The LTE data speeds I saw on my smartphone were nowhere near the capped 8Mbps that AiO advertises. I was lucky to get 1Mbps (both upload and download) in Manhattan. I’m sticking with T-Mobile. AiO data speeds were awful!

  • Brian90

    Those SOB’s stopped giving me my corporate discount without telling me two months ago!

  • ashwin

    Please check your account information and try entering it again.

    Note: If your mobile number recently changed, try logging in with your old
    mobile number or a different mobile number on the account. If you have not
    received a notification in the mail from T-Mobile, then you do not need to
    verify your participation to continue your discount at this time.

  • Prox

    Done and Done

  • VG

    Hmmm, it will be interesting to see if a customer that has left the employment of one company with a T-Mobile discount and is now an employee of a new company that has the same or similar T-Mobile discount, will T-Mobile allow the customer to get the discount associated with the new employer? Will T-Mobile say “Sorry, your are not allowed to enroll in the discount program of a new employer?”.

    • GoingforAZ

      Anyone that has the discount and must reverify under a new employer is grandfathered into the discount as long as they verify by the date on their letter from what I was told when i called care

    • NardVa

      It looks like if you switch employers, you can still get the discount if the new employer was part of the old discount program. When you put your email in the system it looks to see if your email domain is part of their approved list of employers and sends you an email to verify.

  • Andrew

    I’m a AAA member and I received a notice to verify my eligibility and am unable to as to verify they want a work email or paystub. I called Tmobile and was told that AAA members will no longer get a discount that only employees of AAA are eligible now and that my discount will go away in June.

    • $15454173

      I am a AAA member also and I was wondering about this. Well, it was a decent discount while it lasted.

  • morbid

    This is not a new thing? Perhaps I should look at my bill more closely… but it was my assumption that I’ve had this corp discount for the last 3.5 years. That was when I signed over to T-Mobile.

    • morbid

      n/m… I just checked and I still have the corp discount :D

  • Blake Snedeker

    I didn’t receive anything but followed the link just in case. Everything’s been squared away.

    Here’s a question, if I leave my current job and work somewhere else that offered the discount can I verify at that place of work for the future?

    • T-Mo User

      Yes, you can. My existing discount was for a company I don’t work for anymore. In the verification process it asked me if I still worked for company “x” — I told it I did not, then it prompted me for my new company’s e-mail address to see if I still qualify. I put that in, got the e-mail, clicked the link, and done.

  • missiphone5s

    So when I opened my Tmobile account last January, the guy put me as an Avon employee so I get Avon corp discount. So now, I just received the above notice from Tmobile to verify my employment. Now, they’re asking for an Avon email. Help! I wanna keep my discount!

    • me

      Sucks for you. LOL

    • J Rosales

      Just upload a recent pay stub, or walk in to your t mobile store an they will help you

  • Hong Nguyen

    I just received an email from tmo stating my renewal has been confirmed. I didn’t have a work email so I sent a pdf file of my pay stub and all is well. (:

  • DaveTexan

    Just got a post card in the mail with the information. TMO seems to be the only company that does this. Now I wonder if my discount % may be reduced as well if more employees switch away from TMO. Based on my understanding the discount was supposed to be based on number of employee participation. I will do the verify anyway. Not that I like the hassle.

    • guest

      actually most carriers have done this in the past and/or have a regular process in place for employees to verify annually

      • PMB01

        Not all of them. I worked at Walmart until about 6 years ago and had my 20% discount on my Verizon bill from them. They never verified once until December of last year when I finally lost that awesome discount. But now I’m on T-Mobile so I couldn’t care less because my plan is already cheaper for unlimited data.

  • mnaz105

    My company went bankrupt and i was wondering if I can use my wife’s company for the discount.

    • IamDefiler

      Do what I did. It will ask for your company’s email…use your personal email.

      I no longer work for the company I have my discount through. I used my personal email and just confirmed when they emailed out the confirmation email.

      • jlajorge

        And did it work with your personal email address?

        • IamDefiler

          I would not have suggested it unless it did. :)

        • Joe

          doesnt work.

        • IamDefiler

          Odd. It worked for me. Maybe they didn’t have an email for mine previously?

  • rwcohen

    Does anyone know what associations qualify for the discount? I am losing my discount and I am trying to figure a way to keep it going.

  • J Rosales

    Well, as long as Mr Son (Softbank ceo) Fires Hesse from sprint, drops the sprint brand an calls them T MOBILE as what deutsche telekom is insisting. Ill stick around :) I love John Legere

  • Radnoff

    I got the postcard, did the steps online, but never received the email from T-Mobile to click the link to do the final verification step. Has anyone else had this issue?

    • MSalam11

      This is only for corporate advantage discount? I get discounts through FACT. Do I need to reverify also?

    • rosalinda

      I don”t receive also any email from tmobile.due date is on may31

  • Roy

    The corporate discount i got was from the retention center how hell am i suppose to keep it if I dont even know the email address to verify it i guess im switching carriers now.

  • Xem V Nguyen

    I don’t why my monthly current billing (May 25 , 2014) just 8% discount instead of as 10% in the past ???!!!

  • Adam Perrell

    I have a discount through the PTA. I just received my “please renew” postcard. When I input my account information, the website responded with,

    “According to our records, you are currently enrolled and receive a monthly discount through NATIONAL PTA. Unfortunately, this organization no longer has an
    Advantage Program partnership with T-Mobile, and this discount
    is no longer available.”

  • Ashok Patel

    I was told that AAA discount was grandfathered in. Now when i checked:

    According to our records, you are currently enrolled and receive a monthly discount through AAA MEMBER DISCOUNT. Unfortunately, this organization no longer has an Advantage Program partnership with T-Mobile, and this discount is no longer available.

    • yup, me to. not happy at all with the way they t-mobile is handling this. Very shady of tmo. Shame on you. If they intended on ending discounts like they originally announced, they should have stuck with it. Rather than retract the statement only to do it later when they think no one is looking.

      Cam, can you please do an updated piece about this for everyone? Thanks for everything you do Cam!

      • Ashok Patel

        When I first heard I would losing my discount. I shopped around to see which carrier had a better discount. My work offered discounts on the 3 other carriers. But then TMO said I wouldn’t be loading my discounts, so I upgraded 2 phones and even bought a nexus 7 tablet. U are totally right about sneaking this one on us.

  • EriQah

    My family and I have the freelancers union discount. What just received the postcard for verification by 6/26. I tried to verify but it says that the organization is no longer with T-Mobile. Can anyone else confirm the we’ll no longer be getting the corporate discount?

  • stone

    Got a sms said I need to renew by 9/15

  • Sheryl Hubbard

    I am having a very serious problem with adding my discount to my son’s account. I received the notice last Friday.

  • michael

    I did not receive the notice.

  • Joice

    I received a notice thru test msg., to renew by 4/17. ” And of course after putting in my government email address, nothing works correctly!” This is not the first time this has happen!! What is the deal with T-Mobile I have been a customer for too long, this is annoying!

  • Jose Zermeno

    I don’t like what tmobille is doing to customers. I going to start looking for another carrier’s to switch

  • Debi Pomeroy

    I am a government employee for over 28 years and have this problem for a couple of years now with the renewal discount. I renewed again last November and I am still not getting the government discount on my bill. Who can I contact to help me keep my discount.