T-Mobile sponsoring Stephen Colbert’s show: Best marketing ever?

When companies sponsor Stephen Colbert’s ‘The Colbert Report’, they don’t usually get what you’d traditionally class as an advertisement. In fact, his motto seems to be ‘as long as the company name is mentioned, I can do what I like.’ In an episode aired this week, he took the same approach to T-Mobile. Unlike most ads, promoting the company’s Un-carrier plans and super-fast LTE, Colbert focussed more in a T-Mobile phone’s laxative properties. I shan’t say more. Just watch the video above and have a good laugh… Or cry, if you’re a T-Mo exec.

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  • Bull Winkle

    Just watch the video…. and just how, pre tell, shall I do that when there’s no link?

    • Cam Bunton

      It should be below the post. Is it not appearing for you?

      • Menel

        Its very likely region locked. My fiance on work assignment in EU cant watch Hulu or many online videos.

    • Cam Bunton

      It’s not a link, it’s embedded.

    • iTried

      The video is embedded.

      • Cam Bunton

        Glad you can see it. Since I’m in the UK, I can see the box where the video is, but it’s just a black screen for me. Must be region-locked.

        • iTried

          Yeah, works just fine in the States.

        • Bull Winkle

          I guess I’m the only on in the US that clicks it, is led to another page, clicks that & sees a larger image. :- God hates me!

        • Dakota

          Try going to the Colbert site on comedy central website. I think full episodes are posted there.. If you’re in the US. (If you’re using a smartphone, videos often aren’t supported by devices)

        • Tom

          You can install Firefox addon (both on pc and cell) to unlock the region lock.

        • Darkbotic

          And that Addon name is…

        • Tom

          Proximate… I am using it for quite some time now, to watch live soccer and cricket, locked for US viewers

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Omg! I laughed so hard. He is silly.

  • George

    Very funny. I’m sure John loves it!

  • Alex Zapata


  • Willie D

    Think that will piss off the racists that called him racist, and watch them flee T-Mobile?

    • Dakota

      He’s targeting the young demo which has always been Tmobile bread

  • bkin94

    “Where I’m telling you to position it. There isn’t any light at all” well done! I don’t know if legere will love this or hate it…

    • princedannyb

      He loved it. U must follow his Twitter

      • princedannyb

        *must not

  • And, T-Mo carried the Samsung Vibrant. Coincidence?

  • Mauv

    Lol, hilarious!

  • 21stNow

    Wow, I feel old. Four minutes later and I’m still waiting to laugh just once.

    • ParisWilponCOO

      I’m starting to worry that Legere is getting too enamored with being “cool”. They’re spending a lot of time and money on music, DJ’s, comedy, etc. aimed at the 20-something crowd. The T-mobile brand already has connotations of “budget conscious”- if it starts to become the Miley/Bieber phone company a lot of us will be uncomfortable. I like TMO but it’s not worth it to save a few bucks to drive a hot pink Fiat. I’m a black Mercedes kinda guy.

  • D Velasquez

    I’m not taking sides but he is not funny and never was, same applies to Leno and letterman

    • Travis T.

      I agree. I sometimes find some small humor in Letterman, but not in Leno and definitely not in in Colbert. Fallon on the other hand, cracks me up. If he had done this bit, it would have been viral already.

      • JonBarros

        jimmy fallon is an annoying tool.

    • dtam

      there’s one or two funny skits for each of the guys….but it difficult to do it day after day

    • josephsinger

      You probably should not watch it then.

  • Nurdface Gamerhandz

    Just a clarification from an employee…. we don’t assist with installation in this case… sorry guys!

    • Coolgeek

      Just wait for the next revision of the onboarding checklist…

    • Cam Bunton


  • H3kzgh0N

    “Remember… T-Mobile. Put it in your butt!” LOL

  • Paul

    Daily Show does it with Arby’s…and it puts the name in my head. That’s marketing. Since the show is semi-fake then you take his character’s remarks and stance with a grain of salt. Remember, he’s playing a character.

  • Zbum

    Can’t wait for this troll to FAIL big time on late night

    • riopato

      The troll you are referring to, is it the actor or the character that he is playing on the show that you want to see fail? The character won’t be hosting Late Night.

  • Brian

    THAT is F’n funny!

  • TechAce01

    T-mobile lost some major points to me because of this. Let’s just say that Colbert can go take a dive in a lake of horse squeeze.

    • Cellphonetech

      I don’t think they lost any points. They ran a creative add on one of the most popular TV shows for that time slot. You personally don’t like Stephen Colbert and that’s ok but you are definitely in the minority with that one!!

      • Devorak

        I agree totally with you Cellphonetech

    • josephsinger

      What you really need to do is just GOY (get over yourself.) If you can’t see the humor there’s something wrong with you.

      • TechAce01

        No there’s nothing wrong with me you JA. People have different tastes, likes, and opinions. If you think we should ALL like this or respond in the same way, them you may want to step into the real world.

        My last response to this ingrate was removed even though I didn’t use any bad words. ( I even praised how cellphonetech responded to me even though I differ with him)

        Let’s see if the moderators remove this one…

        • josephsinger

          On the cocntrary there seems to be something wrong with you that you can’t be part of a forum without calling people names and acting like a total jerk. Learn how to act in public and perhaps you won’t be censored.

        • TechAce01

          You attack me for having a different opinion than you and expect me to not respond in kind? Yeah, I’m dealing with a real wise guy huh…

        • josephsinger

          I attacked you because you act like a jerk.

        • TechAce01

          But you initiated it. As stated earlier, Cellphonetech responded to my original post with some tact and I respected him for it. You however came off as a (male body part ) so I responded in kind. If you don’t want me to be a jerk, don’t act like one.

        • thepanttherlady

          And it ends here. Thank you.

  • Devorak

    This is a genius advert for T-Mobile. There is no such thing as bad publicity. No matter what Stephen Colbert says, it was a T-Mobile add on one of the most popular shows during that time slot as Cellphonetech said. This was genius.