Budget-friendly Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 tablet launching on June 18


T-Mobile’s big tablet push is set to continue later this month. Just a few days after the $100 discount offer ends, the carrier is going to launch the 7-inch tablet for the budget conscious.

Alcatel’s OneTouch Pop 7 features a 1.3GHz dual core processor, a 7-inch,¬†600×1024 pixel display giving it a less-than inspiring pixel density of just 170ppi. It has a 2MP camera on the back capable of shooting in 1080p, a VGA front-facing sensor and measures in at 8.9mm thin,¬†weighing under 300g.

Price-wise, it’s pretty competitive. It’ll be available from T-Mobile for $0 down, with 24 monthly payments of $7, taking it to $168 in total. It’s set to arrive on store shelves – both brick-and-morter and online – on June 18th. Once it’s here, it’ll join an ever expanding tablet lineup, including the iPad Air, iPad mini, Galaxy Tab 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition).

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  • besweeet

    Is it supposed to look like an iPad?

  • gigis83

    No good specs wise

  • goma

    Theres a lenovo 8in quad core wid better specs than this for 150$….i wonder how much tmo added here

  • Nathan S.

    I really don’t see a good reason to release this. It seems very sub par with current tablets around. I would call it a bad investment on tmobile’s part. Once a user gets it and tries to use it, it will quickly find itself sitting in a drawer somewhere.

  • Tmosince2003

    Brick and mortar

  • Tmosince2003

    I think it would be funny if the shelves in the local store were magenta. I cannot figure out why that word has to be in every post, is it some kind of SEO optimization?

  • Adrayven

    Didn’t say what version of Android either.. bet it’s a few gens behind.. I’d not be surprised if it was 3.0, or base 4.0..

    It is kinda a white iPad look-a-like ..

    • monkeybutts

      4.2.2 out of the box, not terrible but better than the galaxy tab 3 7 inch which is still stuck on 4.1.2.

      • paul

        lol better just because 4.2.2. that makes a lot of sense

        • monkeybutts

          Better as in more up to date. Samsung has zero interest in updating their cheap 7 inch tablet, and with all the bloat in the touchwiz it is a really bad tablet for the price.

  • BlackJu

    At this rate, I’m guessing a leap pad or Nabi is next.

  • fsured

    While this won’t appeal to the tech savvy that are Tmonews readers (myself included), there are people who don’t want a high end or even medium spec tablet. My coworker is asking me to help her find a cheap tablet. She doesn’t want to spend a lot on it and wants to read news papers from her home country through the tablet. For her needs it fits.

    People here are so quick to slam the company for releasing a product range that is broad in price and spec ranges. I think it’s already established that a good percentage of T-Mobile customers are not the wealthiest. This offers them the chance to have a small tablet with network capabilities and pay it off at $7 a month.

    Perhaps a reason T-Mobile doesn’t have nicer mid-range or higher end phones/tablets is from OEM’s wanting the extra pocket change Sprint, Verizon, or At&t are willing to pay for exclusivity. I’d love to test out an Asus PadFone on T-Mobile but that product is exclusive to At&t. There is also the Sony Z2 tablet with LTE built in it. Someone in a previous article comments section posted about it and I looked it up. Currently sold in Japan and it would stink if it lands as an exclusive to Verizon or At&t.

    • Allen Enriquez

      Yes fsured, I agree.
      Asus PadFone would Be great to try!

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I’ve been waiting on a tablet in that budget range.

  • Allen Enriquez

    I agree Jay!
    I am buying!
    But still thinking of HP Slate HD 7 4g vs Trio AXS!
    Help someone!
    I just need it till October then trading in and buying a better one!

  • Scotty

    I have had 3 Alcatel phones and they are crap I wouldn’t waste a dime on this crap

    • Allen Enriquez

      Scotty what about Apollo Brand Trio Axs Quad-core 4g or HP Slate 7 HD Quad-core