$50 off T-Mobile HTC One (M8) from tomorrow, August 20


HTC’s One (M8) is one of the finest smartphones ever made. Its solid metal unibody build is the stuff of Samsung’s nightmares. And from tomorrow, August 20th, T-Mobile’s going to drop the price of HTC’s flagship Android phone in its latest Back to School offer. Our source informs us that the device will have its price reduced by $50 in retail branded stores and retail phone support (RPS), and there’s no need for any rebate.

A note to staff reads:

“… no rebates are necessary.  You’ll see the $50 discount automatically reflected when helping new or existing customers upgrade to or activate the HTC One (M8).  Between the $50 savings and the unique features of the HTC One (M8), this offer is sure to create a great experience for our customers.”

What’s interesting here is that the HTC One on T-Mobile’s website is already showing as “on sale” with $48 off the full retail price, plus a free promotional ‘Fetch’. So it’s unclear right now if the phone is going to drop a further $50 to $538 online, or if the existing $48 off is going to be replaced by the $50 off and therefore only saving you $2 on the current on-offer price. It’s likely that the online offer remains unchanged from what it is now. What we do know for sure is that the phone will cost $585 in participating retail stores, which is $50 off the full retail cost. Over 24 months on EIP that’s $24.38 per month, presuming you pay no down payment.

The offer is available to new and existing customers who are either activating a new device, or upgrading. Pay in Advance customers will need to have a minimum plan of $35 to qualify. Pricing is reflected automatically, so a rebate form is not required. We’re told the offer will expire after close of business on September 16.

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