BlackBerry promo ends tomorrow as T-Mobile sees record trade-ins

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As you may recall, T-Mobile’s recent marketing efforts asking BBerry owners to switch to an iPhone didn’t particularly go down well with Blackberry fans, or the Canadian smartphone company’s CEO. Of course, John Legere used the spat as marketing fuel and the carrier launched a special promotion offering BlackBerry handset owners the chance to trade-in their old device for $200.

According to Mike Sievert, T-Mobile’s CMO, that promo is set to end tomorrow, Wednesday, March 5th. Yesterday evening, he tweeted that over 15 times the regular number of trade-ins were received thanks to the special offer.

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If you still have a BlackBerry you want to trade in for a new one, or a different device, you have until tomorrow to do it, so you better get your skates on. As for specific figures on exact numbers traded in, we don’t know. But, looking at it from a BlackBerry fan’s perspective, if someone was to offer me $200 and take my old Pearl 9100 off me and let me take a brand new, shiny Q10 or Z10 for $0 down, I’d bite their hands off. (Not literally of course).

Did you take advantage of this offer, or was the initial slip-up unforgivable? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me: @TiP_Cam

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