BlackBerry promo ends tomorrow as T-Mobile sees record trade-ins

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As you may recall, T-Mobile’s recent marketing efforts asking BBerry owners to switch to an iPhone didn’t particularly go down well with Blackberry fans, or the Canadian smartphone company’s CEO. Of course, John Legere used the spat as marketing fuel and the carrier launched a special promotion offering BlackBerry handset owners the chance to trade-in their old device for $200.

According to Mike Sievert, T-Mobile’s CMO, that promo is set to end tomorrow, Wednesday, March 5th. Yesterday evening, he tweeted that over 15 times the regular number of trade-ins were received thanks to the special offer.

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If you still have a BlackBerry you want to trade in for a new one, or a different device, you have until tomorrow to do it, so you better get your skates on. As for specific figures on exact numbers traded in, we don’t know. But, looking at it from a BlackBerry fan’s perspective, if someone was to offer me $200 and take my old Pearl 9100 off me and let me take a brand new, shiny Q10 or Z10 for $0 down, I’d bite their hands off. (Not literally of course).

Did you take advantage of this offer, or was the initial slip-up unforgivable? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me: @TiP_Cam

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  • Thank you T-Mobile loyalty dept!

    What a runaround I’ve had since last Friday. To make a long story short – I got a brand new Q10 for the price of a refurb Q10 (+ no taxes or overnight delivery charge.)

    Walked into a local Tmo store and they were baffled when I showed them my 7290 Cingular wireless crackberry :/They had no clue on how to process the trade-in order so I had to order via phone with a 611 rep which the store employee aided with. The phone rep overcharged me for a new blackberry when what I wanted was a refurbished unit. As a “sorry for the headache: t-mobile loyalty ended up giving me the stated offer above because I just wanted to walk away from the whole ordeal.

    The phone just arrived via ups and I couldn’t be happier :) Noticed the date of manufacture on the outer box says 02-10-13 which means this phone has been sitting on a shelf somewhere for almost a year, what a shame.

    Have others had such a hard time with this offer as I have? FYI I was told this offer ends March 5th, tomorrow.

    T-mobile loyal for years to come…. and I got to keep my old blackberry ;)

    • Guest

      Every rep knows how to do a trade in but it was poorly communicated that you get a $200 credit for a pos 10 year BB. Shady customers are coming in and trading in up to 10-15 devices and buying phones out right that are 60$ and getting huge credits. I had customers that had over $1000 credits on their accounts. We had to put a stop to it w/ a few customers who were just going store to store.

      • archerian

        The promotion should have been one trade in per line of service or new activation. But it wasn’t and hence the excess use.

      • Sandee

        I was told by the store rep it’s 1 blackberry device per line.

    • 21stNow

      The Q10 has only been out since June of last year. That date is probably an October date, so it probably had been sitting for less than five months.

  • Cam Bunton

    Hey guys, really interested in hearing from you on this trade-in thing. I’ve been seeing the odd mention here and there across the internet/twitter about some stores not taking phones in. Is it a case of T-Mobile staff not having enough time to prepare for the deal, or was it badly rolled out to the in-store POS systems?

    Please, if you’re retail staff or a customer who either took an age to get it sorted, or had your device refused despite it working perfectly, let me know by replying to my comment, shoot me an email to or tweet me @TiP_Cam.

    In the meantime, I’ll try and get hold of a specific number.

    • Hey Cam!

      Sending you over an e-mail right now. Or wait you can just read what I wrote below.

      In addition it did seem like the in-store POS system was not set up to even order a Blackberry phone.

      • Cam Bunton

        Awesome. I see your comment below. That, plus an email and a couple of tweets got me thinking. Appreciate it. :-)

        • jdubb2600

          It’s funny because i went to TMO the day the promotion started and i had to explain to the sales associate how it works. It was pretty fun but the way it works is that the do it like a regular upgrade select the phone to trade in and the blackberry will automatically say $200. when i selected the z10 you get the discount instantly. you have to mail in your old phone. once they order the z10. They give you all the paperwork to send in for the trade in.

        • Spark

          I had a few customers trade in their blackberry’s with no problem, some even had $200 credit towards thier account since they switch from blackberry to android.

        • archerian

          at my local store, they store reps did some tricks – they mentioned I needed to trade in an UNLOCKED blackerry, and when that didn’t work, stated I needed to change to a Simple Choice Plan and enter EIP, run a credit check etc. I had to call Customer Care and ask for notations on my account and go back to the store to do the trade in. They also falsely mentioned that the promotion would end Feb 28th.

        • philyew

          Name and shame…what was the store number? We need to start calling out these scam artists.

        • archerian

          Store #8136 in Melbourne, Florida … what I find most irritating is they never say “We’re not sure” or “I don’t know” and call someone and find out… If they don’t know about it, then it doesn’t exist. I have no problem if they keep me waiting while calling/searching for some new plan or offer, but their typical mentality is “Can’t be done” .. they also have this line of thinking that whatever was told via 611 is “not connected” with T-mobile stores, and whatever done via 611 has to be handled entirely via 611.

        • Steve

          Promo is ending due to overwhelming fraud going on. As always, there are too many scam artists trying to get over on T-Mobile. Not sure of the details but people going from store to store and trying to work the bill credit angle and then cancelling their service.

    • MK

      Went to trade in my BB bold, which is working just fine without any issues, have been for 3 years, but was told it has water damage since the line was pink behind the battery. Over the phone I was told any BB, any condition as long as it is working. So not sure who is right…the 611 rep or the store rep. Any advice/suggestions?

      • dtam

        I believe the initial promos said no cracked screen, no water damage, turns on. I had 1 that had water damage too, luckily I had a few other phones to trade in

  • bkin94

    I used the deal and it went pretty much as i expected. I was planning on waiting for the nexus 6 to come out before upgrading, but this deal was too good

  • jdubb2600

    I got a brand new z10 for $206 after the $250 discount. Thinking of upgrading my wifes note 2 for a note 3. i’m gonna ask her if she wants it

  • Christopher Olson

    Oh dang I almost waited too long to jump on this deal, I’m heading down tomorrow to take advantage of a one of a time offer!

  • Guest

    Tried to do the trade in but they said it is only good for postpaid customers not prepaid. POS promo.

  • Joey

    Does anyone know if I can use the credit for later use??

    • jimmiekain

      I was wondering the same thing. I was gonna go to the store tomorrow and ask.

    • Greg

      no you can not, the credit immediately gets applied to your account. And if you do not use it for a cell phone, Tmobile will use it towards your monthly bill.

      • Toffer_Lloyd

        Can we get a service credit if we already have a phone but want to turn in an old blackberry and start new T-Mobile service?

  • sal

    is this deal still gonna go on tomorrow?

  • Clifford Haight

    I tried the store next to my house last night but they only have the Q10 instock, I’ll try calling the downtown (Seattle) store today and see if they have any Z10’s. For what it’s work the rep didn’t try to push me to much to an android phone. I did make it clear how frustrated my phone made me sometimes. Q10 at the store was $278 after trade in, while a decent deal on a Q10 not as much for the Z10 (228 after trade in). The branded t-mobile Z10 can be bough on ebay in new or like now condition for $200 or slightly less. The Z10 can be bought direct from blackberry at $299 unlocked and I can it in white. I am still considering the Q10 but I felt the keyboard was to cramped for accurate typing, especially compared to the 9315.

  • jbrizzy

    Oh how I miss my blackberry pearl. My first smartphone. But I was mad when T-Mobile didn’t get the 9100

    • iSaac

      agreed, i got really good at Suretype and that thing fit almost ANYWHERE. I really did like that thing, and it was my first smartphone too. Also first phone with wifi.

      • jbrizzy

        I know right that phone was one of the best at the time. I was able to type paragraphs on that thing with one thumb without looking. T-Mobile should have really gotten the new version of it because I was for sure going to upgrade to it. But they didn’t get it and then Android came along and I was done with BlackBerry after that. Smh

  • hondaking

    Well I did two trades got a note 3 and a iPhone 5c I knew there was a reason why I kept my old phones just never knew I was going to get 200 each

  • Trey Granato

    I wish I would have seen this yesterday, a rep told me over the phone on Tuesday that it was ending in April so I decided to just sit on it, wish I wouldn’t have :(

  • jmscar82

    Traded one in an old 7230. Got me a Note 3.

  • alex

    Can you trade in old phones for credit towards a new phone even if its not blackberry? I’ve got 2 old android phones and an old blackberry as well

  • Clifford Haight

    Promo is over and you can only trade in one per line. I traded an old curve towards a z10, however the rep wouldn’t give me the extra 50 credit since I wasn’t already on blackberry plan. I plan to argue that the promo doesn’t read as such. Hence I paid $299 out the door, same price as new blackberry direct unlocked.

  • chaproste

    Anyone still using a Blackberry when the brand inevitably folds should be thrown in prison.

  • Harry Yu

    Oh crap! I missed the deadline, damn it!