T-Mobile compatible HTC One (M8) registered with FCC

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In three weeks, HTC is set to announce its next flagship device. By now, we all know that. And thanks to that leaked video, we all know what to expect. The long-rumored device will feature many of the design influences and hardware from the original HTC One, but with a slightly different shape. But what you guys really wanted to know is: Is it coming to T-Mobile?

Answer: Yes.

SlashGear uncovered set of FCC listings which show the device coming – or at least being compatible with – T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. If you want to have a dig through the FCC document yourself, here’s the link.


Of all the hardware changes on the “all-new HTC One”, the one provoking the most debate is the second camera on the back. No one’s 100% convinced on what it does. Some speculate that it will enable Lytro light-field camera like properties, in that it will enable the use to change focus points after the shot has been taken. It could also be for image stabilization in video/photos, or it could be a more accurate way of adding depth of field to shots.

What we do know is that there’s not long to find out. HTC’s event is on March 25th and takes place in London and New York.

Via: SlashGear

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  • Orlando G.

    I really hope these camera improvements surpass the SG5s improvements. It would suck if it took HTC two camera lens to do what Samsung did with one.

  • fsured

    Interesting that you mention it doesn’t state Sprint as compatible. Would this compatibility be related to the phone being capable of working on the LTE networks of these companies in one hardware model? Naturally the compatibility would end there as Verizon use CDMA for 2g/3g.

  • dtam

    GSM850/1900, WCDMA II, IV, V, LTE 4, 7, 17

    Doesn’t look like any support for 700 yet

    • besweeet

      Was just about to mention that :(.

      • ac21365

        Came to say this. Looks like this one doesn’t have Band 12. I was -so- hoping this gen of phones would include it, but it seems we’re still too early in the game. We’ll see what the other models coming out soon have…

        • Roger Sales

          They might just release a new htc later with 700A support like they did with the galaxy S3 and AWS LTE support. I’d prefer them to preload devices with 700A but they have a good track record with adding devices to support new networks quickly so I’m content for now.

    • JayInCA

      Band 17 description is as follows (from Radio Electronics . com) BAND 17 = Uplink 704 – 716 ; Downlink 734 – 746 ; Width of Band= 12 ; Duplex Spacing= 30 ; Band Gap= 18. That means that the T-Mo version of the All New HTC One will support LTE in at least some of the 700 Mhz frequency range. I had heard that Lower 700A Capability is coming to AT&T and T-Mo phones in the future. Also, I wonder if Band 12 consolidated into Band 17 now, or is it separate still? It would be nice if HTC had made this new device with T-Mo’s future LTE Band offering.

      • dtam

        AFAIK, it’s still band 12

    • Jay Holm


  • Jose Gonzalez

    I hope that since the passed it trough FCC three weeks before the official announcement, that they will start shipping it right after the announcement. Normally when they do this it’s because it’s ready for shipping.

    • Robert

      I think this is the most relevant comment regarding the new One. The original One is hands down the best device I’ve ever used and that’s with the awkward capacitive buttons.

      An SD slot, on screen buttons, and, hopefully, a larger battery (not that the 2300 didn’t prove bigger than expected) means I’m hoping to get my hands on the upgrade ASAP.

      • Plow Rox

        Add to that an unlocked bootloader and I’ll jump! Was going to get the Sony z1s but the locked bootloader kills that idea. Having been bitten by the custom rom world there’s no way I could have a device I couldn’t modify to my own whims. Otherwise my S3 is going to have to last a while longer.

  • tomarone

    Is that Iron-Man’s phone?

    • Deadeye37

      I’d get it if it was red with yellow accents. :)

      Heck, I’d get it as is!

  • Jay Holm

    Any indication of 700mhz Band 12 support on these newer smartphones?

    • ac21365

      It doesn’t appear so, though if I read correctly, the fcc docs aren’t officially publicly available yet. Unfortunately, the AT&T and T-Mobile models are likely the same or extremely similar models hardware-wise, so if it turns out the AT&T version doesn’t have Band 12, I seriously doubt the T-Mobile version will. I have a small bit of hope for this phone though, but harbor more hope for the GS5. Worst case, we have to wait til the fall for new iDevices and the next Nexus.

  • jralphroman

    Xperia Z2 or HTC M8….that is the question

    • David Firebaugh

      Both are great phones but I think the HTC ONE will be the better choice

  • Allen Enriquez

    What about Sony Xperia Z Ultra & HTC One Max?

    • David Firebaugh

      I would probably say the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. From all the reviews I have seen. HTC fell short on the max. On Sony store you can get it unlocked for $680.00 and the HTC max on HTC site is $900.00 only on sprint and Verizon.

      • Allen Enriquez

        I knew about all of the above thanks for at least trying David!