Now that new JUMP! and International Talk and Text plans are here, what do you make of them?

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Earlier this month, we got wind of a couple of changes T-Mobile was set to make to a couple of its plans. Both were set for a February 23rd launch, both are now live. Of the two, the changes to JUMP! were the ones to cause the biggest reaction. Instead of having to wait 6 months to “Jump” to a new phone, you can now upgrade whenever you like, but only if you’ve paid 50% of your phone’s full retail cost.

We had plenty of fun in the comments when that was announced shortly afterwards. In essence, for those looking to upgrade between 6-12 months after signing up, it’s a worse deal. For everyone else it’s better, or the same as the old plan.

Another change was the new Stateside International Talk and Text which – for $15 per month – gives unlimited calls, mobile to mobile – to 32 countries abroad plus 1,000 minutes to Mexico. This is calls and texts from the US to those international locations. In case you’re curious which 32 countries those are, here’s a handy chart:

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 21.19.17

Now that it’s all official, and we’ve had a few days to rest with the changes. What do you make of them? Are the changes to JUMP! more about protecting T-Mobile’s bottom line, or giving more freedom to the customer? Will you be coughing up an extra $15 to call your friends/family abroad? Are you keeping your old JUMP! terms or switching to the new ones when your upgrade’s due?

Check all the details on the new International Talk and Text plan here.

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  • Jackson

    new Stateside International Talk and Text didn’t include the Philippines, Please add the Philippines so I can call their a lot… and so I can drop vonage…and the old JUMP before Feb 23 is a lot better for us….

  • Willie D

    Jump 1.0 as it is called does not require you to wait 6 months between jump upgrades, only the first one after you signed up. After that, you can jump anytime up to twice per year. There is no restriction on paying off part of your device, you simply turn it in, pay your new down payment if there is one and restart your payments for 24 months. The new one Jump 2.0 as it is called can give you anytime upgrades from Day 2 of the plan, but you gotta pay 50% off first. For most customers this means 12-16 months before jumping to a new device. Freedom to pay that 50% and jump anytime sure, but limited in that you gotta pay 50% first rather than just call it a day and upgrade. I’m sticking with the original plan on upgrades myself.

    As for the $15 Talk/Text option, I think with AT&T and Verizon both offering unlimited texts in plans, TMobile can do away with the $7 text plan and include it in our existing plans, then lower this new plan to $10

  • Richard Villanova

    JUMP 1.0 is better IMHO. I would only want to upgrade every 6 months without paying off half the phone.

    • kev2684

      they are slowly reverting back to being a “Carrier”

      • Richard Villanova

        That’s what I’m afraid of. I hope I didn’t buy into the hype to soon.

      • philyew

        I’m interested in what you consider to be “Carrier” changes that they have made?

        While I agree that Jump! 2.0 can be considered a “Carrier” development, and I tweeted that view to Legere when it was announced, I can’t think of any other actions yet which roll-back Uncarrier changes.

        I don’t think one action constitutes a trend, so I can’t say that they are “slowly reverting back to being a Carrier”. I’ll need more evidence to reach that conclusion.

    • Magenta Man

      Jump 2.0 was a must after T-Mobile made the decision to do $0 Down permanently. They no longer get $49-$149 on the down payment. It had to come from somewhere.

      So for “Well Qualified Customers” ($0 Down) the upgrade time is a little longer now, but always zero down.

      For “Other Qualified Customers (40% Down) the upgrade time can actually be sooner.

      Overall it was a compromise for always having zero down, like the Note 3 which can be seen at the big two for $299 etc.

      • Trevnerdio

        So glad they decided to stick with $0 down. I’ll be upgrading in 16-17 days to the Note 3 :D

        • superg05

          the note 4 is in the fall

        • Trevnerdio

          Pshh that’s too long to wait.

      • thatguy

        this is an interesting take i hadn’t thought of, thanks. (and i work for the company hah)

        • Magenta Man

          So do I ;)

    • $15454173

      Loving JUMP 1.0.

  • Mark

    I wish I had gotten in to upgrade before the JUMP cutover date (I’m still on Classic). I’ve actually been without a cellphone for 2 months since my One S locked up, and my plan was to get a $0-down phone now and then switch to an S5 or the One Up once they were both out. But, alas, due to several things including my weekends being occupied I never got to the mall.

    • Mark

      Oh, and the International piece doesn’t interest me at all… I have no one to call there, and if I need to call Canada I can do that on our house phone.

      • philyew

        I normally use Google Voice for international calling, but was grateful for the new plan when my N5 started dialing numbers from my contacts randomly while not in use and ran up a $16 bill on a call to a mobile number in Europe.

        If it happens again, it won’t cost me anything since all my international contacts are in countries covered by the plan.

        Of course, I’ll be looking to fix the problem, but don’t want to do a factory reset right now.

        • $15454173

          ” ran up a $16 bill on ”

          I need more coffee :) I misread this at first as 16 billion LOL :)

        • Mark

          Maybe he works for the Pentagon?

        • philyew

          Lol! It isn’t a big deal, but as the plan costs $15 I get to save at least a buck….whoop! ;-)

    • Bklynman

      If money is that tight for you,you can go to Best Buy I am guessing online or in a store,you can get The Alcatel One Touch Evolve brand new for only $50. I beieve they have the Nokia 521 on sale too,I believe the price is under $100. Also you can try ebay,
      and see what they have. Also HSN,they have the Light by SAMMY, for $150.,don’t give the credit,someone posted both about Best Buy,HSN,hopes this helps in some way.

      • Mark


        Has anyone else seen an issue where the One S would refuse to charge? It just sits there with a blinking red LED like it normally does when it first starts charging after a full discharge, but the LED never stops blinking no matter how long it sits on the charger. I’ve tried both the wall charger and USB connection and it does the same for both.

        • schweddyballs

          The charging port could be loose or damaged/defective, do a master reset and retry it, if it still doesn’t charge you need a new phone.

        • Bklynman

          The battery might be done. You can also, the Google One S,see if anyone else has this problem.

  • I got rid of Vonage already. Now i’ve 2 phones on stateside cost me $30, which is same as Vonage international.

  • thatguy

    Why is there an arrow pointing to brasil if brasil isnt one of the countries? misleading a bit

  • Bklynman

    I agree with everyone else Jump,1.0 is lot better for us,than for Tmo,Jump,2.0,is better for them,thanks for this site I got in before the change over.

    • Dakota

      Tmobile is in this yo make money. All those who think moved are to benefit consumers are also fooling themselves

  • web

    I never was a fan of jump so I never brought insurance. I think this new jump program benefit t mobile more. To me, they both benefit tmobile. Jump is worthless so u buy my phones straight up and sell after six months and get a new one.

    • Bklynman

      Most people can’t afford to buy new phone every 6months,if you have a family,u are at looking at anywhere betwee$2000 and up.For 4 phones at $500 -$600 each. Then 6 months
      a year later,$800-1000. They are now worth. With jump,turn in all the phones,get 4 new
      ones worth $2400 or more. You are right,jump 1.0 is not Worth it. Rolls eyes ,yes ok,whatever u say.

      • Akulamenuri

        You could always get a smartphone broken up over your bill, sell it after 6 months, and then pay off your phone balance with the money you made since T-Mobile doesn’t add any interest to breaking up a device. That’s what I would do anyway.

        • Bklynman

          When came out jump,I didn’t qualify for it,I had to put a downpayment,I was not going to do it. Call up to buy one of the real low end phones they just came out with one touch,just to get on the jump,
          before it change and to see how fast the lte is in NYC. I was told do qualify for zero for any phone,Chris who took my call didn’t pressure me one way or another. I just paid tax and shipping,which came to $70.35,no payments for 2 months,so by the time new phones come out with the new band,turn the phone in TMO,by then this $700,phone will be worth about $300-$400. By then I would just have paid $232.,on it.minus the tax. Get a new one $700.For zero. It works for me.
          Everybody has to do what is best for themselves.

  • Philip Totaro

    No Spain? Really?

  • shalom

    Add Israel As a included country.


    Metro PCS has more countries included on the int plan for less…
    I will switch to Metro in order to be able to call my relatives in Albania and still be able to use tmo network. I have sent an email to John about that and he replied me by saying that they are working on it. I sent him that email since tmo came up with the int plan. Till now the list of the countries remains the same.

  • Corey

    Seems like they changed Jump after shifting to phones being zero down. I’m sure when they came up with Jump they anticipated customers paying around $200 down on a phone. With zero down they cant swap it every six months.

  • vahdyx

    The new Jump is perfect for me. I avoided the 6 month Jump because I wanted to change phones when I wanted to. So I stuck to the buying and selling model that’s been treating me so well. This new jump just makes it so I don’t have to deal with craigslist people or ebay fees, so a big win in my book. I’ll be utilizing this new Jump as soon as a new phone comes out; HTC One (2014), Xperia Z2, LG G3, Galaxy S5 (but chances are not good), and Moto X2 (high chance), or iPhone 6. Just depends on my mood I guess.

  • Whiskers

    Love the original Grandfathered JUMP program , I never have to worry about paying any % of the phone off .
    The new JUMP program is Worthless because it would take you way to long to pay off 50% of the EIP before being able to JUMP .
    Your better off selling it yourself privately before the phone loses it’s market value.

    • Guest

      I hate to burst your bubble, but the way Jump 2 works is that anybody that is currently on the first jump feature, will be allowed to JUMP after making a minimum of 6 payments, however when you upgrade, you MUST migrate to Jump2, so the next time you upgrade, T-Mobile will only pay 50% of the original value towards your phone when you JUMP again ..How do I know this? I work for T-Mobile..

      • Tmobile guy

        That is incorrect clown, check the community. Customers don’t have to change from Jump 1 if they don’t want to. Get your stuff right

      • Singleweird


        -tmobile rep

      • Willie D

        Again, you may want to speak with Mike Sievert and his tweets that confirm OPPOSITE what you claim.

      • Whiskers

        If you work for T-Mobile then they are screwed with employees like you that can’t learn the facts firsts before posting.
        Anyone who signs up for the Jump 2 program has been miss informed or got sucker talked into it from employees like you that don’t know the real facts about the Jump programs altogether.
        Please do T-Mobile a favor and quit and go work for AT&T since you sound like you would fit in perfectly into that company quite well.

      • JayMo86

        Sorry bro, no where in the training does it say that you are forced to change to the new JUMP! program. It even clearly states customers are not required to give up their old grandfathered feature

  • bakgwailo

    No Brazil? Useless to me.

  • TBN27

    Jump doesn’t work for me. I rather save the money on to a new smartphone than paying 10 a month to have insurance and privilege to upgrade early. Also I am not wrapped in needing to have the latest and greatest when my smartphone works so well unless there was a serious need to upgrade; for example with the new frequency bands being added, this phone doesn’t have then and will be upgrading to a phone that does have them to have the better coverage.

    • mmunson

      I am keeping Jump and insurance for 6-8 months, if my phone works perfectly for me I’ll pull Jump off entirely.

  • steveb944

    That new International plan has a really small list, we’ll just be keeping our original landline plan.

    • Willie D

      If you do not call mobile devices in those nations, you’re best to keep the current $10 plan and save $5. If you make ANY mobile calls to those nations listed where mobile calls are unlimited, calls that last longer than 5-10 minutes, you may actually be charged MORE than $5, so in this case, it may be best to weight your options and get the $15 plan. I know when I call my friends and family overseas, I get online, email or Facebook them and ask them, “Are you giving me your land line or mobile number? I can call land line international from my home for free, no problem, but if they are mobile, I let them know I will wait till they are home to call them.” In this case, for me, it could work out, however, I rarely call my friends or family overseas because we rarely have much to say that is not already spoken on Facebook, email, or though a messaging app. We are all caught up for the day, week, month that way.

  • archerian

    I wish they had a family feature for the $15 international talk and text addon

  • $15454173

    Loving JUMP 1.0. They didn’t bill me for the first two months on two new SG4 bought on Dec 1st. They both were zero down payment. Plus they bought my old used GS2 for $50. I still get to JUMP on June 1st. even thought I will have made only 4 payments.

    • BryanB

      That is exactly how all EIP works. It was not a mistake. It takes 2 bills to start the payments. That’s one reason JUMP! 1.0 was an amazing deal. $600 phone with $down and $25/mo like the G2 used to be meant tax on $600 approx $50 plus 4 payments of 25 meant you paid $150 for the G2 if that happened 4 times in 24mo (every 6mo) then you pay $600 for 4 new phones. Assuming you had insurance already, the $2 difference in price to JUMP! is negligible. WAS a great deal. That’s why im sticking with it. And glad I got a new job before this went into effect.

  • Guest

    I think the new JUMP program is garbage. I work for T-Mobile and was a bit disappointed to see JUMP 2 roll out. After all of the UnCarrier moves that we made, one of the biggest features about being able to upgrade when you want, gets changed and not for the better. People are only grandfathered in for 1 upgrade, after you Jump the first time, you will automatically be migrated over to the new feature. Pretty crappy if you ask me!

    • Tmobile guy

      If you really work at T-Mobile then your an idiot. People don’t have to switch from Jump 1 if they don’t want to. Do your “job” and get the facts straight before you mislead customers clown.

      • JayMo86

        little harsh…

        • Singleweird

          not harsh. lazy reps who dont know what they’re selling are the reason people hate wireless carriers

    • Singleweird

      You’re wrong and the training specifically points out that NO customer is migrated to J2 if they don’t want to be. Are you sure you don’t work at ATT?

    • Willie D

      I have been in direct contact with Mike Sievert regarding grandfather clauses and forced migrations and he confirmed that JUMP 1.0 customers can stay as long as they like and upgrade twice per year without paying 50% of the device off. You are welcome to move to the new JUMP 2.0 if you chose to, but no one is forced to do so.

    • GeekyGirl

      This information is inaccurate. The new JUMP 2 program is actually pretty awesome. Think about it like this: As long as you pay off half of your device cost, you can jump to a new device any time, and as often as you like. On the old JUMP program, that equates to about 6 months to a year if you paid $0 on a device. Yet, say you got an iPhone 5s and dropped a $250 deposit on the device up front. Well, you don’t have much more to pay before you have half of the device cost paid off and you can jump to a new device if you decide you don’t like your phone. Tmobile eats the remaining EIP on that device and you actually get into a phone you love. It’s really a win-win for everyone. Get your facts straight before posting inaccurate information.

      • thepanttherlady

        On the original JUMP! which many of us have, there is only one initial 6 month waiting period and that’s when you signed up. After that you’re able to JUMP! twice in a 12 month period. Let’s do the math based on me JUMP!’ing every 6 months and using the LG G Flex as the device with $0 down:

        Original JUMP! (after initial 6 month “waiting” period):
        4 months of payments = $112 I’ve paid. T-Mobile forgives the remaining $560 in EIP payments.

        New JUMP!:
        4 months of payments = $112 I’ve paid. I now need to come up with an additional $224 to cover 50% of the phone cost. T-Mobile forgives the remaining $336 in EIP payments.

        Tell me again how your scenario is better than mine?

        • JayMo86

          Awesome discription of the difference between the two. I also never heard about T-Mobile forcing you to switch to the new JUMP! after an upgrade. That kinda defeats the purpose of “grandfathered”

        • thepanttherlady

          Others have said this will not happen. That includes another poster saying he contacted Mike Sievert directly who confirmed no one will be “forced” to the new JUMP! program that doesn’t want it.

  • Nearmsp

    The international plan does not work for me. It does not include land lines. I would also like a plan that is for the family plan. Until then it is Buber and Google for me and The while family still does not exceed $15 a month. So the $15 per month will never work for us. When WhatsApp comes out with international calls, this $15 plan will collapse.

    • Willie D

      Your information is incorrect, both the Stateside International Text and Talk $10 and $15 plans offer calls to land lines to the nations listed. The $15 plan offers calls to mobile devices in some of the countries as well. With mobile termination rates normally double land line termination rates, I dont see WhatsApp offering mobile terminated calls for free. In fact, your logic is wrong, WhatsApp wouldnt make T-Mobile plans collapse, because if this was the case, Skype would be a bigger competitor than it is, and honestly, it is a major competitor to geeks who use internet for international calls, but not to the average person.

  • mason

    South Africa mobile to mobile isn’t among the countries listed. So while the $10 plan is useful to me the $15 plan isnt

    • Willie D

      Not all carriers in all nations are going to have free mobile to mobile. Generally the nations that have mobile termination rates are twice as expensive to call than landlines, however, with T-Mobile being an international company, it makes sense to give free calls to other T-Mobile network owned nations. Outside of this, T-Mobile will offer the calls to the lowest mobile termination rate nations. South Africa may be a higher one. In time, this rate may change and T-Mobile may offer more nations. Uncarrier is ever changing and they are listening to their customers.

  • Am

    T-Mobile is like the president of this country….. Obama trying to worry about other countries besides his own and the same with t-Mobile, its too busy worrying about working in other countries when it needs to worry about having better coverage in this country first…….

    • Spanky

      Agreed. T-Mobile is well aware of its lacking coverage, so it’s trying to come up with ways to divert attention from this particular issue.

      • Willie D

        Really, then why did they just buy Verizon’s 700Mhz spectrum A-Block so they can build out more coverage and have publicly addressed this?!

        • Spanky

          Because it will take a long time for them to build out coverage on the new spectrum.

        • GeekyGirl

          It may take them a while to build out coverage on the new spectrum, but it’s there. They have taken many strides in improving coverage in the US. It’s the Rural ares in the US that have problems. You don’t hear many people in big cities complaining about coverage because that’s the target market. The big two conglomerates own most of the spectrum in the rural areas, and Tmobile buying some of Verizon’s 700Mhz spectrum A-Block is a wise move on their part.

        • Steve

          Its gotten much better in my state over the last 6 months.

  • Curious

    Maybe I am missing something….but doesn’t anybody understand that, as far as I understand it…if you JUMP, you end up paying the full retail price of the phone, spread over two years? I understand you can change phones frequently…but you STILL PAY FULL RETAIL FOR WHATEVER PHONE YOU BUY. I am on a regular “old” family plan, and I paid $97 for my S4; if I did it via JUMP it would be $600. I don’t mean to sound sarcastic, but why is this a great deal?

    • Bklynman

      Ru on one of the older classic plans? If you are how many lines you have mins,,text,data? What are you paying?

    • missinginput

      Everyone now pays full retail for their upgrade with Tmobile which is why you get discounted service and no contract.

      Jump is separate than that, it is the ability to get a better trade in value with the new one paying up to 50% of the purchase price back to you.

    • twicetheprice

      You have always paid retail for the phones you buy. When you buy a $600 phone subsidized at $200, it’s not the carrier being nice and the phone costing $200. You are actually paying back the rest of that $400 through your monthly payment every month to your carrier. The difference here is that TMo is being transparent and separating the cost of the phone from your bill. So once the device is paid off, your bill goes down.

      • Steve

        I cant see staying with a phone for two years ever again. So in a sense, I lose out on the (maybe) 200 bucks I could get for it on ebay after two years. Switching every 6 months was fine, but the new plans stink.
        Cheaper phones like nexus might be paid off 50% in six months. A s5 would take a year I think.

  • Freddy

    I upgraded to the $15 Stateside calling, love it. I can now call UK mobile phones all inclusive. Sound quality is also great.

  • bakgwailo

    I love how the graphic points to Brazil, and yet it is not covered under the $15 mobile plan. Ugh, that is all I needed for TMo to be perfect for me.

  • kanyewesttx

    so when I trade in the phone…. does it have to be the phone I bought when signing up for JUMP (Note 3) or any working phone from any carier?

    • Tmo rep

      It has to be the phone you purchased on jump. They will match the imei on account with your device.

      • Craig

        I purchased a phone on one of my lines that doesn’t have Jump, but I will use the phone on the line that have Jump. So I’m asking would that work?

  • Gianni

    My only gripe with T-Mobile is that they let you text for free while in other countries but I can’t text out to other countries for free. To me it just honestly makes no sense. I have family in Canada and when I was with Sprint I could text them for free and even AT&T is allowing free texting to Canada now.