LG G2 KitKat update rolling out through company’s PC utility


Android 4.4.2 updates for T-Mobile devices have been rolling out at a frenzied pace over the past couple of weeks, and it’s not about to slow down now. Today, LG released its KitKat update for the Magenta LG G2. But it’s not yet available as an OTA update. It’s only available through the LG PC Utility desktop software, or by grabbing a direct download.

Our reader who got in touch (@TheNewsHQ) told us that he’s noticed a definite improvement in device speed with the updated OS. If you have the PC Utility installed, check for updates and you should find it. As always – as a precaution – be sure to back up your device first.

Here’s the direct download link, clicking will immediately start the download process. Be sure to let us know if you spot any performance improvements, or if you spot it as an over-the-air update on your device.

Link via: XDA

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  • ProudPapa

    All this while I still wait for the Galaxy Note 3, one of T-Mobile’s most expensive handsets, to have it’s update released.

    • besweeet

      And the rest of their Samsung lineup.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Yeah, they announced it but so far nada. I hit that update every single day. Every single day it says my device is up to date. :(

    • Chilehead

      This is why, when i make my purchasing decisions, I take into consideration what the phone’s current OS is and not what it might potentially get…same with computers or any other software based device.

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Can’t wait to get home and update my G2 via PC utility.

  • Jay Holm

    These “pc utility” things are stupid! The whole point in having a smartphone is to be completely independent of a desktop pc. It should be OTA or wifi, one or the other, no usb cables or desktop pcs should be necessary.

    • anthony

      Maybe they use these utilities to get the updates out quicker instead of waiting1-3 weeks. Maybe they haven’t officially announced the update yet. The ota is still coming. Don’t forget Apple still use these pc utilities,l.

  • Chris Fisher

    Hopefully this means the LG G Flex gets updated soon as well.

  • Melissa Cardenas

    I hope this fixes my moms g2 touchescreen problems shes on her 2nd g2 and screen goes crazy sometimes and half the screen dont work i told her to change it again for a 3rd time but she just kept it so hope this fixes it.

  • ChristianMcC

    On behalf of everyone who has every had to use a PC utility to update their phone, LG, Samsung, and any other company that uses these can eat it. Never will I buy a phone again that requires a PC for firmware updates! Viva Nexus!!!

    • Jay Holm

      I have a Samsung smartphone, when I updated to 4.3 I did it over wifi.

      • ChristianMcC

        I’m not saying there is not a phone these manufacturers make that they don’t update over the air, whether Wi-Fi or cellular, but the fact they would still do a PC utility is ridiculous, and too often problematic.

        • Jay Holm

          I agree!

      • $15454173

        you own a Galaxy S4 right?

  • shivansh

    Will this update package will work for indian or international G2

  • Misaxtr

    Note 3 and Lg G2 now 4.4.2 over the air in Telenor and Vip Serbia.

  • D Velasquez

    Still waiting for at least 4.3 for the Xperia Z

  • Verizonthunder

    People need to stop whinning over the fact you need to update via pc. I for one am shocked LG would even update any of their smartphone’s period as they are notious for barely updating any device. This is a win win for the consumer.

  • lawyer who sues

    So I’ve had kit kat via cyanomagen 11 since last year but their recent builds have been causing dropped calls on practically every call I make. I haven’t flashed this type of file before, and am weary of the fact that its referred to as an “update”, does anyone know if flashing this is the same as flashing a completely fresh new ROM or do I have to have the original stock t-mobilized Jelly Bean for this to work? Probably a stupid place to ask this question, but I’d rather not have to talk with people in xda forums and whatnot.

    • Deez Nutz

      There is a stock rooted ROM under the T-Mobile development forum in XDA that you can flash like any other ROM, but you will lose TWRP (you have to use the latest TWRP to flash this ROM). There are a couple of other ways to do it, but you will also lose root in the process.

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    Its not working for me. it says I have latest software..but I don’t =/

    • sosharpdevy

      Says the same thing for me. Have you had any luck?

      • Jefferson Josue Morales

        Did you get it?

        • sosharpdevy

          No I think it is because I have the white one.

        • Jefferson Josue Morales

          Yeah same here.. =/ oh well

        • sosharpdevy

          It sucks. I don’t understand why it is keeping us from upgrading based on the phone color.

        • Jefferson Josue Morales

          Likewise.. =( i check every single day and hour. It’s driving me a nit nuts lol

        • sosharpdevy

          I hear ya. Keep me up to date if you have any luck. I will do the same.

    • Gynyne Franks

      Just posted, what color is ur phone?

  • JP

    I’m getting “Can not connect to update server”

  • Gary

    I cannot upgrade because I have Mac and it says software update does not support Mac. WTH………. how hard is it for LG/Tmobile to push updates over the air. Not satisfied :-(

  • Neil

    Shame the 32gb lg g2 isn’t rolling out across the uk too… then I may actually be tempted to buy one.

  • JCass

    The update on my G2 went through no problem. The entire OS is running smoother

  • lakerfan

    i just update mine before screen would go crazy up n dwn by itslef after updating tht got fixed it dnt go crazy when browsing the web or press random letters when txting someone so far im happy just when i was gonna get another phone because i was on my 3rd g2 and they all had screen problems and since this update FINALLY fixed this ima stay with my g2 no need to get another phone just the other day i got a screen saying lcd was damaged i got scared

  • Gynyne Franks

    If you have a white LG G2, like myself, the PC Utility and Mobile Support Tool will tell you that you have the latest android software available. If you have a black one, like my husband, you get to download the new upgrade. Complete and total bull.

    • sosharpdevy

      I see. That explains it.

    • Kevin

      I have the white g2, and you can download the kdz file and the r&d tool, to force it through… I did it yesterday.

      • Gynyne Franks

        How? I tried it and couldnt do it. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

        • Kevin

          If you search unroot lg g2 on xda And look for the stock firmware the directions are on there

        • Gynyne Franks

          Thanks, will try it.

  • Stefan Naumowicz

    can someone tell me where to find the LG PC Utility as a download?


    I Did it last night works Great

  • BryanB

    This update finally fixed the horid bluetooth a2dp streaming quality. the Bitrate is much better. maybe they enabled aptx.

  • Vinay Dixit

    I used the LG PC Suite and downloaded the update. Works fine on my LGG2 (Black variant) Little bit faster than when it was on Jelly Bean version. Battery life is significantly improved. Haven’t tried the camera yet.

    • Ryan DeRocco

      I downloaded the PC Suite as well, but there’s nothing on it telling me to get Kit Kat. Am I missing something? Please help!!

      • auton

        possible download is not completed

  • jp

    I have a mac…guess I have to wait for the ota?

  • Acnjr28

    I update my phone through the pc.the update went smooth and everything, everything works very well except I am still having issues with my touch screen going crazy. Started going crazy back in January but the update seems like it helped a little bit but it still does what it wants. hopefully another update comes out to fix it, if not I will be trading it in for an entirely different phone. I love the phone but I’m getting annoyed with it..it”ll be a shame to get rid of it but I need something that works well.

    • auton

      try to calibrate it

  • edfranco1

    I have a Mac and using the LG PC sync sofware and downloaded the kdz file buthavent a clue as to how to get it on my phone. Help

  • I knew getting a Windoze tablet would pay off. I haven’t been able to connect to server via OSX or OTA, so I connected via USB my Samsung ATIV. It worked like a charm.

  • auton

    sweet!!!… downloaded via LG SUITE after 3 hours of waiting I finally got it.