Samsung releases KitKat source code for Tmo Galaxy Note 3


If you thought today’s KitKat announcements were going to stop at the LG G2, you thought wrong. Thanks to one of our sharp-eyed readers, we know that Samsung has just released the 4.4.2 source code for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3. It doesn’t mean the actual software update is available, but it’s a good indication that it’s coming very soon.

If you hit and search for N900T (Tmo GS Note 3 model number), you’ll find it labeled N900TUVUCNB4. The filename is

As for a time-frame on actual release, we don’t have a definite. Often times, you’ll find that the software update is available OTA around 24 hours after the source code appears. But it could be a shorter or longer waiting time. Just know this: It’s definitely on its way soon.

Thanks, Josh!

Via: XDA forums (Our reader also posted information here)

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