The all-new HTC One (M8) leaked in 12 minute long video


There have been tons of leaks and rumors about the next HTC One, or M8 as it’s been known, over the past few months. But it’s the latest that shows the device in the best detail we’ve seen so far. Overall, it’s clearly an HTC One. It has the same iconic BoomSound speakers on the front, the same aluminum chassis with plastic “gaps” on the back. But, it’s taken a new direction in terms of shape and styling.

Its corners and rear shell are much more rounded than they were, and the bezel/frame around the edges is a lot more pronounced. The metal also has a much shinier finish, which could split opinions. In the poor lighting in the video, it looks awful. But, in person, it might be a different story. As well as that, it has two cameras on the back. Rumor has it, that it combines the two to create much better depth in photos.

With the Galaxy S5 certainly on its way to T-Mobile, it’s hard to imagine that the HTC One won’t be. Question is: On current evidence, which are you more likely to buy?

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  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    I’ll never buy another Samsung, most likely. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the M8.

    • Jay Holm

      Did you have some sorta bad experience with Samsung? I’ve been using the S4 since day one, no problems, no complaints.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Not really. I just had a really vanilla experience with Samsung. I liked my Captivate, but it left me underwhelmed. And I also like to help the underdog :-)

  • Will

    Who is this kid and how the hell does he already have this phone?

    • MastarPete

      omg, that video is beyond horrible!
      my guess, the kid’s mom/dad works for HTC or one of the carriers doing early testing. snagged the phone from their desk at home after they went to bed/went out.

      edit: +32gb internal storage + removable battery + sd card slot or bust.

  • Orlando G.

    I have the HTC One and this is the longest I’ve own a smartphone. I usually go about 4-5 months before I change. I wasn’t too excited about the SG5 so I’m hoping there’s more to this “new” HTC One than what this video shows. I do need a bigger screen because these old eyes are just that….old. :)

    At this point, its going to be a toss up between the G2 and this phone. Can’t for middle of the month.

    Another thing, go easy on this kid in this video. I believe he says he gets phones early because he’s “special”. Not sure if his father or mother works for HTC but there was some rumbling on twitter about this video.

  • JB

    Wow. This kid was slightly unbearable to listen to! I hope his parents don’t get fired, being that he didn’t do a particularly good job masking identifying info.

    About the phone. I’m *definitely* trying out both this and the S5, if there’s a for sure an SD slot on it. Though I’m still not too keen on Sense as much anymore, so I’ll have to get past that and the non-removable battery.

    • I agree his voice was just grating… lol Very difficult to listen all the way through although I did, multiple times.

  • dblock

    I’ve had all galaxy s phones from 1 thru 4 and after a while they suffer from lag and other stuff right now i have the g2 and all that is gone no way i wiil get another galaxy,besides i think that s4 looks terrible. So i’ll be waiting for the m8

  • S. Ali

    Not interested in a phone with a non-removable battery. Not a flagship phone in my opinion.

    • People seriously need to get over the non-removable battery, I rarely changed the battery out on phones that DID have a removable battery. It’s a very small “vocal” minority who keep complaining about this. Get over it.

      • randomnerd_number38

        Being vocal about something is how you get what you want. Some people like removable batteries because they’re heavy users and want to carry a spare battery. I’m not one of those people, but I do disagree with your “sit down and shut up” attitude about this.

      • David

        It’s not because we change the battery often. It’s because, it makes things much convenient if you play with different roms. Several times, phone is stuck at one screen power button may not work. Removing battery is far easier than waiting until the battery drains. Plus, ability to have an extra battery with you (especially with you are traveling or hiking) is a valuable option for those who are concerned.

        • ShermCraig

          I have to say that is the silliest reason to what a removable battery. No offense but if you cannot find a better way to reboot a stuck phone than letting the battery die, perhaps a flip phone is for you…. ;)

      • MastarPete

        If batteries didn’t degrade over time I might be OK with a non-removable battery. Warranty aside, it makes no sense to have to send a device for specialty repair to have a non-durable part replaced. I mean look at the HTC ONE tear-down iFixit did! I’m not generally squeamish when it comes to taking things apart but that made me cringe!
        Sure, battery cases have sprung up to fill the need, but really it’s like breaking your leg and only getting crutches instead of going to the doctor for a cast. I would much rather have a removable battery and keep a charged spare in my pocket, and have the option of getting an extended battery.

        • Gary Hernandez

          No to mention you will be getting a refurbed device back….

        • Jay Holm

          Which is exactly why Samsung will continue, and continue selling more S4’s and S5’s than HTC & LG sell of their high end models. People do care about this issue.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Good point, but a lot of high-end LG’s have removable batteries. Take, for example, my G Pro, as well as the upcoming G Pro 2.

      • Longtimecustomer

        “Need” to get over it? Not hardly. Small minority? No. It is a requirement. I always have extra batteries in hand in case I am in a situation. And it happens. I don’t trust a company that is too lazy to make the removable battery work.

        You just want everyone to shut up to justify your choices. There are more of us than you think.

        • John Masters

          I agree. No, I don’t have to swap batteries that often, but when I do, it’s critical. I may be on the road, and on the phone a great deal while on a business trip, and get to the airport with very little power back. If I want music or to read on the flight home, I’m screwed if I can’t pop in the spare battery…there are never enough plugs at the airport. Sorry, but a swappable battery is a requirement for me. It’s not how often I need it, but when I do need it, it’s indispensable.

      • Sam1116

        And this is the only reason why I switched my HTC One for a Galaxy Note3. Battery life sucked balls on it. I couldn’t go a full day without me charging the damn phone. If they’ve improved the battery I might consider

        • Peter Smith

          That’s exactly how I feel about most other flagships. I want nice firm factor but battery is more important to me. This I have my note 3 and moderately satisfied. Oh please work on battery life without making a huge phone!

      • philyew

        I had three Android phones with removable batteries and found the need to replace the battery on each before the end of the day when starting each morning with a full charge.

        Eventually,I took a chance with the N5 with its non-removable battery because of the lower sticker price and because I can pass the phone on to a family member, if it doesn’t work out.

        While it’s working out OK – only just – at the moment, I’m pretty sure that the deteriorating performance, which is to be expected before the first year is up, will drive me to an early upgrade.

        What is the design advantage to the majority of consumers which makes it better to have a non-removable battery? Does it offer a significant cost reduction? Is there something that can be included in the design which would otherwise be missing with a removable battery? Waterproofing maybe? Even then, I’ve lost zero phones to water damage, but have lost service frequently because of battery depletion, so what function is more valuable?

        If having a non-removable battery doesn’t offer a net improvement, then the consumer should have a right to expect the better option.

        • 1st

          Have you ever tried to save your battery? It’s called not using your phone when you don’t need it. Turn off mobile data or wi-fi when not in use. If you never use Bluetooth then turn that off too. Turn of Location/GPS if you don’t want your location recorded. Turn off NFC if you don’t even know what that is. What I’m saying is that maybe it isn’t your battery that needs changing. Maybe it’s your routine that does.

        • philyew

          Thank you for this advice. It’s very familiar. It’s the kind of thing I used to give as advice to people 3 years ago in the TM support forum when Android was a relatively new OS and battery capacity was lower than it is now.

          Sadly, as the hardware and software have progressed, the battery situation hasn’t improved significantly and, yes, I do follow the advice I used to give to others to limit consumption when I’m not actually using the phone.

      • Plow Rox

        That’s like having to buy a new car because you cant change the battery! Get over it? You must own a phone repair company. How about having non standard charging cords? Get over it sheesh really.

      • S. Ali

        Then it looks like the new HTC One will sell just as poorly as the old one. I *need* a removable battery, I’m sticking with Samsung. Also, on-screen buttons are stupid too. Why purchase a device with a huge screen and then have the entire bottom taken up with buttons and bezel. This is why HTC is losing the game.

        Given the comments here, it isn’t the minority.

        • Jay Holm

          Reading horror stories like this, about a device with an embedded battery and failing to charge, only makes me want to not consider an HTC smartphone or the LG G2. . .

      • Mark

        I never complained about the non-removable battery in my One S until it decided to stop charging and the phone became a brick after 20 months. I’m not sure now what I want to do for an upgrade between the S4, the S5, and the One Up (or whatever it’s going to be). The other thing that gives me qualms about HTC, though, is that HTC has said they’re going to stop running with the big dogs (i.e., Samsung & Apple) after this phone and revert to being a low-to-midrange vendor.

      • Jay Holm

        It is a design flaw! Radios, portable cassette and cd players, all sorts of electronics have ALWAYS had removable batteries, til the IPhone came along and ruined traditional design with its stupid embedded batteries and memory.

  • dblock

    Sorry i meant s5

  • steveb944

    HTC is definitely the way to go. Samsung’s mediocre upgrade of an S5, along with rumors of a ‘premium’ S5 in the works leaves a bad taste.

    Can’t wait to see the second camera’s use.

    • I’m holding out for the premium s5 assuming it exists. If they make it with materials like the One is made out of – I personally think it would be way better. Samsung features (heartrate monitor, S motion) plus larger screen, fingerprint unlock and water resistance? If anything, I believe this new One is a very mediocre update as well. I’m hoping this isn’t it because it’s virtually the same.

      • 1st

        Most of Samsung’s features are just gimmicks. The heart rate monitor isn’t really all that useful unless you’re on a diet. You don’t even need it to work out. Maybe if you have diabetes it would help but that is about it. The larger screen doesn’t make it better. More screen means more use of battery life anyway. I don’t even understand why phones need fingerprint scanners. It’s actually pretty useless. It just “seems” cool so people want it. If you want a fingerprint scanner than wait for an HTC One Max (2014). The new One isn’t a mediocre update because the design HAS been improved. The camera HAS been improved. Sense HAS been improved. It has a 2nd camera so it HAS new features. Boom Sound is better which means it HAS an upgraded feature. So it’s more than just a mediocre update. And unless you own an HTC One then you cannot say it is virtually the same when there are obvious differences that you are choosing to ignore. The S5 is basically the same yet you say nothing about that. And about the “premium” S5, firstly just because you make something out of metal doesn’t automatically make it nice. You need an actual nice phone design. A second thing, TouchWiz is the ugliest and most bloated piece of software I have ever used. It drains your battery just because of it’s plethora of unneeded features.

        • All of that is your opinion, you don’t know anything official about the new One yet, but everything in this video seems like it is the exact same, looks the exact same. And there is also no proof that the camera has been improved… the last one sucked personally. I’m not saying everything is dandy with the s5 at all, but we will just have to wait for reviews from both. My point was that all these manufacturers need to come up with something new, because so far neither of these phones seem to do much as far as innovating goes

  • Spanky

    This phone, as well as the Xperia Z2, have both caught my eye. I hate OEM overlays, so I hope there’s a Google Play Edition of either device.

    • gperez

      I’m with you.

    • Eric Stengrevics

      I actually love Sense. But to each his own, that’s why we have options.

  • The Neuge

    This kid is so grounded…

  • Plow Rox

    Clearly it is an AT&T device..which means T-mobile is playing second fiddle yet again to new product releases. What with locked bootloaders on the z1s it is doubtful that they will have anything else worth looking at. Will have to wait and see as usual that’s T-mobiles song and dance.

    • ShermCraig

      He said it was T-Mobile despite what the phone indicated.

  • trife

    The gift and curse of the internet: we get previews of unreleased phones in the wild, but they’re done by a kid who never needs to put his voice on film ever again.

  • n_a_v

    I made it through about 3 minutes of that video.

    doesn’t really help to put your thumb over the IMEI # after you’ve shown it to the world.

    poor kid.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    As much as I loved The new ONE I like many others love extended batteries…Note 3

  • Jay Holm

    If the M8 does indeed have a sd slot, I would consider it. Anyone here have experience with HTC that would either recommend or not recommended them? I would also be open minded to the LG G3,…if they would support sd memory cards! I think LG has some cool software ideas. . .

    • David Lebron

      The HTC One was one of the best Android phones I’ve ever used. If it had an SD slot and a better camera, the HTC One would still be my every day phone – that being said, if that’s the case here, it will be my next phone

    • steveb944

      Considering all leaks including this video point to external memory, you should be golden.

      My experience with HTC has been good. I had an Amaze 4G. Build quality and software was great coming over from a Galaxy. I put it in the washer and dryer by mistake and that thing still worked 110%, I was shocked.

      Their only flaw was updates, just like every other OEM, so I went Nexus and never looked back.

      I think I’ll be getting this one due to the speakers, still great solid build, and potential use of the second camera. Fingers crossed that the stars align for this device.

      EDIT: If you can, hold out for LG G3 rumors to come through in order to decide.

    • 21stNow

      I’m not an HTC fan. I had the T-Mobile Sensation and the International One X. One concern that I had with the Sensation was the bad Wi-Fi antennas that some of them had at launch. The Desire had the same problem, but HTC still hadn’t figured out how to fix it before the Sensation launched. I had to go through three Sensations to get one that didn’t have this fault. The third Sensation was fine at the beginning, but slowly began to become more glitchy over time (syncing once per second causing excessive battery drain was the main problem). I lost patience with it in less than a year.

      The One X didn’t perform well with the Nvidia quad-core processor. The phone lagged from the beginning. It wasn’t horrible, but I expected more from a phone with a quad-core processor. The Wi-Fi also doesn’t reconnect after coming out of sleep mode sometimes.

      Both phones made me dislike Sense, even though I used to prefer Sense over TouchWiz. My gripe with Sense is the amount of resources that it uses. It makes multi-tasking a pain when I switch to another app, then try to pick up where I left off with the first app, I can’t because the first app has to reload. I’ve heard that Sense got better with the version that was released last year. However, I heard people say that Sense 4.0 was better than Sense 3.x. An improvement over horrible is still bad.

      I gave up on HTC when I tried the HTC One GPE and it didn’t have the option to use Google Wallet. I was fine with giving up Sense, but I wanted the full Google experience that should have been offered. The Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE offered Google Wallet; it didn’t make sense to me that the HTC One GPE wouldn’t.

      • 1st

        Did you research it? Maybe it was a hardware incompatibility? Or you just didn’t see it? And where did you get the information that the GS4 has Google Wallet while the one didn’t? Mine is the Sense version and I have nfc, tap & pay, and I installed Google Wallet off the play store. What do you mean by it not having the option to use Google Wallet? Use it for what? Was it even installed? Did you check the Wallet settings? Also Google Wallet isn’t a huge part of the Google Experience. It’s not even usually pre-installed. The main Google Experience is collecting your data and giving you the information back when it is most relevant (aka Google Now, via the Google Experience Launcher or GEL for short). Just saying.

        • 21stNow

          I called Google before I received the HTC One GPE and was told that it was fully compatible with Google Wallet. Google Wallet was not already on the phone. When I checked the Play Store, it was not there as it is not compatible with the phone. I then sideloaded the .apk file for Google Wallet, but it would not launch because the device was not compatible.

          I called Google to complain and request an RMA/refund because of the bad information that I received prior to getting the HTC One. At that point, they told me that the HTC One GPE was not compatible with Google Wallet; only the Sprint version was.

          Many blogs reported that the Galaxy S4 GPE has Google Wallet pre-installed and can be used for all functions.

          Hopefully, this answers your questions.

        • Eric Stengrevics

          I have no idea what you’re talking about…Google Wallet is installed on my One and works just fine.

        • 21stNow

          I don’t know what is hard to understand about what I wrote.

          Did you start using Google Wallet on your HTC One after July 2013? Maybe something changed between the time that I bought and returned my HTC One and the time that you started using Google Wallet.

        • Karaii

          Eric: is your HTC One the Google Play Edition (GPE) version?

    • tomarone

      I have an original One-S and a recent One purchase. Love them both because they as both sturdy and svelte. My friend bought a Galaxy S4 and it works but it did have problems inside of a case, seemed to overheat or something. (yeah an expensive case Verizon pressured her to buy, HA). What I like about my HTC phones is that they are too pretty and sexxy feeling to use a case with. No HW hassles. SW? pissed that they stopped updating my One-S. But that’s all, nothing more.

      • Jay Holm

        I’m not interested in “looks” it’s a phone, not a girl. I’m interested in functionality. Anyone want to comment on the actual functionality of HTC products? Again, I don’t care about looks!

        • tomarone

          Functionality includes how the touch screen works, tactile sense, look, feel, visual display. So you are just asking about HTC Sense software or what? Apps? Samsung has some great multitasking stuff. HTC is pretty barebones Android as far as I can tell, on T-Mobile. Just a skin. What is ‘functionality’? They work great, they don’t fail much, they can get wet. You’d be happy with a piece of glass in a wood box or what? I’m exaggerating, of course. They work well, that’s about it. To me it includes how I feel when I hold the damn thing, as well has how well it tracks fingers, camera, audio, etc. P.S. the phone is kind of a ‘gb friend’ (girl-boy depending on your point of view)

  • AlL these new phones need new designs. The s5 is virtually the same, this looks extremely similar to the old One, same with the z2… I hope this isn’t the final product. It looks the exact same

  • amazing

  • Hogpistol

    Junior got ahole of daddy’s HTC Test phone. What a freaking horrible review.

    • rene

      is just a kid, what you expect a pro review?

      • Hogpistol

        I expect people to not show their idiocy on the internet for all to see. I know, I expect too much.

  • Jay Holm

    HTC should read the comments in this thread, they really should.

  • tomarone

    People do have feelings about their smart-phone, approaching their feelings about any object of affection. It’s just a simple fact. In this realm, HTC and Nokia I think are on top, with the G-Flex probably there as well.