Android 4.4.2 for Tmo LG G2 available now


A couple of days ago, we posted that LG had made KitKat available to T-Mobile users of its G2 phone through the PC Utility app. At the time, it wasn’t available as an over the air update. Beginning today, G2 devices running on T-Mobile will start receiving OTA updates to the latest version of Android software. Version 4.4.2 will bring a host of new features and improvements.

If you haven’t received a notification stating that it’s available, go to your settings app and check manually.

  1. From Settings, tap General.
  2. Tap About phone.
  3. Tap Update center.
  4. Tap System updates.
  5. Tap Check now.
  6. Follow on screen prompts.

Be sure to let us know if you spot any obvious changes in performance. Some of our readers had already shared that the G2 is performing much faster than before. Noticeably so. Equally, if you don’t spot the update at all, let us know.

Via: T-Mobile

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  • jbrizzy

    its not showing up for me

    • Kiki

      Its rolling out 3/6 tmobile site says.

      • KB

        Manual update is being activated in stages until the 6th. After the 6th it will be sent in stages automatically.

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    Nothing yet for me. White version

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    Yeah i think it’s only for the black version

  • AndroidBot

    Just checked…. it says your system is up to date. LG G2 black.

  • mreveryphone

    Now we need some G Flex update love…

    • sidekicker89

      Do you like the G Flex? It seems VERY big lol

      • mreveryphone

        Yes I like it, it doesn’t seem big anymore.I was messing with friends note 3 the other day and it felt small to me. I’m a little reluctant to pick up the s5 now… it will seem like I’m holding a 5s lol

  • Bklynman

    I don’t have the G2,can someone explain why only the black version is getting this update?
    Is not the black and white the same phone but only in different color? Cam can you findout if possible y this happening,another reason why friends and family won’t let them buy Lg smart phones.

  • sosharpdevy

    Checked via over the air and via the PC suite. Still no update. White G2 here.

    • Jefferson Josue Morales

      Still nothing lol

      • TeeRod

        Still no update for me either. White TMobile G2 here.

  • tmo_rep

    How can the phone be any faster, or at least any noticeable difference after the update? My G2 is super fast with no lag whatsoever!

  • uknoTJ

    got my kit kat update yesterday but i do have the black version so i don’t know if it’s true that the white one has to wait until the 6th.

  • Ktface3

    Black G2, no update at 7:44AM CT.

  • LG G two

    Received my update this morning, LG G2 Black. The difference in speed it noticeable, camera is faster. I really haven’t had time to try other aspects of it, since I was out the door once I installed it. But I did notice minor things, like the 4G and signal bar icon’s are white instead of blue lol.

  • the Galaxy S4 will get it any day now right? lol

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Just check for an update and I finally got it for my white G2. My wife has the black one and got her update two days ago. Maybe LG flipped a coin to see who gets the first update. White or black.

  • normn3116

    Black G2, no update yet

  • zx6guy

    Considering LG’s track record, this is amazing.

  • Lloyd Dickson

    I got the update and yes its noticeably faster at everything. The one disappointment is tap to pay w/ google wallet still not working but shows available but carrier blocked. ( Freaking isis) Camera can now record video at 60fps full hd and 120fps in 720 no 4K yet but loading the camera and galary and even sending texts is faster than before. Battery life is allot better i am going on 18+ hrs now and still have 25% battery life left and I use my phone for everything.

    • AndroidBot

      Do you have to backup your photos? Will the update deleted them?

      • Lloyd Dickson

        Nope nothing got deleted

  • I just checked a couple of minutes ago. I don’t have the update yet. I really don’t think color of device has anything to do with it, but fwiw I have a black one.

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    Well I got my update via OTA on my white G2. Yes the phone does run a lot smoother now. I do notice that it’s using more rams than it did before the update. But it’s not killing my battery life at all. So I’m not gonna complain. Here’s the funny part. My wife’s black G2’s update is through the PC utility which lock up and froze during the download process so she wasn’t able to update and the phone says her device is up to date when I tried to check for update from her phone. Boy that was strange 0.o

  • rdubmu

    still no update as of 3/6

    • sosharpdevy

      White version. Still waiting.

  • Torry

    Just got the OTA update at exactly 12AM March 7th. Battery not fully charged so I will wait till morning to install. Update size is 630.7MB. In Chicago metro area.

    • centralcali

      Woke up to a nice message also!! Reboot to install upgrade.. Visalia California

  • Gary

    If you cannot get the update use the following trick to get the Over the Air Update (OTA). This worked for me.

    You need to navigate toSettings > Apps, and enable the option which lets you see all apps. Then, you scroll down the alphabetical list to Google Services Framework, open it up and tap Clear Data and then Force Stop. Now, again, try checking for the System Update using the previous which is go to Settings>General>About Phone>Update Center>System Updates and click on it.

    Good Luck

    • Nattyboh41oh

      it worked!

      • Gary

        I am glad it worked for you too :-)

    • Ryan

      I tried this and I still didn’t get the update. I tried it a second time and then the update came through. Thanks for the tip!

      • Gary

        Glad it worked!

    • It didn’t work for me :(. I can tell you’re onto something because when I went back to the update center it said I last checked for an update on 12/31/1969. I’ll keep trying. Thanks for the tip!

      • Gary

        Sometimes you have to try few times to make it happen

    • chris

      Thanks. This worked! here’s a hug.

  • AndroidBot

    Got the update at midnight, not much difference besides the taskbar color is now white.

  • AndroidBot

    Battery draining slightly faster. Anyone else noticed this?

    • Alex

      Battery life seems the same for me. Maybe better. Only had kitkat for a day so dont really know yet.

  • Alex

    Updated with Gary’s Google framework tecnique. Apps open faster specially camera & knock on. The stock browser is way slower now

  • Justin Williams

    Still nothing here in the UK. Tried all methods still saying I’m running the latest OS and to make things worst I factory reset my phone I have a 32gb model and I found out that I have 16gb available even thou in the hardware option in about phone says 32gb… If anyone can help do reply. Thanks