Deposits dropping once more for lower credit classes for BYOD and SIM-onlt

Just under a month ago, we reported that T-Mobile had changed its deposit pricing based on credit classes. Deposits were dropped to just $50 for credit classes N, H and D, whereas class I was dropped to $50 for the first 3 lines, with a $100 required for lines 4 and 5. These changes went live on February 7th.

From March 5th, it looks like they’re changing again. We’ve received some information claiming that deposits are changing again. The information we have is below:

New Credit Classes

It looks like – from March 5th (2 days time) – only the first line for those classes will come with a required $50 deposit. The second line will cost $30, with each of the following lines (3-5) only requiring the customer to cough up $10. Dropping down incrementally, instead of rising.

Obviously, if you have excellent credit, this won’t affect you at all. But for those with less than excellent credit, it’ll mean not having to cough up so much cash up front. Considering so many devices are available with $0 down, paying just $50 doesn’t seem like that big a deal.

What this move says to me is that T-Mobile is moving aggressively to sign up as many people to its network as humanly possible. If – for instance – a customer can’t get a device with a rival carrier because of his/her credit, being able to come over to Magenta and pay just $50 to get a device is such a relief. Undoubtedly, the work of T-Mobile’s retail staff will become easier too.

[Update: Seems like these changes might only be for those who bring their own device or pay full retail price for their phones and get SIM-only. Any retail staff out there, get in touch after the 5th and let us know the full picture if you can.  Email:] 

What do you make of these changes?

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  • bkin94

    I assume the title should end with “SIM-only” instead of “onlt”?

  • sushiname

    I waiting for this 0 down promo to phase out for the moment I like to down a certain amount and get a lower monthly payment. then having a big monthly payment which bring my monthly bill to 100 dollars starting from my note 2 I finish paying it off in 6 month and current phone the nexus 5 which I paid in 3 month due to the down of a certain amount don’t get me wrong I understand the 0 down.

    • lilcapricorn

      U can always put more down up front even if u qualify for $0 down

      • sushimane

        Yeah but u still have a high monthly payment until u pay it off. But if u drop 300 on it the monthly is 15.50 for 16 months but for 0 down ur monthly is 28. It just remind me of buying a car u want to down as much to get the low monthly payment but if u don’t down nothing u would get a high monthly payment

        • BryanB

          No, they are saying you can just put more down even when they have a $0 down sale. The total price of the phone doesn’t change, therefore if you put more down the monthly goes down. People do it all the time. Math is still math.

        • Zacamandapio


          That’s what I do.

      • nuff_said

        no u cant, u either have to put down whats asked or in full, after your 1st bill is a different story.

        • paar

          Yes you can put down more even if you’re approved to do 0 down. Please don’t listen to this idiot

        • Cal

          I qualified for 0 down and still paid $100 on my note 3. It was my choice so the monthly payment would be lower.
          0 down is an option, IF you qualify.

  • Eric

    Wait, why are there deposits on fully-paid phones or if you bring in your own phone?

    • stevejobbed

      Because its still a post paid service. Anytime you are paying for your services a month behind your ability to pay comes into question. Your not paying for your services in advance like prepaid carriers that have no risk because if you don’t pay you don’t have your services that month. With post paid services the risk is someone has a high bill for any number of overages and just doesn’t pay it. People with lower credit scores are more apt to do that as they have less to lose in general when it comes to a write off hurting their already low credit score.

      • Eric

        Ah, thank you.

      • jaja

        actually everything is bill current now, which means they bill in advance so your wrong.

        • stevejobbed

          You prepay for your monthly services but usage charges are a month behind. They can’t bill you in advance for things like google play apps that are billed to your account or other overages like 411 or possible international charges. That would be impossible to predict that type of usage in advance. Those are billed a month behind which is why they run your credit even if you bring your own device. and thus you are wrong.

  • Jaramie Black

    What do they consider a “Good” credit score??

  • Guest

    what do they consider to be good credit?

  • Trêy Bēllø


  • Melissa Cardenas

    has anyone had problems with tmobiles credit thingy before? last time i tried to sign up with them like 2 months ago they asked for a 300 dollar deposit i was like wtf tht thats dumb if ikno i have a perfect credit score went to another different store that same day no deposit something was kinda fishy lol

    • Kit Pogi

      make sure you go to corporate stores. 3rd party stores will try to squeeze some change out of your pockets. so be very careful.

  • lilcapricorn

    First of all even if the deposits are correct, you are not just paying the deposit, anyone with a deposit does not qualify for the $0 down. This is not anything against tmobile, it is fair, the better the credit u have the less u have to put down, just like everything else in life. Stop blaming the employees and the company for what u did to your own credit.

    • luis sanchez

      thank you lol. So many times I get customers who say “oh why your company charging so much for the phone, blah blah your company sucks blah blah” Like come on you know your credit is bad so you know why lol its not the company its your credit

    • It’s also worth noting – that if you do have to pay a higher down payment for a phone up front? It won’t always be like that. After you’ve had service (tenure) for 2 or 3 years – they’ll automatically make your account “well qualified” meaning you will eventually get prefered pricing and be eligible for $0 down promotions.

  • maximus1901

    Looks like TMO is really desperate for customers! I can only wonder what MetroPCS credit requirements are (if any).

    • Hogpistol

      Looks like TMo is removing yet another barrier that keeps customers on inferior networks and large souless corporations. I don’t wonder about MetroPCS at all, unless it’s to know when their network has been completely swallowed up and made to service us.

      • maximus1901

        I meant the MetroPCS brand, not the network. If lowering credit standards works out then all the more power to TMO! I jus know that on past two conference quarters calls, Legere has had to address questions regarding credit worthiness of customers and how that impacts people defaulting on their phone payments. It’s us the NOT-bums who are gonna be paying for the defaulting bums.
        And when talking about the cost of uncarrier 3.0, Legere incessantly discusses just how much higher quality – won’t default on phone payment – the new customers are so therefore it’s worth it.

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    If onlt Cam had seen his mistake before he pressed “Publish…” ;-)

  • Tmosince2003

    Cam, please fix the typo in the TITLE from Monday’s post and also, maybe try to post just once a week using the word magenta? A little goes a long way.

  • krym73

    Again with the misleading information, Cam can you please get this straight …NOTEVERYONE QUALIFIES FOR $0 DOWN, SPECIALLY if they require a deposit.Your misleading information is what dissapoints customers and has them running to other carriers because they believe their getting hustled at the store..I mean walk into your local tmobile and ask for yourself.oh wait…

  • epiales

    lowering the cost of entry just keeps customers locked into tmobile longer. with the way eip works people should want to go back to the days of paying $199 down so that you can pay off the phone faster. im sure tmobile has some stats that show that people who take advantage of the $0 down hardly ever pay off their phone in less than 24 months, and just upgrade with a new $0 down deal when the time comes. so $0 down creates higher monthly eip payment, plus an average service plan of $70, equals higher monthly intake per customer for tmobile. they are just keeping people in a perpetual eip cycle the same as if they were in a 2 year contract with someone else.

  • Fr0stTr0n

    I’ve made good finacial decisons the last few years after making some piss poor ones several years ago, so my credit score is pretty good for early 30’s, so it feels nice to “cash in” on that for stuff like this and get my black Note 3 for $0 upfront