Credit Score changes allow up to 5 lines and reduced deposits for lower-scoring customers

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 19.06.18One of the biggest challenges for phone retail staff when selling contracts is signing up lower credit class customers. In T-Mobile’s case specifically, deposits are required for anyone with low credit score. This is pretty common practice, and not only in the States. As a former T-Mobile UK staff member, it was one of the worst feelings having worked through finding the right phone, the right plan, making them happy only to turn around and tell them they’ve been declined or require a deposit to allow them to take the plan.

T-Mobile US Рfrom February 7th (yesterday) Рchanged the way it works out deposits and the number of lines available to those customers. As you can see from the internal email above, the changes include credit classes C, J, L, O, N, H, D and I. Details on the changes are as follows:

  • Line limits for classes C, J, L and O have been increased to 5 lines of service with no deposit required.
  • Line limits for classes N, H and D have been increased to 5 lines of service with $50 deposit required.
  • For class I, 5 lines are available. The first 3 lines will be subject to $50 deposit while lines 4 and 5 require a $100 deposit.

We’re reminded, finally, that although the line limit and deposit are being changed, the maximum potential credit allowed on EIP will not be changing for any of the credit classes.

The intention here is to make it easier for everyone to get a phone on EIP without being too much out of pocket from paying a deposit. This in turn makes the sales people’s work less frustrating, and the consumer experience more enjoyable. As mentioned previously, these changes started yesterday on February 7th. Tmo staff, let us know how these changes affected you.



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  • taron19119

    About time

  • AppleBoy

    Is this only available in store or online? Just tried to open online and it required a 75 deposit and down payment of 250.

    • krym73

      You sir, got crappy credit.Thats why.

      • AppleBoy

        Ok, I’m not sure what’s up went to T-Mobile store after trying to be approved online and was approved zero deposit on service just had to pay 100 on phone. Went to Verizon and approved for service zero deposit. Is online different?

  • spritemoney

    So Cam, in the U.S. you know how our phones are bought with “subsidies?” (Except on T-Mobile!) how do you buy phones in other countries?

  • Christopher_McG

    Now a T-Mo employee just needs to leak the FICO’s that correspond with the credit classes! Would be good to know..

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      They usually have a sheet that they look at after running credit but I am sure they will tell you if you ask nicely.

      • guest

        Frontline reps do not see your credit score. The system approves you for a credit class. Unfortunately, the representatives do not have access to information that determines what Fico score is needed for a particular credit class. The sheet they have tells them the amount of deposit required for the credit class

        • Christopher_McG

          Exactly why I said leak! I work for an organization that does the same thing for frontline sales.

      • LC

        Uhhh no. After the employee runs a credit check, it just comes back with a letter and line approval. Anything the rep looks up would have just been to see what the deposit amount would be, if applicable. We never had access to anything listed on a credit report.

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      And that’s how you get an TMO employee to give you more info than you had before. Replies below. I know it’s not the whole information but more than you had

  • Justme

    I don’t see why they are running credit anyways if they are doing no contracts. But they need some sort securiy if someone does not wanna pay anymore. Too bad they don’t have a policy where if you don’t want service no more that you can return your phone and they will apprise it and you pay what’s left.

    • Brad Gaboury

      You don’t need to run credit. Do prepaid or no credit check. Running credit is only to determine how risky it is to finance a phone for someone.

  • Bob

    I am a sales associate for T-Mo. Please understand that this is bubkiss, no one cares a fuck about a deposit change when you are forced to fork out $315 for a down payment plus tax on a Note 3. This set up drives people out of my store all day long. What about families? People who need 3 lines with decent phones, willing and ready to pay a couple hundred a month for it? You mean to tell me that we have to strategically try and sell them into a $1000 start-up cost because they came back class D?!?! Most people run back to their carrier after we explain the situation. More than 10 new activations a day walk out of our stores because of their lack of allowing all to experience the greatness of $0 and JUMP!

    • thatugy

      Well frankly…customers with D and below have shown not to pay their bills, hence the bad credit, and they make irresponsible decisions such as buying freaking note3’s in the first place. I understand that they WANT the note3, but can they truly afford it? NO. Transition to a nexus5, or lets be honest an alcatel. Terrible credit and i want an AUDI!! too bad (unless you want to pay more up front). (I also work for tmobile btw, on the front lines as well)

    • Magentanite

      My reps close these deposit customers all day long with out bitching. Become a better sales person. Lose the attitude or go work for sprint where they don’t get customers and work off base pay only. Maybe then you will realize that a company like T-Mobile has better opportunities for customers with less then perfect credit. If you can only afford to purchase a Ford Taurus don’t come trying to by a Lexus. Its up to you to explain to them the proper options and how we can help them in the long run. Sure customers always want the best up front, however not every customer gets fed with a silver spoon on a silver platter. If they did, we would have no need for low level phones like the Galaxy Light, or Alcatel phones. Maybe better pricing or just NO deposits in the future would be an idea, however that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon..

      • Jared

        I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, but I sell cars at a Ford dealership, and a new Taurus costs over $48,000.

    • Rolando

      Bro, if you can’t close a Credit Class D customer, then you’re in the wrong business. Besides, all the other carriers charge $299 with a 2 year contract for the Note 3, so we’re not that much different.

      • just_sayin

        its not hard to close, no matter what class or what amount, that depends on the sales person not the customer. if u really r that is .

    • AJ

      I think you should work for Sprint.
      If you keep looking for excuses on your poor execution or pitch in a sale, then T-Mobile is not for you. Recommend a solution, maybe a more affordable handset, not lose a sale because you may feel bad for their out-of-pocket cost.

      p.s. I’m also a sales associate.

    • Bitchur

      I’m a rep too and you must work in a low credit area. Probably in the ghetto. You are a bad salesman if your are walking 10acts a day. How the f@ck do you work at Tmo. Your areas manager should fire your dumb @ss. I close that chit all day.

      • just_sayin

        not everyone works in ” good credit areas ” alot of times people come into the store not from around and boom get approved, but it is true on the example of the note 3 x 3 lines almot being $1000 , would u spend that or rather $600 for the same 3 phones elsewhere, people dont usually care once the bill starts coming, they usually care what they spend on the spot, i know, even if you get a peice of paper and break it down ! oh and ur a prick for speaking your thoughts

    • Jason

      Galaxy light all day

    • KingCobra

      It’s not that hard to close a sale to a D class customer. Unless they’re broke and never had any money when they came into the store in the first place.

  • jeff g

    The bob guy does have a very valid point, there should be a option for less down towards phone for EIP, make EIP a higher per month maybe. I know that there might be some more thought, John Legere can give to this. Larger EIP approval per line to offset initial cost per phone. EIP increase based on credit class as well. There has to be some way to help the initial cost.

  • jeff g

    Free first month service maybe might offset stuff,ideas people they forward to

  • Robere

    Credit class I is $200 deposit, not $50.

    • jeff

      Class “I”lines 1-3 are $50per line 4-5 are $100per line learn to read. For this credit class before the 7th it would of been $200 first line $150 2nd line $350 first two, $100for lines 3-5 ,so things have changed .

    • Rolando

      It used to be. Credit class I was $200, but it just changed to $50 deposit

  • Jason Crumbley

    What do the different classes mean?

    • Jason Crumbley

      Apparently, the person that voted me down know what c,l,j,o etc. classes are but doesn’t want to inform anyone.

  • Michael

    You know, I’m about two years out from a bankruptcy and I could get up to 5 lines without a deposit, no questions asked. Your credit must really have to suck if you have to put down a deposit….

  • jbn

    I just bought a car at 3.9% but when I signed up for tmo they wanted a 200 deposit for the jump program!! Kinda frustrating

    • Jeff

      That is because of the car loan,until you. Make payments you are looked at as a risk.

      • Jay Holm

        I joined Tmo only 4mo’s after getting a brand new car, no deposit on service, but I had to pay $150 down on my S4. I am considered a Class A credit customer.

        • jeff G

          Jay that is a different story…JBN said he just got a did 4 months out,time to prove you are not a risk.

        • jbn

          Yeah a huge risk traded in a car I paid on for 3 years no late or missed payments so I can get a new car lower rate with 0 down but I have to fork out 200 to sign up for their jump program not to mention another 200 for the upfront cost of a phone now that makes sense!! But I ended up buying a nexus 5 from Google and only a 50$ deposit.

        • jeff g

          JBN, I gave you what a typical situation simular to your would be looked at as in this case T-Mobiles eyes, they have logical reasons for the assessment given to each person credit criteria, it was set-up that way to observe each perrsons history. Only the people that created th credit program for T-Mobile would know what things it looks at,that will not be known,but tmobile has a lot more leniency on credit class approval rate versus Verizon,Sprint & AT&T.

        • jbn

          I have been with both att and Verizon on both carriers 0 deposits!! No biggie really I usually buy my phones out right anyways.

        • Christopher_McG

          Car financing (secured debt) is different from unsecured financing like this. That said.. they have stringent credit class requirements for a reason. Too many disconnects and people with poor credit willing to ruin it for more fraudulent activity.

    • Bitchur

      Your credit socks brah

    • KingCobra

      Since starting EIP T-Mobile has gotten a lot more strict on credit requirements. Too many people trying to run off with $0 phones and never pay for them. I’ve seen quite a few people who have gotten approved for no deposit on Verizon, yet did not qualify for $0 down EIPs at T-Mobile.

  • CRT24

    Deposits used to be the main issue but now it is the down payment requirements for the phones based on credit approvals. Obviously it is justified for higher risk customers to be required to pay more up front for the phones but only A and B class new customers qualify for the lowest down payment, including zero down so we still have to turn away customers with descent credit approvals with respect to no deposit required because they cant afford $300+ out of pocket for each of the most popular phones……its a hard sell to tell that to a customer who has good enough credit to not pay a deposit so it needs to be extended to at least C if not L class as well.

    • Willie D

      Or people like me, who are able to have a low deposit $50, and then still get approved for a higher cost phone at little down…

  • maximus1901

    I switched to TMO 2 weeks ago (from verizon) and WOW! EVERYONE was coming in to pay their bills in person. Is a credit card that hard to get?
    TMO is definitely scrapping the bottom of the barrel but when your network stops at city limits, I guess you take what you can get.
    Also, when I signed up, the salesguy didn’t even bother to ask if I wanted postpaid; he started talking about how much of a deposit if have to put d based

    • jeff g

      T-Mobile now has mobile money. Its own prepaid card can be loaded at lots of places ,free bill pay,cash checking things will get better.

    • Melissa Cardenas

      Ok so what theres nothing wrong with that? Whats wrong with going to the store? I have perfect credit and a few credit cards and i like going to the store to pay my bill and btw i have verizon qualified for 5 lines with no deposit when they ran my credit. Anyways reason i always go to the store is to get a receipt because it has happend to me once before i paid my bill online with Verizon they charge the card but phones didnt work it was a hassle they said they never got the payment it was such a mess. So to avoid that i just go pay to the store, same when i pay my moms tmobile phone i go to the tmobile store in person to pay.

    • KingCobra

      Well Verizon does have a higher-end average customer base. That’s not say only poor people use T-Mobile, but a lot of the people who are on Verizon aren’t too concerned about how much they’re paying. Even if it’s incredibly overpriced service.

      I always pay my T-Mobile bill online with Amex but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with paying in store.

  • jose

    There is some nice low cost options like the Nexus5 and the MotoX and motoG. Blu has some
    Excellent options for under 300$.
    I don’t understand why people are still paying 600$ for a cellphone.

    • kevev

      Before you continue spamming with advertisements for Blu, you may want to let everyone know that these devices do NOT support T-Mobile’s primary 3.5G network which utilizes the 1700/2100Mhz spectrum. So users of the Blu devices on T-Mobile’s network will only have fast internet in large metro areas.

      • corepreacher

        There are some blu phones that do have those frequencies.

        • kevev

          Awesome! Which models?

        • corepreacher

          BLU Studio 5.0 II

        • dontsh00tmesanta


    • Willie D

      Many people are not going to pay $600 cash up front, nor $300 up front for a device either, and are okay with paying more if its in payments overtime.

  • jose

    I have a Nexus5 and a recently purchased blu life one X. I enjoy
    Using the oneX more then the Nexus5.

  • Willie D

    I went in just now to add a data-only tablet plan line, and was told EIP is $50 deposit, or if I bring my own device (which I did, the Nexus 7) it was only $25 deposit. Of course, if you add it to an existing voice and data plan, it gives you a $10 discount on the data-only tablet rate plan cost too. So I see T-Mobile starting to move into some great ways for lower credit plan customers to gain service.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    How do ya find out which one they placed you under?

    • jeff g

      Just ask they will tell you your credit class.

  • Mystery Man

    So can I get my deposit back? I have a great credit score but they required a deposit on my 5th line…

    • Singleweird

      its a deposit. you always get it back. tmobile will credit your bill after 12 months of the line being active.

  • Julez125

    Has any Tmo employee seen this changes take affect? I just ran credit and it came back as I with 200 deposit.