Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 – Hands On

So, as you know, I got my hands on the Galaxy S5 on Monday evening. It’s now Thursday, and I finally found a chance to upload my hands on video. You’ll have to forgive me for the “” intro and sign-off. I’d been introducing videos for Phonedog all day, it kind of got engrained in me.

We’re still yet to receive information on the Galaxy S5’s launch date on T-Mobile. We know it’s April, and we know more than 100k people have already signed up to be told when it’s in stock so they can grab one. That makes it Tmo’s most successful pre-launch registration so far. Pretty astounding.

I think what surprised me most about my experience with the S5, was how much of a difference the new material on the back made. The leather-like material and pores covering the battery door have clearly divided opinion across the internet, but it feels fantastic in hand. So much better than the glossy plastic of previous generations. In all honesty, I really like the Electric Blue version I featured in the video.

Screen is beautiful and the changes to the settings menu take it away from the usual dull Android list in to an attractive and simple grid of circular colorful icons. It might not be as big a spec-bump as many might have wanted, but it is the only Galaxy phone I’ve picked up and immediately wanted. And that says a lot, coming from an “iPhone guy”.


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  • vinnyjr

    T-Mobile needs, must get the 32gb internal storage model or Many customers, me included won’t buy it. The SGS5 16GB MODEL HAS ONLY 8GB OF USABLE INT STORAGE available after the large OS. Please T-Mobile offer the 32gb model, don’t allow AT&T get the exclusive on the larger storage model like on other top of the line devices. Thank You T-Mobile.

    • 0neTw0

      Isn’t there a micro SD slot? Having a Nexus device, I sometimes miss that extra storage.

      • Laststop311

        Problem is micro sd can’t be used for apps there is no access to the card from the OS. Only good for storing media. 32GB is still really needed at the lowest for internal storage.

        • 0neTw0

          Um What? I have never had a phone that had a SD. Where Apps couldn’t be moved to SD. Sure some system apps and widgets should stay on the phone. Hell there are apps that do it too like “App 2 SD“ If you are rooted it is easier but there are ways even unrooted.

        • Stone Cold

          With the KK update Google is forcing changes to the SD to read only.

      • Cam Bunton

        Yeah, Micro SD up to 128GB supported. Great for media. Use the internal storage for apps, expandable for media.

    • g2a5b0e

      I agree. I find it somewhat disturbing too, considering that Samsung said sometime after the release of the S4 that their flagships henceforth would feature a minimum 32GB of internal storage. They did it with the Note 3, so what happened here?! 16GB has been a standard for flagships since 2011. With 13+MP cameras, 4K video recording, larger, more immersive games, & the like becoming commonplace nowadays, 32GB should have made standard for all flagships a while ago. Save 16GB for the mid-rangers.

    • Jason

      If I’m Samsung and I am trying to reach a majority audience for my flagship device, I’m only going to include what most “need”. The majority of customers never come close to needing or wanting 32GB of storage. We’re among the minority, “needing” more internal storage. I agree, there should be options for customers to purchase a 32GB version if they would like. But it certainly won’t slow down sales of the most popular phone 2 years running.

      • Randall Lind

        Then they need add 8GB so a user gets 16gb. If Samsung needs 8gb for UI and built in apps then just add 8gb more and let us have 16gb.

    • Randall Lind

      I think every phone carrier should have 16/32. I think Samsung should just kill the 16gb starting with S6.

  • Adrayven

    He didn’t say anything about the Gear 2, unless I missed it.. why does it say Gear 2 in title? Doesn’t even mention it in the article.. ahh..

    • Cam Bunton

      Ha. Hands on pics in the gallery include the Gear 2.

  • MasterTan

    What a stupid misleading article title. Where’s David? Bring back David. Ya’ll are ruining this site.

  • RobertAusTex

    Galaxy S5 or Nexus 5? Time for an upgrade and although I’ve always wanted a Nexus the Galaxy S5 seem like a good phone.

  • eight7four


  • djc65

    I probably will pass on this because I have 2 rooted Galaxy S4 devices running Android 4.22. I will not get a new device that includes KNOX and the warranty void flag.