Record 100 thousand Galaxy S5 pre-registrations in 2 days for T-Mobile


Image Credit: Android Central

On Monday afternoon, Samsung took the wraps off its latest flagship device: The Galaxy S5 split opinions among tech enthusiasts, but it’s clearly proving a hit with consumers. Only two days after opening up pre-registration for the device, T-Mobile has collected more than 100,000 submissions on its registration page.

Mike Sievert tweeted the announcement a yesterday evening.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 15.40.31

Whichever way you look at it, that’s an impressive figure. Of course, it doesn’t mean T-Mobile’s guaranteed 100,000 sales of the GS5 when it lands on store shelves some time in April. But it’s a very good indication that it’s going to do incredibly well.

Are planning on ordering one?

Via: Mike Sievert

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  • Aaron H

    is the s5 giveaway part of the registration process? if so that would be a good reason why it seems to be doing so well

    • Drew Vallejo

      Yes, it is directly related. Funny how they spun it into a pre- presale. I personally know I signed up only for a chance at a GS5

      • donnybee

        Tell me about it. I’m not buying it, because I like my iPhone more. But, I DID sign up for a chance at a free phone! Who is Mike Sievert kidding…?

        I’m sure if T-Mobile started a pre-registration and a chance to win a brand new koala bear, it would seem to have great success too! Does that mean anyone would really buy a damn koala bear from T-Mobile?

      • thepanttherlady

        Same here.

      • Chimphappyhour

        Ditto. So actual presale numbers are probably closer to…. 0.

  • S. Ali

    I’m fine with my GS3 for at least another year, I’m not planning on a new phone until TMO announces 700mhz support and deployment. Perhaps GS6.

    • steveb944

      I have the same plan thru my Nexus but I feel I can’t resist my yearly itch for a new phone.

    • Bklynman

      That might be within 6 months,lol,since they almost came out with the GS3,then almost on top of that GS4. Yes I did too,sign up for the chance of a free phone.

    • JMF_mobile

      I think the GS3 is still a viable option to even purchase now. At $432, add a 32 gb SD card for next to nothing, upgrade to kit Kat, and you still have a very nice LTE capable phone with a great 4.7″ screen and 2 gb of ram.

      • nd5

        GS3 LTE is a good option… but for those of us on a GS3 nonLTE, maybe not so much. I’m itching to upgrade…

      • TTech

        T-Mobile GS3 at Walmart $299.

  • donnybee

    Uhhh duh. They have a giveaway package that you enter in when you register. That doesn’t mean there’s that much demand for the GS5, as there is demand for a brand new free phone.

    I can’t believe he even tweeted that. What a waste, and a pretty good way to skew numbers..

    • Nurdface Gamerhandz

      Because every other company isn’t doing the same. I didn’t enter and wouldn’t even if I were eligible, because its a lacklustre flagship device.

  • thepanttherlady

    I’ll be getting the Z2 but signed up for a chance to win a free GS5.

    • donnybee

      Someone should tweet Mike back and tell him WHY the numbers are so high.. he must not know that T-Mobile directly affected those numbers with a giveaway lol. He might even be able to sign up to win too!

      • thepanttherlady

        In that there are multiple windows to enter the drawing through April, I wonder how they’ll skew the final numbers.

      • thepanttherlady

        I did but figure I won’t get a response. LOL

      • samsavoy

        Welcome to the magic of marketing. He does his job well.

    • Stone Cold

      Where do you do that at?

  • Paul

    Registered…but have not purchased.

  • tirtawn

    registered but unlikely will buy on day 1. Based on past history, after 4 months the price will drop. So I can wait since N4 works fine (except without wifi calling).

  • Jaramie Black

    Hey guys, I know this off topic, but I need some help. I am trying to switch from Sprint to tmobile. The only thing I am worried about is being able to stream pandora while I am on 2g while driving on 95 from NC to PA. Sprints 3g on 95 is pathetic and wont stream for a good portion of that trip. I am sick of the data issues I am having and I believe tmobile will give my family better service.

    Please post your experiences if you could so I can make an educated decision!

    • nd5

      I have driven that 95 corridor frequently. You;re going to get good service through VA at least. Unfortunately I don’t particularly recall NC, but I do remember SC being pretty spotty.

      • Jaramie Black

        The coverage would probably get really good after Richmond. Southern VA would be spotty…As long as I can stream pandora I’ll be more than happy.

    • I have no idea what T-Mobile coverage is like where you live but I’ve heard 2g streaming is not good anywhere. This is what I do when I know I’m not going to be in a good coverage area. It could work on any plan with unlimited data. First thing I did was uploaded all my personal music I’ve purchased over the years to Google’s music service. They let you store up to 20k songs for free. Then, with the Play Music app for Android or iOS, you have access to stream all those songs to your device. When I know I will be out of range for service, I pin the songs to my phone that I want to listen to. This downloads the songs to my phone until I manually unpin them later. This is the free way I can have access to my music when I don’t have coverage.

      However, now I’m signed up for Google’s All Access music service. That lets me stream most of the music in their store without needing to worry about uploading. I can pin any of that music to my phone too. Not only can I play any track I want when I want, it can create random radio stations based on a particular artist or style of music. Those stations can be pinned to my phone ahead of time too. It’s not free but not really expensive per month. It’s cheaper than switching to Verizon though lol.

      If you are on Windows Phone, hopefully someone else will have an idea for you.

      • Jaramie Black

        I had the Tmobile store rep play a pod cast over 2g, and it played perfect. While my nexus 5 on sprint couldnt stream pandora on 3g. I was hoping some people on here would have driven on 95 using tmobile. but thanks

        • It might be worth a try to switch to T-Mobile then. There’s no contract to sign and since you own a Nexus 5, you won’t even need to buy a new phone. It should work just fine on T-Mobile with a sim card. If worse came to worse, you could always go back to Sprint because you wouldn’t even have a phone payment tying you too T-Mobile.

        • Jaramie Black

          I was thinking the same exact thing.

    • JMF_mobile

      I can’t speak to 95, but I can tell you if I try to stream Pandora on I-80 in Iowa between metros when on TMO (or partner I-Wireless) 2G it doesn’t work well. Comes and goes.

      • Jaramie Black

        Thank you. I’m so sick of sprint but I’m only paying around $25 a month..

    • KingCobra

      It’s good enough to stream Pandora on 95 between Fayetteville, NC and Washington, DC. Haven’t traveled between DC and PA yet so I can’t speak on that part but looking at the maps it looks like it’s all HSPA+ or LTE north of DC.

  • If I were to buy something other than a Nexus phone, I would get the Xperia Z2. That looks much nicer than the S5 to me. Sony is really stepping up their game. Motorola is the other company I would consider buying from once the next Moto X is released this summer. Not only do their Android phones perform really well and add some nice unique features, they have been updating their phones really quick.

  • Sean

    I would wait till the new htc one to come out, to make a decision.

    • J-Hop2o6

      Waiting for the announcement of the HTC Two/M8 also. Still enjoying my HTC One/M7 right now though.

      • The Absolutely only device than can pry my Launch htc One out of my hand, is its successor. And even then I’ll keep my htc One “Classic” around, I will never get rid of it.

        • Rob

          Yeah I can’t see myself getting anything but the successor to the best Android device ever made, the One.

        • Eric Stengrevics

          I love seeing this HTC love. It’s so sad the One didn’t get more praise. It is seriously the best.

  • eanfoso

    Not the samesung for me, hopefully Sony will come out with a better camera one day than the one in the Lumia 1020, otherwise another Nokia Lumia for me which means getting an import or att unlocked

  • MarcusDW

    Waiting on the Note 4. That should be spectacular.

  • Nearmsp

    I am one of 100k pre registrants. I did it for the sweepstakes.

  • krym73

    Yes im getting the S5 I should be done paying for my s4 by then, so I will be reselling my s4, as I’d rather keep my Note3 which for me is the best phone hands down, use to love HTC(mytouch slide) but ever since they got rid of expendable memory though SD, Im just not interested and a good amount of customers/friends seem to also Feel the same way about the issue.

  • vinnyjr

    I also am buying the SGS5, only if T-Mobile offers the 32gb version. The last several devices, SGS4 and HTC 1, AT&T had the exclusive on the larger storage versions so I didn’t buy either, bought the Note 3, happy I did, best device made to date. I still want the SGS5, please T-Mobile make your customers happy, offer the 32gb or 64gb available for your very loyal customers.
    Thank You Samsung & T-Mobile.