T-Mobile compatible Moto G found in FCC filings

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 21.32.24When the Moto G was announced a couple of days back, it wasn’t clear exactly which bands the device would support, or which carriers would be able to make use of it in the States. I gleaned information from GSMArena which suggested it only had GSM bands 850/900/1900/2100. And, since it has no LTE, that would mean that only areas covered by the refarmed 1900MHz network would be able to get 3G (or faster) speeds on the Moto G with T-Mobile.

But, there is hope that this is not the case. In the FCC’s filings are two devices with almost identical ID numbers. One is a filing submitted by Motorola for a device supporting bandwidths mentioned above. For this filing there are three very similar model numbers. However, there is a second approved filing. This one, curiously, supports WCDMA bandwidths 850/1700/1900, as well as the aforementioned GSM bands.

All five model numbers that show across two filings begin XT103 then 2,3,4,5 or 6. Although there’s no mention of the Moto G brand name anywhere, we do know that the UK version of the Moto G’s model number is XT1032. The logical conclusion then is that all five numbers are the same device.

What this would say is that Motorola has tested (or sent for testing) a T-Mobile compatible Moto G, for which the model number will be either XT1034 or XT1036 (if it is launched on Tmo.) As with any FFC filing discovery, it’s no guarantee that Motorola will definitely release one for T-Mobile US. But, it’s certainly promising.

Source: FCC 1 + 2


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  • Fabian Cortez


  • Alex Zapata

    Correction: bands or frequencies.

  • steveb944

    Fingers crossed! This will be my mom’s gift next year.

  • Scarfacemario

    Guys T-Mobile Upgraded my area to 10+10 …. I’m in Los Angeles i used to only get 0-1 bar of LTE with speeds of 5 Mbps down and 6 Mbps upload and would always drop to Full Bars of 4G and today i noticed i had 2-3 Bars of LTE so i ran a speed test and got 24 Mbps Download and 21 Mbps Upload!! And i get it Consistently … I live in South Gate CA anyone from LA ? Start Checking!

    • KT

      I believe with those speeds it would be 5×5 lte

    • Cam Bunton

      Keep an eye on that. Also, I’ve seen evidence to suggest that odd patches, here and there, are already being switched/tested on 20+20. Nothing post-worthy yet, but Tmo’s definitely moving on this.

      • Roger Sales

        my area is supposed to be 10+10, but with the signal strength and speed of LTE, feels like 20+20. I’m holding 1-2 bars of LTE in elevators where I used to drop to 1 bar of EDGE. I don’t know how T-Mobile is doing it, but whatever it is, it’s obviously working.

        • Roger Sales

          to further prove my point, on HSPA+ I had never had more than 3 MBPS downlink in the past because my area is flooded with T-Mobile customers(which was still respectable). when LTE first began here, I used to get around 6 downlink/uplink in my bedroom. Right now I’m at 17 down, 16 up. 29MS too.

  • andreas hosemann

    Im glad I didnt order nexus 5 looks like this will be my next phone come on motorola I need a phone now who needs lte

  • Andrew Allison

    Awesome news. Thanks, Mr. Bunton. I’ve got my family on the WalmartFamilyMobile service that runs through TMo. The Nexus 5 is too large for my taste and I’ve been searching for a worthy alternative since. I even watched the Moto G unveiling hoping to find out if it would include Band IV, but didn’t. Please keep us apprised of any developments.

    • john

      yah i would have loved to have gotten this for Christmas :)

    • Bob Archer

      the Nexus 5 is an LTE device, but the Moto G isn’t. Keep that in mind when making your decision.

  • doubleatheman

    Has anyone checked the moto UK site… It says the phone has AWS HSPA in plain English….

  • Joseph G

    This is awsome news i cant wait to
    Get my paws on a the allnew moto G.i recently was able to get some hands on time with the motoX and i was extremly impressed with how smooth it was and how fluid the transistions from app to app was.

  • WANT.

  • Don’t T-Mobile phones also need the 2100 band to have HSPA+ support? 1700/2100 or 1900/2100