T-Mobile offering free calls and texts to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan


I’m sure you’re all aware of the huge typhoon that’s devastated the Philippines during the past couple of weeks. Many have been left homeless, injured, many have lost their lives. To help those of you with friends and family over there, T-Mobile (along with other carriers) will be offering you free calls and texts to the Philippines. This offer covers not only T-Mobile, but all of its operating brands/MVNOs too. MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile, Brightspot and Walmart Family Mobile are all included.

“T-Mobile is waiving and crediting fees for all calls and text messages by current customers placed to the Philippines from November 8 through November 30, 2013.  GoSmart Mobile, Brightspot (Target) and Walmart Family Mobile customers will receive credits for calls and text messages to the Philippines. Prepaid customers will be able to make calls and send text messages to the Philippines during this timeframe, free of charge, if their service is capable of international calling and texting.

MetroPCS customers will be able to make calls and send text messages to the Philippines during this timeframe, free of charge and without any additional features added.”

Also, if you’re a T-Mobile customer in the Philippines, Tmo will also be retroactively waive your roaming fees. Any call charges from November 8th through to the 30th will be wiped off your bill.

Via: T-Mobile

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  • Showtime

    Thank u tmobile much appreciated! Keep up the good work, u guys accomplish so much this year!

  • zack

    Cam, maybe you need to learn to proof read your articles. I am aware of the typhoon but am not away of it. And the other day the word you should of used is buy not by.

    • Panisako

      “should have,” not “should of.” Rocks and glass houses.

      • gentleman559

        LOL @ Panisako, I love it. Zack you sound like an A******. Give the man a break. Hes not perfect and obviously neither are you.

        • Manny

          As much as I agree, the difference here lies within the fact that Cam is a paid editor. Where Zack is just commenting. Sure it seems hypocritical to criticize when our own writing is bad, but the same way we expect our food to be cooked correctly, our nurses to be sterile/clean, and our handymen licensed and insured… I expect my writers, bloggers, whatever to edit/proofread their work.

          But aware and away is a silly easy one to miss.

        • Jason Fin

          I agree…Plus people posting comments often are not paying attention. They’re just typing something quickly, often on a cell phone. They also often have devices that incorrectly change words. And like you said, this is not their job and they don’t have a staff of writers. While it can be viewed as nit picky, there really isn’t an excuse for professional writers to frequently make mistakes. Everyone does so now and then, but some times you notice a pattern.
          (Btw, if anyone is looking for lower end Tmobile phones, HSN has been selling many of them at a discount. Right now, they have a Galaxy Light for $150 – 90 off the Tmo website. Apple meanwhile is having a 50% website sale on many devices, including iPhones. It would be nice for Tmobile to have a holiday promotion like that and not just lower the deposit price while increasing the monthly payments)

        • zack

          Ezackly I am commenter and not a paid eeditor. Nor do i have any obligation to spell or use correct punctuation, as one. If this was an essay or was graded by it then I would give two craps my bout laziness. Would be a different story if this was a site like blogspot or such as. Lol But when this site has been credited to leaks and updates regarding all thing T Mobile, as a reader is expect to read the articles so maybe I can learn a few things. Only can learn what you read.

      • Manny

        Also, proofread is one word.

  • steveb944

    This is great. I wonder if anyone else is doing this as well.

    • LAE

      I’m having a hard time seeing Verizon and AT&T copy this one

      • kalel33

        AT&T and Verizon started giving free calls to the Philippines 4 days before T-mobile announced they would do it. T-mobile was late on this one.

    • Romdude

      My time warner cable company is offering it but I don’t subscribe to their phone service.

    • stevei

      Note the post says Tmobile (and other companies)…This is not something that Tmobile just came up with. This has been pretty common when there are major disasters. It would have been nice if this announcement had been made immediately after the tragedy. Yes, it is good. Yes I see they’re back dating it but carriers should make the announcement immediately so that people don’t have to worry about some extraordinary bill.

  • Andy Palazzolo

    why do people have to wait until november 8th. Wouldnt NOW be more appropriate?

    • techymexican

      What? The 8th was last week O_o

    • Victor A Paulo

      Want to see a dummy? ^^^

    • Happyfaccee

      How to call just call directly ?asap i need answer

      • Call TMOBILE

        Why don’t you contact Tmobile directly rather than posting something on a blog and hoping some anonymous person responds and maybe doesnt even give you accurate into

      • kekel1123

        I called them several times and each and everyone I talked, they were giving me different dialing instructions. i also send tweet to @tmobile but they did not replied. Last night, we tried the free service and what the last rep told me is dial +63 then the prefix for mobile or landline (area code) then the phone number. We did use this dialing instructions and the call went through. I will just check my bill later (after my billing cycle closes ) if indeed they will give a credit back for the call/text made. They should! Hope this helps.

    • LAE

      8th was last week buddy I’m sure ur safe

    • Manny

      Lol. Not only did they waive fees now, but they also give a back credit a week to when it matters, and you’re upset.

  • Dean de Leo

    This is thinking out of the box from T-Mobile but more impressively, a very generous thing to do and something it didn’t have to. Applause!

  • Dennis Gwapo

    Ayus!! Salamat Tmobile!!

  • Dennis Gwapo

    Mas pogi asan ka na ? Musta family mo sa Pinas?

  • MarkieE

    Great deed by T-Mobile. *Applause*

  • Pinay

    i used t mobile prepaid, but after talking to my mom for 5 minutes, my $10 was gone….. how come??!!!

    • Dirty boy

      1-900 numbers are expensive even if it’s your mom

  • Good

    They mentioned Walmart Family Mobile but not Straight Talk, which also uses TMobile SIM cards

    • kalel33

      Straight Talk uses AT&T and Verizon for the service.

      • tmuser

        They use sprint and t-mobile also and have been for years.

        • kalel33

          If someone was going Straight Talk, why would they pay the same amount for a Sprint or T-mobile Straight Talk phone when you get a much better network with Verizon or AT&T? When the prices are the same, T-mobile is handicapped by their lack of coverage by a long shot.

  • LAE-h8SprInT

    Looks like Sprint just jumped into the humanitarian cause…or r they just copying to appear like one of the good guys? Still waiting for Big Red n Double Trouble T…to waive fees for text and calling like Sprint just announced. I’m surprised Sprint did this though, it’s terrible to offer hope when that Sprint call/text will most likely not go through or will drop!

    • kalel33

      Verizon and AT&T announced they were offering free calls and texts to the Philippines 4 days before T-mobile announced they were doing the same. So, who was copying to appear like one of the good guys?

  • jp$

    Hey Cam, update your profile with an email, not everyone in the states uses twitter. David had an email.