Moto G available to order, starts shipping December 2nd and supports 1700 (AWS) band

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When Motorola announced the Moto G a little while ago, it wasn’t clear which specific bands were being supported by the US versions. Motorola didn’t announce anything that specific, but we did uncover a FCC patent filing indicating that there was a model built to be compatible with T-Mobile’s 1700 (AWS) bands. Today, it’s been confirmed.

From today, you can order two different versions of the Moto G. Either the global model (in 8GB or 16GB options) or the US GSM model, also available in both storage models. The global model is not compatible with the 1700 bands. The US model is compatible with the following:

“US GSM Model: GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
UMTS/HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps (850, 1700 (AWS), 1900 MHz)”

So it’s pretty much as the FCC filing revealed. Of course, this perhaps doesn’t do anything to detract from the fact that there is no LTE model. HSPA+ is the fastest “4G” you’ll get.

You can order the Moto G from today, and expect shipping any time from December 2nd. 8GB model costs just $179 off-contract and the 16GB version will set you back $199. Both are stupidly good value for money, even if it is without LTE.

Hit the order page to buy, or check out more details.

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  • I really hope these come to the T-mobile stores, they will sell like hot cakes.

    • besweeet

      Probably $100 more, but there are already several phones in that price range that might be worth considering.

    • TD

      Nope, not a chance. Think about it. Sub-$200 phones off contract scare the bejeezus out of the carriers, Tmobile included. Tmobile’s service and consumer attitude is working for me, don’t get me wrong. But if phones this affordable become “good enough” then who is going to need to buy more data if they can’t blow through it as fast as they would with LTE? And who is going to give carriers that yummy JUMP/NEXT/EDGE/1UP revenue since they won’t be rent-to-own phones? And why pay for insurance? No my friend, the carriers don’t want this category to be anything more than a niche.

      • T-Mobile already sells the Concord for $29 in store no EIP, the Alcatel Evolve for $89 in store with no EIP and the Lumia 521 for under $200 as well with no EIP. So three smart phones off contract (since there are none) and with no EIP, just flat out under $200 pricing. Sounds to me like they’re already testing the waters.

    • They might, but they’ll probably mark it up by $50.

    • No they won’t. Just buy from Motorola.

  • Stefan

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t T-Mobile use 2100 for 3g uplink which this phone is missing?

    • Most likely. This phone would work in LTE-refarmed areas as the HSPA is on the 1900 MHz band.

    • Alex Zapata

      TMO uses 2100 for the downlink and 1700 for uplink, or PCS (1900) in refarmed areas. If it says AWS it’ll have both bands because those are required by definition. As to why one band is missing in the filing…..I have no idea. There were lots of criticisms like this when the One dev edition came out.

      • Franc012

        That’s good to know. I’ve been asking around on other sites, and nobody has been able to give me a definitive answer. I’ll be buying this or the equivalent after my Verizon contract is up. Can’t beat this phone for its price!

    • kev2684

      any US model smartphone with 1700mhz radio listed as spec is automatically assumed to be the complete AWS/Band 4.

  • Encino Stan

    This might be a good first smartphone for my young teen. Definitely cheaper than a iPhone.

    • TheVorlon

      If cheap is all you care about, go buy the ZTE Firefox OS phone.
      $80 FULL PRICE unlocked.

      • Garrett

        You can also regularly find the Lumia 521 for $80. I’d definitely get that over any Firefox OS devices for now.

        • Encino Stan

          Thought about going Lumia. Might still do that. But wife and I have android devices (not that that totally precludes a Windows device in the household).

        • jmendenhall80

          The 521 is being discontinued and replaced with the 525

        • Encino Stan

          Got him a Lumia 521 for $70. Thanks.

      • Encino Stan

        Cheap is not all I care about.

  • steveb944

    Woo hoo, thanks Cam!

    Just ordered mine and said it’ll ship week of 12/9

    • Andrew Allison


    • I got in there early this morning. 12/2 for me. 12/9 is not bad though, at least you were able to grab before they run out.

  • Greg Marlin

    I would rather have the new T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Light which has LTE and when searching online is cheaper than the Moto G.

    • Agree

      Yes, we got one for $149.95. Lower res. screen doesn’t bother me.

    • steveb944

      I humored you. The Light has a smaller screen, worse resolution, worse processor, worse battery life, and is still running 4.2.2 with no guaranteed updates…. I’ll stick with the no LTE G.

      • Reply

        The 1.4 quad in the Light is likely superior to 1.2 quad in the G. Moto’s battery is bigger, but may be negated by larger and nicer screen. Updates, yes you are probably right. Light comes with Wi-Fi calling, with is very useful for T-mobile customers. Always some trade-offs.

        • Greg Marlin

          Plus the Galaxy Light has a removable battery and SD card slot. The Moto G is only HSPA +21 so the Light should be a lot faster with LTE

        • landmarkcm

          Ya I ordered the light from HSN too. Is that where your getting yours? If I like it better ill prob sell my F6. The Samsung camera should be better too! If it takes as good of shots as the 5mp one on the s3 mini does.

        • kalel33

          It’s not superior at all. The 1.4 quad in the Samsung is the Shannon22AP which is a much cheaper/weaker processor than the 1.2 quad Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SOC with the Adreno 305 GPU. Learned years ago that processing speeds don’t make one chip better than another. The Motorola’s GPU and chip architecture are more advanced and more capable.

        • Test

          A user on Slickdeals benchmarked his new Galaxy Light at 17651. Moto G has been benchmarked at 17280. Both have similar performance, and compare closely to last years GS3 or Nexus 4.

        • kalel33

          Benchmarks don’t show the GPU performance and there are numerous articles that prove that Samsung and HTC have cheats programmed into their phones to give them better benchmarks.

  • ChristianMcC

    I really wish this had come out before the N5. I would’ve grabbed it for sure, but loving my N5, nonetheless! Googlerola knows how to do it!

    • steveb944

      Considering the demand for the N5 I’m sure you can sell it without a loss and still buy the G. But I’d still want my 5 because of the LTE, bigger screen, etc. Either way, you’d have a great device.

      • ChristianMcC

        Because of the slowdown of the LTE on Tmo in my area, I’ve actually turned off the LTE, but truly, it’s nice knowing that the phone is future proofed, more or less.

    • Sell it

  • Corporal Lint

    I have what may be a naive question. I am looking into getting a new phone, and something like the Moto G seems perfect. My question is — what is the future of the HSPA+ network? I don’t need the speed of LTE, but I worry about losing coverage if the HSPA+ network is refarmed or otherwise downgraded in favor of LTE (or something else). I’m not somebody who replaces his phone every six months, and would love to go at least two years before upgrading again. In that situation, is it foolish to get a non-LTE phone?

    • steveb944

      I think you’ll be fine for the next 2-3 years at least. I think T-Mobile will be changing their 2g/Edge signal to LTE before they touch the HSPA+.

      • Corporal Lint

        Thanks. That’s what I’d hoped to hear.

  • steveb944

    Cam what’s the reason we can’t post pictures on here? We can remove media in the options in case it bothers anyone.

    I wanted to show my completed order said “we’re hand assembling your Moto X” typo.

    • kev2684

      i can’t post any relevant links as well. before, david was approving comments with links in a few minutes now posts with links are being ignored like it was spam.

      • NardVa

        David was involved with the site. He even replied to people. This new guy is just pushing articles to the site.

  • Joseph G

    Just ordered a 16gb model.

  • ORdered a 16GB version this morning for my Mother but I may pick one up just as a “toy” device for myself around the house.

    • You sound so silly lol, attention given. No go play.

  • OG1

    will this phone have t-mo wifi calling app??

  • Zack S

    But I just want to know when the Moto X will come to T-Mobile stores! I need the financing! Can’t afford to pay full price for one directly from Motorola

    • Jarobusa

      Motorola provides financing. No interest if paid in a certain # of months.

      • Zack S

        It’s not the same. Motorola has you paying about $35 minimum. I’d rather be paying $20 or less a month to T-mobile.

        • S. Ali

          Its going on sale for cyber monday for $349. You really shouldn’t being buying one if you can’t afford it outright. Financing is just not smart money.

        • Zack S

          Yep I saw the new earlier on the Verge. I would never even consider financing through Motorola.

          But I wouldn’t go so far as to say financing isn’t smart money. Some people can’t afford am off contract phone. I for one am a college student. Its much easier to pay $20 a month than to drop $500 at once

  • landmarkcm

    Argh the HSPA+ speeds are fast enough for me & I like the different colored backs. It’s just always something though! I wish they wouldn’t have made it quite so thick. I am happy right now with Lg F6 & have a Samsung Galaxy Light on the way (which HSN is running an excellent special on!) I haven’t seen any website reviews on the LIGHT by the way except for a few users here & there. It looks like a cross between the S3 mini & S4 mini. Tmonews can you do a review on it please!???

  • I got the 16GB, this is gonna be nice.

  • NardVa

    No LTE No thank you.


    Got 2 of the 16GB models, for papa and mama, to replace their G2 and flip phone, respectively.

  • deng

    When is Moto going to add the Moto G to the $100 Jelly Bean rebate list?