Android 4.3 update for T-Mobile Galaxy S4 available OTA


Over a week after the download was supposed to arrive, Android 4.3 has finally landed for Tmo-flavored Galaxy S4’s. The update went live at around 5am this morning and is available as an over-the-air update. This update includes KNOX and Samsung Gear support.

If you have a Galaxy S4 on T-Mobile, you should have received a notification to inform you of the update’s availability. If not, head in to your phone’s settings menu and check manually there.

“Beginning November 26, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will have an optional software update to Android version 4.3 / Software M919UVUEMK2 via Over-the-Air manual pull down and Samsung Kies over Wi-Fi only. This update includes KNOX and Samsung Gear support.

You can update in two ways:

  • Over the air (OTA) update to M919UVUEMK2: OTA manual pull down update is available as of 11/26/2013 through February 1, 2014.

  • Manual download to M919UVUEMK2: If you did not want to update via OTA, you can update via Samsung Kies. Verify you are on the latest version of Kies prior to attempting the update. See to confirm the version.”

As for the reason behind the delay, it’s not been confirmed. However, following the bug-ridden launches of 4.3 on Verizon and AT&T S4’s, it’s safe to assume T-Mobile wanted make extra sure that its users weren’t going to suffer.

Full information on today’s update:

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 14.40.15

 Android version 4.3 / Baseband version M919UVUEMK2- Current version
  • Version
    • Android version 4.3 / Baseband version M919UVUEMK2
    • Approved 11/26/2013
    • OTA and Samsung Kies update available 11/26/2013
  • Improvements:
    • KNOX
    • Samsung Galaxy Gear support
  • Prerequisites
    • M919UVUAMDL
    • Device software is not rooted
    • 50% battery life
    • Latest version of Kies software downloaded on PC or MAC
    • Data connection
    • File size of update is 781 MB

Via: T-Mobile

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  • donnybee

    I have a rooted S4 and now I can’t get the update? If I attempted, would it tell me I’m not able to install it? Or would it just install and take away my root access? I’m still using TouchWiz, just with root access so I can soft-mod..

    • Just try it. One of the other will happen — I’m not sure which one though.

    • JB

      It just tells you that your device has been modified and software updates aren’t allowed. So us rooted folks will have to wait for the xda community to update.

      • Jason

        Download Samsung Kies and update the phone through the software using a USB cable. I have just completed the update on my rooted Galaxy S4 using this method.

    • ja

      Just unroot… and then re root

    • Steve Snyder

      Get Triangle Away and you can reset the counter back to zero so it will let you update via Kies.

  • GinaDee

    guess we won’t be getting the official 4.4 update anytime soon then

    • Roger Sales

      S4 will be updated in late January to 4.4 from what I heard on another website(I want to say GSMArena probably). Same with Note 3. Note 2/S3 were estimated at March.

    • Dats

      S4 AND N3 scheduled for January

  • malik shelton

    Will this update finally fix the overheating issue and add the ability to run apps from the sd card?

    • jake

      yes, app2sd functionality has been added!

      • Certx

        I prefer “app2sd funcitonality has been RETURNED” not “added”

      • DetroitTechnoFan

        YAY! Time to save space!

  • zombienator89

    I thought I heard somewhere that this ipdate is supposed to improve ram management on this phone improving that stupid touchwiz that its been having?

    • GameBoi/KillaBit

      It’s more for support for the Galaxy Gear.

  • Nearmsp

    I updated this morning. Nothing seems different at this stage. I will update if I find any bugs. Took no more than 10 minutes on my SGS4 after downloading the update on my phone.

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      I see some immediate differences – (a) status bar is transparent; (b) when you open an app from a folder, and then close the app, the folder remains open – just like iOS 7, ha ha (or is that also how stock Android works now?) – (c) I got some kind of “Security Warning” (“An app is trying to access your phone’s info…”), which I read was a bug in another carrier’s version of this update; or maybe it’s warning me about something “real,” but no way to see that, apparently…

      I wonder if there’s a log of all the changes posted somewhere?

      • g2a5b0e

        I thought the transparent status bar was a 4.4 innovation.

        • whiteiphoneproblems

          The funny thing is, when the phone first came out, the status bar was transparent (or “translucent”); it turned dark when the 4.2.whatever update arrived soon afterward. Now it’s back to transparent…

        • g2a5b0e

          Interesting. Maybe some versions of Touchwiz have had it for a while.

  • Jeremy

    Updated about 2 hours ago. So far so good and the phone seems much more responsive.

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      It looks like they may have changed a few of the default animation scales from 1x to 0.5x (under “Developer Options”), which will make things feel snappier by reducing animation times… though I had already changed them all to 0.5x awhile back, in the previous version (the update made one of the values default back to 1x, which makes me think these are the new defaults for everyone).

      • Jeremy

        I turned mine off not too long after I got the phone back in June because of the lag. Turned them back to 1x and it’s very smooth now.

        • whiteiphoneproblems

          Hmm – my “Transition animation scale” keeps reverting to 1x — this is another bug (or maybe, “feature”) I read about in this update.

  • Rex2745

    They took off name search wtf if i compose a new text i can’t find a person by typing their name i got to type their number this is b.s =/

    • Tommy

      That feature works just fine for me just might be your phone

    • BigLuke

      I was having the same problem… restart your phone and it should fix it.

      • Jeremy

        That fixed it. Thanks for the tip. :-)

    • Jeremy

      I noticed the same problem. Very annoying.

    • guest

      im having the same problem. reboot did not work. if it is supposed to be like that now I am slapping some samsung engineer who thought of this. wtf

  • jake

    app2sd functionality has been added, and there are a variety of other awesome updates such as reading mode that you can activate for any app you choose. I also noticed that holding down the home button to access the app switcher is faster now.

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      What exactly does Reading Mode do? I tried it in a few apps (including the browser), but didn’t notice any effect… which should I try out? Thx

      • jake

        Reading mode changes the tint of the screen from the blistering white background to an “easier-on-the-eyes” paper-like tint.. You need to manually add apps to the reading mode setting, and then activate reading mode. I’d recommend setting it up for your web browser, for kindle, and other apps you read on.

  • Top_Quark

    installed the update over the air (wi-fi), so far so good, nothing new noticeable….FYI i have an unlocked T-mobile GS4 (M919 model) which I’m using on another network outside of the US

  • Paul

    Much faster and better OS. ONLY thing is, my Animation keeps defaulting to 1x. I keep having to set it back to 0.5……

  • DeLorean Scholfield

    My music player just randomly pops up in my notification bar but it doesn’t play it’s just on pause. Anyone having this issue?

  • Nearmsp

    I frequently get messages internet connection is unstable and data transfer stops. The operating system is unable to fetch the data from the cellular tower until I disable the Wi-Fi.

  • TechHog

    Note 2? No? Okay…

  • Savage1701

    Only difference I see is that my phone now has 200MB less RAM on a reboot and/or after closing apps. That’s not impressive, unless you define better memory management as meaning less free memory to manage.

    Looks like bloat-ware on either the Android or Samsung side.

  • Randall Lind

    Holy crap batman 781.24MB for a update that isn’t Kit kat!!!!

  • Guest

    i wonder why they left out th emojis for messaging

  • i found the emojis lol

  • Joe Perricone

    Great update, basically it fixed everything that was ruined on my phone from the last update. Keyboard is now responding quickly and I can switch over now when another call is coming in.

  • Heidi

    WHAT ABOUT THE S3 LTE??! :'(

  • FuturePS4Gamer

    Updated mines last night. I noticed the notification bar and a few apps. The stock android browser hasn’t been working great tho…

  • Owl_81

    The update is available for Galaxy S3 as well.

  • Moy

    This update was AMAZING! I love the emojis and my battery is actually last much longer. Whats more the phone feels and is soooo much smoother and faster especially when openning apps and text messaging. Whats more, I can tell that they actually changed the screen reproduction a bit. So far no bugs. I updated OTA with airplane mode on and kept my screen on the whole time insure the update was sucessful

  • Tulio M. Mesa

    ._. S3 LTE and no update WTF !!!

  • evelim martinez

    i want the s4

  • FuturePS4Gamer

    Anyone else have SD card mounting problems after the update

  • Atheus

    Holy smokes, Galaxy’s S Voice sounds terrible now – like someone’s pinching her nose. What a pity. She sounded fantastic before.