T-Mobile Posts New Videos For The UnCarrier Revolution, LTE Launches And “Making The World Your Network”

T-Mobile’s three-pronged plan to change the wireless industry is now kicking into high gear as the carrier launched the third part of their UnCarrier revolution yesterday evening. With huge international news in the form of Simple Global and a slew of new LTE market launches, T-Mobile is once again poised to claw away at the competition. Still, it will be some time before we understand how much of an impact T-Mobile’s introduction of free global roaming data has had on their subscriber base, there’s little question it’s a novel take on a part of the wireless world that is often overlooked.

As I sat in a room with T-Mobile CEO John Legere, CTO Neville Ray and CMO Mike Sievert last night, one thing continues to be crystal clear: T-Mobile is not satisfied being a smaller competitor nipping at the heels of AT&T and Verizon. The message was loud and clear: show customers both existing and future there is a better option and better value than what two old and stale wireless giants are selling.

Fret not AT&T and Verizon as you will surely find a way to “match” T-Mobiles’s Simple Global international offering just as you did with JUMP!. Of course, when I say “match,” what I really mean is you’ll find a way to present us with funny math that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy while stealing my wallet right out of my back pocket.

All three videos

YouTube 1; YouTube 2; YouTube 3


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