T-Mobile’s October $0 Down Sale Ends Soon, Take Advantage Right Away

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A quick public service announcement as T-Mobile’s current $0 down sale on the iPhone 5c, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S 4, and Galaxy Note 2 ends soon.┬áBeginning on Sunday, October 13th T-Mobile will “slowly ramp down” the offer starting with the iPhone 5c, which will return to regular price on October 14th. The Samsung devices will kick back up to regular pricing one day later on October 15th.

“We kicked off October with a great offer on some of our most amazing devices. Beginning October 14, we will slowly be ramping down the October $0 down offer beginning with the iPhone 5c. There is less than one week to get well-qualified customers into a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, or an iPhone 5c for $0 down.”

The October $0 down sale on “amazing devices” kicked off on October 1st and introduced the Galaxy Note 3 for $0 down at $29.50 per month for 24 months. So what’s the bottom line?┬áTake advantage of this $0 down sale now as this deal will be over before you know it!


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  • Jarobusa

    Don’t you just pay a higher monthly fee with this ‘sale’?

    • Izz Da Wizz

      Yea depending on the phone fir a g2 its 25$ extra..note 3 is 29$….but the more u put down the less u pay a month

    • thepanttherlady

      These are great “sales” for people who are joining the JUMP! program.

      • Dakota

        I’d like to know how many new customers are coming to Tmobile for Jump vs existing, super loyal ones. For a company that wants to simplify things, they sure seem to be making plans & pricing structures harder to understand

        • just me

          How hard is it to understand $50 plus however much data you want and your phone payment? Comcast isn’t accused of complicated price structures for having a separate fee for your modem/cable box. Also, loyal customers can take advantage of Simple Choice and thus these sales, same as new customers. Some people complain just to complain. Oh, sorry if that was too ambiguous. *You’re* complaining just to complain.

        • Dakota

          I disagree. I have Comcast and have no extra internet fees. Jump is advertised and not explained and no pricing comparisons are made. Every other carrier has copied the plan – Yes, they may be worse deals but thats not obvious to the average consumer. Tmobile has a story to tell, but isnt story. I watch business news on TV often and the anchors arent even aware of what TMobile is offering. One even said why is TMobile charging so much more for their devices? Their commercials feature people in shoes. Youre all looking at things from being Tmoblie super fans – not looking at it from the point of a casual user. I mention Tmobile to people and youd be surprised what their first reactions are. You need to get people to first consider Tmobile and you need to have store employees that can clearly explain it. Maybe youre all smarter than the average person. Im not saying I dont get it. Im talking about the people who dont read tech blogs

    • mike b

      T-mobIle didn’t call it a “sale”. It’s a $0 down “offer”…

  • Izz Da Wizz

    Take advantage people…i snagged a g2 for a whopping 40.00.. jus had to pay taxes… definitely happy.

  • el perezo

    Yeah its a higher monthly fee, but if you plan on trading in when iPhone 6 or something better comes out in a couple months. 90$ for 3 months is better than 200$ plus tax then 60$ for 3 mths. (Assuming your buying the note 3)

    • Dakota

      Iphone 5s just released and you think a new ones being released in 3 months? All that math is making things more complicated – not less. Take $100 or something off the price.. Plain & simple. Ironic the value carrier isn’t really saving you money when they announce promotional sales

      • just me

        Ironic that you claim complicated math then use that same math to make your point. $0 down is still that much less you paid up front, and considering the plans are less than other carriers even WITH the phone payments, T-Mobile DOES save people money. So there you have it.

        • Dakota

          Its not a question of whether they save you money. Its a question of explaining that to the average person and then convincing them. Youre all missing the point. Youre not the average consumers. You know all the nitty gritty. Tmobile has an even bigger opportunity now that ATT has announced its doing away with individual plans. Theyre going to be even more expensive now. Especially with Tmobile often being more popular with younger folk and now having the iPhone, they need to get more aggressive than ever against ATT

  • carcomptoy

    Just took advantage of this last night and am typing this on my new Galaxy Note 3! Got it in Delaware, so I didn’t even have to pay tax!

    • Zacamandapio

      You Delawarians!!

      • carcomptoy

        I’m actually from Philly, but I drove down to Wilmington to get it :-P

  • Dakota

    No. More fake sales. How about trying some real sales that save real money in the end. No bait & switch. Again not being much of an UNcarrie.. Others actu lowerlowered the price. Sprint, for example, taking $100 off phones for new customers

    • just me

      You complain of “complicated math” then use that crappy example? How’s this for complicated math: Get an iPhone 5C for $0 down, then $92/month for Unlimited talk, text, and web with 2.5 GB fullspeed internet, mobile hotspot, your phone payment, AND the option to upgrade your phone again in 6 months along with extended warranty/insurance protection.

      I just priced out YOUR example on Sprint’s website using the iPhone 5C, and you’re looking at either $121/monthly for unlimited everything with protection or $91/month for 1GB of data and 1 GB of hotspot with protection. So where’s the savings, again? Oh right, I’m sorry, you save $1 per month with Sprint if you skimp and go with only 1GB of data. But, you know, if you’re skimping anyway, you could knock $10 off T-Mobile’s by going with 500MB of data, so there goes the savings again.

      What bait and switch? It’s $0 down instead of $79 down. That’s REAL savings up front. Yes, you pay over 24 months for the phone, but you’re going to no matter what “sale” you’re choosing, Sprint or T-Mobile. It’s YOU who is using bait and switch by claiming savings on Sprint when you actually either pay more or get less.

      • kalel33

        That’s like saying that Rent-a-Center gives you real savings, because you don’t have to pay anything up from or using a credit card for purchases gives you real savings. In the end it doesn’t.

        • UniBroW

          Except, you know the whole 0%apr thing…

        • kalel33

          Rent-a-Center doesn’t charge for interest either and they even came out with their own Jump! plan last year that’s exactly like T-mobile’s, well before T-mobile. Did Legere get his ideas from RAC?

    • landmarkcm

      To bad Sprint still has the WORST network! Its just crazy to me how they have eroded & cant even get there 3g together. When you look at there fb page etc too. They have the most complaints of any of the carriers. Happy here on AT&T right now as Tmo wanted half the device price down from me and 100.00 deposit. Prob because I prev owed them. But I also wonder how good of credit you actually need. Because I got notice explaining there scoring. So ya Tmo is ok IF you get the 0 down etc. Otherwise I got better deal of 79.99 plus tax on iphone 5C with new 2 year on ATT who does still have a slightly better network. Plus I get a good work discount off the service. Tmobile has made good changes but all depending they don’t really save you that much either. They save the most over Verizon probably

  • mingkee

    The down payment has been broken down in addition with monthly payment. However, you just pay the tax of the device price and get top-tier gear is still good.

  • JB

    Well if these bidders would just pay for the dang GS4 I put up on eBay and stop flaking out, I can get on with taking advantage of this promotion! Haha

    I may just have to wait until my Jump! kicks in, or just open another line.

    • Coqui

      I’m in the same boat but craiglist instead of ebay lol

  • Dakota

    As long expected, ATT has announced theyre no longer going to offer individual plans. Only share plans that are more expensive & screw single users. Tmobile SHOULD jump on this with direct ATT comparison advertising. They need to be. More aggressive in ad campaigns. Press releases to blogs & Legere tweets reach a tiny percentage. If they can improve their coverage faster, they have an opportunity, especially now with an iPhone

    • landmarkcm

      I see what you mean but I think there already pretty aggressive with there anti At&t ads. Its the only carrier they seem to attack! I don’t know if its because there bitter still about the merger thing or that its the other GSM player…? I think they should be attacking Sprint & there garbage network more as they are in a good position to overtake there spot as the number 3 carrier. I like Tmobile & prob would have went with them if they had not wanted half the device price down from me plus a 100.00 deposit. Grant it prob because I owed them from before, but makes me wonder also how good credit has to be as they sent me a letter explaining there scoring point system & I scored 700 out of 1000. Anyways I am happily enjoying good deal I got on iphone 5C with new 2 year on AT&T plus I get a decent work discount. I still also think At&t’s network overall (well really it is) still a bit better then Tmobiles.

  • ianken

    These are only deals for people who suck at math. Zero down $30/mo for 24 months. BFD. $750 for a GN3? LOL. What a bargain.

    • PD_Fresh

      It’s a good deal for people who can read AND do math though: 29.50 x 24 = 708

      • Andres I. Rodriguez

        Oh snap, burn!

    • Abigail Gonzalez

      living paycheck to paycheck the 0 down is the only way I can afford a new phone

  • Smartphoneless…still.

    This $0 down “sale” stuff is getting old. I have been patiently waiting for a REAL S4 sale for months…. T-mobile- this long-time, loyal customer is beyond frustrated. I’ve ONCE AGAIN put off upgrading my two lines…now until Black Friday in the hopes of a REAL deal. Love you guys…but, WTF?

    • mike b

      It’s not a sale. It’s an offer.

      • Smartphoneless…still.

        Pardon me…the $0 down OFFER stuff is getting old.

  • Don

    Does anyone know the regular price for an S4 without this “Sale”? Will it still be $600 total even after the $0 down special ends?

    • abc

      The S4 just went up to 627.99. Boom just like that they raised it about $30.
      I have no idea why T-Mobile keeps messing with the price of the phone. It’s been practically every price in between 550-628.

  • Abigail Gonzalez

    What the heck! I didnt find this website in time! I talked to a customer service rep last week and set up payment arrangement for today (payday) I said I wanted to take advantage of the sale and would be purchasing a Galaxy Note 3 today as well – she didnt tell me the sale would end. I mentioned that I could borrow money to pay sooner, If I needed to assure I could get the phone with 0 down. she said just call if you want to pay sooner, with no mention of the end of the sale. I talked to another rep today that said they do not know the promotion dates. I wish they would tell us that from the git go and that Tmobile would post the end dates on their website. No phone now…..cry. Does anyone know if there will be another 0 down sale soon? my Galaxy S is so totally outdated.