(Updated) T-Mobile Canceling Galaxy Gear Orders Placed With “FALLFUN30” Discount Code

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Update: T-Mobile reached out to in a brief statement hoping to address the concerns customers have had about their canceled orders:

A limited number of customers recently purchased Samsung Galaxy Gear on www.T-Mobile.com<http://www.T-Mobile.com> using a discount code intended for smartphone accessories such as protective covers and cases. While Galaxy Gear was not intended to be a part of this accessory promotion, we acknowledged the error and honored the discount for customers who placed a single order for the Galaxy Gear device. If a customer placed multiple single unit orders, we honored the discount for one device. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

In a move that is upsetting some early adopting Galaxy Note 3 customers, T-Mobile has canceled orders of the Galaxy Gear using the “FALLFUN30” discount code. T-Mobile began notifying customers of their canceled order last night with a generic email and little explanation. Needless to say, T-Mobile alerted customers in the email they will be kind enough to “allow” customers to reorder the Galaxy Gear at the correct price.

I’m a little torn about how I feel about this, on the one-hand I can’t help but feel this is one of the moments that separates good customer service from the Best Buy’s of the world. Customers ordering the Galaxy Gear likely just ordered the Note 3 and are among the most early of adopters on T-Mobile’s network. That in and of itself doesn’t and shouldn’t earn them any special treatment but it doesn’t mean they should feel slighted either. I imagine the volume of Galaxy Gear pre-orders using this discount code is relatively low and it wouldn’t cause too much damage to T-Mobile’s bottom line to honor the price. Any financial loss would easily be made up by the goodwill it would earn with these customers and the word spread through the grapevine that T-Mobile stepped up and did the right thing.

A quick Tweet last night on @TmoNews showed the ire of customers who had already received this email notification and I feel safe saying there is an overwhelming sense of aggravation at how T-Mobile handled this move.

Should T-Mobile step up to the plate and honor the discount code for early adopting Galaxy Gear customers? Let me know your thoughts.

Dear T-Mobile Customer,

Our apologies. You recently ordered an item that was listed at an incorrect price: the Samsung Galaxy Gear™. We are unable to fulfill this transaction. Rest assured, your credit card has not been charged.

You can reorder the Samsung Galaxy Gear at the correct price here

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you for being a T-Mobile customer.  We truly appreciate your business.

Thank you,

T-Mobile Customer Care

Please do not reply to this email.  For assistance, please call 1-800-672-5390.

See our Terms and Conditions and website Terms of Use at www.t-mobile.com  for additional information. T-Mobile and the magenta color are registered trademarks of Deutsche Telekom AG. © 2013 T-Mobile USA, Inc.


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    Had that happen many times on Amazon.com or Staples.com…

    • kalel33

      I’ve seen many things on Slickdeals for Amazon items that were obviously mis-priced and they honored them.

      • PiCASSiMO

        Believe me, I’ve tried. Contacted Amazon customer service and they said they couldn’t do anything about (it was one of those BBC Blu-Ray films that was more than half price).

  • thepanttherlady

    T-Mobile should take a page out of United Airlines playbook who recently honored the incorrect pricing on their website last month. Customer’s bought airline tickets for as low as $5 – 10.

    • nanyt888

      I agree, usually love tmo customer service. Im surprised at the way tmobile just canceled since pricing was correct but now to void the accepted coupon code and now specifying terms for that prior valid coupon for accessory. I had even received a call from tmobile rep on Monday after order confirming my order of the gear and several updates by phone reps order was good to go pending backorder to ship. :(

      • bruce

        I agree.

    • Stone Cold

      Yea they really should my friend.

  • Anthony Domanico

    A surprisingly “carrier” move from the “un-carrier” ;)

  • Taylor White

    This is a bad move. The coupon was legit, they did not specify that the galaxy gear was exempt. We shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake. Its customer service 101.

    • metroPCS

      Remember they don’t care now that they are doing better, still Number 4 in that dept, its all about Growth and profit now and a CEO that likes to party and shake up things. I wonder if they will ever do better in that Dept, they seem to want to upsell more at the store, they are still for the most part knowledgable and very nice though at the stores.

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile should mention this discount applies to accessories $100 and below to prevent pissing off customers.

  • MarcusDW

    I honestly thought it was a legit deal because they can only sell the watch to Note 3 buyers really.

    Non-N3 users don’t even know if their phone will ever be compatible.

    • Anonymous

      S3, S4, N2 will eventually be getting updates to be compatible. As of now, Galaxy Gear is only working along side the N3, but it won’t be limited to only that device for long.

      • MarcusDW

        I know this, but the vast majority of people who bought these phones just know that it is incompatible with it.

        Are TMO pple telling customers that their S3, N2,… is guaranteed the update?

      • Chimphappyhour

        Right, and my carrier locked Note 2 would eventually get an Android version upgrade or whatever all those companies promised us. Well, I did eventually get my version upgrade…. it was called the Note 3. Meanwhile, no mention of any firmware upgrade for the Note 2 has ever been made. Moral of the story, just because a company says they’re going to do something doesn’t mean they can or will actually deliver. Until you actually see it happen, don’t count on it.

    • JointhePredacons

      Forget about Galaxy phones, this should be compatible with all Android phones. Limiting it to only be compatible with Galaxy devices is very Apple-esque.

  • Louie

    Okay they did honor the original price I called this # 1 800-672-5390 they had me re order it and they will Credit my credit card with the 30% off price it too some hours to finely get this fixed but it got fixed so I’m happy with the end result

    • nanyt888

      I called and they said sorry, no go, order for 299. They apologized for their error and that was all. :(

      • Louie

        U need to stand your ground I told them I was very upset I been with them for year with 5 lines and cause of there mistake I’m willing to leave thats how upset I am and I talked to a supervisor and got my 30% off

        • nanyt888

          I have 4 lines 8 years. ..I asked for her sup but she said no sup avail, would call me back in 24 hours :( I’ll have to try back later. … too frustrating

        • Willie D

          If you tell them that you know a supervisor is always on duty to handle escalation calls, they will put you through. It also doesnt hurt if you throw around a few, “If I talk to them NOW, Ill let them know it was not your fault, if I have to wait to speak to one, Ill be letting them know they lost a customer because of you personally!”

        • Justme

          That is a ridiculous threat to make. They want to get you off of their phone but sometimes there really isn’t one available. They can’t transfer you to someone who isn’t there or who is already on a call. This is just my knowledge from working in past call centers

        • Stone Cold

          Every company has a MOD at all times on site in most cases.

        • JointhePredacons

          I worked at a Cablevision call center, there are always “leads” which are higher than the ones that answer phones, and there are many of them and they have a call queue just like Customer Service. It cant be much different at T-Mobile.

        • kalel33

          I worked in T-mobile customer care for 3 years and sometimes there’s not a coach(supervisor) available because they are in a coaching, which you cannot interrupt, on an escalation, or out for lunch. They “might” be able to find another supervisor but it depends on the time of day and how busy the other pod’s supervisors are. They can give you a call back.

        • JointhePredacons

          True, you have to be tough, threaten to leave t-mobile. My wife is tenacious, she would have gotten the discount and probably more. Most people dont have the urge to get tough and stand their ground on a subject like this. But they sure know how to bitch on a forum on the internet.

  • nanyt888

    I think even Verizon recently had error on their systems allowing upgrades to keep unlimited data. ..They fixed the system issue online but held up deal for those that ordered. Hope tmobile comes through and fixes this too.

    • Dakota

      That’s what most service oriented companies do when the mistake is on their end. Year after year of customer serviceccomplaints has taught Tmobile nothing

    • Willie D

      Ironically enough United Airlines ALSO had a flaw in their system where people only paid the taxes and airport fees and got free flights to anywhere they flew, and guess what United did… they allowed those who bought the tickets to keep them and fly without charge (except taxes and airport fees). It looks like T-Mobile may actually NOT have the cash they claim they do if they cant allow 900 orders to go through. I mean, United and Verizon had thousands – at a cost much higher.. Just saying.

    • Ajay

      This just makes me come to the defense of tmobile. Verizon allowed it because there are not losing any money on it. It keeps those customers that are already paying so much for the service. Also verizon is doing it with its own service and so was united. United was going to fly that plane regardless so didn’t hurt the company at all to allow it. Where as tmobile is reselling and who knows if samsung forced tmobile to cancel the discount to be fair to other carriers.

      • 21stNow

        I doubt that Samsung thought that it was unfair to other carriers, since there are other promotions that gave the first 25 customers who bought a Note 3 a free Galaxy Gear at some Verizon Wireless stores. I’ve heard (not a solid source, though) that the promotion will happen on other carriers but since this seemed to be a launch promotion, that’s doubtful.

      • kalel33

        They did lose money on those customers. Those customers have to buy phones at full price to keep their unlimited data and when the glitch was put out into the wild then there were hoards of people taking advantage of it. Verizon wants those people to move to the higher priced tiered plans or pay full price for the phones. So YES, they are losing money on the deal but they honored it.

  • SamSux

    This will only affect 4 or 5 people. The Galaxy Gear is a piece of shit that nobody wants.

    • gentleman559


    • JointhePredacons

      True, im actually looking into a Pebble Smart Watch. At least its compatible with any Android Smartphone, not just the Galaxy devices. Its very Apple if you ask me.

  • MetroPCS

    Well its a rip off at $300, that’s the price of a Mid line phone, It is hardy worth $300, but at $210 I considered it.

    • Jojo

      I actually got it for $160 due to some error during the order process and they honored the price after calling tellsales support.

  • MarkieE

    Some one mentioned T-Mobile had received between 600-900 orders using that code. Even if we take the maximum 900 orders at a discount of $90 each, that’s $81,000. So T-Mobile, as big a company it is, decided to piss-off 900 customers and save themselves $81,000. As David mentioned above, the loss of $81,000 would’ve easily been recovered via goodwill it would’ve earned through those people whose orders would’ve been honored. T-Mobile missed a golden chance to actually set it self as an actual “Un-carrier”.

    • Dakota

      That’s the great customer service theyre known for. I hope all the ‘victims’ & customers tweet Legere. Come up with a hash tag that can trend. Bombard him with tweets.. Get them forwarded. I bet you there’d be an about face. Otherwise, its all talk no action. Sounds more like what people expect from ATT

      • David Icke

        legere doesnt respond to negative tweets well — he follows you, DM’s you, and then ignores the question all together.

  • weezy34

    Well that’s a buzz wrecker. Guess the Tmobile webmaster had some late night work to ensure this hindsight doesn’t happen again.

  • Richie_Yarelll

    Even at $210, how many people do you think actually bought this turd?

    • MarkieE

      Care to enlighten us, why according to you Galaxy Gear is turd?

      • Get_Real

        You’re joking, right?

        • MarkieE

          No I am not.

        • TheVorlon

          There’s a sucker born every minute.

        • Willie D

          Allow me to explain… The Galaxy Gear is limited currently to working only with the Galaxy Note 3 device. In future updates (likely when Samsung locks the unlocked phones in that same update) it will be compatible with the S3, S4 and Note 2. Unfortunately, it lacks majority of the apps that would benefit having a watch connected to your device. In a sense, the same way the S-Pen is a failure because no one developed great apps to use it, the Gear is the same way, lacking majority of social network, productivity and messaging apps and leaving only Samsung apps defeats the purpose. Just pull your phone out of your pocket and look in that case.

        • 21stNow

          I’m sure that there are many Note owners that don’t think that the S Pen is a failure. If a person is like most people who use one phone at a time, and that one phone is a Note 3, it doesn’t matter if the Gear doesn’t work with other phones now.

  • weezy34


    Time for one of your public announcements J. L. & make things right.

  • 21stNow

    I have seen that someone (maybe the same poster below) was able to call customer service and speak to a supervisor to get the 30% off price reinstated. Also, there is a deal using foursquare that supposedly will offer 30% off the price of the Galaxy Gear. I don’t know how that works since you have to check-in at a T-Mobile store and last I heard, physical stores weren’t selling the Gear.

    T-Mobile should have honored the price for the customers who ordered it with the promo code. Verizon Wireless and Samsung ran a promotion where the first 25 customers who upgraded to a Note 3 at select stores got the Galaxy Gear for free. T-Mobile could have let less than 1,000 customers get the Gear for 30% off and saved face with this one.

    • Gabe

      This is a customary practice when there is a price error it usually isn’t honored (read the small print they have the right to do this). Only few companies honor these errors like RAZER did (last December I believe), but it all comes down to the amount of money they will lose. RAZER is taking a loss on margin on product they produce which would be significantly less than the amount of loss T-Mobile will be eating for something they are just reselling.

      Either way they did you guys the favor of cancelling your order on a half baked product. Just wait until the next iteration that hammers out the kinks. That at the rate Samsung churns out products should be in 6 months.

      • 21stNow

        I canceled my order with T-Mobile myself because I found it elsewhere and the price was matched. I’ve been enjoying every minute with the Gear and think that it was worth it.

        • Andrew


        • 21stNow

          Best Buy.

  • Dakota

    Another example of the UN UNcarrier.TbThe more they shout theyreddifferent, the more they publicly make bone head moves & pissed their customers

    • Willie D

      I’m sorry… What are you saying?

      • ShermCraig

        He said, blah, blahblah, blblahalbaalal blah.

  • bruce

    They gave me the discount and free overnight shipping.

  • mike

    T-mobile is doing customers a favor the galaxy gear sucks its basically a half-baked device from Samsung who just wanted to be the first to say we done it 1st that is all wait till google or apple does it better!

  • Mark Bierman

    call again i just got off the phone with them they didn’t even argue they just said as long as your one of the people who already ordered for that price they will honor it

    • KOLIO

      Just tried again myself, no-can-do. The Customer Care rep pretty much stated that some made it through, others got flagged & cancelled.
      No real rhyme or reason,congratulations to those that were successful.

      Perhaps J.L. himself will consider the risk/reward for honoring the discount for orders placed up til 10/10/13 & have a surprise for us come MONDAY A.M.

      A FREE GALAXY GEAR would be a nice & relatively inexpensive gesture to garner more goodwill & advertising/exposure (a la NEXUS Q),but, I’d settle for the original FALLFUN30 discount.

  • Paul

    Sounds like a Scumbag Steve meme:
    “Offers 30% off coupon, tells you the price for the item you ordered is the incorrect price.”

  • mreveryphone
  • CJ Jacobs

    This qualifies as newsworthy? Or is it just click bait? Hmmmmmmm. They ate under no requirement to honor a mistake.

    • Really? I would absolutely disagree with that and also that it isn’t newsworthy. Regardless of the initial reviews this is a high-profile accessory in a category that is about to explode. I believe they are under a requirement to honor their mistake and this is exactly what United Airlines did a few weeks ago when they errored and sold tickets well undervalued.

      Sorry, this is absolutely newsworthy and not clickbait, I don’t post for the sake of posting which is why the site can go does without news.

      • nanyt888

        Yay! Thank you David for helping bring this to light. Spoke with another rep a few moments ago and got her name plus id. She had me place order online and noted account so one ships to call back…. They will refund my credit card the discount that was supposed to be. That’s the awesome service from tmobile I love!

      • Oscar Alvarado

        As several other users stated, T-Mobile should have honored their mistake as Verizon honored their upgrade mistake yet allowed upgraded customers to keep it.

      • nanyt888

        Yay! Thank you so much David for bringing this topic to light. Was so frustrated with tmobile as usually have awesome service with them. Just called during lunch and nice rep said they were honoring the price for us that ordered. She had me place an order and noted my account. Once ships, need to call to get discount about credited back to my card. Got a rep Id and name, so glad that tmobile is fixing the issue. :)

  • Linh

    I thought it was Verizon that didn’t care about their customers but they actually honored that last mistake they had. Meanwhile, TMo cancels orders saying oops, too bad for you.

  • Allen

    I’m not surprised. T-mobile is, after all, consistently last place in customer satisfaction ratings.

  • ike

    The T-mobile I know and worked for would do just as they did. Cancel your order. Cell phone companies are not like department stores. A department store like best buy, and pretty much all of them, would have honored their mistake if the order was already made because word of mouth will kill them.

    • kalel33

      Verizon just had a glitch for about 4 days on their website where unlimited data customers could upgrade their phones without losing their unlimited data. Those customers were buying new phones at full prices before the glitch and tons of them took advantage of it. Verizon honored the glitch, so you can’t lump in all phone companies.

  • MarkieE

    To those people who used a promo code and whose orders were canceled, call T-mobile and tell them it’s just just unfair and unethical to keep a potential customer waiting for so long and then canceling the order as deemed suitable by T-Mobile that too due to an error caused by T-Mobile, not by the customer. Initially they flat-out denied, then when asked for the supervisor, the agent herself told me to place a new order and call back with the new order number and the next agent to whomever my call gets connected to would see a note on the account to apply the credit for $90.
    I just did that, not only they provided me a $90 credit, but since I selected overnight shipping she said she would also credit me the shipping fee as a good faith and also knowing that I had to wait a whole week.
    But, YMMV on the shipping credit. I don’t know if loyalty played any role in this, but I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for the past 8 years with 3 lines.

  • This reminds me of why I switched back to Verizon. Saving a few bucks a month is quickly overshadowed by T-Mobile’s TERRIBLE customer service and indoor coverage issues.

    • MarkieE

      Got to agree, doesn’t matter how many phases of Un-carrier you launch and how much you try to distinguish from others, it all comes down to the basics. The customer service, it’s just plain ridiculous.

  • Cellphone Chris

    After a call to T-Mobile, I was able to re-order at full price with the accompanying credits for the discount and shipping to be applied to my account once the item is received. I was also able to get the full 30% credited back instead of the 25% which was applied to my original order (I used discount code FALLFUN25 the day before the tmonews article was published).

    *** Thanks for posting this article, David ***

  • MarkieE

    Meanwhile CNET has posted it’s own article which has a reference of THIS article. Thanks to CNET and more importantly thanks to David for posting this news, it got a little more exposure.

  • ROB

    this is why TMO customer service is always the lowest among other carriers all the time. JD power report proves this. I know tmo has made some improvement in their phones and service but customer service is the WORST!!!!!!!!! United recently had millions of people booking flights for mistake fare, round trip for $20 or so but united fixed this and honored the tickets. just to show you an example

  • Sean

    Just curious, David. Do you, or have you ever worked for T-Mobile in the past? It’s just something I’ve wondered for awhile.

  • Ziv

    Ok so for one, using an airline as an example is a terrible one because the plane is flying whether or not those tickets sold. So if they cancelled all those tickets they would have lost more money. Put it this way, imagine if you were trying to sell something on Craigs list for $100 and you accidentally put $10. When you got a call about it, would YOU sell your item for $10 and honor YOUR mistake? It’s easy to be a hypocrite, but not a person on this site would do any different.

    • Your logic makes absolutely no sense. The airline can easily turn around and resell those seats at the appropriate pricing (depending on how many days are remaining prior to the flight). Secondly, we’re talking about a national wireless carrier here…not an average consumer who wants to sell an item on Craigslist. Both comparisons are completely irrelevant to this situation.


    If you were one of the affected (Ordered w/discount between 10/3-10/9) & still want the watch @ 30% off,do the following:

    1) Re-order (on-line),copy the order number & have it available.

    2) Call Customer Care (611) & ask for WEB & TELESALES SUPPORT.

    3) Explain the circumstances,give them the new order number & the 30% discount will be re-applied to the method of payment.Allow for 3-10 days for the discount to appear.

    That’s it.

    UPDATE :

    Less than 48hrs after re-ordering & requesting the FALLFUN30 discount as posted above, I just received an email from T-Mobile, crediting my form of payment to the tune of $90 (30%) as promised, well ahead of the 3 -10 business day window.

    KUDOS to Jennifer @ T-Mobile CUSTOMER CARE & Jenny @ T-Mobile WEB & TELESALES Support, the two of you were very empathetic, polite & professional dealing with this transaction.

    Thank you !

    • bruce

      this is correct also over nite it. they will credit it as well

    • Qual3n

      My original order was an impulse buy, still debating if I want to reorder.

  • Ziv

    Also for those of you complaining that T-Mobile does this because of bad customer service. It’s not like they just made international data roaming for free or anything. Or greatly discounted the cost per minute to call internationally. That would be good customer service or something.

    • Joe

      Tell that to those who ordered this. They probably never call anyone outside the US and rarely travel outside the US either.

    • kalel33

      I’d rather that they would offer unlimited data roaming in the US. So I can go to Europe and use all the data I want but if I’m in Western Kansas or Eastern Colorado then I’m limited to 50MB. That just doesn’t make sense.

    • jride

      That doesn’t help those of us who are leaving the country tomorrow. T-Mobile wants $3.59 a minute from me while I’m abroad at one of the countries on the list. If your phone rings one time and you do not answer it: that’ll be $3.59! I brought up that their CEO just shouted out to the world that people like me were bending over and taking it and that it didn’t have to be that way. Apparently until the 31st, T-Mobile is happy to rape you with no lube as well and they make no apology about it.

      On another note, I renewed my contract one week before they announced they were doing away with contracts and they want $150 a line to migrate over to simple choice. On top of that, once you pay the $150, you’re still under contract!

      Then, to make matters worse, T-Mobile advertises “nationwide 4G” and they don’t even have towers in every continental state. 100mb of data roaming on some random two bit network that’s not even edge (in the middle of a major city mind you) in a state without a single T-Mobile tower does not constitute nationwide 4G. As far as I’m concerned, the company has lied to me and refused to make it right.

      T-Mobile sure has a way of sounding like they’re doing the right thing when in reality they’re just pissing off loyal current customers and giving them the finger. Well F YOU T-MOBILE!!!

      It’s my opinion that they are every bit as greedy as AT&T and Verizon, they’re just trying to carve out their niche. There are very few people who would sign up to overpay for a carrier who doesn’t even have service in the continental 48 and on the majority of interstates. So they have to come up with other ways to take your money. “We’re different!” “We’re the uncarrier!” No, not really. A true good guy and “uncarrier” would make it right. Incidents like this 30 off sale just go to prove that T-Mobile really is no different than any other soulless corporation trying to increase the bottom line in any way possible.

      • Ivan Soto

        How long have you been a TMo customer?

        • jride

          I’m coming up on 3 years. I switched from AT&T (where I was a subscriber for 10+ years) and at the time it suited me well. At that time T-Mobile had the best customer service ratings and it was noticeable coming from AT&T. I didn’t travel at the time and the lower cost coupled with the better customer service really won me over.

          Now I’m no longer getting a good price and the customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

          For what it’s worth, AT&T only charged $1.79 in the country I’m off to and I was never billed for the phone merely ringing when abroad, making those rare phone calls substantially cheaper than T-Mobile.

          I’m not saying AT&T is great. Rather that, T-Mobile is just as bad in it’s own special ways.

        • almulder

          That’s odd you getting charged. I joined tmobile Nd 3 more th after that they came out with the simple choice and no Contracts. So I called customer service and they were than more than happy to get me switched no hassle and no contract breaking. Just a simple switch and i was done. Try calling and asking for a supervisor.

  • Mort

    This makes Verizon look great. They honored their mistake while T-Mobile doesn’t. No ad is better than these kinds of things.

  • Jojo

    If you placed your order from Oct 2 – Oct 9 then they will still honor the discount they just ask that you re order and to call them back to get the credit back on your card. I just did this.

  • mingkee

    One thing troubles me besides the Galaxy Gear is the discount code. The corp store rep told me the code works only online, so I was unable to buy the S-View case, and something worse is, it is not available online.

  • 05GLI

    They canceled mine too. After going to the T-Mobile store and talking to them they called customer care and they were told that I can get the discount but I had to place the order again. So I did and they tried to deny giving me the discount until I yelled a bit. I then got a phone call from a supervisor saying that they are giving me the 30% off. You will get the discount as long as you are patient enough and do a bit of yelling.

    • Allen

      Wow, all that should not be required in the first place if T-Mobile wants to keep their customers.

  • Singleweird

    aren’t they obligated to honor the price if a purchase contract has been created? two parties, one of which is delegated the right to robotically accept orders on t-mobile’s behalf, entered into a sale contract. I feel like you could fight this if you wanted to.

  • cnote

    T-Mobile did this to me with headphones that I ordered and their website for $1(yep $1 and no codes). I ordered 20 of them and they cancelled my order just like this instance. They should honor these orders since its from their website!!!

  • FattyBoomBoom

    No, the fact of the matter is there not going to allow you to do multiple orders with a discount so you can turn around and sell them for a profit. This is a business not a charity.

  • Willie D

    Tmobile clearly got a lot of negative press and angry customers regarding this. Also it teaches Tmobile not to list smart watches as accessories and to list them as devices instead.
    Good for them making right, but they still are in the wrong for the backhanded slap of only honoring ONE order. Some people have family plans and ordered more than one with their new upgrade to the Galaxy Note 3. Its only fair to honor them all.

    • I would tend to say no, if I didn’t post about this I’m not sure anyone else would have and I can’t find any articles from any other notable publications that posted on it.

      • KOLIO

        I’m a regular over @ PHANDROID/ANDROID FORUMS & was disappointed that they didn’t deem this as newsworthy.

        Guess they were busy chowin’ down on BBQ over the weekend………

      • 21stNow

        I appreciate you posting this, David. It means a lot that you care about what happens to us as customers of T-Mobile.

  • monchis

    I don’t see anything wrong with their actions, they could’ve not honored anything. They stated single orders were honored. Let’s be real here, did the people who ordered more than one really not intend to sell them?

    • Tim

      They started honoring single orders when the news stories of them cancelling ALL orders started spreading. They saved some face with the single order thing afterwards but in the end, it’s a net negative for TMo in terms of publicity.

  • Oddvious

    This was a joke I called and the guy told me to reorder at full price call back with the new order number and they will refund it instantly so I did. I called back 15min later and the woman told me the order has to be processed before they can issue my credit. I waited till the following day until I had a tracking # since it was shipped and processed.
    The following day almost a week after the original order and a bunch of BS they told me they couldn’t do anything I asked for a manager she placed me on hold when she returned she told be I would have my refund in 30 days I asked what the return policy was and told her I would have not ordered for retail price (no I’m not selling it either) she told me 20 days was the return policy. I figured that seemed odd and if I waited I would not see my refund. I began to tell he I feel like they are boarder line law suite She had me hold and came back to tell me they where honoring it and would refund me ASAP.
    Fast forward to today I get a call from the original guy I originally called a week ago and he tells me that was not a Tmobile coupon and you had to order the note3 with the watch and if I buy from best buy or a 3rd party because you can’t order the watch alone from Tmobile and send in a receipt they will send me a debit card for the 93.00. We’ll guess what I did reorder I told him and he was suprised I ordered it off the Tmobile site he said when it’s delivered to call back and he will then send out a debit card honoring the code. I call BS and will return the phone and buy it someplace else in 10 days if I don’t have my refund and they don’t honor what they offered originally. This is a big Joke I will never deal with Tmobile again.

    • Cruise Guy

      So you are going to go somewhere else and spend 50 to 60 more per month x 24 months equals 1200 dollars because you didn’t get your 93.00? Really? Wow. I’m sure the other carriers can’t wait for you to come over. And I guarantee you will pay full price for the Gear over there. Good luck.