T-Mobile LTE Sightings Continue With Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Greensboro And Sacramento

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It’s only been a few days since our last LTE sighting post but the crossover into July hopefully takes us one step closer to whatever T-Mobile has in store announcement wise. The number of LTE sightings in various markets is heating up more and more by the day and while some of them are sporadic sightings at best, it’s clear that T-Mobile’s engineers are hard at work all across this great land.

Todays sighting list includes: Jacksonville, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Huntsville, AL, Greensboro, SC; Amherst, MA, Lynwood, WA; Hampton, GA; Syracuse, NY and Sacramento, CA.

My standard public service reminder line that accompanies these LTE sighting posts remains my current position: “I wouldn’t jump too far ahead and assume that a LTE sighting means an entire market is live. For the moment, we’re just happy things are progressing and that more markets appear on the horizon.

Let’s recap the list we had originally believed was the complete list for May and June LTE market launches which was never a timeframe that wasn’t announced by the company anyway. As with all things leak-wise, this list was never meant for public consumption so any angst that might be directed at T-Mobile for not meeting this “goal’ would be unwarranted. The alternative is the possibility that T-Mobile is waiting till its July 10th major media event to announce a number of markets in one fell swoop. However, T-Mobile has promised multiple times to hit 100 million LTE pops before summer’s end and the clock is ticking on that promise.

  • Atlanta, Sandy Springs and Marietta
  • Austin and Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos (May Launch)
  • Part of the Carolinas – Charlotte, Rock Hill
  • Chicago and Joliet, Naperville
  • Cincinnati and Dayton
  • Cleveland
  • Connecticut – Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
  • Columbus and Mentor
  • Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington
  • Denver and Aurora, Broomfield
  • Detroit and Warren
  • Honolulu and Maui (May Launch)
  • Long Island, New York and New Jersey – specific areas unknown
  • Los Angeles and Pasadena, West Covina, West LA, Metro LA, Burbank, Beverly Hills
  • Oklahoma City
  • Orlando
  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • Minneapolis and St Paul, Bloomington (May Launch)
  • New England – Boston, Cambridge
  • Philadelphia and Camden, Wilmington (May Launch)
  • Sacramento and Arden, Arcade, Roseville, Fresno
  • San Diego and Carlsbad, San Marcos
  • San Francisco and Oakland
  • Seattle and Tacoma, Bellevue
  • Tampa
  • Tulsa – (May Launch)
  • Phoenix and Tucson (May Launch)

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  • Toasted_Cracker

    Also add Greenville SC to that list! :-)

    Actually I don’t think Greensboro, SC even exists. Maybe you meant NC?

  • Pranav Bokey


  • xxdrizzyxx

    What does the Phoenix – Tucson May launch mean? If Phoenix was part of the first round of markets to get LTE.

    • May as in the month, not may as in “might”.

      • xxdrizzyxx

        We had LTE before May. Where’d you get might from?? I’m asking why it has us listed for a May launch if we’ve had it before May.

        • Jose Hernandez

          It was to be launched “Officially” on May. It was just a nice bonus that you got it before then. The May time frame, was for them to be able to offer an official date. Great if you got it before it was “Officially” launched.

        • xxdrizzyxx

          But it was officially launched before May -.- Did everyone forget that phoenix was one of the initial launch cities?

        • chevy1111

          Yeah yeah, phoenix got it before May, you should call t-mobile and ask them why they lie….

        • kev2684


  • Guest

    Yep, I had one bar of LTE in Jacksonville Florida since Friday. download speeds about 20mbps and uploads of only 2mbps.

  • Dan

    CT Market seems live!

    • andrew

      Do you know if it’s live in Norwalk? I have a Nexus 4 and am wondering if I should flash an old radio on there to see if I can pick up some LTE.

  • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

    Anybody having issues in the Los Angeles area ? I keep having no service at my house South Gate …. and today near work Irwindale CA I have the same problem ……

    • Djenni

      switch to AT&T works much better in LA. i live in montebello but have family in east la by 3rd street and tmobile only got edge in my aunts house now i get full lte in the places i had edge on tmobile also signal is much better in buildings. Like in my house in Montebello close to the Montebello mall i had no service or only 1 lil bar of edge on tmobile now get full bars of lte on att.

    • techymexican

      nope. T-Mobile is still the fastest wireless provider in L.A. you should call customer service. it may just be your phone. I’ve been fine all day

  • sushimane88

    i got lte in spartanburg south carolina and i didnt even realized because i had my setting set on 4g,3g,2g because at the time we didnt have lte crazy but im getting the same speed as if i was using the hspa+42 im getting around 20-25 upload and download 10

    • upstatescguy

      if your getting same speeds then how is it LTE/? I am in GSP area and notice no real difference same HSPA+ speeds all over area

      • sushimane88

        Idk I just got the 4g lte signal and did a speedtest and it came out to be the same if I was using the hspa+42. Hspa+42 was said to be on pare with lte so I have no clue that’s y switch back to it hspa+ it is what it is.

        • Toasted_Cracker

          I was at the corner of 14 and Batesville road and I was getting 21 down and 11 up. LTE feels much faster than hspa+ to me. Way less latency and better upload speeds.

        • sushimane88

          Yeah the latency is faster and the download. But its whatever we got two 4g services

  • John Mayer

    It’s slowly starting to show more consistently in more places here in Charleston SC. You can tell they are still testing because speeds are all over the chart from 5Mbps to 30Mbps.

    • Jay J. Blanco


    • Noah James

      that explains why I can’t keep a decent HSPA plus signal. LolI guess it’s time to upgrade my phone for an LTE compatible one.

      • John Mayer

        I cant keep a decent signal on any 4g. Since theyre doing so much work on the network I go from 4g hspa+ to 4g lte to edge. Today has been the exception. I’ve been on Lte most of the day

        • Noah James

          Yesterday I went from HSPA+ to edge to GPRS to no service… Then back to edge. The whole gamut. Lol ( I don’t have an LTE device; so not sure if I would have connected to the LTE network.)

      • BlackLighted

        Since they diplex the LTE and the HSPA+ onto the same AWS band antennas on each tower, they often need to take the HSPA+ off-air, when they are working to add the LTE equipment on.
        The HSPA+ does comes back on, although a tower might be offline for a couple of days as it’s being upgraded.
        The LTE might not be turned on right away after the tower rebuild, but the presence of 1900 HSPA+ tends to be the telltale sign that the site is now prepped with LTE.

        • Noah James

          I could be wrong but I don’t think Charleston has been re framed yet. feel free to correct me. I do know for a fact that we have some LTE,I was just out yesterday testing it with speed test.

    • Noah James

      what places is LTE showing Charleston?

      • TMOguy

        There are many towers in Charleston with LTE now. Tower by Citadel mall appears to have LTE. Hwy 17 between 52 and 526 towers have LTE.

        • John Mayer

          I’ve seen Lte on Daniel Island near the Tmo call center and through a good portion of N. Charleston in the Rivers ave 526 / 26 corridor. Most of this morning from midnight to around 5 was 0 signal for the entire area.

        • Noah James

          Thanks. I was out and I saw on a family members phone “LTE.” At times the download is the same as HSPA+ in the same area but the upload is much higher on LTE.

    • Jeff Howard

      I had 0 speed in west Ashley on Friday. Couldn’t even run a speed test.

    • Noah James

      I got 17mbps to 22mbps download & 3 to 10 upload. when I did multiple speedtests yesterday,driving all over charleston.

  • Tulio

    NYC Queens i have 4G LTE on my sG4

    • TBN27

      It’s all over NYC now.

  • jmfos

    I get LTE in Seattle on a HTC One but notice that I only get one or two bars with LTE and four or five bars with HSPA+. The LTE is still fast but the bars are very low. Can someone explain why that is?

    • J-Hop2o6

      It’s not fully launched here in Seattle yet. Wait for the announcement, then Tmo will push the LTE signal at full power.

      • TMOguy

        You’re probably getting the LTE from a tower or two away, but HSPA from your closest tower.. About 50% of the towers in Seattle have it right now. If you knew where the LTE tower was and you were right next to it, the signal would be great (and the speed smoking…). They should be at 100% by December, just be patient!

        • J-Hop2o6

          Nope. Right next to one and only getting 3-4/5 bars. And driving away drops bar by bar quickly. So like I said earlier, once Seattle has been fully announced/launched, the signal should be comparable to AWS HSPA+ distance/signal strength.

          EDIT: Unless you meant to reply to jmfos, lol. And Seattle should be launched before summer ends.

  • cowboys901

    I’m gettin LTE in Memphis. Only gettin 1 to 2 bars where I work but no other place. I’m gettin 13 mbps down and 7mbps up

    • Airport Guy

      I noticed I had LTE when I pulled into the airport this morning. I got really poor speeds, but a better than average ping. Hopefully, they’ll activate some more towers.

      • cowboys901

        Somebody said there were getting LTE in Bartlett

  • Amy

    I *was* getting consistent LTE in Wichita, but since the new carrier update last week, NADA. Hopefully it’ll come back soon…

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I was in Sacramento yesterday in North Natomas area and I picked up some LTE but it kept dropping off quickly and HSPA was getting kicked off as well down to Edge. Hopefully this was just because of testing

  • samsavoy

    The faster they deploy LTE, the faster they can upgrade EDGE

    • BlackLighted

      T-Mobile is actually good at recycling equipment, a lot of the original 2G equipment went to areas with no coverage when they upgraded areas to to HSPA+, so hopefully as they add LTE, the 3G HSPA+ equipment goes to current 2G areas, and the current 2G stuff goes to places currently not covered at all.

      I’ve seen 2G equipment from back pre-2001, when T-Mobile was Voicestream, being moved to extreme rural areas, and some of that equipment is probably 18 years old now.

      • samsavoy

        It would be suicide if they don’t jump straight to LTE from EDGE.

        • BlackLighted

          LTE requires Fiber Back-Haul, some places just don’t have it available everywhere, the only other option being Microwave back-haul, which might work where it’s perfectly flat, but hilly areas rule that out as well.
          AT&T did 3G without upgrading backhaul and it was a disaster, Verizon is doing LTE without upgrading it’s backhaul, and that’s turning out to be another disaster today.
          What’s the difference between EDGE and LTE, if it all runs at sub-EDGE speeds??

        • samsavoy

          Well obviously if there isn’t backhaul available you wouldn’t deploy LTE in the first place. But there’s a lot of fiber out there.

  • hello

    can someone answer this question for me please i went to the Apple store yesterday to buy an iphone 5 and i asked them
    will the unlocked version work with hspa+ for tmobile they said no it
    only works with lte and reframed areas. So im asking if anyone bought
    the unlocked iphone 5 does it work with hspa+ or is it Edge and spotty
    reframed areas?

    • Ross

      Yes if you buy it right now from apple it will work on tmobile hspa on the 1700/2100 band, you can check the back of the box to be sure

      • hello

        do you have the unlocked version and what should it say one the back of the box

        • Bob Archer

          I have an unlocked iPhone 5 32GB with the correct support. They do have some older models at the apple store, so be sure to check the serial number.


          If you order online from Apple you will be getting the new model (revision, model number is the same) with the t-mo freqs.)

        • Ross

          It should say 1700/2100 hspa+. I can guarantee you that if you go to apple store and buy a brand new iPhone 5 unlocked it will have tmobile 1700/2100 hspa

    • vrm

      apple has posted tech specs on their website. The GSM version has HSPA+ and LTE frequencies for BOTH AT & T.

      • vrm

        and tmobile.

    • TBN27

      As of April 2013, the unlocked IPhone 5 can connect to all 4G frequencies. It can connect to T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 over AWS as well as the LTE over the same frequency band. It connects to HSPA+ 21 on the PCS band. So you will get reliable 4G where available.

    • ghulamsameer

      T-Mobile has HSPA+ in two frequencies: 1700 MHz and 1900 MHz. Originally, they used only 1700, but the iPhone is not compatible with that frequency, so late last year, they began converting their 1700 MHz HSPA+ to 1900 MHz HSPA+ to be compatible with the iPhone. To answer your question, yes, a factory unlocked iPhone will work in converted (1900 MHz) HSPA+ areas as well as LTE areas. I would recommend buying the T-Mobile iPhone however, because it supports both 1700 and 1900 MHz, so you will generally have more HSPA+ coverage.

  • Solowalker

    My brother on an HTC One and my sister on an iPhone 5 have been spotting LTE in the Provo, UT area but usually not even long enough to get a speed test off. My brother finally got one yesterday at about 8 Mbps down and 9 Mbps up.

    • aukicadeso

      Went to Sonic west of BYU campus in Provo on Saturday and got LTE the whole time we were there. 25 Mbps Down, 8 Mbps Up on iPhone 5. Sent the speedtest screenshot via Twitter to @Tmonews and @tmobile. @tmobile favorited it.

      • Solowalker

        Confirmed. I actually just switched to T-Mobile myself and am getting about the same speeds. T-Mobile sales rep in the store said the transition isn’t complete, though, and coverage may be spotty depending on the tower you’re connected to. I’ve already confirmed that with my wife being stuck on Edge and my phone jumping between LTE, Edge, and 4G frequently in some areas.

  • jimmyhoffa007

    They are all over in southeast michigan. I could list around ten cities that I’ve gotten speeds of 23 or so down and 18 or so up.

  • Jason Thompson

    I am now getting LTE coverage everywhere on my T-mobile iPhone 5 in the Savannah area (GEORGIA). Before it was only on River street downtown. LTE coverage has Expanded For Savannah!

    • Jeff Howard

      I normally get 10-15 down in City Market. A few days ago I noticed on my s2 that the speeds dropped to around 8, & now they’re back to normal. I’ve been thinking about upgrading to an s3 with lte, maybe now is the time! On a side note, I was in Charleston last week & had 0 speed in west Ashley. I hope they’re getting refarmed & their service isn’t always that terrible!

      • Noah James

        West Ashley speed wasn’t great but it wasn’t that bad last time I was there. It must be getting worked on 4 LTE, some areas of Charleston are just now popping up with it.

  • TechHog

    Saying that the clock is ticking when summer began less than 2 weeks ago sounds so weird lol.

    • BlackLighted

      Summer doesn’t “officially” end until September 22, so they have a lot of wiggle room when they repeatedly make that “end of summer” statement.

      Lots of people out there thinking summer ends in late August, because that’s when they are going back to School/College…

      100Mil POP’s also refers to covered population, or “potential customers”, not actual customers with LTE service.

      • TechHog

        Exactly. He started saying it before summer even began…

      • philyew

        The official target has variously been described as “H1 2013” in the capital markets presentation back in December and “mid 2013” in the Q1 report and “midyear” in at least one LTE press release i.e. the one David links to every time he uses that “summer’s end” comment.

        Nothing that has been published by TM themselves, as far as I can see, actually uses the words “summer’s end.”

        That being said, an announcement should indeed be imminent.

    • philyew

      The problem is that TM have never made that “summer’s end” statement. What they have said, repeatedly, from the capital markets presentation last December through the first quarter report and in at least one press statement regarding LTE (to which David repeatedly refers), is that the 100 million POPs was a target for “mid 2013”. The graphic in the capital markets presentation said it was “H1 2013”, which is now over.

      An announcement should therefore be imminent.

  • Justchillinuno

    SALT LAKE CITY has areas with LTE, Its growing everyday!! I have screen shots!

  • sincarafan247

    LTE is in Port Richey, FL. I was at the store the other day and noticed. Still not at my house though. I did a speed test and got 26.08 down and 10.22 up.

  • Guest

    I spent the entire weekend traveling Chicago and didn’t have LTE once on my One S. I’m not saying it isn’t there, I just never found it.

    • guest23

      the one s doesnt have LTE

    • TMOguy

      LET is extensively deployed all over Chicago. I’m looking at the tower map now and it’s hard to find a tower without LTE or the 1900 refarm either. If you can’t find it there might be something wrong with your phone.

      • Shahzad Malik

        How much further does Addison IL have to go? Zip code 60101

    • randomnerd_number38

      The HTC One S doesn’t have lte. Only the HTC One (with no “s”)

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    I just flashed a custom ROM last night and thought the lte designation was just their way of showing hspa but then I did a speed test and was pleasantly surprised. the coverage is spotty at best. I got 24-25 down and 7 up

    Jacksonville fl

    • jaxgrim

      It will get better. We are literally turning on new sites every day.

  • Mikem6090

    There is a Greensboro, SC just outside Myrtle Beach. But, there is no new LTE or 1900 MGz 3G/4G service there. I’m sure they meant Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point, NC. I get that new coverage 4 miles from downtown WS, but that’s it. They still need to expand the re-farming to cover much of central Greensboro and western Winston-Salem. Very spotty at best.

    • tbone

      Probably meant Greenville/Simpsonville since I reported that this weekend.

      • Mikem6090

        That makes since. Passed through there the last week and found some LTE. But, Greensboro and Winston do have a few towers done as well.

    • jefski2003

      In myrtle beach. Waiting, waiting, waiting!

      • jefski2003

        Im getting 11.5 down, 1.4 up on hspa

      • Noah James

        I’m at my house waiting waiting waiting. I have it outside of my house and my neighborhood but not inside. Lol

  • Rob916

    There’s been LTE in Sacramento for almost a month now. Good coverage downtown and in the north area, not so much in the south end of the County.

  • Ruvim

    Springfield, MA and West Springfield, Ma have Tmo LTE!

    • rcarlosnyc

      Any idea about Monson, MA?

      • TMOguy

        Most of Monson, MA is just 2G… Sorry, maybe in 2014.

      • Ruvim

        Nope… I think most areas that had the refarm will be getting the lte

    • Kenan Jackson

      I was seriously surprised to get it in Amherst this morning. I figured western mass would be all but forgotten with Boston only just now officially having it. Bravo TMO!

  • Nick Martinez

    Modesto should be listed as well. It’s fully blanketed in LTE.

    • Alex

      There’s LTE there, maybe that means it could be one step closer to getting it in Merced I suppose.

  • Khanh

    Roanoke, VA also has LTE

  • bryce brown

    got 35 down and 25 up here in tallahassee where is with hspa+ I would only get about 16 down and maybe 5 up

  • Nick

    I’m really curious how Google will handle LTE on the next Nexus. They didn’t put in on the 4 because of proprietary LTE bands that each major carrier has. Now that all the big boys have LTE, the HAVE to put LTE on the next nexus…I just wonder how that will affect their “one phone” model.

  • Debra Brown

    I live in Schenectady NY and I’ve been seeing LTE on my one for about a week now

  • Aaron Tillery

    We’ve had lte for about two weeks now here in buffalo Ny I get about 22mb down 10 up my sister in Syracuse ny woke up today getting lte getting 16 down 9 up nice bump about double the speeds of our already fast speeds although I sometimes lose lte and fall back to Hspa+ sometimes well see once its fully up good job Tmobile not forgetting about rest of NY state :)

    • Nathan Ferguson

      Unfortunately that’s not the case for Rochester, NY (Monroe County).

      Downtown Rochester, Gates and some of Henrietta are covered the best. But anything else in Monroe County is pretty much EDGE and south of the thruway it’s very spotty with next to no coverage.

      I really wish they would just get rid of EDGE in Monroe County.

      Please make that happen T-Mobile. I really want to recommend your service to friends and family.

      • The_Guest_Who

        They must be testing LTE in Rochester – my wife just noticed LTE popping up on her Note II today in North Greece. Not very consistent, though, as it wasn’t up long enough to run a speedtest.

  • JTB

    Cincinnati anyone?

    • Jesito473

      Nothing yet, I was told by a Tmo csr that there aren’t any LTE towers in the area. Not sure if she meant yet, or if they aren’t live. Tired of seeing all these lte sightings in smaller cities and having to deal with 3G speeds around here still. Lol.

      • JTB

        But hey a lot to be thankful for…we could have sprint 3g speed. I will take my 13 down on the east side of Cincinnati over sprint 3g any day

        • Jesito473

          Lol! You should be thankful, I’m lucky if I get 4mb down! I wouldn’t care to wait if I got at least 10 on a regular basis. And forget about connecting when my Red’s are in town.

        • Noah James

          Do a service call if you are having slow data in your area. Just a friendly suggestion.

        • Jesito473

          I’ve submitted 4 to this day.

        • Noah James

          Maybe your Sim card is bad go to a store and swap it out.

        • Jesito473

          I’ve tried everything you’ve mentioned and more. It’s a matter of waiting and see if it gets better, if not, there is always alternatives. Thanks for the suggestions though.

        • Noah James

          You are welcome. hopefully it gets better. If you are still open to suggestions whats your apn if you a non LTE device make sure it is epc.tmobile.com or LTE device fast.tmobile.com here is a link to an article on xda if you want to make sure they are right. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2240233

        • Jesito473

          I have the HTC One, in the month I’ve had it, I’ve researched and learned a few tricks lol. I I’ve it set at fast.tmobile, and have the epc apn as back up, I’ve also found a way to switch the Radio to just pick up Band 2 (1900mhz) that seems to work, when we have baseball games here in the area, which is when I encounter the this problem(and I’m a good mile from the Red’s stadium) I figured that out with an iPhone 4 I have laying , since the area is refarmed I can use it, and to my surprise it connects with no problems, even when my One doesn’t or barely does. I’ve already had the phone replaced, so not sure why this phone doesn’t connect to this band 2 when the others fail. I’m hoping once LTE comes to Cincinnati, it will be better(if we get it anytime soon) lol

        • Noah James

          Knowledge is key my friend. Once you get LTE you will need to worry about indoor coverage, you may not be able to use it ( like me.)

        • Jesito473

          Ahh man, dont tell me that lol. I’m hoping that at least I can get half the signal strength I get indoors with 4G, with LTE. I guess I’ll have to be perched on the third floor were I normally get -71 dbms.

        • Noah James

          Sorry to rain on your parade.

        • Jesito473

          Lol, its cool, ill definitely keep you posted :-)

        • Noah James

          Thank you

        • bt

          When I called they told me it needed to be on fast.t-mobile.com to get the best connection to the towers in our area that have been upgraded and are ready for LTE. I’m in White Oak.

      • bt

        I called and they told me all the towers by me were ready for LTE and I should see it any day. They actually told me the locations of the towers.

        • Jesito473

          For Cincinnati? Please tell me there’s one on the Covington side lol. “Correction” I just remembered you are on the Eastside of town. Well I hope its true and we will all see some LTE love around the city soon.

    • sidekicker89

      I get LTE here in Dayton! had it since May 30th! :) However, I looked at the map of markets of spectrum that T-Mobile was given from AT&T and it seems like Cincinnati or Cinci/Dayton was one of them. I’m not 100% sure though but it seems like Cincinnati will be a 10×10 LTE market soon. Just a guess though.

      • JTB

        Yea I go to Dayton alot to see family and its nice. But once you get South of Springboro back to 3g.

  • J Lee

    New York on the map as well. Rye Brook, Port Chester, some Bronx areas as well.

    Also Greenwich CT and also Stamford in some areas.

    Surprising how much LTE ive been seeing out of nowhere.

  • Herbert Portillo

    I’ve had LTE in Santa Barbara for over a month now. Love it.

  • calgrav24

    I’m getting LTE in Olympia, WA on the westside where I work and am seeing speeds as much as 28 down and 16 up but I was able to get about 30 down and 4 up over hspa+ 42 before they started upgrades so not as impressive as I thought but the uploads are a plus. BTW before we got lte here my hspa+ speeds were cut in half not sure why though.

  • Singleweird

    LTE in Boulder, Colorado!

  • KingCobra

    Think you mean Greensboro, NC in your article, not SC. I drove up 85 a few days ago out there and spotted LTE on my iPhone 5.

  • Clarkkent113

    I had been patiently waiting for the Tallahassee rollout and I finally saw it today! I only got it sporadically but I was averaging speeds of 18mbps when I had it, and the upload were averaging ~7mbps, which is way better then what I was getting with HSPA+

    My best ever is still 27mbps on HSPA+, I suspect I’ll get in the 30s with LTE eventually as it becomes wider in Tallahassee.

    • Noah James

      yes, as the engineers continue to fine tune LTE in your area the speeds should go up & stay at a more consistent average. Well that is the hope. Lol

  • Evan

    I’ve been getting LTE all over the East Bay Area. 50 down was the best speedtest I got.

  • Jody Smith

    There is LTE in parts of Palmdale, CA. This is odd that T-Mobile included this city in its’ 100 million POPS initial rollout. Palmdale, although a decent sized medium city, is all the way out in the middle of the desert. Normally this area is among the last on the list to get faster MBB speeds from any carrier let alone T-Mobile.

    I wasn’t expecting LTE up here until 2014 at the earliest… if that.

    T-Mobile skipped over a bunch of other cities then gave LTE to Palmdale. I wonder if some local SoCal executive lives there and had some influence on this odd rollout way out there?

  • Jody Smith

    Is everyone in LTE areas seeing LTE when they go indoors too? Mine went from LTE to 4G which is better than what it used to go to. A few weeks ago my signal at work went straight to EDGE as soon as I would step inside.

    • Shahzad Malik

      That’s my biggest complaint. The lte is crap when you walk indoors… Unfortunately this has a lot to do with the frequency tmobile is using (1700 and 2100) Att and Verizon use 700 and 800 which allows for them to go through walls/buildings… Not sure what tmobile is going to do about this.

      • Noah James

        same problem here I’m in charleston south carolina and I have LTE in my drive way but not the house.of course we are a very new market for LTE so maybe it can improve.

    • J Haynes

      I get lte on my note 2 inside a rather large building I work in. In Winston Salem NC

      • D Nice

        J Hayes how do you feel with your overall T-mobile service in your area? I’m here in Greensboro NC, and I’m thinking of switching this weekend!

  • Al

    What about Long Beach, CA, the south bay area, CA and Orange county?? Have these areas been refarmed yet??

  • williejackbrainer

    Has anyone seen LTE in the Nahsua New Hampshire area? I got speeds of 25 down and 10 up not bad.

  • genocirca82

    I have LTE in Albany NY area as of last week. With 20 down and 11up on my Note 2

  • Ziich

    yay Jacksonville

  • Milad

    Detroit suburb LTE VERY IMPRESSIVE
    Check out my Speedtest.net result! What’s your speed?: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/i/578439105

  • Milad

    Detroit sub LTE 29 Mbps down

  • doubleatheman

    I know of some more LTE sightings that are not on this list :P (I know its hard for you to keep up/know about them all.)

    Much of “Santa Rosa-Petaluma CA area / North Bay California” has LTE showing up for me when I do a search for network operators. (Also last month when I when I had a Tmo Prepaied sim I got a few LTE tests in Petaluma succesfully: http://i.imgur.com/SrORVgw.png

    Also someone else with sensorly has picked up LTE in my Town: http://www.sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/T-Mobile/lte_310260

    Also of note: Napa CA, Novato CA, San Rafael CA all are showing some LTE on sensorly

    As I am driving through my area Tmo LTE shows up in the network operator list all the way up through the north end of Santa Rosa CA.

  • jlesho09

    So they’re lighting up LTE in Tallahassee even though the northeast and southeast parts of town are still stuck on 2G? Hm…

    • Noah James

      LTE is nice. 2G is not. My best advice call T-mobile and do a service request 4 the 2G areas. Best of luck.

      • jlesho09

        Oh I’ve called a bunch of times to submit my request but it never helps. The LTE doesn’t matter to me much right now anyway because my phone isn’t LTE capable (even though the other carrier variants of it are…), but it would be nice to be able to stream my music on the way to and from work, which I can’t do on 2G.

        • Noah James

          when they did the service request they had your address correct didn’t they? when I called to do one they had me living in an apartment which I do not.

  • MSGPresident

    Just got my HTC One on Friday and was pleasantly surprised to find LTE in Riverside, CA!


  • robprofita

    I just hit a tower today in port st Lucie FL that had lte I was so excited I pulled over to do a speedtest got 34megs down with 2 bars of LTE

  • windycity go Hawks

    CHICAG LTE 4 Downloand 1 upload. NOW 4G 9 Download 3 upload.CHICAGO needs lots of work on their LTE NETWORK.FROM THE 60639 AND 60641,60647 60618 60707 60068 LTE NOT GOOD 4G AND 3G ITS BETTER.T-Mobile sucks in chicago.

    • Shahzad Malik

      It definitely needs work.. No signal penetration of lte in buildings



    • RobotChupacabra


      • Blackhawks Rules

        Your almost close I’m 18 I’m a female. So I get mad when I have 2 LTE phones and their always on edge and LTE sucks in Chicago it’s going on 4 weeks and no improvement.

        • Shahzad Malik

          I keep calling tmobile, and they keep telling me the area is going through modernization

        • Noah James

          modernization means reframing or moving the frequencies around to the 1900MHz read this article it explains better than I could. http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-5736

    • Shahzad Malik

      Same issue here man… Here in Addison IL I get lte only when outside.. The minute I go into my home or any other building it’s gone..

    • Noah James

      Why did you capitalize everything? I couldn’t read your whole comment because caps for every word is very annoying. Same issue with LTE in building penetration in Charleston SC.

  • Noah James

    If you are on this website complaining about being stuck on edge with T-mobile you are complaining to the wrong crowd. The only time complaining on this site will help you is if someone from T-mobile reads your comment. If you are having service issues call 611 and do a service request, thank you.


      yes we that me n 96 people from work.thank you for the 411.

  • Mobilewolf789

    Perhaps if Att or other competitors can ridicule tmobile how how much they talk about speed and coverage yet have so many areas on edge (where they don’t) tmobile will be embarrassed into stepping up their game. Hey I don’t suffer from these issues but I have great empathy for those who do. I would be more than happy to make this suggestion to the other big 3 or whoever is doing better than tmobile edge in some areas.

  • godhand4505

    Tmo lte started in saint cloud Minnesota today as well I mapped it with sensorly 4g maps

  • Bteague13

    I’m so excited about T-Mobile LTE in Huntsville, AL! AT&T finally turned their LTE on here in May and Verizon’s has been here for some time. I will definitely be leaving Verizon now.


    I have Tmo LTE at my house in Royal Oak, Michigan (2 miles north of Detroit)

  • Xanderalmighty

    Tmobile lte getting better everyday in NYC. Too bad speeds aren’t as high as what I heard AT&T been having.

    • keasycase

      Only because we r doing 5*5mhz AT&T have 10*10

    • sidekicker89

      won’t T-Mobile have 20×20 in NYC after using the Metro PCS spectrum?

      • RobotChupacabra


    • RobotChupacabra

      They’re only using 5×5 channels for LTE right now. Combined in NYC market, T-Metro has 50 MHz of AWS (30 T-Mo, 20 Metro) and 40 MHz of PCS spectrum (All T-Mo). They still have to use some AWS for WCDMA, so of the 30 they can currently use, 10 (5 up, 5 down) is used for LTE and rest is HSPA+. Future for NYC is good, though: 50 MHz of adjacent AWS spectrum 1730-1755(up) + 2130-2155(down), which means they can do 20×20 LTE and 5×5 HSPA+ on AWS, with PCS being HSPA+ and GSM.

  • DT1

    Rochester, NY showed LTE yesterday in downtown areas also on TMO iPhone 5

  • DT1

    DT1, also 1900MHz refarming shows a lot of progress. AT&T line crews are working on local stations and TMO Techs are making changes patching in the 585 area. http://www.airportal.de/

    • sidekicker89

      how do you know the difference between the Tmo Techs from the AT&T crew? Do they have T-Mobile uniforms?

      • DT1

        Talked to them on site, did see trucks, uniforms, equipment and some credentials. AT&T crew was up on the tower except for one guy on the ground with me in the hardware room. TMO guys just left, but they were making changes / patching while AT&T crew did not know exactly what the TMO guys did.

  • Totally Not a T-Mo Employee

    That’s Lynnwood, WA. Lynwood is in California.

  • Henry

    Just picked up lte in Gainesville fl

  • sidekicker89

    Just a friendly reminder for everyone to download the Sensorly app on your phone and map out T-Mobile LTE where you are! :)

    • Jeff Howard

      Lte in Savannah GA! Had to use the s4 in the tmobile store to map it on sensorly since I have an s2. Download is still slow – I was getting 7-12, but getting 5-9 on upload! Great job tmobile keep it up!

  • Jeff Howard

    Lte in Savannah GA! It’ll show up on sensorly shortly!

  • disqus_3QcIxgGZJR

    Rochester, NY has LTE also please mention that…

  • Ron

    Va beach, Norfolk Virginia has LTE

    • Hilton GoWahoos Redskins

      I second this. I got 25 down/20 up on LTE in greenbrier, which i bet is feeding off the tower in downtown Norfolk

  • brandon1467

    Greensboro is in North Carolina, not South Carolina.

  • Richard

    LTE Sightings in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, NC

  • Nick

    LTE in Gainesville FL

  • Greg Hartley

    Hey guys. Just join tmobile with the iPhone 5. I get greats service and I’m currently live in Atlanta (lte area). I was just wondering, when I go into my apn setting, under LTE it has options next to it . Do I need to enter any information here to be able to receive LTE when it goes live. Thanks Greg

    • djkhalid

      no dont worry bout it see it is set to automatically switching so when LTE arrives it will switch on its own.

  • Delton Johnson

    ive spotted LTE In Montgomery Alabama

  • Delton Johnson

    ive spotted LTE In Montgomery Alabama on my iphone 5 in certain areas around Montgomery

  • DL21

    Wow all this fuss over spottings of LTE when Verizon and AT&T have launched nationwide networks. My GS4 on Verizon can pick up LTE all over the country from Anchorage to Boston. Now that’s dependability. TMobile lacks this and thats why I love my Verizon service. It’s one thing to claim to have LTE service but its a whole another game to actually have that service nationwide. Our LTE covers 99% of our coverage areas. Many reasons one choice that is a very powerful thing. The choice is obvious Verizon.

    • Shahzad Malik

      You are correct sir, but you also pay 60 dollars or more per month! I’m here in Addison IL which is a suburb of Chicago. My tmobile services have always been good and now that I have lte it’s even better. If you are in a major city tmobile is the way to go. If your in a poodung city, then it’s Verizon or Att.. I think eventually tmobile will become a contender is this race, but for now it is what it is.

    • Patrick

      Clearly T-Mobile is a threat to Verizon’s business. Otherwise you wouldn’t be in here trying to badmouth them. Verizon is starting to lose business to individuals and especially families that live where T-Mobile’s LTE is lighting up. No contracts plus LTE that’s better than Verizon and service for a four smartphone family starting at $100… can you hear me now?

      • Patrick, I’m a big T-Mobile evangelist but I can’t find, nor would I imagine I could anything that would substantiate the argument that T-Mobile is gaining customers in their 7 LTE markets at Verizon’s expense. How are you validating that other than your own assumption? Verizon is hardly losing business period, nevermind in an incredibly limited number of T-Mobile LTE markets.

  • Jeff

    Companies which keep corrupt directors (John) and eliminate hard working
    employees or replace hard working employees with their own buddies based on
    John’s decision will always be failure and last on in their industry. They will
    always need some other company or bank to keep them running and to distract
    their customers and employees. But sooner or later these type of companies get
    crushed under the weight of their own corruption.

    Directors like John who hasn’t done a single positive thing for the organization, employees or customers. He is still sitting ideal replacing hard working employees with his buddies, collecting large salary and bonus for all his corruption and discriminating activities.

    It makes it harder for employees to provide good service to its customer when they have to spend so much of energy to save themselves from day to day corruption from senior leadership.

    • khalidalomary

      calm down man im with i i hate john. did u get laid off by him

  • hound dog

    Mobile Alabama and destin fl lte hooray it’s live

  • abolds4397

    I have been getting a nice hit of LTE here in Jacksonville, FL today too. My GS4 and I are loving it! Can’t wait until we are totally online around the whole area!

  • Damian

    Meanwhile in Cincinnati….. The LTE acronym remains hidden.. :-(

    • Adam

      I really thought Cincy would have it by now…

      • Jesito473

        Unfortunately we don’t, have LTE in Cincinnati, and won’t anytime soon. T-mobile does not have enough Spectrum to run HSPA+, and for LTE much less. Hoping they do get a grab on Leap Wireless, cause that would definitely bring us some much needed Spectrum, or at least I hope.

  • Prevacator

    Pretty excited about the sporadic LTE I’ve seen here in Buffalo. First time I’ve been with a carrier with LTE connectivity. Before that I was with an MVNO with no chance of LTE. Still, I wish they would expand their current HSDPA coverage over upgrade to LTE as I still get Edge everywhere outside of Buffalo.

  • Nicolas Ivan Berrios

    I live in Chico, CA and where I work and around the mall there is LTE. Full bars LTE where I work which is amazing!!