T-Mobile Sending Out Event Invites For July 10th, Rolling Out Their “Boldest Moves Yet”


I wish I could say this invitation arrived in my inbox, but the invite received by the folks at 9to5Google shows off a July 10th special T-Mobile media event. Previewed as their “boldest moves yet,” it begs the question if there’s any relation to the July 14th “Major Release” from yesterdays leaked roadmap.

Hopefully, T-Mobile will see fit to reconsider an invitation for little old me which is clearly lost somewhere in email no-mans land. Right John Legere? That’s ok, I’ll do my best to preview what we’re going to see anyway.

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  • You totally deserve to go david!

  • spup

    Come on TMo, this guy is busting his ass to promote your company.

  • RobotChupacabra

    Probably too soon, but would love to see them announce rolling out 4×2 MIMO asap.

  • thepanttherlady

    Loved the last line in this article!!

    • Verizonthunder

      What do you hope beside’s the announcement’s of LTE roll out live, Sony Xperia Z/Nokia Lumia 925, and phase 2?

    • JB

      So did I! Lol

    • Bklynman

      I am sure you got one Lady. I will be more than happy to
      go with you. ;-)

  • Chris

    Uh…yeah are there any other blogs like this one? I’m serious…how could you NOT be invited?

    • superg05

      he’s there snowden

  • Get_at_Me

    David and John Legere are bffs…. Clearly a misunderstanding regarding David’s invitation. Lol.

  • JB

    We clearly need to flood John’s inbox showing our disdain for your non-invite!

  • predation

    i’m sure its the new phones.

    • I seriously doubt it is.

      • superg05

        did phone dog get an invite if so maybe you can go with one of them? there your colleagues right

    • drklahn

      yeah, the announcement has to beat the Simple Plan – which is actually revolutionary.

      • Which Simple Plan? The credit check plan? it’s not revolutionary at all…it’s FlexPay under a different name.

        • drklahn

          Was referring to the Simple Choice Plan where the cost of the device is separated from the cost of service.

        • So am I, that’s still not revolutionary. It’s just rehashing a plan that was already out under a different style and heading.

        • TechHog

          I don’t think “beat” was a typo

        • Corporate Owned Retail

          Hey David,
          The Simple plan is nothing like Flex Pay. Flex pay you would have to first your first month in advance. Flexpay was the most complex plan ever.. especially if you were adding features during mid circle. I am very glad we went away from flexpay and brought back the deposits.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Hopefully they’ll bring Carly back. I Miss her! T-Mobile commercials where awesome the end of last year.

    • Djenni

      cuz ur a guy but us gurls want a Hot guy on a tmobile commercial bet u dnt like that idea? huh

      • thepanttherlady

        Personally, I preferred Catherine Zeta Jones as the T-Mobile spokesperson over Carly but I wouldn’t mind the guy they use in the Kraft Zesty Italian dressing commercials. :)

  • LOVE

    If they dont invite you David, than the event isn’t really that BOLD !!!
    Tmobile failing again before the new things even released!!! 8^( I hope not

  • Dakota

    They shouldn’t overhyped this unless they’re giving away free iphones.

    • TechHog

      I’d love a free iPhone!

      … which I would then sell to a sucker on eBay

  • Shahzad Malik

    I bet they will announce all the cities that have seen lte pop ups.. Although if they announce Chicago, they got lots of work as the service sucks right now!

    • drklahn

      I would be more patient. Chicago is not even an official LTE market yet.

    • TechHog

      It’s spotty because it’s not officially launched. Not all of the towers are lit up. If they announce it, they’ll light up the rest of the towers.

      • Shahzad Malik

        I would think the same thing, but tmobile is telling me I should be getting full bars at my house and near it but I can’t pull more than 1…

        • TechHog

          What do you mean by that? The coverage map? If so, that wouldn’t show your LTE coverage yet and is likely referring to HSPA+.

        • Shahzad Malik

          No I called tmobile, all towers in my area are now lte. I should be getting full bars according to them, but I’m only pulling one…

        • TechHog

          If they were all fully lit up, they would have announced it. Reps are wrong sometimes. Just wait, and disable LTE if it’s really bothering you so much.

        • guest

          for some reason the strength of lte is really low…hopefully it will be fixed ASAP…engineering already knows its an issue in s.fla

  • drklahn

    Somehow, I don’t think a couple of phone intros warrants an announcement like this. I thought the no-contract Simple Plan was huge!

    • S. Ali

      Probably announcing their LTE progress and maybe their MetroPCS plans. Who knows, maybe they will announce expansion into rural areas.

    • 21stNow

      Why was the no-contract Simple Plan huge? It’s not significantly different from the Even More Plus plan from three years ago.

  • peralta61

    Lets flood customer service And say we want David to get invited

    • Let’s not do that because those poor folks have enough on their plate and have absolutely no impact on my invitation.

      • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

        too late, just sent them an email and facebook post

  • superg05

    No.. don’t be silly you leak the secrets they need to compete thus hurting the company as a whole no invite for you says John they “appreciate” the fandom though

    • Sure, some leaks force up their timetables but try and stop for a second to see how many comments around here revolve around the idea that something I wrote, said, or leaked allowed someone to stay with the company. I get why they hate my leaks, but let’s face reality…if Engadget leaks a T-Mobile story they can reach more people in a single post than I can in an entire month and yet they still get invited.

      Moreover, on a good month I reach maybe 10% of their entire subscriber base so it’s not like my impact is huge. My biggest audience are the tech savvy and first adopters and there’s a finite number of them on any carrier.

      • superg05

        yes but there source link leads back to you tmonews so they get the glory you take the blame that btw comment was a joke not to be taken to seriously. i love the work you do personally but i can also see there point of view i hope they move past that and send you an invite, i also asked if phone dog was invited if you could go with them?

      • gsm1900

        I’m surprised you didnt get an invite. T-Mobile has an internal daily news report that quotes your website with almost every article.

  • Guest

    did phone dog get an invite if so maybe you can go with one of them

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    Hopefully they announce plans to upgrade the rest of those 15,000 towers from GPRS/EDGE to HSPA+ alongside upgrading the other 37,000 to LTE/LTE-Advanced.

    • samsavoy

      Or an app that you point at a tower and a crew comes within 30 minutes to install the LTE gear.

      • noc007

        I’ll lend my lunch break to rack, stack, and wire.

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    big whop. we all know what’s coming now! = P

  • fghgfhfg

    i would have switched to t-mo along time ago but as with many others i am only covered in 2G i would have to drive 30 minutes just to get 3G……….but if they would just upgrade those 2G towers to 3G towers i would pay my ETF no problem

  • bel
  • Chino

    T-Mobile In East Texas Is Covered In 2G While Metro PCS, AT&T, Verizon, & Sprint Are On 4G LTE.

    • samsavoy

      I think you’ll get access to Metro LTE in that case…maybe…

  • John

    I work for T-Mobile, and it’s kinda funny to me how far off all of the guesses are about what’s coming around the corner. The bulk of the presentation will not have anything to do with phones, or LTE, but something much better.

    • jimmiekain

      ok, I will bite… what will it be about?

      • bobbby

        Here’s a hint..its about prepaid plans

        • jimmiekain

          hmmm… roaming on prepaid?

        • Get_at_Me

          Not really… Bad choice of words, but i see where youre going

    • Freddy


    • keasycase

      Please give us a hint please lol

    • noc007

      Go on.

    • Shahzad Malik

      This guy doesn’t know jack. If he knows others would know and there would be leaks all over the place .. Think about it…

      • jimmiekain

        +100 points. I agree 1000% everyone claiming they know is full of crap.

      • custom1

        The guy who does know is living in a Moscow airport ;)

    • samsavoy

      John Legere is that you

  • LC

    I’m kind of bummed…I walked into my store’s back room the other day when my manager was on her all manager call and my district manager was JUST finishing talking about this event when I walked in. If only I had gone back a few minutes earlier :)

  • jimmiekain

    Ok, here is my guess… they will be the first carrier to officially announce the Motorola X-Phone and since i was the to guess it right They are going to send me one free with 5 years unlimited free service.

    Thank you… YES, I accept. :-)

  • Freddy

    There gonna start selling ipads ! That’s what it is!

  • JJCommonSense

    David Beren 2014! Change we can believe in!

  • TheBlackOmen

    This carrier update is more focused on older iphones. It removes the emergency alert message options from the settings because the older iphones do not support that system.

  • kev2684

    please be unlimited tethering on unlimited plans.
    please be unlimited tethering on unlimited plans.

    i pray to the unlimited overlords

  • Loltool

    Lol David feels lonely and left out. Not sitting at the cool kids table anymore huh….wonder why ^_^

    • Ohhhhhhh I see what you did there.

  • Alex Zapata

    I’ve got it: unrestricted access to all device updates! Wishful thinking……

  • gentleman559

    They have a buyer for T-Mobile US? Getting ready to completely phase out Edge?

  • GwapoAko

    May the invite went to your spam mail David!!! Honestly, John Legre should personally invite you!!! You deserve it man!!!!

  • animaleyezz

    Maybe T-Mobile is gonna buy the 32GB Galaxy S 3

    • TechHog

      There are so many things wrong with this

  • D Velasquez

    i for one would love to attend one of this events, i don’t work for the media so i guess i would have to wait until the next update on this blog.

  • taron19119

    I hope it the 2 upgrades a year program

    • thepanttherlady

      I was wondering if it would be this.

      • taron19119

        its the only thing that makes sense to me what’s more bolder than letting your customers upgrade twice a year and plus the other big 3 will not be able to respond

    • Encino Stan

      2 upgrades a year? I thought you can upgrade anytime you want with the current plans.

  • Encino Stan

    I find it interesting that it is their boldest “moves” yet, as opposed to their boldest “move” yet. Implying multiple actions?

    • taron19119

      it’s not interesting it just means that there is going to be more after this and its rumor that there is a phase 3

  • freddy

    there gonna announce Dish Network buying them -_-

    • penguin

      I think your right!

    • Simpatico

      God, I hope not.

  • Fish

    They are announcing the return of Carly!

  • GinaDee

    I think they plan to upgrade GPRS only areas to EDGE by 2019

  • bobbby

    I work for t mobile..I know what it is and I can’t tell you guys lol

    • Glass

      Stop teasing not really helping you know. – words from ilovegoogleglass

  • Graham Blackadder

    Exclusive deal with BlackBerry for a line of new blackberry bold phones?

  • JBLmobileG1

    I believe it is a move to move away from contracts 100% so if your in one now you will automatically be moved off it but will still be able to keep your old plan if you wish and still be able to upgrade whenever plus finance your phone. Maybe even rent out phones to customers for a small fee, like renting a cable box from the cable company, and you can trade it in for a new model whenever you wish…. just some thoughts.

  • Jimbob

    Many employees know what a large chunk of this is about but I believe there are some “dark” elements to it.

    • taron19119

      Well what is it

    • Encino Stan

      … meaning the let down will be as bad as the post-hype of Project Dark?

      2nd guess. The “Official Man of Steel” Nokia Lumia 925.

  • Jesito473

    Y’all are cracking me up! TG tomorrow is around the corner, so we won’t have to wonder any longer lol. They sure do know how to stir the pots of mystery :-)

  • nbvcvfgyuikmn

    Maybe if you didn’t post things that could hurt t-mobile before they are ready to announce it, you would get invited. No one wants to hang out with a bug mouth…

  • TMoSalesLead

    You want a taste? People will have the ability to do installments on phones even on classic. Chew on that.

    • CRT24

      Customers can already do that.

  • JoeSmith

    I heard that installments for all.

  • eddie

    I hear they are going to speak about the merger

    • taron19119

      I doubt it

      • eddie

        I got a letter from them about it

        • taron19119

          If so send a letter in to David

  • RIM Jobs

    BOLD…. Blackberry?

  • Drbo

    Any ideas of what it will be?

  • truckeemike

    I wish for the Un-Carrier plan for current Tmobilites without a migration fee. Dare to dream, correct? !!!!