(Updated) New Group Of LTE Sightings Includes Portland, Buffalo And Montgomery

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Update: I almost missed a number of sightings out of Albany, NY this past 24 hours so…there’s Albany in here now as well.

It’s been a few days since our last LTE sighting post, but that certainly hasn’t been due to a lack of emails pouring in. Today’s group includes three cities (Portland, Oregon; Buffalo, New York and Montgomery, Alabama) that are not a part of the extended list we have worked off for T-Mobile’s May and June launches. However, as the days wear on I’m not entirely sure just how large (or small) T-Mobile’s next group of LTE launches will be so any of the cities we’ve highlighted with blog posts or included in this list are potential candidates. Still, these are just sightings and are by no means official or known to move beyond a small geographic area.

That doesn’t change the idea that I STILL expect an announcement any day now from T-Mobile as there have been far too many sightings to completely ignore that at least some of these cities are perhaps soft launched. With the window for T-Mobile to hit their promised 100 million POPs covered by summers end narrowly approaching, someone, somewhere must be crafting an announcement. At least, I hope someone, somewhere is doing exactly that.

Now for the public service reminder that I continually offer in these LTE sighting posts: “I wouldn’t jump too far ahead and assume that a LTE sighting means an entire market is live. For the moment, we’re just happy things are progressing and that more markets appear on the horizon.

Let’s recap the list we have for May and June LTE market launches:

  • Atlanta and Sandy Springs, Marietta,
  • Austin and Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos (May Launch)
  • Part of the Carolinas – Charlotte, Rock Hill
  • Chicago and Joliet, Naperville
  • Cincinnati and Dayton
  • Cleveland
  • Connecticut – Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
  • Columbus and Mentor
  • Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington
  • Denver and Aurora, Broomfield
  • Detroit and Warren
  • Honolulu and Maui (May Launch)
  • Long Island, New York and New Jersey – specific areas unknown
  • Los Angeles and Pasadena, West Covina, West LA, Metro LA, Burbank, Beverly Hills
  • Oklahoma City
  • Orlando
  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • Minneapolis and St Paul, Bloomington (May Launch)
  • New England – Boston, Cambridge
  • Philadelphia and Camden, Wilmington (May Launch)
  • Sacramento and Arden, Arcade, Roseville, Fresno
  • San Diego and Carlsbad, San Marcos
  • San Francisco and Oakland
  • Seattle and Tacoma, Bellevue
  • Tampa
  • Tulsa – (May Launch)
  • Phoenix and Tucson (May Launch)

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  • Graham Blackadder

    Keep in trucking T-Mobile, more and more haters keep appearing and talking about your network in various forums. Means you are doing something right.

  • scuttlefield

    Portland! Yay!

  • Bill P

    Got the bump to LTE here in Columbus, OH Sunday night/ Monday morning. Very nice. Thanks, T-Mobile.

  • Willy T.

    I’ve been picking up Lte for about 2 weeks in Nashville, Tennessee on my Note 2. Couldn’t be more ecstatic.

  • marc

    I am patiently waiting for LTE in New Orleans. It looks like it is slowly marching Westward in the deep south.

    • Desmond Foucha

      omg me 2 it looks like it will never happen

    • Cholo

      I’ve had LTE on my iPhone 5 for 2 days now. And I’m in New Orleans. I wanna post a picture but idk how

  • Carlos Santana

    Buffalo, NY!

    • jonkoz311

      Picked up LTE at the Buffalo airport last night. Went back to 4G very quickly though after I left.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Lte in Manhattan NYC and Bronx NYC have been up for weeks now. Thing have been great with Tmobile Lte here in NYC.

    • LuvHTC

      All over NJ as well

  • Brandon

    LTE well north of Boston in the Lawrence/Methuen Massachusetts area. Started on Monday :-)

  • Michael

    Been having all kinds of issues with data around the Boston area on the iPhone 5. I will lose data connectivity while driving. It says I have service, but it won’t connect. Connecting to a wifi network and checking email/FB fixes the issue. Is this related to LTE launch or something else?

    • Erik Weldon

      Yeah I was thinking that. I am from Fall River about 40 miles south of you, and I have been having big time issues…I woke up with a nice little icon this morning…I was happy.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I will say yes. I live in Detroit and while they have been working on LTE, the towers by my house went kind of “Nuts” I had to call customer service, and once they got the engineers out, everything is back to working normal again.

      They are doing work on the actual towers, so I would not be surprised if they are related.

  • Saw it once in Naperville.

    • Shahzad Malik

      It’s all over suburbs of Chicago.. Signal isn’t very high, but it’s launched

      • deon jones

        I don’t think it’s fully launched when I’m in chicago my phone will display lte for a few seconds then back to 4g then when I get back around my home in riverdale il it will say lte with 1 bar then it will go to no service so what’s tha deal with that

        • Shahzad Malik

          Same problem here… One bar.. Pisses me off

  • Erik Weldon

    I have been having serious data issues lately in Fall River, Ma (a city 40 miles south of Boston and 20 minutes east of Providence, which have received LTE) Well I woke up this morning with a nice little 4G LTE symbol on my One…giddy.

    • Jeffrey Jacob

      Erik, I’m form Fall River, MA as well. I saw LTE 2 days ago driving down 79 but haven’t seen it since. I am at work and didn’t pay attention this morning to it. Is it live now?

      • Erik Weldon

        I live off Brayton Ave near where they are building the new Walmart and I got 1 bar of LTE, but it is spotty in my house. I was hanging out in my yard the other day and I had 2 consistently. I get 15-20 MBPS down and like 10 up. The latency is ridiculous compared to HSPA+, and that’s where it shines…never higher than 50 ms.

  • found a lil spot on the Kissimmee/stcloud border where LTE is alive and well.. Covers the Osceola county emergency services and tax collection buildings.. drive 2 minutes in either direction and the signal is gone

  • carlohernandez

    Portland has been soft launched for weeks now (if not fully launched. As we have almost constant coverage within the City limits and Most suburbs) Also our rollout is definetly more thorough than Chicago and most of the summer launch candidates. Which brings me to wonder why we were not on the list. Anywayyyyyyssss im loving 35-40down and 20up thanks T-Mobile

    • superg05

      it was never an official list to begin with so its not set in stone

  • Jeffrey Jacob

    Anyone in the Framingham, MA area have LTE?

    • Brandon

      I have it up here in Methuen.

  • jorgiting

    why do all these sightings always have super low LTE signals ?

    • kev2684

      because the towers isn’t fully upgraded yet?

      • Tina

        How long does it take before they are fully upgraded? Have had very spotty coverage in Cleveland, Ohio

    • drklahn

      LTE can operate with lower signal strength compared to HSPA+. Thus the signal meter kind of understates the functional strength per se. Verizon tricks the user by reporting CDMA signal strength while using LTE as the network connection.

  • jdisaa03

    LTE in Lexington KY

    • Jesito473

      Lucky! :-) how are the speeds so far?

  • usna2k

    I’m in Norfolk, VA – I’ve seen the LTE icon replace the 4G twice in the past four days on my iPhone 5 (including this morning). Haven’t seen the Hampton Roads region mentioned yet in any of these postings.

    • jaxgrim

      They wouldn’t announce Hampton Roads individually. It is part of the Virginia Beach/Norfolk market.

  • Scottfun24

    I have seen 2 bars on my HTC One, In Gainesville,Ga and Buford,Ga

  • chankikis

    YONKERS, New York.

  • samsavoy

    I wonder if they’re planning to do one major launch and give Sprint a run for their money. Sprint can be an easy target (for now).

  • Missemily

    And I just moved from Montgomery to Tallahassee, FL…… Do you have any knowledge of LTE in Tallahassee by any chance?

    • anon

      Very soon.

  • eddy

    The speeds in Sacramento/Elk Grove, CA have been faster than these and with up to 4 bars consistently.

  • the LTE strength in Dallas is getting better .. my phone switches to GSM/WCDMA less and less each day and stays moreso on LTE now.

    • Sok

      Hmm my signal strength is still at 2-3 bars

      The latency has jumped also, from 20-25 to 30-50

      • what part of Dallas are you in?

        • Sok


        • oh and in the Arlington/Grand Prairie/Duncanville area

        • Dylan

          Im in Waxahachie i get constant 3-5 bars on lte average speed 35-46mbps / 18-24up

        • Guest

          I’m in downtown Dallas and Down is 3-5 , up is 1.5.3 ?? is this LTE ???

        • nope Guest that’s not. however i work in Downtown and LTE is available .. i’ve gotten 25-30 down and 15-25 up while downtown.

  • KingCobra

    At this rate Sprint will be behind T-Mobile in the LTE race by the end of this year.

    • keasycase

      Sprint may have more markets… But not that many big markets

      • maximus1901

        Tmobile got fiber to its towers years ago while Sprint is just doing it now. When Sprint is done next June, it’ll have fiber to the tower (and LTE) to 39k towers. Will TMO upgrade ALL their towers 37k to LTE? Or even HSPA+?

  • Juan Pablo Darquea

    I seen lte in florida but Only one bar by ureka and 137 all the way to Sunset and 157

  • Jesito473

    I feel like a little kid in the back seat of a car, on a long road trip.. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Lol. Looking forward to seeing a glimpse of Lte here in the Queen City ( Cinci )

  • LittleKing

    from a couple months ago t-mo already has close to if not a 100 lte sites active (some unofficial) however that’s vastly better than sprint’s sorry lte deployment

  • Desmond Foucha

    I am patiently waiting for LTE in New Orleans

  • Mark

    You got my hopes up with the headline. Unfortunately, this is not the Portland I care about.

  • Rifsha

    Add Savannah GA to that list. LTE shows up on my note 2. In getting 1-2 bars and speedtest is roughly 8 down 6 up with that meh signal strength.

    • Rifsha

      So went to lunch and got a good signal. 26 down 12.5up. Also only on a small area and not even the whole 4g covered area. Definitely still being rolled out here

  • Mayer

    I’m in Miami and I’ve been to three different counties around the area and I never get more than two LTE bars, it’s almost always on 4g. I called tmobile and they told me it depends where you’re at. Apparently everywhere I go the coverage is bad. My girlfriend has AT&T and her phone is always on LTE . Very disappointed with Tmobile.

  • drklahn

    Here’s a primer on LTE strength FWIW. Remember the number of bars is an arbitrary measurement subject to the whims of a programmer.


  • TMOguy

    We had a network open house yesterday here at the FSC. I talked to our local network engineers at length, they were great. Here in Seattle, as of right now, we have 422 cell sites live with LTE, with 842 planned for year end. They had graphs showing how much data is being transmitted over LTE, and it’s mind boggling for a city that hasn’t even officially launched yet. LTE is already live over both downtown Bellevue and downtown Seattle, plus many more areas – even the Olympic peninsula, like Bremerton (which is pretty rural – I was quite surprised at that) so it’s really coming along quickly now.

  • scurvy

    Just an update here in ALbuquerque, New Mexico. had LTE pop on and off for the past week and a half or so. Just did a speed test with 3 bars LTE. Dowload was 20.57 and upload was 7.9 on my BlackBerry Z10

    • scurvy

      thats Mbps btw. just being specific

      • alberto

        Thanks captain obvious

  • Robert Mauro

    Hi David, don’t forget Long Island – so far, good LTE throughout Nassau and western Suffolk (haven’t traveled through eastern Suffolk yet, or into Brooklyn/Queens).

  • CC

    woohoo! picking up LTE strengh in Miami Gardens, Fl……..

  • cowboys901

    Picking up lte in memphis,tn

  • J Haynes

    Winston Salem NC lte is on now as well

  • david

    Picking up LTE in New Haven, CT

  • Rick

    Only getting one bar of LTE inside, and switches back to 4G on and off … Getting 3 bars of LTE outside and no bars in buildings … LTE was turned on 2 weeks ago … Anyone know why this is?

  • Lauren

    Started picking up LTE in Spartanburg, SC today

  • AmGone

    Picked up my phone tonight in Orange Park , FL (right net to Jax) and had LTE on my GN II Two speed test reveal 42K dn, 18k up. Woohoo!!

  • Ben

    Picked up LTE in Daphne/mobile, AL like 2 days ago. 30 mbps down. Phone quickly went back to 4g. Think they are testing it before fully turning it on

  • Richard

    Picked up LTE in downtown Raleigh over the weekend

  • Molten

    I am getting 34 down and up to 21 up in Lynnwood Washington

  • Jesito473

    This list turned out to be perhaps 98.5% accurate, of course we here seem to have fallen in the 1.5% of the inaccurate, go figure lol. Seeing a lot of sightings all around, seems they are on a good track though. Who knows, we have almost 4 hours left in June still.

  • JustDanny

    List says Cleveland for June, July 2nd and NO LTE – and which Cleveland we talking about? Ohio?

  • Roger Sales

    There’s only market on that list that didn’t get at least a partial/beginning rollout, and several that aren’t that did get a rollout. Seems like a good start to me.

  • twest1213

    I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin.I picked up a 4G LTE SIGNAL FOR MAYBE ABOUT 10MINS AND VANISHED IT SHOWED MY LOCATION AS chicago il when runnin a speed test! Bt Im here in the shorewood area maybe they were running a test…I ws told from store sales associates we expected LTE by november but looks not Yessss!!!!!! :-) GREAT JOB T-MOBILE!!

  • Matt Wales

    When Is Norwich, Ct Gonna Launch 4G LTE??

  • Brandon

    Apparently I now have it in Vineland, NJ. I was driving across town and driving along one of the main roads in my city and I checked my signal on a whim and it said “LTE” I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn’t seeing anything. I drove about another half a mile and turned on to my street and it dropped down to HSPA(+) :( At least I know it’s here, they just have to expand the coverage and get rid of the EDGE zones and have everything either HSPA or LTE.