Hello Again With Another Round Of LTE Sightings From Across The Country

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It’s another day in T-Mobile land and you know what that means, another group of LTE sightings. With yesterday’s activity, T-Mobile’s LTE network is clearly stepping into another gear as these sightings are steadily coming in from every geographic area we’ve posted. This morning the honor goes to Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; multiple cities in Puerto Rico, Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida; Salem, North Carolina and Cleveland, Ohio. I should also throw Pittsburgh in as a few sightings have also come my way in the last 24 hours.

I expect an announcement any day now from T-Mobile as there have been far too many sightings to completely ignore that at least some of these cities are perhaps soft launched. With the window for T-Mobile to hit their promised 100 million POPs covered by summers end narrowly approaching, someone, somewhere must be crafting an announcement. At least, I hope someone, somewhere is doing exactly that.

Now for the public service reminder that I continually offer in these LTE sighting posts: “I wouldn’t jump too far ahead and assume that a LTE sighting means an entire market is live. For the moment, we’re just happy things are progressing and that more markets appear on the horizon.”

Are you seeing LTE on your smartphone today?

Let’s recap the list we have for May and June LTE market launches:

  • Atlanta and Sandy Springs, Marietta,
  • Austin and Round Rock, San Antonio, San Marcos (May Launch)
  • Part of the Carolinas – Charlotte, Rock Hill
  • Chicago and Joliet, Naperville
  • Cincinnati and Dayton
  • Cleveland
  • Connecticut – Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
  • Columbus and Mentor
  • Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington
  • Denver and Aurora, Broomfield
  • Detroit and Warren
  • Honolulu and Maui (May Launch)
  • Long Island, New York and New Jersey – specific areas unknown
  • Los Angeles and Pasadena, West Covina, West LA, Metro LA, Burbank, Beverly Hills
  • Oklahoma City
  • Orlando
  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • Minneapolis and St Paul, Bloomington (May Launch)
  • New England – Boston, Cambridge
  • Philadelphia and Camden, Wilmington (May Launch)
  • Sacramento and Arden, Arcade, Roseville, Fresno
  • San Diego and Carlsbad, San Marcos
  • San Francisco and Oakland
  • Seattle and Tacoma, Bellevue
  • Tampa
  • Tulsa – (May Launch)
  • Phoenix and Tucson (May Launch)

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