Op-Ed: What A Difference A Year Makes In T-Mobile Land

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A thought occurred to me shortly after the Sony Xperia Z announcement yesterday (yes, I have thoughts!) and it circled around the idea that in the last 12 months T-Mobile has come completely around with flagship handsets. Okay, maybe 12 months isn’t an exact timeframe and I honestly don’t think the timeframe itself is what matters…just the idea that some time ago we spent a lot of time looking longingly at other carriers and their exclusive flagship deals.

That’s not to say that T-Mobile still isn’t missing a few devices here or there and until the Lumia 925 is actually on store-shelves, T-Mobile still lacks a quality Windows Phone 8 device. However, with the best that Android has to offer in the Galaxy S 4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z, we’re really just missing something from LG and Motorola. Edit: In my first draft I left Motorola out entirely, that shows just how long its been since a Motorola device popped up on T-Mobile. 

This is a very short op-ed and it’s more just a single thought I had as I looked back at the T-Mobile from a year ago and the T-Mobile from today. Yes, there’s still plenty of work to be done to restore the company to the customer service glory of old, or the LTE rollout needing some sort of official announcement for T-Mobile to hit its promised 100 million POPs by summers end. Still, I’m proud of what the UNcarrier is doing now and you can take this as a champion post where you ignore the idea that T-Mobile can do no wrong…I agree that they still plenty to fix as I mention above.

However, this is a T-Mobile that is making an effort to get flagship devices and that’s a big change from a year ago when we were content with a full line of Galaxy devices, but lacked HTC, Sony and Nokia flagship smartphones. LG flagships may or may not come in time, but with the Xperia Z, Galaxy S 4, HTC One, iPhone 5, BlackBerry Z10 and Lumia 925 you’ve finally got a quality set of smartphone options on T-Mobile and that’s something we can all get behind.

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  • CJ

    I agree the Phone choices are awesome! Cant wait to see what they price the 925 at.

  • TMO_Eng

    Agreed. Just one comment – the 100M covered target is for the end of Q2 (June 30th), not the end of the summer. Internally, I can tell you that this goal has already been surpassed, but the announcement won’t be made until the stragglers go live and a final first half figure can be calculated for public release.

    • jay_max

      Will TMO be updating their coverage maps to show where LTE is deployed? The coverage maps on their website seem out of date.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        agreed it only shows dot not actual coverage lol but if you want to see T-Mobile actual lte covergae so far you can use this website http://www.sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/T-Mobile/lte_310260

        • luvyahtc

          That map on Sensorly only shows user submitted speed tests, and is FAR from complete. T-Mobile’s actual LTE coverage here in the NY/NJ area is MUCH more broad than what’s shown on the Sensorly web site. I’ve seen LTE all over NJ, north to south.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          I know that I’m just saying that site gives people a better idea at what markets are live. I haven’t found any maps that shows real live current coverage. So we have to wait and see tmobile will updatwe it by the end of June

      • CPPCrispy

        The map is as of April 18, 2013 according to the map info link under the map. It would be nice if they could show what is available and what frequencies they use. It would be nice to see what is refarmed and what is not.

      • Chad Dalton

        I agree that would be nice to see LTE coverage displayed…

    • philyew

      How will “a final first half figure” be calculated?

      Will it be based on the POPs covered by the actual towers converted? Or will it be an aggregate of the total market size for each market in which LTE is launched?

      Based on the claims around the re-farming exercise, when markets were launched as supporting 3G/HSPA+ on the PCS band when only a fraction of the towers in the market were actually updated, I think it’s a relevant question.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I never had T Mobile before but I love it so far. I am paying off my S4 in the next month or 2 and see if there is something new on T Mobile like Note 3 and see what kind of trade in I can get from them.

    • thepanttherlady

      Don’t count on a high dollar amount as a trade in with T-Mobile. You’ll fare far better going through Ebay, Craigslist or another site to get more for your phone.

      • JJCommonSense

        I’ve actually used Gazelle or Buy Back World (both coms) and have been pretty pleased with what they’ve paid me. BBW has been outbidding Gazelle lately but they’re both worth a shot. And they pay via paypal.

        • thepanttherlady

          I’ve never used those sites but might check them out. I just don’t think it’s worth using T-Mobile’s trade in option unless the phone is older and wouldn’t command much elsewhere.

        • Chad Dalton

          Try glyde dot com you may do well there….

      • samsavoy

        Swappa is a good choice

    • JB

      Yea definately look into going the ebay route or one of the sites mentioned below. In retrospect, I probably should’ve used those sites when I traded in my GS III. Granted, T-Mobile gave me about $230, so I don’t think I got too terrible of a deal especially since I didn’t really feel like going through the hassle ebay, craigslist or buybackworld at that time. However, the $275 and $205 Magenta is offering for the GS 4 and HTC One respectively is down right abhorrent.

      In excellent condition, buyback world is offering $366 for the GS4, FYI

      • KingCobra

        Yeah the max trade in value for any device to T-Mobile seems capped at around $280. The iPhone 5, GS4, Note 2, ONE, all trade in for less than $300.

        T-Mobile trade in is only competitive if you have an older phone.

      • Dion Mac

        also think about how much ebay is going to charge you to sell a phone that amount. I’m thinking more than 50. I sold two tablets at a total of 130 dollars… $24 bucktos. I’m not saying T-Mobile is the way to go, but just keep in mind the hidden cost that ebay will whamp yo ass with.

        • JB

          That’s very true. I don’t sell much on ebay for that very reason. I don’t trust Craigslist all that much either… That was my main motivation for just going to T-Mobile the credit is pretty much instant.. No hassle.

  • Carlos Roberto

    Did you say T Mo is missing something from LG?! Ever heard of the LG Nexus 4?!

  • jason

    Forgot the BBQ10.
    I have been with TMO for a good 7 or 8 years and its never disappointed me just keep getting happier.

  • kalel33

    “we’re really just missing something from LG.”

    What, Motorola doesn’t count as a quality manufacturer to you anymore? I’d love to see the Razr phones on Magenta. I’d rather have Motorola flagship phones, than LG flagship phones.

    • Ian Harrington

      The Motorola had a lot of the issues that LG devices had. Remember the Cliq and Cliq 2. after all the software issues with both those phone I don’t blame T-Mobile for not wanting to touch them

      • kalel33

        The Cliq and Cliq 2 were horrible mid-range phones. The worst phones that T-mobile had were the LG G2x, HTC HD2, and the Cliqs. I cringed whenever I seen one of those phones on an account and knew the person was calling in for tech assistance. Yet, T-mobile still carries LG and HTC and T-mobile continued carrying the Defy, so your deduction would be incorrect. I’d take any of the Razr phones over any LG phone any day of the week.

        The Motorola Razr phones are quality phones that don’t have any of the issues of previous Motorola phones. If you understood what the issue was with the previous Motorola phones then you’d know the issues were all because of the Motoblur software, which is no longer on their phones.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    To check tmobile 4G lte coverage heres the link ! http://www.sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/T-Mobile/lte_310260

  • MaseW

    “we’re really just missing something from LG”

    Um…Nexus 4?

    • Ian Harrington

      I wouldn’t call the Nexus 4 “top of the line” or “flagship”

      • MaseW

        I don’t know why you wouldn’t.

        The only spec that is not equal to, or greater than, any other “flagship” currently available, is storage capacity. Almost 8 months after its’ release, its’ hardware specs are still equal to anything else on the market…and its’ glass backed exterior, is still one of the highest quality designs of an Android device…ever.

        • Ian Harrington

          Simple, the phone had so many issues since the moment it launched, including but not limited too, hardware failure, glass yellowing due to improper gluing on the glass, LG’s poor product history when it come to phones. LG is not a name I want attached to my phone. And a lot of people will agree with me on that.

        • MaseW

          What do post-release issues have to do with a phone being considered a flagship? Are you saying that the original Galaxy S, with all of its’ issues, was not a flagship? How about the HTC Thunderbolt?

          Additionally, what the heck does a manufacturer’s “product history” have to do with determining if a device is a flagship? I’ll point you back to the original Galaxy S again, and say that by your logic, the Galaxy S2 was also not a flagship, because of Samsung’s history which also included the Behold and Behold 2.

          Post release issues, and “product history” do not determine if a phone is a flagship…the design, hardware, and intentions of the manufacturer determine that.

          I would also add that I have had my Nexus 4 since November, and I have experienced none of the issues you have identified. There are more people that have not experienced issues, then there are that have. Reading forums where people generally go to complain, is never a true representation of the total experience. Hundreds of thousands, at least, more likely millions of Nexus 4s have been sold worldwide. If the issues you are talking about were in any way widespread, the noise would be deafening.

          “[A] lot of people will agree with me on that” is nebulous, anecdotal statement. There are also “a lot” of people that would disagree with you.

        • Ian Harrington

          Exactly a lot of people would disagree with me on that as well. And yes i would consider the Galaxy S a Flagship device because considering the others that were out at the time, it was superior even with all it’s issues. Having a few shitty phones in your product line is fine, having nothing but shit in your product line makes you a failure as a company.

          And if Design and intentions make a phone a flagship device, then I can’t think of one device that isn’t a flagship phone.

          I have worked for T-Mobile for 3 years now, I have seen shit and the shit companies have tried to pass off as a great device. I had a lot of hope for the Nexus 4 when it came out and was one of the first people to order it direct from google. having to return mine 4 time for the same issues and discovering other people had these issues as well among other MASSIVE problems the device has make it a bad phone. LG tried with it and failed. And I hope the next Nexus goes to a company who has had more success with phone other than failures.

        • Binny Gupta

          hopefully samsung

        • KingCobra

          Hopefully HTC

        • Dion Mac

          DORK! Oops I’m sorry, that… that was not professional at all and I apologies. Now, every phone is not meant to be a flagship. Example(since you love samsung so much), the samsung exhibit. It does not the cream of the crop phone(FROM SAMSUNG) and was not there intention to be… It is a mid range phone and they also have entry level phones that are as basic as yo basic a$$.

          Now with you working for T-Mobile for 3 years, I would have thought that you’d know the difference between a hardware fail and a software fail. But my 6.5 year T-Mobile Account Specialist having a$$ knows there is a difference. LG, absolutely as fail on the software side with the g2x. That was one quality build of a phone tho. LG did not have there hands in the software of the nexus tho. NOTE: I believe the Optimus G ranked top 3 phones of 2012. Could be wrong, but highly unlikely.

          Lastly, your interpretation of flagship is totally screwed up. Flag-Ship, noun –
          The best or most important thing owned or produced by a particular organization.
          Seeing this is the most important thing produced by google right now… There’s no Google-mobile, no google spaceship, no google Marching bands, no google dentures, they do have google glass but its not launched yet, and the tablets(as the tablet market is not as penetrated as smartphones yet) are NOT most important. So… now… would you say its a flagship device?

          Secondly lastly… You said earlier that product history and the fact that you didn’t like it made it a non flagship phone. Well… Samsung has a history of making plastic phones and I have a history of hating that. So… Galaxy 4 Flagship???

        • Jason

          Methinks you’re full of crap. LG makes killer hardware and by no reasonable measure are their products (including, and especially, the Nexus 4) failures. Nobody gives a crap about your own personal, unwarranted dissatisfaction with LG. It’s baseless. That Nexus 4 (that I doubt you actually ordered, anyway) was doomed in your mind before it even reached your doorstep.

        • Binny Gupta

          I must say that nexus 4 is great and all and that they are awesome but are overhyped a lot.
          Not as much as samsung or apple though.

        • MaseW

          I don’t think that the Nexus 4 is, “ZOMG! Bestest fone eva!”

          I just took issue with the comment that they weren’t “flagship” phones, as they most certainly are.

        • Binny Gupta

          I would love for the nexus phones to be a flagship phone but i can not lie they are not that high up in sales to be considered a flagship phone. But they are coming closer though.

        • MaseW

          Ok, here we go again…

          Just like I said in my other comment, whether or not a phone is a “flagship”, is not determined by any post-release metrics. A flagship phone, is one that upon its’ release, would have the best hardware components available at the time, contain all of the most recent features and functionality, and have “premium” exterior design.

          Devices are designated as flagships before their release, not after.

          The Galaxy S1, S2, S3, and S4 were flagships before they were released. Same with the 2 iterations of the HTC One, and the Sony Xperia Z.

          Not once in the discussion of smartphones, does anyone say, “When this phone is released, it has the potential to be a flagship. But we’ll have to wait before we can start calling it that.”


          It’s always, “Samsung/HTC/LG/Sony/etc is releasing their latest flagship device on (insert date).”

        • Binny Gupta

          I mean i like lg and all but no one really knows about nexus device to the degrees we know about it outside of people who like technology. Ask any random person about the nexus 4 they would not know about it.

        • MaseW

          What does any of that have to do with whether or not it is a flagship device?

          Being well-known, or being a commercial success, or having manufacturing/software quality issues, are still not factors that determine if a device is a flagship.

          flagship: the finest, largest, or most important one of a series, network, or chain (the company’s flagship store)

        • Enzowned

          This. The only credible thing the N4 doesn’t have is LTE officially. So other than that, it’s as flagship as anything out there. The fact that he’s focusing on other meaningless things = troll to me.

        • Dion Mac

          LOL, I guess I don’t have to go ham on Ian… You already have.

          Sidenote: LG had made awesome products in the past including the G2X, its just the software causedso many problems that people just blamed the entire phone. But LG was new to the game at the time and talking about the Nexus, its pointless because LG didn’t touch the software. But what do I know… I broke a shoelace this morning.

        • the real deal

          I actually own a LG nexus 4. Its awesome. Its about as flagship as it gets. Its one of the fastest and slickest looking phones out there.

          Every phone has manufacturing flaws that get ironed out over time. My friend was a manager for verizon and said GS3s were garbage because people would always come into his store with malfunctioning phones that did not connect to wifi or LTE.

          That was when GS3s were flagships. Im sure there were plenty of people who had GS3s that were not giving them problems. It happens. The world isn’t a perfect place.

        • Ian Harrington

          It is all just opinions. I wouldn’t consider it one but then again I like HTC and Samsung

        • guidomus_maximus

          Well at least you admit you are ruled by emotion, not facts.

        • guidomus_maximus

          I own one as a daily driver. Its not a perfect phone, but then again what is?

          issues? None
          Hardware failure? no
          glass gluing/yellowing? no
          Poor product history? G2x was a dog. I think every manufactor has dog phones. I have had 3 LGs and the have all been excellent phones.
          Me thinks thou hates, without facts.
          I will say ‘flagship’ for LG would be Optimus G

        • Dion Mac

          Definately improper hating on the Nexus up there. First, this phone has no hardware failure or glass yellowing. LG did NOT have a poor design or manufacturing of the G2X, its just that their software side was horrible and caused many problems. Just like the HD2, horrible reviews… except for the people that flashed android on it.

          So now I have to go tell Ian about himself. I hope he braces himself.

        • thepanttherlady

          Mine had the yellowing. It would appear when I’d been using the browser and the phone started getting hot. It would go away after I stopped using it and the phone cooled. At first I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me but this happened every time (appear/go away) so I Googled it and saw others were having the same issue.

      • Brian Stewart

        Nexus 4 most lag free smoothest running android there is. Not another phone out there I would switch too

        • Ian Harrington

          And being vanilla Android i would hope it is. I just wouldn’t call it flagship

      • guidomus_maximus

        Nexus is the Google flagship

    • zx6guy

      Yea, like the Jelly Bean update for the L9.

    • guidomus_maximus

      I think the deal is, Nexus is a Google Brand, not a ‘LG’ brand. LG makes it, but its a Google Brand.

      • MaseW

        Along with the word “nexus”, it says LG on the back of it.

        If it didn’t say LG anywhere on it, I would agree with you. Although I do agree that it is better known for being a Google designed Nexus, than being manufactured by LG.

    • qpinto

      The biggest phone LG has is the optimus G or the pro at the moment. That will change once the new one is released and supports tmobilr bands for LTE. Thats nothing on purpose. Motorola is mostly Verizon but that should change soon. Tmobile is coming along quite nicely

      • MaseW

        The Nexus 4 has the same hardware as the Optimus G, with the exception of the storage capacity.

        • qpinto

          But thats not an official LG device. It’s a nexus. Its marketed as the google nexus 4, not the LG nexus 4 even though it is made by LG.

  • TMoFan

    Definitely on the right path (finally) after the failure the dump T-Mobile and merge with att, no clear path the LTE and poor handset selection. Now T-Mobile is reemerging and proving to be a formidable competitor, rapidly rolling out LTE that puts Sprint to shame, and has the top handsets from different OEMs. I’m anxious to see the quarterly results.

    Things I’d like to see: cover the network gaps. There are many places in my town that had HSPA+ that now have “No Service” or EDGE. It would be nice to travel around my town and not worry about loosing coverage for a bit. It’s important that T-Mobile be very aggressive in the upcoming 600mhz auction. Hopefully the rules will be fair, meaning att and vzw doesn’t have the ability to hog spectrum.

    • Eric

      Yes, also hopefully SoftBank skips Sprint and buys T-Mobile for $20 billion (or more). That should make T-Awesome powerful!

      • rfgenerator

        It looks like Softbank has Sprint basically in the bag as Dish announced earlier that they are not going to “sweeten the pot” towards a purchase of Sprint. Unfortunately now that means there is a good chance that Dish will be making a run at T-Mobile and if successful will IMHO destroy T-Mobile.

        • Binny Gupta

          this is good

          dish has internet spectrum

        • Jarobusa

          And lots of debt.

    • Andromedo

      Yeah, what’s up with that? Places that were covered with HSPA a year ago have become dead zones.

      A side effect of the refarm? More people on less AWS spectrum, causing the cells the breathe in?

      • TMoFan

        I was visiting some relatives a few months ago who had great t-mobile coverage but now it’s “No Service” until I drive about a half mile out and they don’t live out in the sticks either. I really believe it has something to do with the refarm but I can’t get any answers out of t-mobile after calling about this several times. I know people who have metropcs and have strong coverage in these areas so I hold out hope.

  • D_Wall__

    I cant wait for the Nokia 925. I will prolly throw my Iphone 5 in a drawer some where…

  • Binny Gupta

    competition is good now phone prices will begin to lower.
    Guarantee it.

  • auser72

    Right now I have tunnel vision(Galaxy Note3), but choices are always good.

  • NYCTheBronx

    T-Mobile is on fire! They got most of the flagship phones! Now if only Motorola and Huawei a boards the same boat with T-Mobile. That would be spectacular. :D

    • (in the words of Miss Alicia Keys) This Magenta’s on Fiiiirrrreeeee!!

    • Anonymouse

      don’t count huawei in… with the feds almost short of getting them banned for alleged spying for China getting them to bring high end devices here is a long shot.

  • Randall Lind

    Would be nice to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 32gb but, other then that there selection is nice compare to a year ago.


      Galaxy for has great storage just add a 64gb memory card and wala!!

      • Randall Lind

        Sammy is updating the software to run apps off SD card. I am getting it in 2 weeks. I can’t stand my exhibit II 4g really sucks and slow this is my 6 replacement. I may end up getting the 64GB card later. 32 will work for now,

  • S. Ali

    I don’t care about phone line ups, give me coverage, I don’t even need LTE, give me a “real” nationwide 4G network.

    • Jason

      It doesn’t get “real”er than this. Nationwide HSPA+42 that’s already faster than LTE, and the rollout of an LTE-10 network. The gold standard of LTE 4G with an equally impressive HSPA+ backbone.

      What more could you possibly want???????? That is a “real” nationwide 4G network!!!!!

      • kalel33

        The vast majority of the coverage for T-mobile, outside of metros, is 2G. Maybe you never leave the city limits and don’t understand what he’s saying. Also, I’m also in an HSPA+ 42 area and it’s not faster than LTE on it’s best day. The upload speed alone is 7 times faster on LTE than it is on HSPA+ and the latency is horrible when compared. Nobody would really notice the difference in download, which LTE is still faster.

  • JBrowne1012

    Would be nice if t-mobile didn’t soft throttle its users of Unlimited nationwide 4g to 15mbps

    • rick

      did they really do that?

      • Jason

        No. They didn’t. You can’t believe everything you hear.

        • JBrowne1012

          No you can’t but its true at least for me and my city San Antonio I’ve tried multiple devices to test it.

        • Julian C. Taborda

          I have also confirmed it with putting a different sim in my own phone. it seems to be a per line throttling because when I put the other sim in I received 18 – 22 mbps but with my sim flat at 15

        • Saul Viayra

          No is not I run speedtest.net daily on my device and always change from 25 down and 12 up to 13 and 9 in Indianapolis in

        • JBrowne1012

          that may just be for you or your area but mine is consistently hitting 14-15mbps and if it wasn’t throttled I wouldn’t see it in the way that it performs. Its a consistent throttle.

    • JB

      Is that really true? If so, that’s why I don’t get over 14-15 typically! Not that I need anymore than that really, but still….

      So non-unlimited users… What is their top speed?

      • Dion Mac

        I’m on unlimited web, I got 21 mbps near both my jobs… not so much at my home tho. So, I would file in the FOS cabinet.

        • JB

          I live in an HSPA+ 21 area, so maybe that had something to do with it, though I am in a LTE city, so one would think I’d get a little more than 15… On a good day though and in the right area of the city, I can occasionally hit 18-20… So it may just be tower placement

        • JBrowne1012

          I live in a HSPA+ 42mbps area thats why I’m complaining I’m contemplating switching it just to the 5gb plan just to test it

      • KingCobra

        I’ve gotten 26mbps max on HSPA+ 42. I’m on an “unlimited” plan that’s throttled after 5GB.

      • JBrowne1012

        Non- unlimited… I’m guessing doesn’t have a cap due to their plan being limited in the first place once they reach their max gb’s

    • Julian C. Taborda

      OMG that is what is happening to me as well! I thought it was just me

      • JBrowne1012

        Nope I would never have noticed if I wasn’t the type to do speed tests every day.

    • Alex Zapata

      Aside from having lower network priority during peak hours I haven’t seen this. I still hit 20+mbps on a daily basis. Rarely hit 30 though. I’m on the “truly” unlimited plan too.

      • superg05

        not everyone will hit maxx speed if ever

        • Alex Zapata

          I never implied that anyone would, I was simply debunking the soft cap thing.

      • JBrowne1012

        I used to get 25mbps now it won’t ever reach above 15mbps its always consistently 14 point something ALWAYS

      • JBrowne1012

        what city? it depends on that as well….

        • Alex Zapata

          Sugar Grove, IL. It’s a fairly uncrowded network out here, but during peak hours my speeds do come to a crawl sometimes. Not that I mind too much.

      • MO

        Im hitting 35 down 15 up in NJ

    • Milton

      This the first time I’ve heard of the soft throttling you just mentioned, but it may explain some things. In a good hspa+ are I could consistently get 20 to 25 down, but when I switched from a 5gig capped plan with hotspot to a unlimited plan….I’ve noticed performance differences.

    • kev2684

      i think this only true on LTE devices. or those who are using fast.tmobile.com apn. that apn is optimized for LTE. if you try to use the epc one it is optimized for “4G” HSPA+.

      non-LTE devices are using epc APN. i go over 18mbps on that but on fast i can only go around 12-15.

    • Guest

      It isn’t “soft throttling”. Many areas simply only have HSPA+ 21 deployed in the AWS band, and – if I recall correctly – all of the PCS deployment is currently HSPA+ 21.

      • JBrowne1012

        San Antonio has had HSPA+ 42 for the longest time so its not that

    • Roger Sales

      I’m just wondering why you would need anything higher than maybe 5 downlink to use your phone….ever. LTE is achieving about the same speeds I used to get on HSPA+, but the ping is so low that it feels a million times faster when I’m streaming music or video.

      • JBrowne1012

        Why? Easy answer… Watch live tv using USTV app the consistent buffering is annoying… Any sort of movies is what i’m doing and before you claim oh why not use a laptop or tv its the on the go feature that allows me to watch this anywhere I am and my internet connection for my local ISP is a crappy 6mbps.. Slow as crap.

        • dkbnyc

          The problem is the USTV App. It’s crap. I have no problem with NetFlix or HBO Go on HSPA+.

    • Michael Johnson

      I’m not throttled and I have the unlimited nationwide 4g. My HSPA+ is about 20mbps/3.5mbps and my LTE in San Diego is about 30mbps/14mbps. It could just be that T-Mobile is still working on refarming or repurposing the towers in your area. But you could also try switching the APN on your phone. I’ve heard that this can sometimes improve your speeds. If your phone has the fast.t-mobile.com APN, change it to epc.tmobile.com. Your phone wont be able to connect to LTE though as fast.t-mobile.com is required for LTE.

  • Alvin Brinson

    Too bad the Sony flagship is a six month old device already, and will be that much older before you can actually buy it…

    • Sean Walsh

      You can get it from Sony, if you dant want to wait. Minus the LTE.

    • Korama12

      Still, T-Mobile is the only U.S. carrier to officially carry it. Also it’s still technically a flagship since it’s Sony’s best phone at this time.

    • david

      Yeah they are getting good phones now but still over 6 month after everyone else.

  • Anonymouse

    they do need to bring back the customer service of old (the time before that peon the mothership sent that started all this mess)

  • ravercwb

    I tuned to get around 20mpbs on HSPA+ 42 before the reforming, now I can’t get more than 8 or 9mbps. This is Boston area. LTE is live, however I get only one bar of LTE whereas I would get all 5 bars on HSPA+. T-Mo is trying, bits not there yet

    • Jeff

      That’s because they are still working on the rollout…ONCE it’s complete you’ll get the signal strength you were getting on HSPA+ . Certain areas where I am is going through the same thing

    • drklahn

      AWS spectrum is being reallocated for LTE use. So, you’re HSPA DL #’s will go down. Also, don’t get so hung up on the signal strength indicator. The dBm measurement is what counts and subsequent performance. I’d gather T-Mobile will send an update for the signal meter to better reflect LTE signal strength.

  • Dylan

    You guys aren’t being throttled there shifting there backbone, and everything else around for the LTE. It’s all in the way there routing things.

    Tust me if you we’re soft throttled you wouldn’t be getting more than 4mbps down

    • Joe

      LOL! What??

    • Michael Johnson

      Ummmm i’m pretty sure soft throttling makes you slow down to 2G speeds which is MAX .2mbps down. I dont know where you got 4mbps from?

      • JBrowne1012

        Except that case is not a soft throttle T-Mobile lets you know about that a soft throttle that I’m referring to is one that is done without notice

  • philyew

    Isn’t this simply the result of being freed from the limitations of what could be offered with a reasonable subsidy?

    As the top-end device prices crept ever upwards, TM really struggled to offer subsidies that were practical for both themselves and their customers. Without subsidies, the constraint disappears.

  • tomarone

    This is all attributable to the ATT fail merger and the billions that TMO got. Otherwise they would not be able to afford the LTE rollout, correct?

    • philyew

      The money went to Deutsche Telekom and only a part of it has been used to fund TM’s Challenger Strategy. That said, yes, without that money and – critically – the re-assigned AWS bandwidth that they got from AT&T as part of the deal, we would be looking at an entirely different and much more depressing picture.

  • tmonewsfan

    what a difference a year makes for tmonews too. less content and more advertising than ever.

    • AdBlock for Chrome does wonders (for all websites) :)

    • MuthaFuckinStephen

      Bills gotta be paid homie.

    • Korama12

      Maybe you should ask for a refund… oh wait. I’m sorry that you are cruelly forced to go to this free site and read free content for free you pathetic whiner.

    • Smith

      Go to Safety/Tracking Protection… (Internet Explorer 9 and 10) and get those ad block and tracking add-on an enable it and you will be free from all ads and specially Google tracking everywhere. Specially Google tracking is the worse one and pushing all these crap everywhere on internet.

    • FrillArtist

      Download AdBlock for Chrome or Firefox.

  • Airbound

    I live in Miami and I’m already getting LTE since 06/19/2013.
    speedtest showed 17.40 Download / 5.24 upload

    • kalel33

      I’m actually kind of surprised. The download is fine but the upload is about half of what LTE should be, especially on a network with no congestion.

    • Julius

      I am also getting LTE in the North East Miami area but its very weak . maybe they are fine tuning it or waiting to get a better data line to the towers.

    • Clarkkent113

      That’s it?

      I’m in Tallahassee (no LTE yet) and I consistently can get 25Mbps down.

    • Testify_lal

      on south beach as of last few days getting speed tests upwards of 30 and uploads in high teens

  • John

    They started getting better phones when it is kind of too late.
    Many customers left T-Mobile in last 2,3 years because T-Mobile was lacking of good devices (lots of cheap/crappy android Phones).
    For example in our family we canceled over 10 lines in last 2 years after being their customer for 10 years. Just because we wanted good high-end Windows Phone devices (Nokia Lumia 900, 920) and T-Mobile had nothing to offer.
    I know having better devices now is better than not having them at all but I know many people left T-Mobile for same reasons (Not a high-end good quality phone) already. And when you move to another carrier it is hard to come back.
    I really do like new Nokia Lumia 925. It is a very beautiful phone and like all other Nokia phones amazing build quality. And Windows Phone 8 looks great on it but when I think about it this is Nokia Lumia 920 (in term of power/hardware) that I am enjoying a lot for 7 months now. So even though it is high-end and a very nice phone but T-Mobile is not the first that have it and people who wanted this most probably moved to AT&T for example.
    Anyway I do like T-Mobile and even tough I moved to AT&T for Nokia Lumia 920 I still like T-Mobile and keep monitoring their devices and news. From what I can see this will continue in future and AT&T always get better and latest way before T-Mobile and that makes it hard for me to switch back to T-Mobile. But since I always liked T-Mobile I am hoping this will be a start for things to come and maybe like many years ago again T-Mobile will be the first to offer good devices and improve network speed and quality and I can come back to T-Mobile.

    • MO

      if people want a change they will make a switch back i think its never too late