T-Mobile’s Next Group Of LTE Launches Rumored For May And June


T-Mobile’s LTE network is certainly playing catch-up to the nations three largest carriers but the next 60 days should help close the gap between T-Mobile’s limited coverage and that of its competition. There’s still a long way to go to catch up to Verizon, but Sprint is squarely in T-Mobile’s sites with a large group of markets launching in May and June. As always this list is subject to change as are the launch dates so take everything all info as if it’s written in pencil. That’s not to say we expect delays, but they do happen based on any number of factors so with a little caution and a lot of patience hopefully residents of the markets listed below will get their due very soon.

In may we’re looking at Austin, Texas; Honolulu, Hawaii; Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Sacramento, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; San Francisco and part of the Los Angeles areas both of which will also be spread into June.

The June list of launches is a little longer and includes the continuation of the San Francisco and Los Angeles area build-outs. As we wrote a few days ago, it appears as though two dozen markets will launch sometime during the month of June but here’s a list of the tentative markets so far. Anticipated May launch markets are indicated in parentheses.

  • Atlanta and Sandy Springs, Marietta, San Antonio
  • Austin and Round Rock, San Marcos (May Launch)
  • Part of the Carolinas – Charlotte, Rock Hill
  • Chicago and Joliet, Naperville
  • Cincinnati and Dayton
  • Cleveland
  • Connecticut – Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk
  • Columbus and Mentor
  • Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington
  • Denver and Aurora, Broomfield
  • Detroit and Warren
  • Honolulu and Maui (May Launch)
  • Long Island, New York and New Jersey – specific areas unknown
  • Los Angeles and Pasadena, West Covina, West LA, Metro LA, Burbank, Beverly Hills
  • Oklahoma City
  • Orlando
  • Miami and Fort Lauderdale
  • Minneapolis and St Paul, Bloomington (May Launch)
  • New England – Boston, Cambridge
  • Philadelphia and Camden, Wilmington (May Launch)
  • Sacramento and Arden, Arcade, Roseville, Fresno
  • San Diego and Carlsbad, San Marcos
  • San Francisco and Oakland
  • Seattle and Tacoma, Bellevue
  • Tampa
  • Tulsa – (May Launch)
  • Phoenix and Tucson (May Launch)

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  • Aurizen

    alright Philly is apart of it :)

  • new york shouldve been the first one…..ughhh hate waiting….

    • Will

      Doesn’t LTE already work in the subway? If it does, just stay underground until they roll it out. I am sure that’s possible

      • h_f_m

        TMo has service in select stations, it doesn’t work between stations on the tracks. THey are increasing the scope but i think getting it on the full length of the system including tracks is going to be a while.

        I didn’t realize it was LTE in the stations though (I have an N4, i’ll ask my wife). It would make sense that someone reported it in Rock Center though, there’s a station underneath and spans 3 streets..

  • Deon Davis

    Yes Tulsa,Ok! can’t wait to try out LTE on my HTC One!

  • stefan siara

    Chicago kurwa wreszcie !!!

  • kev2684

    no Jax, Fl :( not surprised though

  • Jeff M Grace

    How about the Olympia,Lacey ,tumwater area and Yelm a lot of tmobile customers there. I live in Lacey we have 4G some areas still need to be improved with distance of signal . I have seen work being done on towers around Yelm hwy and new stuff on a tower behind Safeway … Maybe we can have this checked into to see what tmobile is up too

  • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

    Woohoo wow my co workers who have had their 4GLTE phones on Sprint have been waiting to get LTE in west covina since last year…. they live in those areas and man they aint gonna be happy when I get 4GLTE first kinda funny.

  • TheVorlon

    Is there a maintained list of all LTE areas?

  • YESSS! That means I will have LTE when I go home, because I stay in the Detroit Wayne/Warren area. And I’ll be going to school in Pittsburg next fall, so I’m sure LTE will be there by then if it’s in Philly. Hopefully it’ll be here in Indiana, PA this fall too. lol

    • Detroit baby!!! woot – D

    • Whitney

      I live in Oakland County.

      • Good, then maybe you’ll get light of LTE too soon.

        • Whitney

          I hoping Farmington Hills and Novi gets it soon

  • Frettfreak

    Seriously I love tmo but if they don’t upgrade my towers here to at least some of the older hspa+ stuff I am gonna have to go. I am lucky to see 3mb. Its usually around 1.5.

    • h_f_m

      I live in Queens NYC and I see somewhere between 1-7mbit on my Nexus 4 depending on which way the wind blows.. You will probably never see close to the theoretical 42mbit speed on HSPA+ unless the area is not dense.. where do you live?

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      Weird, I usually see a minimum of 5-10 Mbps on HSPA+. I’ve hit over 20 Mbps multiple times.

  • Whiskers

    Columbus — Mentor

    Where is this ?

    • Whiskers

      Is this Columbus,Ohio and Mentor,Ohio ?

      • Yes!

        • Whiskers

          Thank You !

        • johnnn

          Did T-Mobile make a spectrum purchase in Cincinnati without the FCC’s knowledge? Currently there’s no way for them to launch AWS LTE in that city without eliminating their HSPA+ service on that band.

      • Sidekicker89

        I’m surprised Dayton is on the list.. Yaay! I wonder if LTE will cover the entire HSPA+

        • JB45

          Dayton is on the list more than likely because of how many people live between Cincinnati and Dayton

  • ATX 😊 BABY! Woohoo!!!!

  • mo

    Yes Cleveland in June!!

  • James

    Tulsa and Orlando, but Memphis is nowhere in sight :(

  • Fabian Cortez


    None of these are really much of a surprise. I’m going to assume that all of these markets have been refarmed or have partial PCS W-CDMA sightings.

    LTE just goes hand in hand due to the LTE equipment (dual band, multimode) being used.

  • Justin Hubbard

    Pumped to see Cincinnati on that list

  • Yay! LTE at my office!

  • Sidekicker89

    Please report your LTE sightings and 1900Mhz sightings on Sensorly and also Airportal . de

    • Xanderalmighty

      Rockerfellar center NYC

      • h_f_m

        It’s Rockefeller, please live here properly… :)

        • chuey101

          not Roc a Fella?

  • finally a list with the DFW on it. that’s when i’ll look to get an LTE device. wait a second .. does that mean that in Dallas ONLY the Ft Worth and Arlington areas of Dallas?

    • ShoeVixen

      I was wondering the same thing. I’m in Irving.

      • i hope Dirk is right.

    • riDIRKulous

      Think it means Dallas-Ft worth-Arlington metro area, so all the other suburbs near DFW.

  • Alex Zapata

    LTE is live in Illinois, but only in a tiny area around the 88/355 junction. Not officially live yet

  • Ginadagelatina

    Finally bev hills ca!!! yay cant wait!

  • A$AP Chris

    Does the HTC One have a 4G LTE icon or does it still just say 4G regardless?

    • Bigjavar101

      It has a 4G LTE icon…. 4G Just means you’re connected to HSPA+/UMTS

  • darkjuan

    My HTC One Dev Edition was just delivered today. This is good news for us in Minneapolis!

    • Sidekicker

      According to Sensorly, Minneapolis has LTE :)

      • StarMenace

        I’m in Minny and I don’t see LTE yet with the One.

        • StarMenace

          I should add that I do see SNOW!!!! I’m moving to Florida!

  • pdxduckfan

    Where is the PDX love?

    • mdosu

      to the extend no one knows what PDX stands for without Google, then you’re a small market.

      • melon3531

        I live in NYC and know what PDX is… ;)

        • mdosu

          i punched in PDX to google, and it returned Portland International Airport….

        • h_f_m

          Me too.. i love PDX and I’ve only been there for one day.

    • sushimane

      maybe in the next round because im waiting for sc lol. but im living the life with the hspa+42 20mpbs download and 3-4 upload

    • Jack

      we love pdx.

    • TayshaunBoba

      Seriously! We’re not even officially refarmed yet.

  • steve1026

    Wichita! Turn on Wichita!

  • mdosu

    Wow, this list is too general or has errors or is very optimistic in implementation.
    Like Columbus – Mentor: They’re like 120 miles away from each other, which one is it? I think it meant Cleveland – Mentor

    Also SF – Oakland is a HUGE area of coverage. Which one is it? Is TMo covering BOTH SF and Oakland or just the Oakland area of the greater bay area?

    Funny this matters to me alot b/c I travel to SF and Columbus often.

    • It’s both.

      • mdosu

        you mean general and contains errors? or Columbus and Mentor, SF and Oakland?

        • they are both going live the same date

        • Nickan Fayyazi

          Both areas will get LTE.

  • Dan

    CT! Anyone else?

  • TechHog



    And that’s a lot of cities. Nice to see this aggression!

  • Will

    Denver doesn’t need LTE. They have legalized pot. Why would they care what speed their cell works on?

    T-Mobile needs to bring LTE to the Chesapeake. It’s almost boating season and how embarrassing will it be to get caught using EDGE? Priorities T-Mobile.

    • Jared Wolfe

      I live here in Denver! Yes you may think we are a small market however we are a top 25 market for T-Mobile. I’m looking forward to getting LTE with my HTC ONE!

      • Will

        I used to live and work in Boulder. I know Denver is a decent sized market. However, the rest of the country is never going to take you guys serious now that you legalized pot. Imagine the support calls:

        “Sir, did you say your phone fell into a bong?”

        “Sir, your phone is supposed to talk back to you…it’s called Siri.”

        • Herb

          I resent your characterization of all Coloradans as potheads.
          And I wonder: how did you get that transcript of my support call?
          I have no idea what’s going on right now.

        • Jared Wolfe

          Haha nice Herb! Will that is a terrible argument that “Coloradans cant be taken serious” because we legalized marijuana. Just because its legal in the State of Colorado doesn’t mean we are ALL potheads (thanks for the stereotype). Futhermore your argument /judgement is completely false because someone at T-Mobile “Is taking us serious” by activating LTE in the Denver market. Cant wait for LTE to launch here in Denver!

    • Trevnerdio

      According to the T-Mo coverage map, you have 4G in Chesapeake… :D

  • Will

    Shouldn’t they have SF earlier, like say before Google I/O?

  • anfrey

    South Bend used to always be up on TMO’s list for upgrading towers… not any more it seems.

  • This is exciting… Can’t wait until it’s rolled out in NY!

    • h_f_m


    • chuey101

      they are already testing it. Go to rock center subway platform at 47th and 6th and check your phone!

      • TBN27

        I am going to do that right now.

  • Chris

    I don’t see El Paso Tx :(

  • jimmy john

    wtf why isn’t there a FL lauch for LTE yet

    • Xanderalmighty

      Orlando is getting LTE apparently

    • h_f_m

      I think I see Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa on that list… that’s FL’s most populated cities.. Except Jacksonville.. which is actually the most populated.. but also the least population density.. so it would probably take more hardware to cover than some of the densely populated cities.

  • Justin

    Dude this is bullshit htf is St. Louis being looked over in all of this?

    • John

      Because you could fit 4 of STL into Dallas

      • Fraydog

        By the metrics that T-Mobile uses, St. Louis is #19 by size of metropolitan statistical area. The real issue that keeps STL from being on the list is lack of spectrum, lack of towers, and lack of coverage.

    • h_f_m

      Sorry, you’re #58…


      As we can see.. NYC and a handful of others are the only places that matter.. :)

      Staaaaaart spreadin’ the news….. I’m leaving today!!! I want to be a part of it, new yooork.. new yooooooooork.

      • Fraydog

        MSA’s are used for expansion.. and STL is 19th in size. The real issues keeping T-Mobile from launching LTE there are different than just city size, they’re related to coverage and spectrum.

    • Fraydog

      St. Louis has lots of coverage holes they have to fill in first, and they have to get additional spectrum for LTE more or less. They have to turn down DC-HSPA to a single channel just to launch one channel of LTE at 5×5 bandwidth. St. Louis is an area where T-Mobile should try expanding coverage for 65-70 miles around the city, fill in holes, and buy an additional 10×10 block of AWS spectrum before they even THINK of launching LTE.

  • melon3531

    IIRC there was a website around that listed where people had been picking up LTE (unofficially), anyone remember what that was? Have had the One for a couple of weeks but haven’t caught any glimpses of it in my travels around Brooklyn/NYC and would like to swing by a spot to see how it is. :)

  • Chris

    Haven’t seen anything in Detroit yet but I’ll keep checking!

  • mdosu

    let’s count how many: “I don’t see [ INSERT CITY NAME HERE ] on this list, when am I going to get LTE service?” comments this post will receive. lol.

    guys and gals, if you don’t see your city, chill, they’ll get to you in the next round. Plus initial LTE service is patchy. I know b/c I’ve had it since day 1 in
    Washington DC, and I’m in a LTE zone less than 50% of the time.

    • Dakota

      Plus email T-Mobile!!! The blog post isn’t going to do anything but let you vent

  • JayInCA

    Sacramento! YAY! Bring on Stockton and the Central Valley, too! And let’s get that MetroPCS spectrum switched over early around these parts, too!

  • Tinger12

    I agree with mdosu. I’m in Vegas and when I get LTE i get no more than 5-6 down and 5-8 up. Very patchy and very slow. Btw, I run a Note II on stick but rooted.

  • Irfan

    Why u ignoring nothern virginia one of the most demanding area in usa

    • mingkee

      They’re considered as Washington DC.

  • gadget_hero

    Well I am not surprised Nashville, isn’t on the list however I was secretly hoping we would get LTE sooner rather than later…

  • Deihmos

    Good to see New York on the list but does that include the City? I doubt it.

    • Xanderalmighty

      actually i saw LTE today at Rockerfellar center. They might be testing it so id have some hope for Manhattan.

      • chuey101

        ditto. Also Columbus circle.

    • h_f_m

      I don’t care too much owning a Nexus 4… but I bought my wife an unlocked iPhone 5 back in December, so getting LTE here in the city will be a huge win for her.

    • TechHog

      Well, Long Island is included and that’s two of the boroughs, so I’d think that they’ll probably cover the whole city.

      • Mobilewolf789

        Long Island has counties not boroughs, so you can’t say that’s two of them.

    • TBN27

      Yes. Have of NYC sits on Long Island.

  • jk45

    Come on man! No Jacksonville… again? We are still living on the EDGE!

    • john henson

      they need to do more important cities first

    • Trevnerdio

      Is EDGE short for “HSPA+ 42?” ;) Come on man, I know even without looking that if little ol’ Panama City has 42mbps, Jacksonville does too.

  • I live about 30 miles south of Chicago, and HSPA+ literally cuts off a block before my house. This continues about 20 miles where it suddenly comes back. I’m really hoping they have plans to upgrade all the old EDGE towers to at least HSPA/HSPA+. That would be swell.

    • Dakota

      If they continue with crappy coverage that goes in and out in the areas they market as LTE,T-Mobile is not going to get beyond its crappy reputation. Price won’t matter as word will spread among media and customers… It happened with Sprint here as they launched LTE and it wouldn’t even work in some stores and…

      • fentonr

        Ahh, the rollout is still in process. If it hasn’t officially launched where you are, of course it will cut out.if they have launched it in your city, it doesn’t mean they’re completely done building out that area. Take it easy.

    • fentonr

      You’re in luck then. All 2G towers are being upgraded to HSPA+.The project won’t be finished until the end of 2015. I would guess in the Chicago area you will get it sooner rather than later.

      • minioninnc

        Glad to hear that. I have saw nothing but that big old E since I first signed up with T-Mo.

        • Sucks to be you, I have full bars HSPA+42 20-29Mbps regularly everywhere I go.

        • Z

          Same here, and I am from California. :(

      • John

        where did you hear that t-mo was upgrading all their 2g towers to hspa + by 2015?

      • spritemoney

        Where is your source for this? I really hope it’s true.

        • fentonr

          https://www.tmonews.com/2012/12/the-best-of-the-rest-from-deutsche-telekoms-investor-conference-lte-network-modernization-customer-service/ there are a few posts talking about this here, but it has also been discussed elsewhere. I want to say Neville Ray has talked about it before and specified the entire footprint will be upgraded. I expect there will still be a couple areas that don’t get upgraded, but you can do a lot with 14.8 billion dollars.

        • Come On TMO!!

          Please stop spreading lies and giving people false hope. You “want to say” that Neville Ray has talked about upgrading the 2G sites? So do I, but it didn’t happen. Show me the link. Not the one you posted, because that says the opposite of what you are claiming.

        • fentonr

          I’m done arguing this with you. I can not provide you with a link to internal trainings or conversations with my boss. As to anything I’ve seen on this site or elsewhere, the link I posted does not say what you think it does and I’m not going to spend my time looking for a link to prove you wrong. There is a search feature, you can look. I will say this though, in the link I provided it says that TMO will spend a total of 14.8 billion upgrading the network, that’s about half of what Verizon said their entire LTE rollout cost…you really think it will cost TMO that much just to upgrade major cities? Remember they don’t actually have the cost of leasing land or buildung towers, getting permits or any of that. On a tower by tower basis, it should be way cheaper than what Verizon spent because they were rolling out a whole new network.If they’re only doing major cities, where is the rest of the money going?

      • Where is the source? T-Mobile has never said anything about updating the 2G towers but I’ve seen various people posting that info here. None seem to ever have a source for it so I assume it’s false.

        There is currently no plan (at least not publicly) about what’s going to happen to the 2G network.

        • fentonr

          Actually, it was discussed on this site. I’ve two comments pending approval with a link to an article discussing it. I suggest you wait for those to be approved, or search the site to find out information on the subject.

        • Yeah I’ve searched this site and google and nothing. If you find a link I would be happy to read about it. All I’ve seen are just comment from some users claiming this. No links to articles.

        • samsavoy

          Are you talking about the refarm or actual *native* 2G towers? They really need to upgrade EDGE. Their new plans are not that much cheaper than the big boys, and given their lesser coverage area it should be doable now.

  • Martin Perez jr

    Iam getting LTE for the second time but goes back to 4G. Testing??? In Dallas Texas.

    • Yep, I think all the areas on this list will see it switch between HSPA+ and LTE until the official launch. I’m alright with that tho, a nice preview of things to come. – )

  • chuey101

    I have already received LTE in NYC in two subway stations. Rock center and columbus circle. NYC will definitely get LTE.

    • mingkee

      …and Times Square too.

      • mgldan

        I got 14 down, 8 up in Times Square last week.

  • Picchus

    Did they forget about Boston?

    • No, Boston is about 3/4 down the list starting off with New England / Boston / Cambridge.

  • Cooper

    Boston and Cambridge

  • Dakota

    What concerns me is a lot of major cities are large spread out areas. Atlanta above says SandySprings&Marietta. That leaves out a lot of surrounding areas and even the city. That’s what happened to Sprint and people were mad because their LTE would constantly go on and off. I’ve had that with T-Mobile HSPAjust going 5 minutes outside downtown

  • 21stNow

    Why are Atlanta and San Antonio on the same line?

  • impasse

    i’m just confused why in certain virginia college cities like charlottesville, blacksburg, and williamsburg, my phone says 4g but i do a speedtest and get regular old 2g speeds, barely (<1MBps)..someone should get on that.

    • mgldan

      I have a new iPhone 5, and the indicator doesn’t differentiate between 4G and 3G. My work has “4G” but only 0.25 Mbps down / 0.50 Mbps up, and with a >500 ms ping that means streaming music stutters a lot.

      It only ever shows EDGE, 4G, or LTE.

      • impasse

        well my gs3 does have e, g, 2g, 3g (rarely), and 4g indicators, hence my frustration, hahah. but yeah, my experience in those cities is similar to yours..ironically although the 2g and 4g at work is pretty crappy at 0-2 bars, my coworker’s iphone5 gets lte just fine, with 2-3 bars and ~30MBps down/~20MBps up, hah.

  • ChicagoHotdogs

    Yesssss…Chicago is on the list! Go T-Mobile! John Legere you are the Man!

  • sincarafan247

    Good to see Tampa finally on a list.

  • mingkee


  • FINALLY I knew they hadn’t officially launched here in Bellevue… don’t know what that girl was talking about

  • classie83

    Yay for Atl! Already getting really fast speeds here. Can’t wait to experience LTE. Glad I got the GS4 instead of the Nexus4.

  • Eddie

    Good now I see San Diego on list . :|

  • Erick

    Here in NYC we get lte in the subway at 42 street on the 1 line! I got 15mbps down and 10 up.

  • Nick

    Yay Cincinnati

  • Boston is on the list. T-Mobile is taking over the Country.

  • James

    YES!!!M I see DALLAS!!! I can’t wait till JUNE!

  • Whitney


    • Yes!! they need to show some Livonia looooove, so Excited – D

      • Whitney

        and in Farmington Hills and Novi

      • RedGeminiPA

        I have relatives in Livonia! :)

    • Bud

      anybody lives there?

      • Whitney

        Yea my cousins live there. I however live in Farmington Hills 30 minutes outside of the city.

      • Milad

        I am with you , but i think they should say Detroit suburb is better …

        • Detroit Metro area includes all the Posh suburbs around it, why should we have to specifically say the name of the individual city suburb name? That’d just be ignorant. We’re not afraid to say Detroit even tho we live 30 minutes out of the city.

  • Daniel Hammen

    w00t Denver

    • kalel33

      I need Colorado Springs.

  • LionStone

    San Fran/Oaklanddd…DUbS!!!

  • Long Island! Nice!!

  • steveb944

    I love this list!

  • mmmaxheadroom

    Ah! Shades of fall winter 2009-10. That’s when we. Posted here for the wonders of 3g. Oooh oooh its up where I live woot woot etc. Life on recycle as we all report the lte rollout! Long live TMOB!!

  • spritemoney

    Is T-Mobile LTE, LTE advanced or not? I honestly forgot.

    • an0nim0

      The network currently rolling out is LTE, but the theory is: with how late T-Mobile joined the fray, their current equipment may merely require software updates to support LTE Advanced.


    • the equipment is capable and ready for LTE advanced, but to start out it will only be regular LTE tho they’ll be able to switch quickly to Advanced in the future with very little work.

    • RedGeminiPA

      There aren’t any LTE-Advanced-compatible phones available yet. At least T-Mobile can basically just flip a switch when it’s time. Verizon and AT&T won’t quite have that luxury.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I need to work on getting a lte capable device.

  • hawk ranjk

    no lte for Memphis,tn; 2 million people in the area, really.

  • eddydrizzle

    Yes, Sacramento!

  • Paul

    I knew it! !
    I got a couple LTE connections last week, as did a coworker.

    • superg05

      thats nice to hear next time you get an lte signal please use the app open signal so it will pop up on there lte list

      • Paul

        Haven’t seen it since. I got a speed test, but i barely got that.

  • Joe Hartley

    Still no Louisville on the list, then again we have yet to see the 1900mhz switch too. So great to see smaller and larger markets getting LTE before they can even get us switch to the 1900mhz.

  • Cool to see Charlotte getting it soon too. I haven’t spotted any yet though on my iPhone 5.

  • wyn50

    Finally Honolulu gets some LTE love

  • s0uLjah

    Fail… no Portland Oregon yet :(

    • D

      haha…I’m with you

  • Oliver Jackson

    Central and South Florida getting LTE love .I KNEW IT

    • The Narrator

      Heck yeah!

  • GinaDee

    The Los Angeles launch looks really weak. Please don’t tell me only a tiny sliver of the coastline and a small patch in the San Gabriel mountains is getting LTE with the rest of SoCal having to wait until 2015??

    So many of us in the Los Angeles market are still on EDGE with patchy HSPA and that’s with just over 200 million POPS covered with 3G4G HSPA

    • jimmiekain

      What exactly is “Metro LA”? I hope this extends out to the Ontario / Riverside / Rancho Cucamonga areas too.

      • bleeew

        According to Verizon Metro LA is including Orange County. According to T-Mo its just the crowded area of LA.

    • techymexican

      what people don’t realize is that if the San Fernando Valley were it’s only city, it would be the 5th largest city in the U.S. Yet T-Mobile will obviously ignore it for it’s initial roll-out just so they can say they have launched in L.A

    • joannaL

      Switch to at&t or Verizon they work waaay better in LA , even att which many people talk bad bout it. ATT has lte in east la, montebello, south central, compton, glendale, riverside, Rancho cucamonga, sf valley , hollywood, santa monica, longbeach, dwtwn la … etc I can go on forever lol same with Verizon they have lte everywhere in LA.

      • techymexican

        I tried verizon in L.A I wouldn’t get more than 10Mbps, which is the same I get on T-Mobile HSPA

    • Don Kim

      In what part of LA do you live in??
      I get HSPA+ almost everywhere I go.
      Download speed avg from 10~15 Mbps at my work and home.

    • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

      Edge in LA? What the ? Excuse me but please be specific … I get 4G everywhere I go in LA if your talking about 1900hspa then thats spotty but not regular aws

  • Black Lantern

    Wow, where is Memphis, Tn on the list. We have supported T-Mobile through thick and thin….literally.

    • Tyler

      I don’t think T-Mobile ever upgraded Memphis to HSPA+ 42 mbps either. All I see is HSPA+ 21 mbps, but it isn’t all bad, the speeds have been similar or better than Verizon’s LTE.

  • MatthewMurawski


    • TBN27

      I was just in the 42nd Street PABT subway station and got an LTE connection. So I guess it is around the corner.

  • Toasted_Cracker

    I hope “some parts of the Carolinas” includes the Greenville Spartanburg area.

    • sushimane

      me too rock hill and Charlotte are in north carolina.

    • It’s Charlotte metro (includes Rock Hill) and most likely if they do another Carolinas city it would be the Raleigh-Durham area next since they have more 1900mhz completion than Greenville/Spartanburg

  • Come On TMO!!

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you’re on EDGE now, you’re going to stay there forever. The link posted further down in the comments confirms this. If you have 3g, you’ll get 1900 3g and aws lte. If you have EDGE, you are staying on EDGE.

    I would love to be wrong, someone please prove me wrong.

    • You’re right. The 2G only areas will probably remain that way for several more years.

      • fentonr

        Some years, yes, Come On TMO keeps saying that they will not upgrade the entire 2G footprint, but this contradicts both what I have seen written and been told to tell customers. That said, I would expect very rural areas are going to be on 2G for as much as another 2-3 years.

        • Fraydog

          That’s not true, T-Mobile has not yet stated their 2014 plans. We don’t know what they will do past the end of 2013.

        • fentonr

          You know, before people start claiming that things aren’t true they should really look into the issue a bit. I’ve already posted a link, do a search around tmonews and you’ll be able to see plenty of information. They haven’t said anything in the past 4-5 months, but look for posts tagged Neville Ray from the end of last year and the beginning of this year and you should find they have stated plenty for 2014 and 2015. I found some posts earlier today stating that they will refarm 37,000 cell sites through 2015. Do some more searching and you’ll. See articles about the tower sale stating that T-Mobile has 37,000 2G cell sites (prior to the sale). Thus, all will be refarmed. I’m not going to look up and post the link, I’m tired of arguing with those who can’t look for themselves.

        • Fraydog

          Read the DT Capital Markets Day presentation slides. You’ll see DT claimed that T-Mobile US operated on 51,000 towers. They only have modernization plans for 37,000. That leaves 14,000 unaccounted for. They are going to 200 MM LTE POP’s by year end. It’s there in the slides. I’m sure Neville would like to increase modernization to all 51,000 towers but for now, DT in Bonn isn’t going to go beyond that.

        • Come On TMO!!

          Sorry again. You are flat out wrong. The reason you won’t post a link is because there aren’t any that support your claims. The last link you posted flat out contradicted you!! The 37,00 towers being upgraded are the ones that are ALREADY 4G!!!! There has never been any mention of upgrading EDGE only areas, no matter how much you and I want there to be.

    • mike

      Right. Eventually all 1700 AWS HPSA only phones will be edge when the LTE rollout gets to 20×20. Basicly, get a new phone. Even the old Galaxy S 2 has HSPA in the 1900 PCS band. This is not breaking news. lol

      • Come On TMO!!

        I’m talking about the data speed staying 2G/EDGE in the areas that are currently 2G/EDGE only. That is the sad fact.

        Regarding the phones its really a non-issue. How many people will still be on a 1700 only phone for 3G in a couple of years? Zero?

    • samsavoy

      They basically have until when my contract ends (November 2014) to prove you wrong or I’ll probably jump back to AT&T. I just ran the numbers yesterday….if my family takes advantage of getting new phones, AT&T winds up being only $20/month more than T-Mobile. It’s a modest price increase for vastly better service. T-Mobile’s only advantage is BYOD…which is what we’re doing now.

    • daswahnsinn

      That’s one of the reasons why I’m leaving T-Mobile, the other is where I’m moving. It’s a T-mobile dead spot but all of the other three have 4G/LTE towers there. Would hate to leave but it’s going to happen.

  • NardVa

    It’s funny they don’t have the Hamptons Roads area of VA listed as an up coming launch. We have been using LTE for about a month.

  • Roger Sales

    I hate when these preliminary lists are published and people think their city has been forgotten forever. ….its been 3 months. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give them a break, they’re doing the best they can.

  • Brian90

    Odd they mention catching up to Sprint. My brother has sprint and Tmobile 3.5G is faster than Sprint’s ‘4g.’

  • briankh

    Oklahoma City is on the list! My wife will be happy. Now I need to root my Nexus 4 and install a custom ROM to get the LTE back!

    • LTE is already broadcasting in parts of OKC, it just won’t let you stay connected. I’d say it’s pretty close to being ready. There are just a few sites I’ve noticed that haven’t been modernized yet.

      • briankh

        Where have you seen it? My wife has the Galaxy Note II. I’d like to see if we can pick up the LTE.

  • NextBig313

    YES. My current city and the city Where I travel to is on that list. Time to figure out how to make my nexus 4 work with LTE

  • Don Kim

    I like it how T-Mo managed to launch the major markets first unlike AT&T or Sprint.

    • yea, I noticed that too. I expect that from Sprint, but it surprised me that craptastic Att did the same rollout albeit faster lol

  • AJ

    Yes! Lte coming to Orlando!

  • TBN27

    LTE is live in every other subway station in NYC. Sweet. Highest downlink was 17mbps. Highest uplink was 8 mbps

  • =RGV=

    What about the Rio Grande Valley? We were one of the first groups to get HSPA+ 42. I hope we come out soon.

  • Guytano Law

    What about Erie,pa? The Bermuda Triangle of cell phone coverage. It’s right between Cleveland,oh,buffalo,ny and Pittsburgh,pa

  • sushimane

    when in may are they gonna launch it lol

  • Casey Francis
  • cardi dark

    No jacksonville north florida love come on tmo we got a sports team as well

  • Sbdunks

    I love how New England just says Boston and Cambridge. What about the rest of Massachusetts (Worcester, Springfield) or central Connecticut (including the capital, Hartford)? The 1900 refarm is already finished, where the f#%k is LTE?

  • Anthony

    Yay Connecticut!!

  • sickofthepolitics

    Was in San Jose last week. LTE was great!

  • Charmed79

    I am not going to play the waiting game with T-mobile, did that with AT&T, paying too much money a month and no signal anywhere, this is total BS

    • JustSaying

      where is your location?? Do you think you’ll find a more affordable carrier?

      • Charmed79

        Southern NH, and there are others that are cheaper but the price isn’t the issue, just want them to fix their network. We still have G here where there should be H+ at least.

  • Hoggles

    Portland, OR where are ya? Come on Tmo! Want to use my S4 to its full potential…

  • Migz

    I got LTE in rhode island but only in one spot, litterally if i moved a few feet over it droped to 4G lol

    • Robin Hewson

      where at?

    • Derick Connor

      We’re did you get lte in Rhode Island

  • I am very happy for TMO . Been with them for 8 yrs and love them. My city will have lte may 31 (Tulsa,Oklahoma) way to go tmo.

  • msohail

    Looks like its live in Oakland .. i got LTE on I80 and on the Bay Bridge last night.

    • Austin

      Likewise here! Weird it isn’t in SF yet… It works going through the bay bridge till about S curve then cuts to 4G. Can’t wait for it to be in SF :)

      • msohail

        Ohh and I got 40 MB down and 17 UP on San Mateo bridge yesterday :) looks like it wont be long before we get it here in SF

        • Austin

          Wow! Just saw it flip on in the Fairfield/Benicia/Vallejo area today! :) 27 down.

  • Mocha

    saw LTE on my iPhone5 outside Philadelphia today, but speeds aren’t LTE worthy.

    • msohail

      Yes same here … the speeds i got on LTE were almost the same as on HSPA + … the only difference was i got about an MB more on uploads.

  • iPhone_Fanatic

    I have an unlocked iPhone 4s on T-Mobile and up until now have only gotten E for signal. I know my city isn’t on the list (Wichita,Kansas) but I have noticed changes already being made. I get E in most places around the city (it’s worth the patience to have a phone that works with all my other docks ect) but I noticed my phone saying it was getting 4g (the 4s is only suppose to be compatible with 3g) by my sisters house 2 night ago. It was amazing! Way faster than any 4g android phone I’ve ever had and I’ve had a ton!! I actually saw them working on the tower by the air force base. Hopefully this first glimpse means Wichita will have the update all over town within the next couple of months. Just thought I’d let you all know, especially for those in the Wichita area. We have a T-Mobile call center here (and I work there) so I was kinda surprised not seeing it on the list but I will take the real deal over a list anyway!

    • msohail

      4G on your phone is because of the HSPA + … I agree with you its faster then most of the 3G and 4G on other carriers. When T-Mobile switches on LTE in your area you will need at least an iPhone 5 to take advantage of it.

      • Renner5379

        Also the 4s will still get about 8-10 mbps on HSPA+ as it is a 14mbps phone…that speed is fine for 99% of users


    Surprised Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma was not one of the very first places for LTE launch.

    • For real. T-Mobile is based here!

  • Phil

    There is a typo. San Antonio should be on the second line.

  • i was actually on 57th ave near the F train in Manhattan on Tuesday and got 4G LTE on my Note2. Was pleasantly surprised

  • Toby

    I am excited about the LTE rollout this year. Can’t wait until 4G LTE comes to my city.

    Anyone want FREE mobile service? Check this out – http://bit.ly/10fQfhR

    You can use your T-Mobile phone!

  • Pod

    I spotted T-Mobile LTE on Miami Beach today – http://instagram.com/p/ZJip3eAgN0/ So a Miami market launch is looking likely.

  • Bearxor

    Got kind of a wink and a nod from a TMo store employee that Charlotte would be launching in a matter of weeks.

    But Rock Hill, ha! Believe it when I see it. There’s been no inkling of AWS LTE or PCS HSPA in Rock Hill to date. And I check often.

  • mgldan

    Saw LTE in Morristown, NJ while driving through today.

  • ZALO

    The majority of those cities already have 4G running on unlocked iPhone 5’s. I live in central California, and I am still running on EDGE. I want to at least run on T-Mobile’s 4G network. That would definitely help things run smoother. :((

  • JDB2013

    Nice, I can’t believe they have Mentor, OH listed as it’s own rollout city (I assumed they would lump it in with Cleveland). Great news for me!

  • Tony M

    just got 4g LTE on my New galaxy s4 in Miami i guess testing has begin in the 305

    • Will M

      What area/neighborhood in Miami? I’ve been waiting for this to switch to an LTE friendly radio for my Nexus 4.

      • Tony M

        I am work So if you live by University of Miami / Jackson / VA Hospital you will see your 4g LTE….. there are problaby more areas will check and let u know….

        • Will M


  • Wipper

    LTE in Tulsa, OK, mid-town near the river

  • Anybody else picking up lte in the twin cities?

  • Picked up LTE on University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis yesterday. Was so surprised.

  • Kanakamaoli

    I have been using the netmonitor app for about a week now all over the island of Oahu especially in Honolulu and our Airport area. I have yet to
    Pick up any trace of LTE. Our local T-Mobile stores are saying that LTE is live?
    I have an HTC One. I do have network set to LTE auto. If we are a supposed May
    Launch market? Shouldn’t I have already picked up spotty LTE signals?
    Or will the HTC One need an update like the s3 in order to pick up LTE?

  • Ken W

    Picked up LTE in downtown Miami this morning, woohoo! (Note2, 10.59Mbps Down and 7.40Mbps Up)

  • TylerCameron

    I’m in Virginia Beach and I have LTE on T-Mobile, I’ve had it for about a month now.

  • Kelly

    UGH I’M SO MAD. I been waiting forever for T-mobile to come to Carbondale IL! There isn’t any 4G and there is poor signal in a college town!

  • Roman Nonette

    38 down and 15 up in Sacramento !!!

    • Eddydrizzle

      What part of Sacramento? I live in south Sacramento and haven’t seen anything.

      • Erroll Abrahamian

        I hit 35 down/20 up earlier today. I’m in Folsom.

  • Smart technology

    I don’t understand why t-mobile Didn’t start LTE With the main city of the United States like New York, Los Angeles, Miami,Boston, and more, That was a very stupid idea.

    • SemahjLam

      maybe because of the large population

  • Ethan Cottrell

    Come to salt lake please! :-)

    • gordon

      It is already here… they have it in probably half of the valley… slowly ramping up but it’s here and working. I think it just needs more sites upgraded. I get it all the time at my house.

      • Ethan Cottrell

        I know it’s been getting better and better these last few weeks. I only just posted that and a week later I noticed I had it in holladay. :-)

  • Victor M. Diaz

    I just got LTE in Otlando. OBT between I-4 and Florida Mall. Speed not impressive (10/3), but is a good sign, almost there.

  • fiveshoes

    Just saw 4g LTE in bothell washington, at the qfc in canyon park. LTE BABY!!!!!!

  • fiveshoes

    canyon park QFC in bothell wa……. LTE Speeds19.81/19.5 ping 28ms; 16.83/20.95 ping 28ms; 14.82/7.00 ping 25 ms.

  • kkk

    Noticed lte in Detroit suburbs today for 5 minutes

  • Nick Martinez

    Where’s Modesto, CA on the list?

  • Caclsf1

    San Francisco has LTE in the Financial district since yesterday

  • Jeff

    I just got a LTE signal in Lakewood, NJ for about 10 mins, and then it went away! :(

  • kdog

    in nashville,tn

  • Kiran

    I see LTE in Pleasanton, CA

    • Todor Iliev

      what are the upload speeds and i wonder can u download and upload simultaneously on lte at max speeds , because apparently hspa+ gives priority at max speed only on the first request(download or upload).