T-Mobile Set To Launch New LTE Markets In May, Two Dozen Markets In June


T-Mobile’s LTE rollout has already gotten under way with seven markets live and serving the customers in those markets. Seven markets may seem small compared to the depth of competitors rollouts, but T-Mobile is set to bump their LTE market count in the coming weeks with a number of launches in May and a rumored two dozen markets going live in June. T-Mobile is expected to have more than 100 million pops before the end of Summer and 200 million pops covered before the end of the year.

Included in the May rollout are Richmond, VA; Honolulu and Maui, Minneapolis and Austin/San Antonio. Assuming the rumored timetables I’m hearing stay on schedule, all of those markets are on schedule to go live before the last day of May. Other potential May markets (pending construction schedules) include Stockton, Modesto, some of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland and Fremont.

With the May markets on the roadmap, that leaves another rumored two dozen plus cities scheduled to go live before the end of June. There’s no exact number available, but I’m being told it’s right around 24 cities scheduled to get the green light.

Sound good? I’m looking to get a full list of the upcoming markets but until then, you can cross your fingers it’s your city.


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  • scb1898

    Bring LTE to OKC!!

  • Kit Pogi

    You go Tmo!

  • Chris

    Don’t see El Paso Texas getting it anytime soon ..

    • Nick Gonzalez

      It’s all good bruh, yall got drinkable tacos!

  • Antoine Henry

    I live in Richmond, Va and it appears to be up and running now…

  • ninakasandra

    just got lte in chicago!!!

    • Bangincrazy

      Where, suburbs or chi??

      • Ninakasandra

        LTE LIGHTENDED UP TODAY AROUND 2:30 GO ANYWHERE IN NORTHSIDE NEAR LINCOLN or in LINCOLNWOOD. I have many pictures ill upload. SPEEDS went from 10 to 20 but it’s being worked on I have a iPhone 5

    • Bailey

      The only LTE you have in Chicago is a LTE Phone.

      • Mirad77

        I have pics but will not show you. About two or so weeks ago I was at woodfield mall and had LTE. I went to the tmobile store and showed the rep. He check with his phone and saw the same thing then told me “they had been testing for the past two days”.

    • I got lte in chicago wicker park area last week but its gone now.

      • jimmiekain

        what phone were you using and what kinds of speeds did you get?

        • NOTE ll with one bar Lte signal. Download speed 12 mbps and 9.89 upload with 25ms ping.

  • The more the merrier. I’m here for it.

  • PeteJames1138

    Great news for people in cities that already have decently fast hspa + networks. Sucks for the rest that are still stuck in 2g aka edge networks or even worse GPRS.

    • droidsoup

      move to a real city

    • Jack Lynch

      GPRS here represent!! hahaha

    • Jax

      How is it that I can get 4G Hspa+ in Albuquerque/ Rio Rancho in New Mexico? NM is the middle of nowhere! Lol I hope we get LTE here. Where do you live that is uhh more nowhere than Albuquerque?

      • ok

        I even get 4G HSPA+ in Los Lunas! I’m starting to think these people are either AT&T shills or live in bunkers.

      • Mike

        We can get HSPA+ in the metro area, but go anywhere else around it (Moriarty, Grants, etc) and we’re stuck on 2G EDGE. I just want them to refarm the 2G and I’ll be happy. I’m rather indifferent about the LTE.

        • Jax

          I’m sure they’ll refarm those areas eventually.

      • Trevnerdio

        HSPA+ 42 here in Panama City, FL…metro area of 4 or 5 cities is like 60,000 or so. So I would expect Albuquerque to have it

    • samsavoy

      It’s funny how you can go to a forum for any other cellular company and people never get attacked for complaining about their lack of service. Every time someone discusses T-Mobile’s problems they’re attacked at every angle from people that don’t think T-Mobile should expand their service area. Uh, Business 101: To gain more customers you have to expand.

      • zummy

        It’s just that T-Mobile has been fairly clear that they are focusing on large urban areas. It’s like complaining about not enough healthy options at McDonald’s. Yeah they have a few things, but if health food is your main concern, you should probably eat somewhere else.

        • samsavoy

          They should remove their marketing materials that say “Our coverage goes the distance” from their website. They certainly don’t want people to think they’re metro-focused, that’s for sure. Though I will say they’re in a bad spot now, so we’ll see what happens in the next year.

  • D_Wall__

    This comes direct from a Friends Facebook Post Yesterday. He works for a Large Communications company Working on Cell Towers.

    “Southeast director of T-Mobile wants my crew to work directly for them doing these 4G LTE upgrades. After 80-90 hours per week and a $2 raise it definitely feels good getting that kind of an appreciation email for all of our hard work.”

  • Fat Walrus

    Hope San Diego is next in line!

    • Kahlayoh

      ive been holding my breath since the first seven cities! i had LTE in mission valley but I think they were doing maintenance or something.

  • New York anyone?

    • Trevnerdio

      I really can’t believe they’d potentially do some of Los Angeles over New York City…


        Why, New York ain’t the center of the universe, even though you ugly people like to think it is.

        • Trevnerdio

          Thank you for the ignorant comment if the day. I don’t even live in New York, however the most customers will be reached there…

        • That really was ignorant on his part. Essentially what I gathered from your statement is that new York City is a big market and the coverage here is really good and it has beenrreformed as well. I’m from the city and I’m honestly surprised they’ve been testing it for a while and still not even a hint at lte coming soon.

        • TBN27

          I agree with you but don’t call me ugly.

        • Adrayven

          Yes, no relevant facts in these forums, please. ;D

        • Obvy

          New York IS the center of the universe. Sorry, but deal with it :)

        • marbo100

          Not according to T-mobile.

        • Maybe that’s why they remain the #4 carrier because they don’t make NYC a priority. 8 million people live here and probably an extra 3-4 million from Jersey, L.I. etc works here.

        • superg05

          you want some cheese with that whine its a big city they need good strong back-haul support for the new system it ain’t magic and it ain’t easy takes building infrastructure, back-haul, resources, manpower ,upgrading hardware which cost more money all these things are factors more so in a larger city they can just turn on a network that will crash cause its overloaded

        • Trevnerdio

          9 mill now

        • IRIE4IPIEIR

          ATT don’t care about you guys either. And man that’s a lot of air heads

        • dkbnyc

          We don’t really care about AT&T. Their Network sucks balls.

        • jay_max

          17 million in greater L.A., almost 60 million in California. Sorry, NYC is not the #1 priority for many.

        • Spanky

          60 million??? Where did you dig that one up? It’s more like 38 million. Los Angeles Metro is close to 17 million, I’ll give you that. The population of NYC Metro is over 19 million, making it the largest metropolitan area in the U.S. Check your facts first.

        • Singleweird

          it actually is the center of the universe. like undebatable

        • dkbnyc

          What are you 12 and yes, NYC IS the center of the Universe! bAHAHA!

      • Todd

        I don’t think it’s one over the other. They use different people in different regions. My guess is it’s just logistics and red tape. I’m sure they’d LOVE to get NYC on LTE though.

      • JakeR

        Well i agree with IRIE4IPIEIR , anyways good thing i live in LOS ANGELES yay cant wait to test out tmobiles LTE once it gets here ;)

      • T-Mobile probably still has more spectrum in LA than they do in NYC, even after the merger. If anyone’s looking for an actual answer… :P

        • sidekicker89

          really?? I thought they have a lot more spetrum now in NYC since Metro serves NYC too..

        • dkbnyc

          I guess once the towers are configured, we may get more but that hasn’t happened yet.

      • GinaDee

        Los Angeles is the biggest market in the West region. It’s every bit as important as NYC but on the left coast.

        We usually get LTE last because we have more cell sites spread out over so many miles of valleys, mountains, deserts and coastline so it’s always an engineering challenge to get ours done right. But thankfully AT&T didn’t forget us.

        I have a T-Mobile Sonic 2.0 LTE hotspot that I’m eager to test

        • Trevnerdio

          Right, LA is second most populated, I understand. And yeah it’s like the NY of the west, but NY has a cell tower on probably every single skyscraper (still not as many as LA, but ya know)

        • bleeew

          Well as a county LA is the most populated. As a city its not even populated like New York.

        • dkbnyc

          Every skyscraper? Try every block!

        • Trevnerdio

          Same thing, right? ;)

        • dkbnyc

          Actually no. There are relatively few skyscrapers in NYC compared to NYC blocks.

        • Trevnerdio

          Sorry, small city kid. All tall buildings I consider skyscrapers

        • sidekicker89

          may I ask which data plan you have with your Sonic 2.0 LTE? I was thinking about getting that for my home internet since AT&T SUCKS! lol

    • TBN27


    • BannedBarney


      • Oliver Jackson

        In June we in South Florida will have it

    • MatthewMurawski

      Went to the T-Mobile store today and asked. They said mid-June.

      • Trevnerdio

        Unfortunately, the reps usually are the most up to date by checking this site. They don’t actually know what’s going on in the inner workings of the company. (Props to you, David, for providing info to even the T-Mo employees)

        • G

          And then you have the people that don’t work for T-Mobile speaking on behalf of the people that do. Kudos, what do you do?

        • Trevnerdio

          What do you mean? Talking about me or people in general?

    • West coast rider

      Screw New York, Cali all day I be screaming west side like tupac

      • dkbnyc

        Wow! All the New York hate. Who really cares who gets it first. As long as we all get it.

    • G

      As much as I look forward to LTE hitting in Chicago, how much of that data speed would you really consume, consistently. Most of the data is from web browsing which last I checked doesn’t require a minimum of 50mbps.

    • nycplayboy78

      YES!!! That would be awesome!!!!!

  • steve1026

    Wichita! What about Wichita? I know its a small market but……

  • lets accelerate this Magenta!! LTE supplemented with HSPA+42, I can’t think of anything better. : )

  • epsiblivion

    just in time for that rumored 32gb LTE nexus 4 right?

  • Jason Choi


    • natedenver

      Sorry but the only way OK is getting it anytime soon is if Warren Buffet asks them to.

      • Jason Choi

        I’m pretty sure we got HSPA+ before alot of big cities… So why wouldn’t we also be on the list for LTE?
        *edit – and we also have two cities (OKC and Tulsa) that have HSPA+ currently. while some states have.. wait for it.. 0

  • Just turn on LTE on the current Nexus 4. We know it works with T-Mobile…

    • bozzykid

      T-Mobile has no control over that. And even Google can’t enable it unless they re-submit it to the FCC for recertification.

      • Is there a petition we can sign to show Google that they need to recertify the Nexus 4? Google would definitely get a lot more love if they were allowed to turn on LTE so customers wouldn’t have to immediately upgrade their phones.

        Good Guy Google?

        • bobododo

          As i mentioned below, they won’t do it because the device is not optimized for LTE.

    • loopyduck

      The Nexus 4 is not FCC-certified to to work with LTE. Take it up with Google and LG.

    • bobododo

      They won’t do it because the device is not optimized for it.

  • how do you not launch LTE in Dallas already wtf

    • riDIRKulous

      If Austin is getting LTE pretty sure Dallas will get it soon after. If I recall correctly, think they announced DFW and Austin refarmed 1900 band at same time….

    • James

      Exactly! T-Mobile has the most spectrum there, they have about 70 MHz of spectrum if I’m not mistaken because of the spectrum T-Mobile got from AT&T and MetroPCs….I hope they launch LTE in dallas sooner than later.

      • I’m not sure what T-Mobile got from AT&T, but T-Mobile currently has 70 Mhz. MetroPCS has 30 Mhz. The combined company will have 100 Mhz, which ranks it in second place in terms of amount of spectrum (behind AT&T but in front of Verizon).

        • bobododo

          True, but it’s not only about how much Spectrum but also what type of Spectrum. The other carriers may have less of it, but they also have sub-1GHz spectrum which reaches longer distances and penetrates buildings better.

        • Xanderalmighty

          really? how come when i used sprint and verizon inside buildings my signal and data would be spotty. Tmobile has been good with building penetration.

  • Woohoo. The ATX

    • timbay

      This is gonna be great! I’m already happy with 4g speeds but now we will have LTE! I figured it was only a matter of time before ATX got it. A lot of T-Mobile customers.

  • Magenta

    My note 2 change to 4G to 4G LTE for about 6 seconds..Im from Chicago

    • bisayan

      wat part u in chicago? pls. say north suburbs!! lol

      • donreyes

        Had it for few minutes while passing by evanston, davis st near joyyees noodles.

    • Elier Ruiz

      Hopefully it’ll start to show LTE on my Iphone here in Berwyn soon.

  • riDIRKulous

    Austin LTE…..yea!!!

  • Dakota

    They should release the names of those cities before customers sign contracts with other carriers (cuz of no lte)

  • guest rep

    NYC is rumored to go live in June

  • Yes RVA. I already got LTE on my HTC one

  • Marcus

    Noticed the LTE in Richmond today. Nice speeds.

  • Dexter Smith

    I hope Athens is one of those cities.

    • Zacamandapio

      They can’t service the US cities and you want them to go to Greece?

      • thepanttherlady

        Georgia, my friend, Georgia. LOL :)

        • bob90210

          Or maybe Athens, OH. Or Texas. Or California.

        • g2a5b0e

          Unless he edited it, I think the “/s” makes it apparent that he was joking.

      • TBN27


      • Nick Gonzalez

        I wish I could +5 that one LOL

      • Dexter Smith

        No, Athens Georgia.

  • Hey Dave any thing about LTE in Florida. ?

    • yeah man South FL

      • marbo100

        The Suncoast of Florida is what I’m waiting for.

    • steveb944

      I’m hoping we get it soon. Miami/FLL didn’t take too long with the last revamp so we should hopefully get it quick.

  • nwtrekker

    Anyone know how they will likely handle all the areas that are currently 2G/Edge? Will those get upgraded to HSPA+, jump to LTE, or stay 2G?

    • Goliath King

      HSPA+ for all 2G Markets..eventually… Alot only in the 1900 band. As 2G will be decommissioned.

    • taron19119

      By 2015 90 percentof 2g/edge well be hspa+

    • taron19119

      by 2015 90 percent of 2gedge well be hspa+

      • Where is the link to the article that they announced this? I’ve seen some people claiming that but I haven’t found anything from T-Mobile where they addressed upgrading the Edge areas.

        • taron19119
        • nwtrekker

          I watched the video and heard no mention of a timeframe for rural 2G/Edge being upgraded or decommissioned. Only mentioned PCS CDMA being decommissioned.

  • Ruvim

    How bout New England Tmo?


    • droidsoup

      What speed are you getting on your 4G LTE device? Or what speed are you getting on your HSPA++?

  • rob

    Let’s get some LTE love for the OC! I think they include half of north Southern CA as part of the LA market and the other Southern half as San Diego, judging from what I saw during the 1900 refarm.

    • thepanttherlady

      I hope something is happening. Keep dropping to Edge here in Costa Mesa. That’s only happened once before and it was when the discussions of refarming was taking place.

      • Will

        You may have a tower near you under service. I have had that same problem for almost 4 months. Every other tower around me at my house in Maryland has been refarmed except this one tower. So expect a lot of dropped calls. Hopefully your phone handles the hand-off from 4G to EDGE better than the iPhone 5 does. It drops the call and then re-establishes the connection.

      • rob

        So I’m not the only one who’s had speed issues. I live in Costa Mesa too, in the South Coast Plaza area and usually always get great speeds, nothing lower than 8mbps. But lately since my last bill cycle I seem to be getting slower speeds or Edge replacing HSPA+ on my signal bars, and I’m no where near my throttled limit. I hope it’s because of some tower work too because the lag is starting to bother me. When the refarm happened months ago signal went out for a few hours at night and I don’t remember bad signal strength lasting more than a day or two, not a week.

  • Jim Mack

    Bring 3g to Maine. lol

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      You guys don’t need 3G, 4G, LTE etc..You guys should be enjoying them lobsters…That’s what I would do if I lived there….

    • Xanderalmighty

      Am curious to know what carrier has LTE in Maine?

      • Jim Mack

        Verizon and US Cellular

  • wasapasserby

    Considering how long it took T-Mobile to bring 4G to Cleveland, I’m not holding my breath.

  • eddydrizzle

    Waiting for it to hit Sacramento, CA!

  • minnesnowta

    My body is ready

  • scsa852k@gmail.com

    Bring it to LA!! Come on T-Mo!!!

  • S. Ali

    Just check sensorly, the have LTE showing up in dozens of cities.

  • windycity

    what about chicago 60639.i had LTE in chicago for like 2 minutes then my iphone 5 went back to 4g.it was around 3:15 around diversey n pulaski .

  • Christopher J Sacra

    Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA have had LTE turned on since April 10th. Not everywhere, but most places. I don’t even see Hampton Roads on the list, but I can say it’s really fast.

    • bobododo

      The reframed network (though not LTE) was launched in HR a few weeks ago. As you said though, coverage on it (and hence on LTE) is still not that great yet though but the speeds, when you can find the network, is good.

  • TechHog

    >Demos LTE in NYC
    >Announces the launch of LTE in NYC
    >Doesn’t light up LTE in NYC until several months later

    This logic

    • coolio93

      Actually, that has not been the case here in Houston. LTE was launched just a few weeks ago here and I get it very consistently all around downtown, west, southwest and southeast houston. I was very surprised at how widespread it was considering it only launched a little while ago.

    • Xanderalmighty

      My thoughts exactly, where the heck is our LTE in NYC. LTE-NYC-LTE-NYC……

  • guest

    are they rolling out cities in order like they did with the 1900MHz or is it different for LTE?

    • coolio93

      Seems pretty random to me. 1900MHZ for Houston was launched in like the 5th round of cities but it was in the first round of LTE cities.

  • mingkee

    No NYC?????
    HSPA starts melting down in Downtown Brooklyn!!!

  • kev2684

    since orlando isn’t there, it kinda makes me think jacksonville will get LTE 4Q of 2013. we don’t even have refarmed PCS 1900 and they have spectrum for it :/

  • cvgordo

    I’ve been pretty happy with my coverage and speeds but i’ve noticed spots where i don’t get 4g at all even though i’m right off the freeway or less than a mile from a spot where i do get full hspa+. other times it’ll show full 4g but get 2g speeds. sorta weird and can be frustrating but overall i’m happy coming from sprint.
    i’m hoping these lte update will at least bump these “dead spots” to hspa+ if possible.

  • I’ll take some LTE love in Dallas.

  • Mirad77

    David sometimes you sound like a sales rep. more so than the tech blogger. This might be words from a reliable source of yours but the way you lay it out I thought I was watching a videos from John legere then reading from tmonews. C’mon man.
    I’m entitle to my opinion but every human being needs criticism as it makes us better( unless you are not one).

  • MCGTech

    Houston has LTE but I don’t (yet). I’m still paying for my One S (now sporting Jelly Bean YAY!). HSPA+ speeds are improving with people moving to LTE so it’s a win-win situation.

  • Aurizen

    Why is Philadelphia always the last sets? It should always be in May or June, that would be good to do my city justice.

    • cubanito151

      Well at least your getting 4G LTE. There is only 3G where I live and probably won’t be 4G for couple years.

      • Jack Lynch

        well at least youre getting 3g. im on 2g here…

        • cubanito151

          Lol I remember saying same thing a year ago when there was only 2g where I live.

        • Jack Lynch

          Haha hopefully I wont need to complain much longer. According to the fcc website one if the towers acquired by tmobile from at&t was right here in town. I’m beginning to think they sold it off at this point…thank God for wifi. Wish tmobile discounted us 2g bums

    • PhillyTMO

      Philadelphia was actually the very first HSPA+ market that T-Mobile launched when they started it.

      • Aurizen

        I was talking about the refarm which was, in December.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      Maybe it was Andy Reids fault.

    • there is some LTE in philly, mostly only in center city around city hall and jfk park, old city and at xfinity live/citizens bank park on a nexus 4 so it’s there

  • Austin

    To anyone who is pointing out the lack of an LTE launch in New York – does anyone else think the reason for this is because of the MetroPCS merger?

    I’m in Atlanta and have noticed that they aren’t mentioned either, which makes me think they’re waiting until T-Mobile can get Metro’s LTE network, instead of building their own completely from scratch.

    • TBN27

      No. hurricane Sandy

      • Austin

        Okay, but that doesn’t explain other Metro markets. Maybe I’m alone in this, but it’s hard to believe Richmond would be chosen before Dallas/Ft. Worth, Atlanta and several others for LTE.

        • TBN27

          My thinking is that they choose markets by the completion of installation and testing of the LTE network.

        • mgldan

          You want to start in smaller markets so that if there are bugs, they can be worked out in a place that affects fewer people. Even with testing, it’s not going to be perfect right away in the real world. Then you can scale up.

        • TechHog

          Oh hell no! I am NOT waiting like a year for this. It was tested here first, and it was announced here!

      • Will

        Not everything in life is wrong because of hurricane Sandy. Sandy ripped off the roof ripped of my D.C. rowhouse (a $11K loss not covered by insurance). So people stop complaining about Sandy. Lick your wounds and move on. I did. You will feel a lot better.

        Hurricane Sandy did not delay LTE rollout.

        • TBN27

          Yes it did affect it. It slightly delayed the HSPA refarm and it it slightly delayed LTE

        • Will

          I call B.S. on this one. I go to NY almost weekly. And I travel around to all of the boroughs. The refarm is happening faster there than it is in D.C./Maryland/Virginia. And yes we did have Sandy here. We just don’t complain about it.

          I guess Sandy also caused you not to get your homework done? Or was that the dog? Move on already.

        • TBN27

          The refarm was supposed to happen a little earlier. That’s what T-Mobile said. And stop being crabby. It’s not a good look.

  • sushimane

    im hopping it comes to sc i just wanna see how fast the lte network is im happy with the speed i get from hspa+42 i get 20mpbs and with 3 mpbs

  • CommonSense

    It’s already on in Richmond. Started about 1:15 AM last night/early this morning, and it’s full-speed LTE pretty much everywhere that’s been refarmed for 3G. Loving it (even though I live in Baltimore and we’ve had it for a couple of weeks now)!

  • James

    How about dallas, tx T-Mobile? You have 70 MHz of spectrum there thanks to AT&T and MetroPCs! Where’s our LTE?

    • superg05

      100mhz wasn’t it?

      • Yeah, 100 Mhz after the merger. Only 70 Mhz before the merger.

  • pinoyz

    Need it in Chicago and it’s suburbs!!

  • SeungMin Cho

    For people who have LTE, does the speed significantly get faster? noticeable? or just meh?

    • coolio93

      The speeds are already really fast on HSPA+ on my iphone. But when connected to LTE, i do notice a significantly lower ping time. Meaning if I type in cnn.com in safari on my iphone, when connected to HSPA itll take about 2 seconds to ping to the website and then it’ll load the website real quick. However on LTE, there is literally 0 ping time and as soon as I hit go, it starts loading up the website.

      • mgldan

        HSPA+42 is really ridiculously fast here in NJ; I pull 12 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up on my new iPhone 5 when I’m on the road. I was floored. Pings are definitely higher (<500 ms), but when you're just pulling down podcasts, who cares?

    • Will

      It was really fast (25+) here in D.C. before they released the iPhone 5 T-Mobile version. Now it is about 8-10 on a good day.

      So meh, I guess.

  • Aurizen

    Anyone know anything about Philly and LTE?

    • PhillyTMO

      Good things come to those who wait!

      • Aurizen

        True, But LTE might not be that great considering I get 1-2mb/s on my iphone 5.

        • taron19119

          what iPhone 5 do you have the CDMA iPhone 5 GSM iPhone 5 before T Mobile released or the T Mobile iPhone 5

        • Aurizen

          iPhone 5 before T Mobile. I do get faster speed in center city like 8-12 mb/s at my house is like 1-2 mb/s. I was hoping it to get faster but that doesn’t seem it will. maybe after the tmetro deal a year or so.

        • taron19119

          Yeah u need T-Mobile iPhone cause u not getting hspa+ 42 Cause u can’t get aws hapa+ on your iPhone 5

  • Hopefully Charlotte is on for June. Refarmed 1900mhz 4G is pretty widespread now around here so LTE should be soon.


    I’m in Richmond and LTE pop on my phone today. Unfortunately, pings are the same, download speed is the same. But the upload speed has been doubled.

  • vamunre

    been seeing lte in on note 2 in virginia beach VA for a few weeks

  • enoch861

    Minneapolis? This is good news!

  • davix0

    I need Victorville to get lte asap speed there I terrible s

    • s10shane

      good luck with that. im in hesperia and it sucks so bad lol

  • CPPCrispy

    Good to hear the LTE roll out is going well. Now If they would give us a timeline for network wide HSPA+/LTE and decommissioning of EDGE/GPRS.

    T-Mobile, its time to upgrade the entire network.

    • Black TheBadGuy

      I agree, I drive through west va today roaming on AT&Ts network the whole time. makes no sense

      • sidekicker89

        haha I’ve driven through West Virginia too.. beautiful state.. no T-Mobile coverage :( I live in Ohio, the covergage is good here but could be better.

        • cubanito151

          Same here went to Snowshoe to snowboard. Not coverage for like 2 hours in the drive and when I finally did get it it was att and I had used my roaming allowance.

    • bobododo

      It will be ages before they decommission 2G, especially now that they are getting more PCS spectrum from the MetroPCS acquisition.

  • i just bought the htc one online…i already have the 30 walmart plan so i got another plan and want to cancel once i get the phone (which i paid full up frot) is this possible? also, they screwed up my order and now i wont get the car dock but i’ll get a 25 dollar credit…can i transfer that credit to my walmart line? please help

    • Luis Rodriguez

      Well you won’t be able to transfer the credit towards your prepaid account.

      I do know that if you buy a phone full price without an eligible plan (value) you pay a bit more.

      Since you did a work around they’re only going to charge you for the days the account is active. Sorry if this doesn’t help.

      • thanks…it just pisses me off that they can give me the run around so many times and have no remorse for it…no wonder why they are rated so low in customer service…but i’ll just keep phone and do the htc one trade in

  • jazzyjeff215

    Philadelphia hopefully soon

  • Mondra

    Hopefully San Diego is one of them!!!!

  • Derrick

    are they still expanding their hspa+ network? Lte is nice but I would love to have full 3g/4g coverage where I live.

  • jimmiekain

    I wonder if T-Mo includes Riverside / San Bernardino in the Los Angeles market like sprint does.

  • Ryan

    Yeah! Honolulu baby.

  • Chuckysworld1

    Miami please!!!.

  • RonJeezy

    Need to roll out a schedule on getting rid of Edge lol. Sorry I’m on Edge 50 percent of the time (literally)

  • skizzoid

    I had 4G LTE very briefly on my HTC One today, in north Chicago near Evanston. It was a terrible signal, and I thought it was a glitch, but it sounds like it’s in line with other people’s sightings. Can’t wait to see that signal more frequently in the coming months.

  • GinaDee

    We’d like to have some competition here in Los Angeles. Right now AT&T is king of speeds while Verizon has an edge with LTE covering more rural ground but realistically their LTE experience is neck and neck.

    Sprint was supposed to launch LTE here in Los Angeles but never did.

    I’m hoping T-Mobile covers a decent area not just downtown or just on the coastline.

    • Adrayven

      MetroPCS had a ton of spectrum in LA.. I’d expect that to become one of their 20×20 LTE areas.

    • bobododo

      There’s Sprint LTE in parts of LA. It’s going to take them a while to build out the rest of the network though.

      • Xanderalmighty

        Goodluck waiting on sprint LTE

  • NYCTheBronx

    I wonder when or if T-Mobile will release another qwerty keyboard phone but with 4G LTE and a 4″-4.5″ screen? I really hope they bring back the G line up, MyTouch more high end and the Sidekick.

    • Xanderalmighty

      I agree with the G line up, As long as HTC goes back to it. LG has stained the once great G and mytouch series.

  • The Given

    Cmon tmobile you need to cover alot of ground here , Getting Edge is just completely annoying

    • guidomus_maximus

      If you are on EDGE now, then you have been on EDGE for a long time. I would not expect that any expansion of high speed data out to new areas will occur until, every existing highspeed area is upgraded. If there is a carrier in your area that already has high speed data, then switch to them. You probably made a mistake chosing TMO to begin with.

      Going on an internet site and WHINING will NOT encourage the carrier to put a high speed tower by your house. It will however, make everyone on said internet site dislike you. Please don’t troll us.

    • Xanderalmighty

      Maybe Tmobile will recognize the ones stuck on edge and expand LTE to further locations that hspa never reached. Covering as many people is something they will need to do to get past sprint as number 3

  • savage

    200mil people but only 10m subscribers

    • Adrayven

      Meh?32 mil subscribers… and add 9 from MetroPCS now..

  • Nice to see L.A. coming soon. Once they get LTE here, I might just have to switch from AT&T.

  • Great that we in Hono are finally getting some love early on!

  • Cris

    HONOLULU is usually the LAST place to get considered by carriers when upgrading their markets. Don’t get me wrong, all carriers offer standard 4G here, but I don’t see much of an LTE footprint for any carriers. The fact that T-Mobile is bringing LTE to the Aloha State this early into their somewhat late LTE rollout, brings faith to me in T-Mobile

  • Thank god for lte news

  • cnoTe4

    Glad to see ATX on that list!

  • NardVa

    There are plenty of unofficial markets that are live right now.

  • Joel axel

    Yay i live in san antonio :))))))

  • Tony M

    Come On Miami, FL….. aka South Beach

  • daswahnsinn

    I’m leaving T-mobile in June or July. The area I live in will never see more than EDGE so I going to have to switch to Sprint for 4G/LTE.

    • Mozillameister

      Have you tried their postpaid? I’m not trying to lure you in or anything. Just my experience with Sprint is pretty horrid. Their 3g is really no better than EDGE, first off.

      Postpaid gets ATT roaming included, so if you’re not getting good coverage, best bet to try that and use your phone settings to force roaming.

      • Ben

        My experience with Virgin Mobile is what you say about Sprint (since Sprint owns VM that makes sense). Terrible data service. Voice was OK.

  • moises1204

    thank god for haps+ here in Boston ma, i will be patiently waiting for LTE.

  • Marcus Gormsen

    MINNEAPOLIS YES!! Dang it, now I need to go get a new phone, I am not quite bored of my GS3 yet….

  • LTE boy

    I’m getting LTE signal in some areas in Chicago..Go T-Mobile!

    • Vincent

      Where in Chicago?

      • JimInChicago

        Anymore LTE in Chicago? Was with T-Mo until last September. Considering coming back if they have LTE.

  • Tmeb

    I’ve been riding LTE here in Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Virginia Beach area) for the last few weeks.

    • bobododo

      I’d expect you’d be getting it in those areas that have gone through the refarm. Unfortunately though, I personally find their reframed network footprint in Hampton Roads to be quite limited still (compared to the 1700/AWS 3G coverage), despite the “official launch”. Speeds are nice though.

  • WW

    Where’s Atlanta Damn it?!?

    Actually, I don’t much care unless the Nexus 4 (which I don’t own yet) will support TMo’s LTE. That’d prompt me to buy it though.

    • JayInCA

      You may want to wait for the LTE variant to be released. I hear it’s coming. http://phandroid.com/2013/04/22/32gb-nexus-4-lte/

    • Abu-Kole

      I just did the “hack” to my Nexus 4 and am currently enjoying 4G LTE speeds in my apartment 27 miles west of Washington DC. 12.5Mbps up and 9Mbps down. Best phone I’ve ever owned just got better.

      • WW

        I saw someone complain in a post (another tmonews story) that he’s “only” getting about 50Mb down performance.

  • troysyx

    How about some Oregon action?? :-D

    • chantie

      The entire state of Oregon is considered the Portland market we will be one of the last to receive the update. It will come just not right away.

      • despotic

        The only thing portland has is Portlandia /s

  • Nando

    Hello??? Why Isnt Chicago In This ??!! T-Mobile Is Putting LTE In These Low Market Cities Lol

    • Adrayven

      It could be strategic. Area’s that are usually last, and people leaving, etc, trying to energize areas like that, to keep and get more customers.

    • Electro

      There’s a lot of tall buildings, thus alot to upgrade. Be happy with what you have seriously.

  • Bigjavar101

    Waiting for that LTE to hit the Monterey CA area :)

  • sidekicker89

    Is it safe to say that all the areas shown on Airportal . de that have been refarmed will get LTE?

    • I would say yes since the main purpose of the refarm is to free up the 1700 band for LTE.

  • bobododo

    Richmond… intrersting… That happens to be one of the last markets T-Mobile (Voicestream) built in the US back in the day. (Passed that, most new markets were acquisitions, e.g. Suncom in the Carolinas)

    • It’s more interesting to me since Richmond is a relatively small market. I figured they would be one of the last for LTE.

  • Paul

    A couple days ago I had 4G LTE pop up on my phone, in Dallas, TX.
    It disappeared after a minute or two. I did a speed test, and got 10Mb+ what I usually get in there. I haven’t seen it since.
    Who knows, maybe Dallas is on the list.

  • skaltnerd

    I would say to include Dallas, TX in this list because I’ve been seeing LTE on the iPhone 5 come and go in a few parts for the past two weeks since I’ve gotten it.

  • Jeremy

    i just wish they would get rid of gprs here in michigan…1g seriously in 2013?

    • despotic

      think its time to swtich carriers

    • Dustin

      2g*** they can only do what their spectrum allows them to. From what I see they have good 4G coverage in Michigan. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Xanderalmighty


  • olographics

    I guess here in Chicago we are not important,I can’t find info about LTE anywhere,I thought we were a big city but according to t mobile I guess I was wrong.

    • Mickey Drench

      They must have been testing LTE in Chicago yesterday. Because I got an LTE reading for at least 30 seconds.

    • Leugim

      Just saw some lte today by midway airport

  • keasycase

    No Philly tho

  • C’mon Portland, OR!

  • redthunda69

    Atlanta, Georgia please!

  • radar1


  • graywolf323

    I live in the Richmond area and can confirm I was connected to an LTE signal on my new t-mobile iPhone 5 on Friday so it seems to be rolling out

    only 4G at my house still but at Route 360 and Virginia 288 I had LTE :D

  • Razius

    Nashville, TN. That is all I ask.

  • Bill Smith

    They should finish upgrading the cities they started first.

  • keasycase

    Hope Philly is one of them :-):-)

  • kolson76

    Boston, MA and Providence, RI PLEASE

  • Vincent

    Hawaii? Virginia? Just leave out Chicago, LA, and NYC. You know, those small cities.

  • Marinperez

    Come to SF yesterday

  • Columbus Oh is getting LTE from T-Mobile before SPRINT has their LTE 3G network here…wow

  • Jason Choi

    Just got LTE here in Tulsa Oklahoma. Down speeds of 8mbps and up of 6 Mbps on my iPhone 5

  • Loxias44

    Just saw the LTE logo in Minneapolis — 23mbps down, 11mbps up. LTE logo is gone now, so it may have just been a test.

  • Paul Feng

    Also just saw LTE go live in downtown Minneapolis. 14.9 down, 5.1 up… now to test in the location in my office where I previously have seen the best 4G speeds…

  • Matthew

    Fresno ca ?

  • faviken

    Absolutely fast and furious: I’m one Happy iPhone 5 customer in Minneapolis area!

  • Facebook User

    LTE now operational in Santa Barbara, CA as of 5/29.

  • LegendaryLegendOfLegendVille

    Please give Madison Wisconsin some love!

    • BuckyBadger

      Please give anyone in Wisconsin some love!

      T-Mobile, why do you hate WI customers???