T-Mobile Set To Launch New LTE Markets In May, Two Dozen Markets In June


T-Mobile’s LTE rollout has already gotten under way with seven markets live and serving the customers in those markets. Seven markets may seem small compared to the depth of competitors rollouts, but T-Mobile is set to bump their LTE market count in the coming weeks with a number of launches in May and a rumored two dozen markets going live in June. T-Mobile is expected to have more than 100 million pops before the end of Summer and 200 million pops covered before the end of the year.

Included in the May rollout are Richmond, VA; Honolulu and Maui, Minneapolis and Austin/San Antonio. Assuming the rumored timetables I’m hearing stay on schedule, all of those markets are on schedule to go live before the last day of May.¬†Other potential May markets (pending construction schedules) include Stockton, Modesto, some of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland and Fremont.

With the May markets on the roadmap, that leaves another rumored two dozen plus cities scheduled to go live before the end of June. There’s no exact number available, but I’m being told it’s right around 24 cities scheduled to get the green light.

Sound good? I’m looking to get a full list of the upcoming markets but until then, you can cross your fingers it’s your city.


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