Samsung’s New “Pool Party” Commercial Highlights Galaxy S 4 Specific Features

With the release of the Galaxy S 4 around the world comes the inevitable onslaught that is the Samsung marketing machine. Once again they are taking the opportunity to take some shots at their biggest competitor…the iPhone and its lack of Galaxy-specific features like Air View technology, S Beam file transfer and Drama Shot. While some of these features are more gimmicky than others and need more time to be fleshed out (see my hands-on with Smart Gesture), Samsung still wants you to have the option of sitting at a pool party and beaming pictures all around. As anyone who has ever sat and ate a plate of ribs knows, the opportunity to answer your phone without touching it certainly has a lot of promise.

Million dollar question: Is Samsung’s “pool party” commercial better than Microsoft’s fanboy fight?


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  • g2a5b0e

    Is that actually confirmed yet? I’m starting to think it’s not gonna happen.

    • g2a5b0e

      I saw it, but that doesn’t make it set in stone. Remember the T-Mobile branded HTC One X+?…yeah.

  • VG

    As a very happy Nexus 4 owner, these are my comments: 1) I have never used Android Beam (it’s much easier to email photos or to post them on Facebook); 2) I have a cable company app with channel guide that also controls my cable box, so no need for infrared TV remote; 3) Drama Shot looks cool, but I’m sure there are camera apps available that do the same thing; 4) Air View seems like a gimmick. I LOVE the Microsoft ad (and, to be honest, the Samsung ad feels similar to the Microsoft ad sans the fighting). My question all Android phone owners out there whose phones have NFC: HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY USED ANDROID BEAM FILE TRANSFER OTHER THAN TO DEMO IT?

    • Jose Hernandez

      I have a couple of times. Came in handy for sharing some videos and photos on the spot.

    • 21stNow

      Yes, S Beam and Android Beam help out a lot because I have multiple devices. It’s faster to transfer one or two things via NFC than to email them to myself.

    • superg05

      android beam uses nfc+bluetooth s-beam uses nfc+wifi direct

  • Eh, looks like most of the features are usable only in really specific situations and most likely people will never really use them. Kind of just there just to be there. Nothing that would make you want to buy the phone to get them. I think Samsung could’ve made a better ad than this one. The Microsoft commercial was way better and pretty damn funny too.

    • Mirad77

      I”d rather have a phone that is feature packed so when they come handy I can use them than one that is not. The microsoft commercial was lame in the sense that the top two phone sellers are fighting for number one spot? Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? last but not least the only thing they had to show for their new phone is that is has a video camera. And you wonder why only xbox and windows/license is keeping microsoft afloat.

    • JGaLaXY

      What kind of phone do you have?

  • Alex Zapata

    And even though most of these features are gimmicky, these phones will sell in droves.

    • Mirad77

      You might find those gimmicky if you don’t use the. My wife didn’t buy the iphone 5 when it came to Tmo because it lack the beam, given out line of work we share documents, notes and other personal pics and like. We both have Nexus 4 and that is very handy.

  • Realest Ever

    Not a samsung fan (I own a Nexus 10 but its a nexus!), but this commercial was good. I remember when I was at my college graduation party last year and this would of came in handy. Plus think about this,this time of the year is graduation time for colleges and high schools across the US so that makes this relevant and it is brilliant marketing.

  • 21stNow

    I am biased toward Samsung, even though I want Nokia to succeed. I think that the Samsung commercial was better because it showed people using the features in realistic situations, then explaining them to others rather than fighting. More people can relate to just talking about phones; most people aren’t thinking about fighting over their cell phones.

    Nokia’s commercial may be more memorable but more people will be able to relate to Samsung’s commercial.

    The best scenario was showing that you couldn’t do this with an iPhone and coming back with “so some smartphones are smarter than others”. This is where Nokia failed in their commercial because I didn’t see anything that the Lumia could do that the others could not do.

  • James

    Now who said that air view and hand tracking wasn’t useful…


    Hey david don’t join the rest if the crowd by saying these features are gimmicky, but that’s what sheep do I guess. These features are there to be used, if you force yourself to use them on a daily basis as intended, they are not so gimmicky at all

  • blkalleykat

    This commercial really captures a lot of the great elements of the galaxy s4. Too bad the older lady couldn’t share the picture, BURN!

    • Joe

      It’s called TEXT messaging. BURN!…… Seriously, if I want a picture from someone, they can send it over a text. No need to touch our phones. Just another gimmick feature.

  • I just intentionally watched a commercial that my friend posted on facebook.
    What the? They did it…

  • steveb944

    I liked it, it shows some unique features. I think it beats the Windows Phone because I get the idea that only servers/a few people have WP.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Shade to Iphone lol !!!!! The iphone guy was like “so some smartphones (GS4) are smarter then other smartphones (iphone) lol Love the commerical though

  • Brian T.

    Why couldn’t the girl just email the picture to the mom’s iPhone instead of giving that snarky response and saying no? And what’s the point of hovering your finger over the screen to read a text message when you’re going to have to type out a response anyway? Maybe I’m missing something though. The IR / TV control stood out to me as a kickass feature, however.

    • Mirad77

      What part of some smartphones are smarter than others didn’t you get. They are selling their strong points in the in the commercial. The girl has lotion on her hand but can still read text without touching her phone. Do you reply to all text you get?

      • I it support

        I don’t reply to all my text but do u think u will use these features after 3 months. Plus the s3 will get most of the features except some hardware limitations I don’t see why you have to upgrade when this phone will be outdated in 4 months. You know by sept or oct they will replace the CPU with a faster one like the snapdragon 800 or octa core to compete with nexus 5 and etc.

    • I think therein lies the problem, Samsung’s engineers were busy thinking about whether or not they could design it, than rather or not they should. They are gimmicks to be sure, but cool enough to obviously warrant inclusion as sales pitches.

  • Alan713

    Saw S4 today, wasn’t impressed. sure it’s an improvement over s3, but that’s about it. Htc one is better. yeah maybe specs and functions are better on S4 but there’s nothing exciting about it.

  • Bud

    gimmicky crapware!

    • dkbnyc

      Gimmicks make the world go round!

  • weezy34

    Love the ad. Thanks for sharing it.

    Lots of all around humor. Not just a boring look at how stylish I am holding my mobile kind of ad. Let face it, the new gen, loves newness, even if they won’t use it (feature).

    Great marketing company that is doing something to stand out from the rest of the mobile ads.

    I’d buy it if it were as big as my Note2. Hope the Note3 has all this and more.

    I myself prefer to email pics, rather than bump to transfer. Not worth all the switching on and tapping screens, approving transfer, looking at each others screens, eyes rolling when it doesn’t go right…

  • Ashkid

    So if the screen is locked, you can still hover over a message?

  • ant

    idk the htc one looks nicer at bestbuy the screen look wider (too me idk) and it feels nice but the s4 still nice i have to use one for a week than just lookin at them in the store but idk which phone better

  • Fraydog

    Samsung should, for a change, try to make their features better, rather than adding a bunch of crap on top of crap. Ironically enough they get this when it comes to the camera. The rest of Touchwiz, not so much. They should take a page from Apple and HTC here.

    • dkbnyc

      Apple? What exactly did Apple innovate?

      • Fraydog

        Where did I say Apple was innovating? All I said was that Apple isn’t adding crap features no one uses, then calling that innovation like Samsung is. Even taking Apple out of the equation, which I’ll gladly do, there’s still HTC’s One which has fewer features, but the software on the phone is great because they focused more intently.

  • JGaLaXY

    A lot of haters on here, but all I know is if Apple had these “Gimmicky features” then those same haters would say “Yeah, look at Apple being INNOVATIVE unlike Samsung.” I think people are just jealous, this phone is the BEST phone on the market when it comes to features…I mean, wouldn’t most people rather have a phone that can DO MORE?

  • Bokebo

    Most of these features are pretty cool. The frame-by-frame photo was impressive. I’ve used S-Beam (NFC) for transfering a photo (Texting will compress it). The touchless interface is nifty, but seems to have limited use (much like motion gestures). I have used the IR sensor in my Note tab, and it is like having a tv guide that controls your tv. It will be neat to see which software-dependant features get pushed to my S3.

  • crazychef

    Ok here is something that maybe a lot of people don’t know or seem to forget or not care about. But a lot of the features like NFC the phone that is a remote control for your samsung tv with a tv guide. the floating touch for the screen and I would bet that a lot more features are copies from Sony technology I could name a few phones that had all of these features or had at least one of them. Samsung is not reinventing the whel when it come to smartphones they are just doing a copy paste with a bit of photoshop.

    • dkbnyc

      And your point is? My +10 year old Ipaq had touch screen and a stylus. I never thought that Apple or Android invented any of these features. It’s like anything else in the world. There is nothing new. Just update and rehashed features.

  • dkbnyc

    Okay, love it.. Push those features [minus the IR Blaster of course] to the Note 2!