Microsoft Pokes Fun At “iSheep” And “One Trick Pony” Samsung Galaxy Owners

Sure the ad is for the Lumia 920 and it’s AT&T branded in the commercial, but this is a Microsoft ad and one of the best marketing spots I’ve seen in some time. Between the “iSheep” insults, the “one trick pony” Samsung Galaxy Note insults and the guy with the Apple logo tattooed on his chest, Microsoft hits a home run with this ad.

I had to watch this twice just to catch-all the fanboy insults the second time around and its great. Poking fun at the Samsung/Apple rivalry is a thin line for Microsoft given how easy it is to poke fun at its market share, but they really knock it out of the park with this one.

I don’t know if this ad is enough to get people to switch, but a few more spots with this much awesome and I’m sure someone out there will reconsider Windows Phone.


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  • D Velasquez

    that was great haha

  • pnwoutback08

    Microsoft can poke fun at Samsung all they want but when they come out with phones minus there crappy software, then I’ll consider one.

    • fentonr

      When Microsoft comes out with a phone minus their crappy software? First off, Android has to be one of the worst built pieces of software on the planet, the thing is as efficient as a Hummer…
      Also, Microsoft makes software, not phones, I don’t think Windows Phone is going anywhere.

      • rush420

        I don’t see your point where do you get ur info android is inefficient? your commit was inefficient considering that android is the top os in the world ms sux ass I have used wp they suck pretty bad I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon iOS isn’t any better. although I like the commercial ms won’t fight because they are irrelevant an don’t stand up to other platforms. cause they’ll get they’re ass kicked. ha ha

        • To put it in perspective, the note 3 will have as much ram as my still very useful laptop.

  • Aurizen

    I like the commercial, I would never get a windows phone again though.

  • GwapoAko

    Bring the Lumia 920 to Tmobile!!!!

    • Wayne Morrison

      That’s the beauty of T-mo…buy a 920 and bring it with you. No contract and a cheaper plan.

      • GwapoAko

        I agree. But we need our own high end nokia..with 1700/2100.. I live in a refarmed area with 1900 and use iPhone 4$ and I can use the 920..however, it is better if we have our own high end and with out At$t logo ..LOL

      • Stars44

        yes, but not all other devices support all t-mo’s 3g/4g bands. I know they’re refarming, but it gonna take lots of time…

      • No. stop. please. The only 920 that works (and not even totally) are Rogers branded sets at inflated prices. When the exclusivity ends in May, then you’ll have a chance at getting an unlocked 920 at ATT prices. BUT, even then, it doesn’t support 1700 MHz.

  • Rek Aviles

    That was hilarious. Did nothing to sell me on the phone though. :P

  • zifnab

    Cute commercial, but still a terrible phone. Good luck microsoft.

  • riDIRKulous

    Funny commercial but I have to admit that I’ve never played or spent time with a Windows phone.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      I highly recommend you at least play with a 920 at a Best Buy or something. It’s the bees knees.

  • Alex Zapata

    This is a cute commercial, but let’s be honest about a couple things. The iPhone has been successful for a reason: it’s a good device. I don’t care for it, but it works. As for android and Samsung, those should go without any further explanation. You can’t deny their success. That being said though, I’m still waiting for that Nokia Eos.

    • Alex Zapata

      Also, you can’t deny that their advertising is clearly working.

      • kev2684

        how did it work exactly? the thing that left in my mind after watching the ad was iPhone vs. Galaxy. Lumia 920 didn’t really stick even if it ended with it. it also kinda shows that Windows Phone 8 is not an OS worth fighting for.

        90% of the ad was about iPhone vs. Galaxy. free publicity for Apple and Samsung thanks to Microsoft. and it was a pretty good publicity too. iPhone’s Siri, Samsung’s S-Beam and enormously awesome Galaxy were highlighted perfectly. lol.

        • It made fun of the people that use them and become fanatical.

        • MaseW

          Yeah, that’s true…you won’t ever have to deal with a fanatical Windows Phone user.

          I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that’s good or bad for the platform.

        • Alex Zapata

          I was talking about the advertising Samsung and Apple.

        • 21stNow

          Aside from misunderstanding Alex’s comment, you do make a point that the commercial showed off Samsung’s and Apple’s features more than it showed of the Microsoft features. They even put Apple’s logo in the commercial. What sticks with me as a customer? Certainly not Windows Phone.

  • JB

    This is probably one of the most awesome ads I’ve seen in a bit! Though the sad irony of this is that I’m typing this comment from my Galaxy S III…

    (I do hope Windows Phone gain more traction! this commercial is at least a step in the right direction)

  • othercents

    “I don’t know I think they kinda like fighting”

    Got to love that line. Could be used with the HTC One vs GS4 debate.

    • MaseW

      Alternative translation:

      “Man those people are so passionate about their phones, they’ll fight each other about them. Me, I just use this Windows Phone…nobody cares enough about this thing to fight about it.”

  • ShoeVixen

    This commercial was hilarious.

  • sapphiraa

    It’s windows…when have they ever actually gotten it right? Windows XP was awesome, and now Windows 7…Vista and 8 are complete shit!….That’s why Windows phone will never pick up, everyone knows how horrible Microsoft OS’s are.

    • You honestly think that association is the problem?

  • fentonr

    Great commercial, makes me wish T-Mobile had a Windows Phone worth an ad.

  • eanfoso

    Lol! Love it, commenting from my lumia 810

  • the irony is that no, no one knows about Windows Phone lol
    and the 920 is an “old” phone now. people are already over it. i enjoy WP .. but there aren’t many people talking about or clammoring to get the next one.

    • So who are they comparing the latest phones to in camera shootouts? Oh that’s right, the Lumia 920.

      • well you’d be hard pressed to find anyone outside of Microsoft speaking about the 920.

  • Nadia Merhai

    Good commercial but still wouldn’t buy their phones until they get it right. I’ve owned all phones from BB, iPhone and Android and Symbian OS but out of all of them, Microsoft phones couldn’t compare. Mainly because they concentrate on hardware instead of centralizing everything (and getting it to work,) the way Apple and Google has. I always said there’s nothing special about the iPhone since day one. It’s all about iTunes and the app store. Copy that formula and you’re golden (which is exactly what Google did for Android). Currently have the iPhone and an HTC mytouch 4g (which I love even more than my iPhone 5).

    • Wooshers

      You have good taste in phones…..The Mytouch 4G was probably my favorite phone ever, I just wish they made phones still of the size, shape, and feel of that phone.

      • JB

        Loved the MyTouch 4G!! The only thing I disliked about it was the plastic bezel that chipped away otherwise, it still works like a dream!

        • Ben Jammin’

          My myTouch 4G is still around and still working. I got to hand it to HTC, they did a very good job with that one.

    • I have the HTC MyTouch in black. Don’t use it, it is still brand new in that leather pouch it came with all the accessories in it. Great little phone that feels real good in your hand. Really solid hardware with a seperate camera button.

  • mdosu

    meanwhile, the rest of the world pokes fun at all of the 3000 windows phone user universe, all of which are MSFT employees.

    • Ordeith

      10 million new users a year.
      Just because you don’t want them to gain market share, doesn’t mean they aren’t gaining it.

      • hitsquad27

        when they crack 5%..hell even 4% market share..then they can talk…what is a smart phone without apps???..developers follow the #’s and the $ phone has neither in their favor right now..good luck with that..i’m no fanboy..i own a gs3 because of the combination of hardware..os..& developer support

        • hieuman
        • Chilehead

          I find it interesting that, in the link your provided, iOS is listed first even though Android has the greatest market share.

        • techymexican

          if you look, iOS is not first. look at the percentage

        • Chilehead

          It’s in row #1…i.e. listed first even though, as you mentioned, it is not first. Why not list them alphabetically or by market share? Interesting…

        • Ordeith

          They cracked 5% a while ago, still going up.
          Apps quantity also hasn’t been a problem for quite some time.
          You say you aren’t a fanboy, yet you say such fanboyish things.

        • mdosu

          must one accuse others of fanboyishness to prevent fanboyish attacks onto oneself?

        • Ordeith

          If the shoe fits…

  • mdosu

    So in a sense, they admit the Galaxy Note is a good phone…

    • Trevnerdio

      All they show is them tapping the phones together…I’m pretty sure I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done that. I’m too busy using the other 100 features that are on the Note II and Galaxy S III

  • D_Wall__

    No Gonna lie, I enjoyed that alot. Seems like a common thing on New and Tech Sites. Android VS. IOS

  • Rob Smith

    Having used Windows Mobile in the past, just felt from my Wing days to this point the environment would be different. Microsoft is taking so long to get it right. Feel the average user is getting deeper into there current operating system with purchases from the app store they use daily. I like were Microsoft is going but with over 150.00 in Play Store purchases it’s going to take more than a commercial to get me over. But great commercial.

  • Okay. That’s actually a really funny commercial, so both apple and Sammy should listen to them lol.

  • mingkee

    The problem is Windows Phone’s coverage is lacking.
    Look at Samaung and, now, Apple, products are everywhere.
    Carrier’s exclusive kills coverage and popularity.

  • weezy34

    Loved the apple tattoo bit. Windows is a great OS, but I switched to Android OS with a G1 the first morning it was available. I survived the early struggles of Android, all for newness, even in infancy and bugs.

    Even though I am a PC guy, former Mac, I am not that enthused in ever using Windows Mobile again and not sure what marketing would ever have me switch to Symbian or Windows Mobile again.

    If only Windowsobile tried to stay ahead of the app game and update their OS more often, they wouldnt have lost as much market share.

    • windows mobile doesn’t exist. I think you’d find wp8 much better.

      • Ben Jammin’


  • Verhouze

    What else are you going to do when you are a windows phone at the very bottom? Attack!! That commercial was hilarious though. Love Samsung.

  • Great commercial. One of the best I’ve seen in a while. It’s pretty accurate too haha.

  • Matthew Mueller

    Interesting that they go after Samsung and not Android itself. I think it proves that Android as an OS is hard to argue against.

    • 21stNow

      The weird thing about going after Samsung in this particular spot is that Samsung facilitates photo sharing in events like weddings.

      • MaseW

        I noticed that too.

        I guess in the whole theme of the commercial, it paints an overall negative picture of the Samsung/Apple rivals, and it’s pretty entertaining. But if I really critique the message Microsoft is delivering, I come up with:

        So Samsung has S-Beam and users passionately like it. The iPhone has Siri, and its’ users passionately like that. What do your have, that your users passionately like Microsoft?

        Apparently they don’t passionately like anything about Windows Phone. They’re only relieved by the fact that nobody else cares that they have a Windows Phone.

        Good luck with that…

        • Ordeith

          More like:
          WP has everything that is good about both iOS and Android. No need to fight when you can have it all. :)

        • MaseW

          If they would have been arguing over a feature WP has, that neither Apple or Samsung did, I’d understand it. As a matter of fact, it would have made a compelling case to check out other features it has.

          However, they choose to highlight features in their competitors, that people like, that WP doesn’t even have.

          The only features they seemed to have highlighted that WP has that the others don’t, is apathetic users, and no recognition by the market as a whole.

        • Ordeith

          What is this “that WP doesn’t even have”? Every feature they highlighted, WP has.

          WP can even tap to share with Android users if they want to.

          Edit after a rewatch just to be sure: Yup, not a single feature is shown on any platform in that video that isn’t available on WP.

    • I’ll argue against it in most circumstances. In fact, I’d say Android is the problem more than Samsung.

    • Ben Jammin’

      No it just shows that Samsung is Android. And if Samsung decides to go fully to Tizen, Android is dead in the water.

  • Matlock

    Funny commercial, still wont make me switch to WP! I have used WP, in fact I own an HTC Radar. It was a decent phone, got great battery life, decent camera, but that was it. I hated browsing the web on it, the apps were super lacking, and aside from integration with Xbox Live, it didnt really do much to keep me interested. during the time I used Windows Phone, I also had my HSPA Galaxy Nexus, and pretty much whenever I wanted to do some serious browsing, I would take out my GNexus and swap sims. There was nothing that really made Windows Phone stand out to me. This is coming from someone who has used BB, Palm Os, Android (from the beginning), Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone, and my favorites are Android and BB.

    • Ben Jammin’

      HTC Radar was Windows Phone 7. Vastly different experience from Windows Phone 8.

  • TTech

    920 or a W8P on Tmobile with Wi-Fi calling, then I’ll give it a chance.

  • alfonzso

    Great commercial! I am a fan of all smartphones and have owned several phones from every platform. I have a 920 waiting to be used. I love it but a big thing keeps me from using it: The lack of quality apps. Once Windows Phone catches up on the app market, there is nothing that should keep people from using it. The OS is amazingly pleasant to use. Until then, I’m enjoying the Nexus 4. Keep it up!

  • “You’re to young for that phone” Hahaha!

  • Sad part for Windows is the only people in the entire room with windows phones were the two waiters. That is how it is in the real world. Windows is all done. Nokia must be mad as hornets that they signed that deal with Windows. Imagine all the great hardware that Nokia could have made for Android. Personally I would love to own a Nokia built Android Smartphone. They make great hardware.

    • You and many others don’t get it. Nokia did not flock to android because there was no way for them to be competitive in a sea of OEMs. Imagine dying of thirst and choosing between a cup of water and a water tower everyone is clamoring for. You’ll become exhausted fighting for a drink at the tower, only to find it’s all gone in minutes. I submit HTC as Exhibit A.

      • 21stNow

        Without running the numbers, I’ll guess that 10% of the Android market would beat 80% of the Windows Phone market today.

        The key to this is the deal that was signed with Microsoft. Nokia could have offered to make hardware for Windows Phone devices, but should not have done it to the exclusion of Android devices.

        • And dilute the brand by fragmenting resources? No, it is better for them to be a big fish in their small pond. Windows Phone is Nokia, and Microsoft will not let this fail; they are incredible persistent, even if it takes them longer to understand the market. Yes, they could get 10% today, but they would quickly be squeezed out by the big players. They are in a better position now because together with MS, they are offering something unique, high-quality, and difficult to copy.

        • Ben Jammin’

          Not only that, but Microsoft is backing Nokia and HTC, so it’s really a low-risk venture for both companies. Not to mention the increasing market share of WP:

        • Ordeith

          There is more to it than that.
          In exchange for pairing the best OS with the best hardware, Nokia got $1 billion in platform support payments each year from MS.
          They also got a deal where Nokia’s Navteq ended up powering Bing Maps, and all of MS automotive systems (Like the Ford and Toyota infotainment systems).
          Things they would not have gotten had they used Android.

        • superg05


        • Ordeith

          250 million a quarter, 1 billion a year.

        • 21stNow

          Thanks for sharing this. I had heard about other things that were involved in the deal, but I didn’t know the details.

          I hope that these things are enough for Nokia to grow/rebound as a company. I still wish that Nokia had gone with Android in some way, though.

      • Alan713

        Nokia is/was very strong at a time they signed deal, if they joined Android it would be others (Samsung and HTC including) who would be “dying of thirst” now.

    • Ordeith

      But Android isn’t great software. It would be a waste to run it.

  • S. Ali

    MS has always been developer friendly, but on the WP they locked it down like an iPhone.

    • Ben Jammin’

      Not a bad thing at all. No adware/spyware/bloatware/malware. You can uninstall the carrier crap without having to root your phone.

      • Bud

        no upgrade for current windows phone.

        • Ben Jammin’

          If you’re referring to the Windows Phone 7.8 not being able to upgrade to WP8, the same exact thing happens on Android. The Galaxy S II, for instance, didn’t get the updates it should have. At least with Microsoft it’s understandable. The WP8 OS isn’t compatible with the WP7 hardware.

        • sean

          the s2 just got official jellybean…

          nexus comes bloat free, or you can just disable preloaded apps so they won’t update or run.

          if you buy the same app on android as you did on windows…you won’t have ads…the difference being that you have a free option with android and that you didn’t have to wait 2 years for it to actually come out for your windows phone.

          you’re lying to yourself and others if you believe windows phone can hold a candle to android/apple

        • Ordeith

          It can’t. WindowsPhone is just too well designed. It will never be able to come down to the level of Android.

  • jaxgrim

    Keep it up Microsoft. Eventually you might be as relevant as Blackberry is today.

    • Ordeith

      They passed blackberry a while ago.

    • Ben Jammin’

      To be fair, they’re way past BlackBerry.

      As a former Android fanboy (now a Windows Phone user), I’m glad to have let my wounds heal from the last time we had a Samsung versus Apple debate.

  • cybersedan

    That was definitely funny to watch,a very good characterization for the ongoing fanboy wars, loved it, but my Note 2 is keeping me happy.

    I wish them success, I’d love to see a healthy market of four thriving smartphone platforms, good competition promotes innovation (and litigation lol), but in the end benefits us all.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    Things that will make me consider Windows Phone:

    1. Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile.
    2. A real SiriusXM app. They have one for BlackBerry and not windows phone!?!? how hard is it to re-do your flash player in HTML5?
    3. More 1st party apps!
    4. A way to switch the default web search engine from Bing to not-Bing.

    I think that’s about it. If 1 was true, I would have picked up an 8x on launch day. The rest are not-guite-deal-breakers for me, but don’t incentivize me to switch.

    • Alex Zapata

      There is strong evidence that WiFi calling will be available on Windows phone 8.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Lol awesome and somewhat true, minus the Windows phone part

  • Wayne Morrison

    “Search Karate…KARATE!” Haha…classic spot. Fun and creative. I love my Lumia, just wish that it got more support from T-mo. I know the VZW 822 owners feel my pain.

    • Ben Jammin’

      Yes we do!

  • RonJeezy

    Great commercial but had to use my brothers HTC HD phone by Windows quite possibly the worst experience with a phone ever. Thank goodness for rush delivery to get me a replacement device. Don’t know if their Os changed much but it was a load of garbage. Won’t use anything else on the computer but Windows though. *Kanye Shrug*

  • Hilarious. Coincidentally, this is how people are in real life, arguing over what smartphone the next person has.

  • Willie D

    Auto correct this girl is in the samsung commercials as an iphone user…

  • Mondra

    Why samsung “one trick pony”??? I got the iSheep…but cant figure out the other??? Lol

  • Winski

    Rather all that than iStupid and still be a Winders user..

    • Ordeith

      You must love using the same overpriced, limited platform that is endorsed by Rush Limbaugh.

  • Dakota

    is the Microsoft ad that says when you download an app from Google Play, they send the developer your full name, email address, and location: true? I emailed Google Play and they said that isn’t true. So whom do I believe anyone have any information?

    • Ordeith
    • Ordeith

      It is true. Google developers have verified it:

      “With the information I have available to me through the checkout portal I could track down and harass users who left negative reviews or refunded the app purchase. The problems on android of app permissions (and subsequent potential for malware aside) is one of active negative behaviour on the part of an app developer. This isn’t. This is a massive oversight by Google. Under no circumstances should I be able to get the information of the people who are buying my apps unless they opt into it and it’s made crystal clear to them that I’m getting this information. This is a massive, massive privacy issue Google. Fix it. Immediately”

      Read more: Google Play privacy scandal has developers calling for change – FierceDeveloper

      • superg05

        they agreed to those permissions lol its there own damn fault

        • Ordeith

          Not really, that happens with every app and every developer.
          I guess you can say they agreed as a condition of using the play store, but that really isn’t fair. iOS nor WindowsPhone works that way.

  • rob

    Well it did make me LOL a few times. But I’ll go back to Windows when it doesn’t get every App that matters or is trending an year+ after everyone else. Til then my iPod touch is still my secondary phone lol!

  • nycplayboy78

    SCREAMS-n-FAINTS!!! This is too funny :)

  • JBLmobileG1

    I saw this ad when I took my family to the movies the other night. It was great and I laughed. While I myself am a proud S3 owner and a Hardcore fan of Android, I don’t see myself switching o/s systems because of it. I don’t think this ad will change anyone’s mind as far as switching but I do believe anyone who may be new to smartphones, who’s really left?, may be enticed to give Microsoft a shot. I can’t say that the new Microsoft mobile o/s is bad, I’ve actually heard good things, but there is no reason to leave my Android because I am perfectly happy. Either way this commercial was pretty comical and true when it comes to Apple and Samsung fan boys.

  • orbitmarz

    Funny commercial, especially the apple basing! The HTC 8X is an awesome phone for TMO but no wifi calling and lack of apps was bit of a turn off. Both 8X and Nokia 810 are EOL with no real high end follow up device on the horizon. It’s a shame.

    • Catwalk is coming soon. Should be announced 5/14

  • Mark

    Did anyone else think the waitress looked like Carly? (Although, she tweeted today that she just got her TMo iPhone 5 and is still in the family, so I’m guessing she’s not doing ads for an AT&T-branded phone.)

  • chris

    Lol so they don’t say anything the phone does, just rag on the two companies that actually make profit. Windows phones suck and so does windows 8.

    • Ordeith

      WindowsPhone does everything shown in the video. on any platform.

  • chris

    Reminds me of the surface commercial where people are breakdancing and that’s the commercial, says nothing about the actual device, no wonder that flopped to.

    • techymexican

      if you think about it, most commercials don’t really demonstrate the features.The commercials that do are pretty boring. They want people to actually pay attention to the commercial. People beating each other up grabs the attention of people. Microsoft has been releasing commercials for windows phone showing features, but they are rather boring.

      • sean

        most successful phone commercials show people using the features…like apple for example….panoramic camera, siri, etc….galaxy phones with the s beam…that’s what sells them…most consumers don’t utilize half the capabilities…they see that one stupid gimmick feature that almost all other phones have and gotta have one

        That being said….this commercial is a joke, a windows phone should be compared to blackberry at best

  • RobotChupacabra

    I rather like this. In fact I love it; and I say that as an Android and iOS user.

  • Oliver Jackson

    Samsung won esp the chick in the green dress

  • Jeff Martinez

    Way better than those dumb surface commercials with all those people dancing. We like fighting because we got something to fight for…market share.

  • not to mention that everyone can’t switch as the 920 is exclusive to only ATT so this commercial should have said “switch to 920 but we’re only talking about the AT&T customers who can.”

    • IamDefiler

      Or the 928 on VZ in a few days.

  • Yoda

    LOL, funny indeed, but like so many Microsoft ads these days, it probably does more to help promote the reality that the market is dominated by apple and Google/Samsung, rather than convincing viewers that the lumia is a viable 3rd option. These two WP users at the end have “irrelevancy” written all over their face…

    • Chris

      Lol, they even promoted S3 users doing the beam lol…

  • moises1204

    the poor old man under the table if he had only use the Google now to do his karate search instead of siri he be in a better place then!! hahaha, great commercial though.

  • Eric Stengrevics

    ….It said nothing about WHY I should switch. It just told me to do so. And called me old.

  • Winski

    ISheep…humm.. Is that kinda like iStupid for still being a winders user?

    • Ordeith

      You must enjoy using the same overpriced, limited platform that is endorsed by Rush Limbaugh.

  • Yes, just saw it. That commercial is hilarious. One of the best ad spots I have seen from Microsoft in a long time, maybe ever, haha. Still don’t plan on getting a Windows phone though.

  • CDavisUnlimited

    I’m not a Windows Phone guy, but that is SERIOUSLY the best and funniest ad I’ve seen in years.

  • alex Irume

    Ok so yeah apple and samsung ppl do fight on whos better but one thing is even more true. Out of the whole crowd only 2 ppl have a windows phone

    • Darkbotic

      True story.

  • Jay

    Windows phones suck

  • Botched

    Haha, that was actually quite funny.

  • riopato

    Anyone noticed yet that T-Mobile stopped selling windows phone entirely? Just check there website.