Buying A 16GB Samsung Galaxy S 4? Make Sure To Get A Memory Card With It


Anyone hoping to pickup a Samsung Galaxy S 4 better be ready to purchase a microSD card along with it. As there’s been no mention of any size higher than the 16GB on T-Mobile, it’s worth noting that the device comes with just 8.82GB of free memory available to the user.┬áThat number accounts for the pre-loaded applications, with the remainder of the 16GB memory not even accessible on the Storage info screen. As far as your Galaxy S 4 is concerned, it only has 8.82GB of free memory available.

Ultimately, if you want to load music or store pictures to leave memory available for all the apps you’ll want to have, a microSD card is going to be a must-have with the entry-level 16GB model.

Let’s hope T-Mobile changes its tune and introduces a 32GB or 64GB model down the road.

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