While You’re Waiting For Your Galaxy S 4, See How It Came Together

With the Galaxy S 4 finally available on T-Mobile.com and your order already in (hopefully), Samsung wants you know how the design of the phone came together. The video posted on Samsung’s Tomorrow page is exactly like the same type of video Samsung released last August for the Galaxy S III. At the very least, you can waste 3:45 looking at how Samsung went through the manufacturing process and the design choices they made. Or, you can just watch the video over and over until the UPS or FedEx man knocks on your door.

If you’re stuck waiting for the Galaxy S 4 to arrive in T-Mobile stores, just think of how many times you can watch this video on repeat before May 8th and the retail store release.

This is the design story of GALAXY S4 to show Samsung designers ceaseless efforts to have created GALAXY S4 as a life companion for customers.


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  • You know, after reading pretty extensively between the One and the S4, I came to the conclusion that the One barely eeks out the S4 in terms of design. That I think is the only distinct advantage the One has over the S4. Everywhere else, they’re more or less the same (Screen, CPU, GPU, etc). You really can’t go wrong with either one.

    • Verhouze

      Except the S4 has removable battery and a memory slot. :)

      • the One only has a design advantage. it has no software advantage at all. so it comes down to do you want a prettier phone or a phone that functions better?

        • s0uLjah

          Agreed. The no memory expansion + no removal battery is a killer for me.

  • Louie Nickels

    David, do you have any information on when T-Mobile will be getting the 32GB or 64GB versions of the Galaxy S4? And any information on the LG Optimus G2?

    • I don’t, at this point I can only say they are carrying the 16GB models.

      • Louie Nickels

        OK thanks for the hard work.

  • JB

    If my math is correct, by this time on May 8, we can watch this video approximately 3,240 times on repeat (not that anyone would want to)… You’re welcome.. Haha

  • pnwoutback08

    I tried to order mine online through Tmobile and wow! What a painful process, Tmobile you need to get a better handle on your ordering process. I went through all the way to the end and the electronic signature and signed it and submitted and nothing,but the called your customer service and they said it was processing but an error on the installment part was not excepted . I am a paying customer and approved for installment. Fix your damn problem.

    • CJ

      Plus as a Loyal Customer shipping should be free!

    • Qwerty

      Yes! I tried ordering in the morning but I got an error message so I ordered it through the phone. Once I got home I checked the online page and it says “Free Overnight Shipping” when I had to pay a fee for Expedited Shipping >:(

  • mnaz105

    I’ll stick with the note 2 for now.

  • Deadeye37

    Samsung: Hmmmmm…..How should we design the SGSIV? A lot of people seemed to like the SGSIII, so lets do that again, but bigger, but not really bigger. Make it bigger, but not bigger. Wait…..I have it! Make it bigger, but so that its not bigger in your hands. ….

    Ah, screw it. Lets make it look like the SGSIII with a different texture and just throw in the latest screen & processor. Maybe make it look more squarish.

    • LOL that’s probably true too

  • Samsung, fire everyone in that video…

  • mingkee

    Currently I have no interest for S4 because Note 2 is more than good enough.

  • Jose do

    Wow I can’t
    believe ppl are this hyped up over a plastic phone ._.lol

    • werk

      Most people on sites like this have great lives. I live in Grandma’s basement:)

      • Ginadagelatina

        Honey u betta recognize i may live in da ghetto side of town but i aint living on no dang basement on my gmas pad. I live wit ma man only so its two of us only .And i come on this website cuz i been with T-Mobile for years always stop here to show sum luv lol

    • I’m telling you right lmao

  • Khalints

    So I went to go look at the GS4 in real life and I gotta say, the pictures do the phone no justice. The black especially looked extremely nice. It was just a dummy demo phone but first impression is good job sammy. I especially loved that it has almost no bezel on the sides, it is exactly what people wanted. Larger screen but no actual increase in phone size. Definite difference between the 3 and the 4 in that department.

    I also held a dummy HTC One and, I mean yeah it’s nice and all but I can’t get over that stupid HTC logo on the bottom. It also felt “taller” than the GS4 ( to me)

    I gotta see them both in action but i’ll stick with my Note 2 until the Note 3 comes out ;)

  • OmeerRahman

    LMAO I ordered the phone but this video is eerily reminiscent of the iPhone 5 videos Apple released. Good thing I have both so I can laugh at both of them!

  • I was going to upgrade to a gs4 .not after my l9 just received a jelly beans and its payed for. I’ll use my l9 for at least another 6 month’s on my 70$ a month pla. :-) :-) :-)

  • werk

    I can’t understand this language and second of all Samsung needs to do something with the earpiece in their galaxy phones, the thing is like stickied into place and moves and is never straight or centered within it’s housing…epic fail! The next best thing is already here, it’s iPhone 5! LMAO…

  • werk

    iPhone 5 everyone, send Samsung back to space lol