Want To See How The Samsung Galaxy S III Design Came To Life?

A brand new five-minute video from Samsung highlights just how different the Galaxy S III is from different Samsung smartphones. From being inspired by pebbles on the beach, the organic curvature of the casing, to the countless prototypes that led to the final design, Samsung’s Galaxy S III is undoubtedly a beautiful device.

The video also highlights some of the technical details involved in creating the curved design as well as the software, all while incredibly soothing music plays in the background. There is no question this video is both serene and informative, and worth watching for every Galaxy S III fan.

Quick note: The video is in Korean with English subtitles.

Samsung Tomorrow via Android Central

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  • Jtfinn

    I wonder – if they keep offering “second best”  “Mid level” phones like the rumored  Nokia Arrow instead of high level phones like the rumored Nokia Pia (both for Windows 8) – how long will it take for TMO to lose those 60 million new customers they acquire in the Verizon deal?    Just wondering??????

    • MarcusDW

      They aren’t acquiring any new customers.  They will have the ability to reach 60 million more people with service.

  • Want To See How The Samsung Galaxy S III Design Came To Life?” – not really. No thanks.

  • *Apple lawyers scan through video for the step where they mention “copy Apple” but are oddly dismayed.*

  • Nicamix18

    My GS3 is a Great device, i can really feel what they are talking about.

  • MatthewMurawski

    BULLSHIT! We all know that the Galaxy S3 is so ugly because Samsung didn’t want to infringe on any of Apple’s design patents.

  • Lawrence

    Can they please also post how the Vibrant came to life?
    of course not, those videos are resting in the bottom of the ocean along with some hard drives and sketches.