While You’re Waiting For Your Galaxy S 4, See How It Came Together

With the Galaxy S 4 finally available on T-Mobile.com and your order already in (hopefully), Samsung wants you know how the design of the phone came together. The video posted on Samsung’s Tomorrow page is exactly like the same type of video Samsung released last August for the Galaxy S III. At the very least, you can waste 3:45 looking at how Samsung went through the manufacturing process and the design choices they made. Or, you can just watch the video over and over until the UPS or FedEx man knocks on your door.

If you’re stuck waiting for the Galaxy S 4 to arrive in T-Mobile stores, just think of how many times you can watch this video on repeat before May 8th and the retail store release.

This is the design story of GALAXY S4 to show Samsung designers ceaseless efforts to have created GALAXY S4 as a life companion for customers.


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