Samsung Defends Limited Usable Storage On 16GB Galaxy S 4


Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy S 4 has already been met with some criticism over the size of available memory in the 16GB version. When all is said and done, the smartphone only has around 8GB of usable storage. Samsung spoke to CNET UK and defended the limited usable storage and offered microSD memory card support as the answer.

“For the Galaxy S4 16GB model, approximately 6.85GB occupies [the] system part of internal memory, which is 1GB bigger than that of the Galaxy S3, in order to provide [a] high resolution display and more powerful features to our consumers.”

“To offer the ultimate mobile experience to our users, Samsung provides [a] microSD slot on Galaxy S4 for extension of memory.”

In my estimation, Samsung should then consider selling this device as an 8GB model if that’s all the available internal memory a customer can use for downloadable applications. Sure, media files can go on any microSD card and that’s fine, but I’m concerned about the amount of space available for applications and 8GB can be a real problem.

I get that all smartphones and pretty much all devices including computers, tablets and the like don’t have the true amount of available memory that is listed. This was a hard lesson Microsoft Surface owners learned earlier this year when the 64GB version of the Surface Pro only had 23GB of usable space. Still, when I buy a device I don’t believe I should be stuck with the half the memory I believed I would have available. I’m sure someone, somewhere is already preparing a “false advertisement” argument.

What do you think? Should Samsung market this as an 8GB model or continue offering it as 16GB internal memory.


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  • Milad

    Well said : ”
    “In my estimation, Samsung should then consider selling this device as an 8GB model if that’s all the available internal memory a customer can use for downloadable applications. Sure, media files can go on any microSD card and that’s fine, but I’m concerned about the amount of space available for applications and 8GB can be a real problem…

  • g2a5b0e

    The whole false advertisement argument is never gonna work. People have tried that in the past to no avail. If you can’t get away with suing a company when 11 of 16GB are useable, you’re not gonna be able to do it when 8-9 of 16GB are useable. However, I’m not saying it’s okay. Between the OEMs, the carriers, & even Google, the amount of bloatware on our phones is getting ridiculous. Without looking, I know for a fact that there are at least 30 apps installed on my phone between the three of them. Some (keyword) of those Google apps are useful to me, but I use only one of the T-Mobile apps, & none of the Samsung ones. Cut these way down or give us the option of deleting them. While I enjoy having the option to use expandable storage, I shouldn’t feel the need to.

  • brian

    They should include an 8GB SD card

    • 21stNow

      I do think that OEMs should start back including microSD cards, especially in situations like this. I guess that this only applies to Samsung now anyway, though.

  • ceegii63

    like NO ONE is buying a memory card pfft

    • You shouldn’t have to when you’re spending $200+ for it.

      • ceegii63

        how poor are you not to have an extra $15 for a 16gb msdhc???

        • You missed the point of his argument. It’s not the fact that he cannot afford an sd card, it’s the fact that spending so much on the phone with such a small amount of internal storage just because they included a micro sd card. Stop acting like a prick. By comparison a 32gb model on the htc one costs less than the 16 gb which is no excuse just because samsung included a micro sd.

        • ceegii63

          stop acting like your not POOR

        • Unless you buy it from Amazon, it’s not that cheap. Also, don’t you think you shouldn’t have to spend more money on a phone you just spent 200+ on?

        • ceegii63

          bestbuy and walmart sell 16gb memcards for $15

        • umm. no. Unless their from the company named Crap- Stealing your money since day one.

  • JB

    That’s why I’m skipping out on the 16GB model… Especially after reading all the articles on how much user space was left on the phone… Now I’m hearing that the 32 and 64GB will *eventually* come, if at all. Any way to confirm this for our lovely Magenta, David

  • joshinsobe

    This is ridiculous This has been the case forever, even with PC’s. All the sudden this is a problem with people? What should be the issue is carriers installing unwanted and unneeded apps on our devices where we can’t get rid of them.

  • I agree they should sell it as an 8GB model. Either that or they should have just made the 32GB model the base model if they were going to clog up so much of the storage space with their own content. I don’t think adding an SD card is an acceptable solution because running apps from an SD card will not provide the same fluid experience as running them directly from the phone’s built in memory.

  • Get_at_Me

    This isnt a dig at anyone personally but ppl cry about devices with no sd slot like its a crime. The S4 has expandable storage. The htc one doesnt. Lets be grateful that some oems are still supporting sd cards. My 20gb xbox hd only has <10gb available out of the box. I will say that maybe 32gb should be the new standard for internal storage on highend devices. Hardware and software will continue to evolve which means user available resources will continue to shrink.

    • Brian T.

      Problem is, SD cards are pretty worthless now that you can’t store apps there. What you can store there, you can usually store in the cloud. Built-in storage is what’s important these days.

  • Guest


  • jay cartie

    I think we should wait on the galaxy note 3

  • booboogaga

    everybody crying buy a memory card.. first of all unless you’re rooted, you’re unable to move apps to sd cards; most people storage concerns aren’t for music, pictures or whatever, it’s apps.. music and pictures can be stored on the cloud; apps cannot.. either samsung offer 32gb/64gb devices or google allow non root users to move apps to sd cards.. i own a note 2 and this issue was the same thing; real racing 3 alone is about 2-3gigs, wtf were they thinking? next phone will either be a 32gb/64gb note3 or i’ll switch to an iphone atleast they’ll have more internal storage for apps

  • Daniel Lowell

    The problem with marketing the device as having 8GB of internal storage, is that everyone knows the OS is going to take up a good chunk of the available memory. We have been conditioned to just assume that the actual space you get will be less than the full size of the hard drive. That would be like saying all retailers have to list items with sales tax included or it’s false advertising. The real issue here is that the amount of space required for the system has gone up significantly. I agree that if it is going to take up 8GB, then perhaps 32GB should be the new standard. Strictly to make sure there is sufficient space for apps, as everyone really should be using some type of cloud storage for their files at this point.

    • zifnab

      Everyone should not use cloud storage for their files. Cloud storage is insecure and not always accessible.

  • MarcusDW

    Why are we still selling the powerhouse phones with 16GB??

    Computer storage space adapted to the content thst used it and yet the GS4 still has the same 16GB option that the original version had three years sgo?! (With less usable space mind you).

    Kill off 16GB just like other obsolete tech. Dont justify it.

    • Preach!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Don’t make me bust out a verse Pimpstrong. Lol

      • MarcusDW

        Pimpstrong? PIMPSTRONG!? Lol. Im back and I think I might stick around for a while again.

  • James

    I really hope T-Mobile will sell the 32GB now

  • OnlineRefugee

    This is easily answered, as Brian said in here, include a memory card. And that’s how Samsung can do damage control, announce that all SGS 4 handsets come with a 16 GB card, and a 32 GB card at a discounted price (e.g.,, at Samsung’s cost) .

    I remember when some HTC devices came with a 16 GB card to compensate for the phone having little internal storage. Remember the March 2010 T-Mobile HD2? It had 1 GB internal storage, but came with a 16 GB card (which in 2010 was a large card), so the public never made an issue of usable memory. I remember when the phones came with a 16 GB chip I never paid attention to usable memory. That I had a 16 GB microSD card was good enough for me.

    Most consumers don’t pay attention to AVAILABLE or USABLE memory. It is like camera megapixels, where users assume the larger the megapixel number, the better the camera must be. With smartphones it is the same, consumers look at the advertised internal memory total and make a buying decision based on that.

    Recall iPhones in 2007. Apple offered a 4 GB and 8 GB model. The masses flocked to the 8 GB iPhone because the number 8 is higher than the number 4; no one talked about available or usable memory. If you stopped the an iPhone purchaser and asked what they knew about available and usable memory he or she would give you a blank stare. They did correctly assume “I can put more stuff on the 8GB phone.” The 8 GB iPhone was so popular that within a few months of the iPhone debut the Company stopped selling 4 GB handset.

    IMO a 16 GB card tossed in would allow Samsung to make some creative marketing, something along the lines of:

    “Samsung Galaxy S IV, with the included microSD card giving you a whopping 24 GB usable memory. That’s 5,000 high resolution photographs or three hours of HD video.

    The Samsung Galaxy S IV… because we know the most important thing to you are the memories.”

  • Complaining that the phones memory is not sufficient, is crazy at this point in the game. We all know that you need the internal memory for installing, but there are work arounds. Also, by now EVERY should be able to get a 64GB micros SD card for $49 easy, seriously. The average consumers are not complaining, it all of us TECH heads, who want more for less when it comes to this. Get over it guys, come on.

    • Quan Bui

      I understand what you’re saying, but by that logic, you’re essentially saying that whatever phone you buy, no matter the hundreds of dollars you already spent, be prepared to spend another $50. If u honestly can’t see the negative in that, then that’s exactly why big corporations do what they do. Samsung already use cheap plastic, but charges top dollar for their phones…. They refuse to up their storage and give a BS reason, and STILL people like u are defending them!?!? Hahaha how blind u must be.

      • Call me blind if you want to, but you don’t have to buy the product. It’s called a choice. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.

        • JB

          I get what you’re saying man, that’s why I’m voting with my wallet.. I’m holding out for the 32GB. I do know my way around phones and I know how to root, symlink and all that jazz, but honestly I don’t want to have to do too much of that this go around, especially with less storage than I had with last year’s 16GB model. Though the only thing I don’t agree with is with the statement of wanting more for less.

          I’m fine and can live with the trade off of the OS and such eating up some of the storage (I actually use a lot of Samsung’s “gimmick” features) I suppose the thing that eats me is that *because* it’s Samsung and they are on top of the proverbial Android world, they are charging $50 more for half the storage you get with the competition. (The competition being the HTC One) So it’s actually like Samsung is giving you less for more and not the other way around. Sure, they’re throwing in a memory card, but in the end (assuming it’s 16GB micro SD) then you’re getting the same amount of storage as the One’s onboard storage. It’s almost a wash, with one glaring difference. I can download all my large games and apps on the One without worrying too much about how much user storage I have left. So in that regard I think Samsung dropped the ball. They should’ve just done away with 16GB model given us the 32 at the 16 price if they were going to throw a memory card in it anyways. Though I think this was more or less a way to line their pockets.

          With ALLL that said (LOL) I find more use for the S4 than the One so that’s why I’m getting it, but hopefully everyone that skips out on the 16GB model in favor for the 32GB model (or the competition) will send some sort of message to Samsung. Thought I doubt it, since the S4 is going to sell like gangbusters anyways. HAHA

          Sorry for the long winded post! :-)

        • I hear brotha, I feel ya too. Some people don’t see it through the eyes of the average consumer, and I doubt there are any average consumers reading blogs daily ya know lol. For real.

        • JB

          Agreed! We’re the loud, vocal minority. Lol

        • Guest

          Apparently, you have TWO, and you are talking out of one of them.

        • Typical from someone hiding, go away clown.

    • Wrong, download a few large games and there goes all your memory. Apps and games can not be downloaded to ext sd card unless the phone is rooted and hacked. Not everyone can or knows how to do this. What pisses me off is Samsung advertising these larger storage models and they never make it to the US Market. My SGS3 was available with 32gb of int storage, love it. The Note 2 was never sold in larger storage models to the US Market. Samsung puts these great specs for the world to see but only the Korean Market gets the larger storage models. I will not buy the pathetic version of a great phone. 8.8gb of int storage is not what I want in a very expensive high end future proof phone. Total bull shit. You will fill that storage up so fast it is ridiculous. I am willing and want to pay the extra $$$ for the larger storage models, where the hell are they. Samsung and T-Mobile is only going to suffer, sooner or later the customer will wake the fu– up. I have been with T-Mobile for years and also have owned every Samsung phone. I am not going to be forced to buy what they want to jamb down the US Market. The iphone is made available to all Carriers in all storage models in all markets, that is the way to sell a Smartphone.

      • Rauel Crespo

        Dude, just get the HTC One…I love this freaking phone, 26GB of storage for apps, and with cloud storage for pictures and music, SD-Cards are kinda pointless if you have a 32GB or 64GB phone.

  • Chris Atlanta

    This isn’t about whining or crying about lack of memory. It is a very simple fact that this is in fact false advertising. Sure, everyone knows some of the stock memory has always been used up by performance software and additional bloatware. But 50%?? Give me a break people. And an sd card is only a partial fix. It does not directly help and remedy the issue of available memory for applications. In the very least consumers should be made aware up front of how much usable memory is available to someone to potentially might fork out 500 + bucks for a device. This issue is not inclusive strictly to just S4’s, it applies to any phone that is made available and how it’s marketed to consumers. There is is absolutely no viable defense to the other side of this argument.

  • WD

    Definitely false advertising. I understand if it’s advertised as 16G but only 14.9 is available but when nearly half isn’t , then that’s a problem. whatever a company needs for the os and other components is their problem as they also advertise those features as a selling point along with the storage so it shouldn’t be on me to make that kind of concession. The space you advertise needs to be the space that is available to me, the end user, to do whatever I want with. Epic fail.

  • rocky

    False Advertising. Call it an 8gb. Most people dont know that they arent getting what it says on the box.

  • me

    I don’t care about storage. I just think TouchWix is a cheap looking version of Android and I don’t like their build qualify. I have been burned by too many Samsung phones in the past to buy another one. Give me HTC build quality any day. The One is the only phone that can stand up next to an iphone in terms of build qualify.

  • D Velasquez

    i hope that argument goes to the court, in all honestly they can a build a device with 16 damn GB of space they just don’t want to spend more money in allocating separate memory for the system. The quality of the phones says a lot and there is no difference or even something better about this phone and the SIII, they look the same and they are the same except for the bigger screen and the software features.

  • zifnab

    Personally I think it should be called 8gb, but PC manufacturers always listed the harddrive space with nothing on it for the last 20 or so years and never factored in the OS. Why should smartphones be any different?

    • Brian T.

      There are four problems I see that don’t apply to PCs: here, the OS takes up 50% of the advertised space, there’s such a small amount of space to begin with so you’re left with only a measly 8 gigs to store all your apps, you can’t add storage to store more apps, and you can’t delete the tons of bloatware you don’t want to use.

  • Tinger12

    It’s not a big deal. Smartphones have been like this since they came onto the scene. It is just people, mainly techie-types, complaining expecting so much for free. The average person doesn’t understand nor do they care.

    • Roy Harrigan

      Last time I checked I believe you have to pay for it…

    • Brian T.

      I think the techie-types probably are the most understanding, and it’s more the “average person” who has the most potential to complain when they run out of space faster than they thought they would. The techie knows operating systems take up a bunch of space and could just pop in a micro sd card, whereas the average joe downloads some apps, some music, and a movie or two and wonders why the phone is already full (and might not know what a micro sd card is, or how to manage files on the device even if they did).

    • Jak Crow

      You mean us “techie-types” that bought a navigation app with downloaded maps that can take up 4GB by themselves? Oh yeah. We’re so techie. I can’t stand head-up-ass-types that say such stupid things like you do.

  • Patrick Irwin

    What the fuck does having a high res display have anything to do with storage space?


    I call shenanigans, this is just an excuse. Bring on the false advertisement lawsuit!

  • GS3

    My gs3 has 11gb space available, 2.56 gb for apps, still has 8gb left available.. Lol.. I just don’t do much to my phone anymore, just basic stuffs, not rooted, bloat included, media are on the sd card.. This is not a big deal to me.. The gs3 has too much bloatware though.. And the best samsung can do is release both 16 and 32 gb versions at the same time.

  • cyberoid

    It is ironic how apps are getting bigger in size and phone storage space for apps seems to be shrinking. 8 GB is horrible amount of space even for Apps specially if you are spending premium dollars and expecting your phone to be at least future proof for some reasonable time.

    Samsung can not convince me enough to buy a phone with 50% space filled with bloatware that I am unable to get rid of.


    Problem: If out of box, 50% of the advertised usable storage is already taken up by the OS, bloatware, etc.

    Solution: Then do not purchase the 16GB GS4. Wait for the 32GB or 64GB version.

  • The main reason that this truly does suck, is you have to think of all the bloat ware that is on there to take up nearly 50% of the on board storage. Now think about what happens in the next 12 months when all of those apps update and continue to update and grow in size. You will be left with less then 50% of your on board storage. The expansion SD card can only do so much, you have to remember some apps can only be installed to the phones storage. A good idea for Samsung would be to allow the user to shift all of the on board bloatware to your SD card, that’s an idea waiting to pop.

    • Brian T.

      All apps can only be installed to the phone’s storage now. No more transferring to the SD card at all (for apps)….

  • taron19119

    What I wanna know is y haven’t someone made a phone wit 16gb 32gb and 64gb plus what every the os and bloat ware need so if u buy 16gb you get 16gb to use

  • tomarone

    As long as they are open about saying “only 8GB available” it does not matter, if this is the cheaper phone. Samsung should not be selling such a low-memory phone unless it’s priced as economy model. After all they do make the flash memory themselves.

  • Wait, I’m still stuck on 64GB on the Surface only having 23GB available. That is pure robbery!! How much does the 32GB have available?

    • Brian T.

      That’s the 64 GB Surface Pro he’s talking about, which doesn’t (and couldn’t!) have a 32 GB version. The 32 GB Surface runs Windows RT (the awkward light version of Windows 8), and has 16 GB of free space. Pay for a “32 GB” tablet, get a 16 GB tablet….

      • Ben Jammin’

        SkyDrive pretty much solved that problem for me (25GB free cloud storage!!), but these companies need to be more open with what’s really included in the box.

      • Okay, thanks.

  • steveb944

    So maybe they should drive the price down so people can buy that SD card. You shouldn’t have to pay such a high price for a phone with memory of the previous years.

  • TBN27

    It’s Touchwiz. If Touchwiz weren’t so big bloated and full of nonsensical but cool for the second features, then this would be a non issue. Compare it to the Nexus 4 16gb that uses far less space to have android on board and the google apps that come with it.

  • Guest

    yea kinda sucks that that’s the way it normally is, where they say the device is x size, but that’s empty, without an os, then you end of having quite a bit less for user data

  • OZ

    Average Joe has no idea what is microSD, and less how to pop one in.

    Samsung should spend a couple of extra bucks and include an 8 GB card. Just how HTC did with the G2.

  • Give the Customers the opportunity to buy the larger internal memory models that Samsung has advertised. Why hasn’t the larger models been available to the US Market, more important to the T-Mobile customers???? I’m willing to pay the extra $$$ the larger storage models cost but where the hell are they. This is unfair to the US customers that were led to believe these models would be available. The iphone 5 is sold to all customers on all Carriers with all storage models made available. That is the way to sell a high end Smartphone. I am extremely pissed off. I have NOT purchased the SGS4, I will wait for the larger storage models, if they never are made available then I will not be buying the SGS4. Samsung and T-Mobile looses my business. The Korean market gets the 64gb version with spare battery and battery charger all in the same box. The US Market never seen the larger storage models of the Note 2, Korean market did. Something needs to be done, if the US customers refused to buy the cheap version it would soon be made available to the US Market. Very pissed off LOYAL Customer who refuses to settle for the cheap version of a great phone.

    • Christopher Bondurant

      I agree they need to offer larger internal memory models.

    • Hogpistol

      Because 95% of human beings want the latest phone at the cheapest price they can get. It’s not worth it for T-Mobile to buy a ton of the higher capacity models when they’ll likely be priced out of the range of the average customer.

      • You are wrong, the SGS3 sold their 32gb models many many times while it was first sold to the public. There are many people who are looking for the larger storage models. The cost to ad the extra storage is pennies, if T-Mobile chooses to sell it for extra $$ that is fine. Samsung has advertised that phone in 3 storage sizes, give the customer the choice.

        • Hogpistol

          It’s an opinion. It’s not wrong. You might disagree and that’s fine, but my 15 plus years in Wireless sales and management tell me that the typical US customer wants the lowest price tag they can find. I have maybe one or two customers a month that ask about the amount of storage on a device. It’s just not the priority.

  • j

    It wouldnt be as big a deal if the option to install apps to the sd was added back. “Upgrading” from the mytouch 4g slide to the note 2 this was a real downer far as storage. Im surprised it hasnt made as big a splash in tech news. I was ok with my stock debloated mytouch so I didnt frequent xda etc on os updates/mods like I did in my winmo days. I wasnt expecting them dumbdown the os with this bs. Im glad samsung caughting heat…hopefully it will force google hand to add back app2sd.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Give the people 8GB, Market it as 16GB, Charge 16GB Price. Sounds about right

    • frigadroid

      ouch! they find a way to samsung it to you hard every dang time! Dropped my galaxy3 1 time and, oh crap, cracked screen! hmm the vibrant never cracked on me and I could see the display outside. Looks to be the same old Sammy, always looking to cheapen production cost.. Even if they have to cheat lie steal or copy it’s business as usual at republic of Samsung.

  • Brian T.

    Why on earth does a mobile operating system need to weigh in at 7 GB?! WP and iOS take up a little over 2 GB each! You could load both up on a theoretical awesome dual-booting 16 GB WP/iOS Frankenphone and still have quite a bit more free space….

    • Ben Jammin’

      Dude… I would buy that Frankenphone.

  • Babak Rezai

    With the S3 and Note 2 between myself and family members they sold 5 devices, I will be skipping the S4 and the Note 3 if it has the same issue and going with someone else, at the very least give us apps to sd.

  • Geek Man

    This is a problem for people who cannot root a phone. Other than that, people who are smarter will benefit on this. HOW? Dumb people wont buy it and supply will rise, price will drop.

    Samsung, next time, sell a 16GB with only 1MB available space.. I will still buy it.. Sucks for the dumb people.

    • I tech support

      Ok Sammy boy, u know that samsung will release a updated version of the s4 by Sept or oct right with probably a faster CPU like the snapdragon 800. Cause by then nexus 5 will be out running either 800 or something along that line. This first s4 is for all you Sammy followers. You guys r worst then isheeps.

      • qpinto

        why would sammy do that when they have their OWN chipset in the device since it now supports hspa, lte, and cdma all at once. there isnt a real reason for sammy to use a qualcomm chip in anything if they choose not to.

        • davedsone

          I believe you are incorrect sir. The Exynos Octa whatever does not have LTE support, so they are using the Qualcomm chip for that reason on all U.S. phones.

        • qpinto

          thanks for the info update.

          but seriously? what a waste samsung. what a waste.

      • Samsung won’t do that for the simple fact that they follow the galaxy s line with the note. Each year they will release a sequel of each.

    • Jeff Martinez

      Do everyone a favor, don’t comment again.

  • nerdlust

    I have 16g note 2 and love it for 99% of the buyers this want be a problem at all the rest should just buy an SD card or root.

  • Cuco

    Just checked out both the GS4 and the HTC One. Surprisingly, the GS4 didn’t feel to bad in the hand vs the HTC One.Good news to add external storage on HTC One: Less than 15 minutes to check it out!!!

  • PhantomWraith

    it still have a 16 gig storage drive regardless what you may claim to the contrary.

    • Luis

      Yes you do and nothing wrong with that but say u decide to install some cool games to really enjoy on that big screen with the awsome power of the quad processor and graphics for example Modern Combat 4, Real Racing 3, and Dead Trigger… that will leave your 16 GB new phone with maybe 5 GB left. It would be fairer to label the device with how much usable space is available to YOU rather than how much it comes with. Now if you root your cell just hope nothing goes wrong and good luck.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Less bloatware! Or no bloatware.

  • We’ve accepted this from our gadgets for YEARS why bitch now. You gave them an inch, they took a mile so whats new? Personally they should be mandated to list USER available storage amounts for all devices with memory(off course provide a small variation scale i.e.e two 32gb sd cards wont format to the exact same size) anyways dont sell me a “32” gb device yet you use 6gb for the device, sounds like poor allocation and false lies but again we have BEEN supporting the shenanigans so why stop now

    • Luis

      I agree with you-simply state on the box how much usable storage is available to the user

  • pawpad42

    I have two opinions on this and they almost contradict each other…almost.
    First, it’s buyer beware. The answers are out there. If you do your research, you can find out total storage/usable storage numbers.
    HOWEVER I feel that with all of the “truth in advertising” legislation out there, something should cover-or be updated to cover-usable memory advertising.

  • brian90

    It is an issue. I can’t load many games on my samsung s3. Samsung has to allow us to move Apps to the SD card.

  • Bill Berry

    Seriously, this is what y’all are complaining about? My wife’s HTC One has 64 gigs and “other” appears to be 11 gigs and you know what I said to her…you have 51 gigs left; what exactly is it some of y’all want? It’s called a 32 or 64 gig SD card and an app called App2SD. It’s a damn smart phone, not a gaming system with a dialpad!

    • It’s very obvious you know zip about the Android OS. Apps are no longer able to be moved to the sd card, no app will do it. You must root your phone and hack it. Even then it sometimes only works on certain devices. So Y’all just better not screw your wives phone up because y’all don’t know Android.

      • Bill Berry

        I will be the first to admit I do not know enough about Android; but I do know the difference between making a choice between being rude and being tactful. Congratulations, you know more about Android than I do. It doesn’t change my attitude to learn regardless what the subject is. You have a nice day!

  • jea

    Heres one that will wake up google and devs:- no space for apps then no more purchases!

    Picked up a 32gb card when i bought my phone thinking I would move the apps to sd. I bought 3 large apps, device is now full. o_O. I was shocked my NII could not move apps to sd.

  • xtriker360

    After having my 16gb s3 with 64gb sd card for a long time now, I will not make the same mistake; can put music, pictures and videos on my phone, but I have no more space to install apps. So until I can get a 32gb or 64gb s4, I’m sticking with my s3.

    • Marco

      Or you can find the script that allows your SD card to be used as internal memory. I use my 64GB card and have over 150 apps, a few GBs of video, some music and still have room left. I also have my pictures and videos save to the memory card.

      • Marco

        It is called App2ExtSD. Need root access.

  • Ben

    well it has 16 GB of flash. Windows 64GB tablets routinely have about 24GB free because of the recovery partition, virtual memory swap space, the enormous Windows 8 install, etc. It’s 64GB, that’s fine. Samsung has 16GB and a bunch is in use. that’s fine, too. it’s always been the case, though it hasn’t always been that such a large percentage has been used. Since I have a 32GB micro SD card, I’ll just put it in whatever phone I wind up with (and only buy a phone with a micro SD slot, for that matter).

    If that much space was lost on a hypothetical 16GB HTC One it’s a bigger deal without a micro SD slot.

  • Michael Goodman

    I have a GS 4 16GB and I bought a 64GB SD card for it. Now I’m finding out that you can no longer move apps to the card. A post on T-Mobile’s forums says Google removed the feature, but I’m wondering if Samsung did this to sell the higher capacity phones. Either way, this is a major issue that seems to be a secret.