HTC One S Owners Complain About Terrible Battery Life After Jelly Bean Update

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Poor HTC One S owners, after waiting what seemed like an eternity for HTC and T-Mobile to release the Jelly Bean update, they are met with battery issues. A thread has popped up on T-Mobile’s official support forums complaining that battery life is draining much quicker after the update and the problem seems to be centered on the GPS function. According to the support thread, even when turned off, the smartphone’s GPS functionality is still draining battery. There could be more issues at play here and the problem may not be limited to the GPS function, but one thing is certain…the introduction of the Jelly Bean update for HTC One S owners hasn’t been nearly as awesome as they would have hoped.

Are you noticing battery life troubles after the Jelly Bean update?

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  • JoeyKhache

    So my sibling wasn’t lying when he said it was bad. Hmm….

    • Budzone

      A lot of issues with a lot of phones is the network you are accessing.
      Dropped LTE on my atrix hd Went to straight GSM & HSPA.
      Battery life improved 200% or more. I had been faithfully shutting things off but still didn’t help till I switched network service. Now I go home with pretty much 85% battery at the end of day.

  • TechHog

    Sounds just like your typical HTC update. Ruins the phone so you have to upgrade! Luckily, I was smart enough not to fall for that and I just gave HTC the middle finger.

    Hope you HTC One owners enjoy your future 4.2 and KLP updates!

    • g2a5b0e

      If they ever get to KLP.

  • ceegii63

    in the tradition of HTC Suckage

  • Its the opposite in my case before my battery would get killed over a couple hours of standby now after the update mine lasted 1-2 days on standby

  • Matt

    Terrible battery after update. I can confirm this

  • Jordan Williams

    Sounds like HTC. I had one of those phones for two weeks. Actually I had two of them in two weeks, and both of them were jacked up out of the box. Hence why I don’t really care for the new One, regardless of how nice it may look or perform.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I agree, this type of issues are something HTC seems to always have with their phones.

    • jonathan3579

      Maybe you should stop blaming HTC. Blame T-Mobile because they held onto this update for so long and there could have possibly been another patch to help with battery life and/or problems from the update. Also, feel free to blame T-Mobile for the holdup as without their bloatware, it’d take no time at all. (I love T-Mobile but they’re clearly at fault here on several counts.)

      • TechHog

        Yes, because the update was obviously held past its expiration date, which caused this problem. *rolls eyes*

        HTC made the update. It’s their fault. If you can explain how T-Mobile is “clearly at fault,” then please do

        • jonathan3579

          T-Mobile tested and approved the update to go over their airwaves. Remind me again how HTC is completely at fault.

          Furthermore, I never said holding the update caused the issues. However, if the update was released months ago, it is more likely the problem(s?) would have been patched. Shut up and sit down now.

        • TechHog

          Or it would have had even more issues…

          My Sensation never got patched, and T-Mobile did not hold on to the update for that nearly as long. HTC makes terrible updates for their older phones so you’re forced to buy the new ones. It’s simple as that. That’s also why the updates themselves are super gimped.

        • jonathan3579

          Riddle me this… Why is ONLY the T-Mobile variant that is having battery issues whereas the international is fine. If you want to blame both parties for this update then go for it but keep in mind that carriers also have to pay for updates. It’s been a longstanding tradition (sadly) of T-Mobile to withhold an upgrade until a successor or more is released.

        • MCGTech

          FINALLY! Someone noticed! I started to comment on the same thing but lost it when logging into Disqus. Didn’t Google Play come along during T-Mo’s beta testing? Could it have been a last minute addition? hmmmm..

      • Jordan Williams

        This was last October. I wouldn’t get data signal INSIDE T-MOBILE stores, with signal boosters everywhere. Pretty sure that seals the deal that it’s not T-Mobile’s fault. Also had four G2s in the span of a year, all with hardware failures. My eight month old Amaze, which I had before I got the One S, stopped reading any sim card on a data plan with no damage of any sort.

        I guess three separate phones running three separate versions of Android all made by the same company were all t-mobile’s fault though, especially the hardware failures.

        Also, I guess you don’t realize what goes in to making Sense work over Android.

        PROTIP: A lot of TIME.

        • jonathan3579

          Lol, your reply is nothing more than humorous. It is not only Sense that slows down the upgrade process because T-Mobile has to double check that their bloat works with the new update. Perhaps you’re just one unlucky person because I’ve never had more than a single hardware issue with each phone I’ve owned. Exception being Motorola. (Consisting of LG, Samsung, and HTC. Ironically, I had the most problems with Motorola who’s supposed to have the best radios. I was without signal or degraded signal consistently.)

        • Jordan Williams

          No, the truly humorous thing is that in seven months of ownership of my Nexus 4, i’ve not had a single issue. The Amaze was constantly overheating, it almost blew up two HTC branded batteries, and the front camera collected so much junk it’s now unusable, along with the flash not being separately sealed from the rear camera lens so it bleeds in to pictures, and the capacitive backlight leaking through.

          I once swore by HTC, but after seeing what they have done and at least up until the One, continued to do, I don’t have much respect for them. Don’t get me wrong, my friend’s mother has the One, and it’s a gorgeous phone, with a gorgeous screen.

          My amaze was the same way, the day it came out of the box.

        • Jordan Williams

          Also, i’m quite aware that carrier bloat is a factor, but the international One X just finally got Jellybean two or three months ago.

          Was that carrier bloat too? The unlocked, not carrier-specific One X with a quad core processor?

          Or was it that Sense takes time to make work properly.

        • jonathan3579

          The Amaze had the same issue the Sensation had with the front facing camera. (It was a HORRIBLE design choice that I can totally agree with you on.) I don’t think the One will have that issue because it’s flush with everything on the front. My S3 had the same issues with batteries. They became bloated and the back cover couldn’t even fit on anymore. It is also happening with my gf’s S3 as well.

        • Jordan Williams

          The difference was, on the Sensation, the back cover came off to reveal the lens itself which could then be cleaned. The Amaze’s is covered by the same piece of glass that covers the screen, so there’s no dice on that one. I adored my G2, I really did, but I went through four of them in a span of 18 months. I even had a T-Mobile sales rep at a local store tell me that HTC consistently ships more defective hardware. They were on top of their game with the Nexus One, but they need to get back there quickly if they even plan to stay in the game at all.

  • Yes, I’ve noticed a problem with battery life ever since the update also. After doing some research online, I saw that some people mentioned Google Now as the culprit since it uses your location more. I disabled that in the settings last weekend when I wasn’t going to be home much, and I saw some improvement. It still didn’t last me all day, though, and I was definitely using my phone less at the time than I normally would.

  • jon

    Sarcasm: But guys/gals, the uni body “premium” build will fix everything!! Just wait and see…

  • keasycase

    My one s is 50 Times better with the update

  • Bennion

    Yeah, my battery life did get worse, but I realized the update had turned on GPS and was using location services more. I turned off GPS manually and got a Tasker profile to only turn it on when I use my mapping applications, and it’s now somewhat better. Not as good as ICS, but better.

    My brother with a Galaxy Nexus told me JB would have worse battery life, so I think that’s not just the One S. In my opinion, it’s totally worth it. I love the enhanced smoothness of JB. If you really want to go back to ICS, you can download an old factory RUU and flash it back, but I wouldn’t.

  • Hsiao mhcek

    Mine has bit better battery life unless battery saving mode is always on. Battery saving mode gives it 2-3 hours longer battery but I notice 4g is turned off if screen is off for longer time. Wifi calling only lasts about 8 hours. I need to plug in around 3pm.

  • Andy

    My battery life took a significant hit. Until I used Eco Mode. It’s still less than it used to be, but now it’s not… useless. I can use my phone in a regular way, and still expect it to survive more than a few hours. I noticed that the GPS was using power ALL THE TIME in the power usage panel, so… I just turned it on. No further negative effects, but no real benefits either. I have a feeling that if I turned off/disabled google Now it would improve my battery life.

    • Qayin

      You know what I have been noticing Google now using up battery life on a couple of handsets!

  • s0uLjah

    And this is why I traded my One S for a GALAXY Note II because HTC makes you wait and you wait and you wait…

    Get a GALAXY S IV and save yourself from grief no matter how good looking the HTC One looks.

  • Brian Bloom

    I have the Sensation 4G, not the One S, but when it got upgraded to ICS from Gingerbread performance and stability dropped, including battery life. I keep GPS turned off at all times unless I desperately need it, because I can almost watch the the battery meter drop. I’d almost rather revert the phone to the old version…

    It’s one of the factors that has me considering a Samsung or a Nexus as my next phone because now I’m cautious of HTC’s upgrades…

  • Qayin

    The battery is terrible on the HTC One I had it week and had to take it back

  • I am getting poor batter life as well, but in addition, maps/navigation stops working and crashes a couple seconds after the GPS locks on. I have already submitted a warranty replacement, and hope it gets here soon. From here on out, I am going Nexus all the way. It seems that the overly skinned phones from Samsung and HTC can never do an update right, even more frustrating when you have to wait almost a year to get the new features.

  • James

    I read on a blog that carrier iq drain about 7% every hour even if the phone is turned off…T-Mobile needs to get rid if that s@#%! Why would they want to know what we do on our phones? I still can’t believe the government didn’t get rid of carrier iq cause it is just a massive invasion of privacy!

  • calgrav24

    Yeah my wife’s one s battery life is terrible now. It never goes into deep sleep like it should so overnight it will drop 50% with no use after a fresh reboot. It seems to have a wakelock issue with the kernel (suspend_backoff problem) but I’m not exactly sure of the specific culprit.

  • Joe

    2 words.

    iPhone 5.
    -The iOS is superior to android in so many ways. YES, it is less customizable but so what? It is fluid, NEVER laggy, and dosen’t drain the battery.
    Just wait until the next jailbreak if you want to have it customizable.

    • Tmoco

      Couldn’t disagree more. You are generalizing. iOS is antiquated, spartan, and and unindividual. It’s for people who don’t consider making folders a “revolution” in the UI.

      About that jailbreak… rooting is Android to the extreme. I’m glad T-Mo has both iOS and Android, because both have their strengths, but Android is FAR superior to iOS. It’s the world’s most loved mobile OS.

    • Verhouze

      And that might be great if I LIKED iOS….which I don’t. Why are you even in this thread?

  • KO

    I’m still monkeying with it, but offhand, it’s WAY worse. I was at the point on ICS where I could go 2 days (morning of day 1 till bedtime day 2) on 60-80% with BT and GPS on, but on JB I’m getting about 1/4 of that with GPS off. Power Save mode doesn’t seem to make a big diff. I did notice a couple apps seem to be incompatible(?) with JB or something and suck juice in the background so I’ve uninstalled em. But this definitely needs to be addressed, or I’ll do what some seem to be trying; having TMo swap me back to ICS.

  • TayshaunBoba

    This same thing happened to me except I had the HTC Amaze. When it got upgraded to ICS, battery life was cut in half. This seems to be an HTC problem.

  • mwolverine

    A lower end phone will not work well with JB. I’m a Samsung Vibrant owner and everytime I’ve flashed a JB ROM on the phone, my battery life has reduced significantly. It is a combination of Google services (now, voice search, maps) hogging the battery. I shudder to think how bad it would be if you add tmo bloatware to that.

    The Vibrant is fantastic with an ICS ROM. I’m sure HTC One S is probably similar. Battery is not too high capacity like a Note 2 or S4.

  • Philosoraptor

    Aaaaand now I have 0 regrets selling my One S when I did. I loved the size, shape, and feel though.

  • superg05

    another reason not to like htc they take all the time in the world and when you finally get and update it’s sub par. with Samsungs you get an update that works well and a software refresh with new features from there new devices rolled back to yours no other companies do this for there users,

    so as always
    HTC is looks
    Samsung some looks plus functionality and good device support

  • As much as I like HTC design on phones. Well this is the kind of feedback that sways me away from getting their phones. I own the Nexus 4. And its so refreshing not to have these kinds of problems with an Android phone. The battery life can always be better of course. But its not as bad as how this, One S is playing out. And no LTE on the Nexus 4 well you all know that HSP+ is good enough. Key Lime Pie will keep my device refreshed on release date. Nexus 5 everyone and lets stop the nonsense…

  • i have the one s and after the update i had the same problem. I flipped through my apps and thought that it might have been google now that was draining my battery. you open google now-settings-privacy and accounts- manage location history-location settings- uncheck”enable location sharing and on the safe side i also unchecked enable location history. after this, ip services never turned on and my battery is way better than what it was with ics. I can last 3-4 days with at least 6 hours of heavy use. Google now still updates by itself and i encountered no problems after this.

    • calgrav24

      Do you use wifi calling? Cause my battery life was horrible after the update and found out that wifi calling causes the os to work overtime so the phone never actually went into deep sleep. After turning off the wifi calling option my battery life has been great.

      • I actually have WiFi calling on and there’s no problem. But today I turned it off then on , ip services turned on. WiFi calling does cause some troubles. But I normally have out on with no problems

  • mike

    After the jelly bean update I saw the battery bar drop like a rock on my one s. After I activated the battery saver feature on the top bar and the problem got better. But without a doubt there is a problem

  • Whiskers

    Another reason not to buy Android for me.
    I’ll take IOS or WP over Android anytime. Much smoother OS systems with a close source OS than an open source OS any day of the year no matter who releases it.

    • Ginadagelatina

      hmm wateva i.returned my iphone 5 for crappy battery life just like 3 persons that i kno from work also did the same thing returned there iPhone 5 s cuz tthey had crappy battery life now we all got android phones n we happy with the battery life.

      • Whiskers

        The opposite for me , i’ve had about the same battery life between them and I will still take the smoother running OS over the Android open source .
        Between the constant updates and ridiculous waiting periods for Android OS updates it’s became a OS nightmare with bad battery life .

        • tonkotsu

          “smoother running OS over the Android open source .”

          Sounds like some old troll that hasn’t used an android in years.

        • Guest911

          Or someone who is much much brighter than you ever will be.

        • tonkotsu

          oh. here’s another one!

        • I have to agree with Whiskers. I have had multiple android phones and it seems the only way to update them is through xda. Well guess what, most of those roms have bugs. Well you say you can try others, I did and even more bugs. I got the iphone 5 last week, and wow fast, no lag, and great battery life.

      • Allen_Wentz

        Interesting, I wonder what you illiteratti were doing wrong. It works fine for millions and millions of other folks. Of course all these high end phones do tend to require a reasonable amount of appropriate app management.

        Then again maybe you are just a hater troll making it all up.

    • TechHog

      Oh please. I’ve heard so many complaints about iOS 6.x.x on iPhone 4/4S that it’s not even funny. And yes, battery life is among the complaints, as is lag.

      • Whiskers

        And I have had multiple Android phones and tablets in my family in the past and not one of them had a OS that ran as smooth as IOS or WP.
        Android may have a lot of apps and you can customize it more but big deal since you constantly fight malware , spyware and endless updates that do nothing to make it run smoother like a closed source OS does.

    • Donald Chesley

      The only reason not to buy a android is because you don’t know how to use it,iphones are for people to just pick up and use,mostly women because all you can do is use what they give you,which is crap,at least with android i can change everything on my phone to the way i like it,customization is what its called,my buddy has the iphone 5 with att and its total shit making calls,i have a prepaid htc evo with virgin and even with his iphone he keeps telling me how nice it is compared to his iphone,so yeah if your dumb and cant think for yourself,buy a iphone,if you like your freedom and being able to do what you want with your device(if your smart enough)buy a android and save a few hundred dollars.if you like a small shitty screen and the same phone that apple has been putting out for the past 10 years with the same software then i feel sorry for you,maybe go back to a flip phone or something but apples days are numbered,the great steve jobs is not here to move the company forward and all they put out is the same shit year after year with a new screen,really.ipad 1 to ipad 3 retna screen thats it,iphone 1 to iphone 5 a new bigger screen still far behind the competition.and siri ,dont even get me started android already has better apps then her to talk to.

      • Whiskers

        As I said above , I have had multiple Android phones and Tablets in the past and will not buy them again. The open source sucks with bugs and I do know how to use them and sold them , it’s called been there and done that , and moved on to a better smoother OS that fits my needs no matter how much customization you can do to Android.
        You want to call me dumb and can’t think , well try leaning how to make proper sentences and paragraphs and use what little pea brain that you have left and think for a change. Maybe others don’t worship Android like you and are not afraid to use other phones.

  • Verhouze

    I have a Galaxy S3 and some of the same thing happened when we got JB. A lot has to do with all the things JB switched on like Google Now. I went through and turned off a lot of those extras, did my homework on what apps to kill and everything is fine now. It’s the apps.

  • MatthewMurawski

    That’s why you should stick to Samsung or the iPhone.

  • I am actually getting better battery life
    On my LG l9 after the jelly beans update.

  • rob

    I don’t use my One S anymore but my sister has complained about the horrible battery life to me, she says the only way it gets almost as much usable hours as before is with “battery saver turned on”. I’m starting to think TMO only lagged the update until the ONE was out, like they lagged ICS for the Sensation until the One S was out last year. They never really tested how it would do at all. Pretty greedy right there, maybe we should push for some Uncarrier performance in this part of the industry. “Why wait 2 years for your next phone” should also include, “why wait for your phones next software update?”

  • Oscar Alvarado

    I would think any phone with Jelly Bean would have battery life issues since project butter makes the phone run at a constant frame rate of 60.

    • RedGeminiPA

      It’s either deal with these issues and have a slightly more fluid interface, or put up with lag. Android’s core is intended for Blackberry-type functionality – NOT a total touch environment. If they don’t use patches like Project Butter, they’d have to rewrite Android’s complete core and lose all app compatibility.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi

    I for one have a One S and a Galaxy S II. The One S is sporting 4.1.1 (and the corresponding Sense) while the GS2 has 4.1.2. Even with 3G activated the One S gets 3-4 days even if I use it as my main productivity tool (it’s actually paid by the company and so I read e-mails on it every day). By contrast, the GS2 doesn’t reach a day and a half even if I don’t use it as intensely as the HTC (and the GS2 has a lower resolution screen). I’m no fanboy of either of these 2 brands, but I’m very satisfied with my One S, so at least for me the complaints don’t apply.

    • Shawndh

      You’re getting 3-4 days on a One S with JB!? Is this the official update or a custom or rooted ROM? I’m still on ICS with a stock root and I can only get about 16hrs but I will make the switch if I can get that kind of battery life.

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        Totally official update, I can’t install a custom ROM since it’s still the company’s phone :) With the Wi-Fi/3G combo I get 4-5 days of normal (non-hardcore) use.

  • Daniel Duran

    Props to Oscar Zamora for getting this issue recognized and featured on your blog David. Hopefully HTC doesn’t take as long to issue another update to fix this…

    • OZ

      They better do. Having Jelly Bean being beta tested for over 4 months and launching such a mediocre update, makes me wonder about their quality control. Laughable.

  • Svengalis

    This is why getting the latest version of android through updates is not always a godd thing . if the phone works who cares if you get updates.

    • Michael Perez

      This was an issue with version 4.1.1 of Jellybean however it has been fixed and the latest version is 4.2.2. You can blame HTC for not providing adequate updates. Version 4.1.2 was a small update to fix such issues with the battery and is not just the HTC One S. Having the latest version is not a problem if adequate updates are given. HTC also had plenty of time to skip this update and go to 4.1.2. Instead they chose the latter.

  • calgrav24

    I have tracked down the problem with the battery to wifi calling even if you’re not connected to wifi if your wifi calling option is on your battery will still drain. so turn off wifi calling in your settings and then reboot your phone, that’s what worked for me. Tell me if this works for you guys.

  • OZ

    I can confirm that these changes are allowing me to get better battery life:

    Disable Wi-Fi calling.
    Disable Google Now, updates and cards
    Disable Google now location report.

    You can optionally tailor the background sync of your applications to reduce battery usage. For example, I allow automatic sync for Gmail, contacts, calendar and tasks. The rest is disabled.

    I also purchased Lux application to better dim my screen in low light.

    It sucks that we need to figure out work arounds even after letting T-Mobile beta test jelly bean for over 4 months.

    HTC better gets this straight or they will have a 7 and half year loyal customer jumping ship. I lost very important calls on Monday due to battery drainage and that royally pissed me off.

    • enoch861

      Google Now drains battery on any device and its probably the main reason why everyone is getting bad battery life.
      My Note 2 was getting phenomenal battery life until I started using Google Now. After that, battery life isn’t as good anymore. But I’m too lazy to disable Now.

      Google should make a disclaimer that Now eats battery for lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

      • RedGeminiPA

        Very true. Even iPhone users are finding battery drain problems after using Google Now. Of course, Google denies there’s a problem for iPhone users. That means they’ll REALLY deny problems for Android phones.

    • Maybe you should consider a device upgrade. After all the one s is over a year old and the battery wasnever great to begin with.

      • OZ

        Purchased and unlocked One and figured out the hard way that it didn’t support T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. Will get the T-Mobile version instead, in the upcoming weeks.

        • jonathan3579

          You won’t regret it! I love my One.

        • Always remember these unlocked devices will only work on att.they never work on T-Mobile.

        • OZ

          I read about the iPhone 5 sold by T-Mobile supporting all bands, including AT&T ones. For some reason I thought the unlocked version of the HTC One would be alike.

      • TechHog

        You realize that’s exactly what HTC wants him to do, right?

  • Don

    The story of android. Period.

    • I have many android phones, and I don’t have battery problems.

  • impasse

    hey, it’s like the gs3 and google play music bug!

  • I have the htc one s and the jelly bean update ruined a nearly awesome phone! !!! Im a music lover and I listen to music from my phone every morning from about 7-10am. Before the update i would have about 80 percent battery. After the updste it screams ” connect your charger”. I can literally watch my phone go from 16 percent to deadd within a matter of seconds. I wish I could undo the update! !!

    • Ken

      Turn off your location service it will take care all ur problems. I had the same issues now battery actually lasts longer then ever!

    • techdudette

      try this: turn off Wifi Calling

  • g2a5b0e

    The Galaxy Note 2 shipped with JB natively.

  • leonward

    I would like to add more one possibility. I have a Note 2, and I was doing fine until I allowed the Google Play Store upgrade. After the latest update my battery life suffered horribly, and I finally tracked it down as the source. I uninstalled the updates, reverted to prior version, and my battery use is back to normal.

    Note…I do not use most of the social features and programs on the market, but I do sync Google Keep and My calender. I rarely use Google drive.

  • Riemannian

    I am an iPhone 4S owner who has an upgrade coming up, who’s also been looking for something a little different from iOS, particularly regarding its multitasking and widget paradigms. The HTC One seems to have captivated the hearts and minds of a lot of reviewers, and when I tried it out in store, I really liked it, the first time I’ve ever felt that way about an Android phone. So what’s stopping me from pulling the trigger? Well, horror stories like this one, where HTC seems to be continually stumbling on updates ranging from devices like the HTC Thunderbolt, Inspire, even the One X and One S series just last year! In Reddit’s Android subreddit, they have vowed to do better, claiming that “things have changed since the decision to create the One series”, but I’m still skeptical. So I guess I’m glad I found this test case: Their reaction to this update, which seems to be bricking a well-designed, still rather new phone — e.g., just like the HTC One appears to be looking like now — will make or break my decision to switch.

    What I’m saying is, basically: HTC, the world is watching.

    • To be honest, those HTC phones you listed were/are not in the same league as the One. This is HTC’s baby, they will treat it right.

      • Yea that’s what they said about the sensation 4g and look what happened.

        • jonathan3579

          HTC wasn’t drowning at that time either. If they don’t do this right, they’re dead in the water.

  • yoga

    They should have enjoyed what they had to begin with. I’m really sick of people & these goddam updates. You buy a phone for what it can do now… Not what it may be able to do later on. I get 2 new phones a year so I don’t worry about updates. I buy feature phones so I most definitely don’t worry about updates. Unless you have a Nexus realize updates are pointless. Nexus phones are boring and need updates to make them exciting. People with skinned phones enjoy the features the oem packed in already. Features other phones don’t have.

    • Jeff Martinez

      “You buy a phone for what it can do now… Not what it may be able to do later on.” <<< Who agrees with this??
      I can't say I totally do. Yes software updates can hinder a device. But that's not always the case. We are talking about small computers here. I do buy my phone with the idea that it'll be upgraded. That's why I own a Nexus 4. It prolongs my investment. I'm sure people have done the same.

    • wilde_ride

      Go away then. Seriously? Stop being so grouchy.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      You apparently don’t “get it” then. Technology changes at a rapid pace, having to buy a new device for new features is fine when it is hardware related, but when it is software (where MOST of the changes come from) it is unacceptable. Updates don’t just come in the form of fancy new features, they also have major bug and security patches as well. You getting two new phones per year means nothing to anyone else, you are just part of the new era of disposable technology (aka, waste). These dual core and quad core devices with 2GB RAM should be good to go for several years, it’s the software that needs a refresh.

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      You sound so pressed.

      You should be entitled to your phone at least being supported for two years (not that you’d ever get that with Android unless you have a Samsung or a Nexus).

      I’ll stick with my iPhone as my daily driver though (I use the GS3 as a backup). Never had any problems like this.

  • yoga

    It’s probably Google Now draining the battery. After updates you should do a hard rest too

    • RedGeminiPA

      Per the complaint listed above, a master reset was performed several times with no improvement.

      • John

        I’d suggest wipe cache partition over a master reset. Tends to do more with no data loss risked.

  • ingram1225

    At first yes.. lasted a whole 4 hours with an hour of screen time. Installed go power master pro and now it lasts all day long. 12% per hour battery drain with ics. 16% per hour with jb. And about 6-9% per hour drain with go power master pro

  • Christopher_McG

    I have the same problem with my Galaxy S III. Must be a jellybean bug

  • Quan Bui

    Thank the gods that MiUi is freakin awesome on my old HTC One S! plenty of themes, features, and overall sexiness with MiUi. And best of all, the HTC One S is probably one of the easiest phone to ROOT/Flash custom ROMs with.

  • yep… drain very noticeable since update. Device lost an 80% charge in 4 hours setting on a table.

  • I feel bad for you guys. I used to have an HTC One S last year. I have a 2K13 “One” on AT&T now & I don’t care for it at ALL EXCEPT for the awesome speakers. Its my work phone. Might change for the S4. Have a Z10 on T-Mobile & its awesome. Voice recognition beats Google Now, if you can believe it (for looking stuff up).

  • wilde_ride

    Yes terrible battery problems. I can’t get through half a day with my battery now. Before I could usually get through the day unless I was using it a lot. This certainly bites after waiting so long for the promised upgrade.


    The HTC One S battery life from my experience was never good to begin with.

  • rebirth

    Pretty much every android phone I have ever tried has a battery issue. The mytouch 4g went though 3 batteries that kept expanding and getting hot. Phone could not last an entire day. The rest before that were pretty much the same in terms of not lasting a day. My HD2 with windows last quite some time no matter how many movies I watch or games I play. Once i put android 4 on it it dies a lot quicker.(although it does last a little longer than the stock versions of android) I was just thinking about getting the one since Tmobile no longer carries the 8x. Reading this though I’m not so sure. There is no other phone I like right now.

  • IPlayIngress

    Decent battery life with ICS. Horrible battery life after update.

    I get 10% battery drain per hour of no use. Once I start using it it’s just horrible!!

    • try this

      i have the one s and after the update i had the same problem. I flipped through my apps and thought that it might have been google now that was draining my battery. you open google now-settings-privacy and accounts- manage location history-location settings- uncheck”enable location sharing and on the safe side i also unchecked enable location history. after this, ip services never turned on and my battery is way better than what it was with ics. I can last 3-4 days with at least 6 hours of heavy use. Google now still updates by itself and i encountered no problems after this.

      and i heard u can try disabling wifi calling

  • Mark

    I’ve definitely noticed the reduced battery life after the update; I’m trying the “disable Wifi Calling” trick now. I don’t really want to disable Google Now since along with Project Butter (which I think is VERY nice) it’s probably the high point of the upgrade. I do wish HTC had gone with at least 4.1.2, though, even if they weren’t in a position to fully test and release 4.2.x (or maybe they tried 4.2 and it was even less performant on the 1S hardware than 4.1.1 is).

    • google now does not get disabled when you turn off locations settings.

  • tomarone

    I have Juice Defender, my post ICS update is fine. Battery is at 94 after 2 hours. I am on the network traveling 4G, and on wifi now at work. All location services including compass, google location, location for google search. No Facebook, no Google Now. (or +?) Will see after a few hours at work. I use both data and air fm radio, that drains it fast but from 100% with the radio playing, it’d last maybe 2 hours. The neat thing is when it’s down to 20%, it seems to take forever go to 1.
    After 3 more hours my battery is on 87. I took a call. That’s 13% in 5 hours. Not bad to me.

  • Jose Hernandez

    Just like any other update, on just any other device. you will usually see some type of battery issues or may even see a little of performance issues, like slow down of the phone when you update to a new operating system. It comes with the territory. We should all be used to this, from home computers to smartphones. New OS’s have more options and features that consume more power and resources. That being said, HTC has a history of not really dong the best job wen it comes to optimizing software updates. They end up releasing software updates that do just this, mess with the phone in a really bad way, and then HTC will (maybe) release a patch that will fix this in the next few months. I have a GS3 and can tell that after the upgrade to JB, I have seen a change on battery life. It is not a really horrible one, but it was there. The phone will still last me all day, just not as much power left on it as before. I left HTC because of this same reason. Hopefully they don’t keep you guys waiting too long before they fix this.

  • there’s definitely something to it .. i haven’t had drastic changes but i’ve definitely noticed there IS in fact a change.

  • deunits

    Completley horrible battery now. Update is nice with how fast/smooth the phone runs but without the battery it is usless

  • AC

    Battery life is worse, and now it’s missing alot of the good things the previous version had, shortcut button to call, contacts shortcuts on homescreen, now all my contacts with custom ringtone when they call the phone rings, even if it’s on silent or vibrate.. SUPER ANOYING…. and I can’t take the custom ringtone off from the contacts….
    I learned my lesson.. NEVER UPDATE the phone… they fix ONE issue, and GIVE YOU 10 extra issues now… why update? This freaks me out

  • tomarone

    my battery went down 13% in 5 hours, I took a call, switched from 4G to Wifi, checked messages a few times. Is this a problem?

  • Nimrud

    To all the people complaining about the battery life, try turning on the power saver.

  • joshuag

    I get worse drain with the new battery saver than without!

  • asdzaan

    Horrific battery life. 3 to 4 hours on a full charge and no usage, just sitting on my desk!

    • Joseph Bekin

      exactly the same as mine!

      • techdudette

        try this: turn off Wifi Calling

  • baxter444

    and this is why i rooted my phone the day after i got it last year – there are no less than 5 custom JB ROMs to choose from on xdadevelopers – and a very good JB w/HTC Sense. My battery life is usually somewhere between good and excellent (lasting between 10 and 26 hours).

  • Herb

    My roommate has this problem with his. Very frustrating.

  • tomarone

    It’s been 9 1/2 hours on 4G, a call, onto wifi, travelling through tunnels. It’s down to 80%.
    oops 79%. What APPS are you running that consume battery? My location GPS is on.
    This must be a screen problem. My screen goes right off, I turn it off immediately.

  • techdudette

    background data is running high on this update due to GOOGLE NOW. Update your GOOGLE NOW version from the PLAY store;

  • Singleweird

    my battery life is fine…

  • extacy1375

    My battery life has dropped big time! I have noticed since the update that you cannot disable some built in apps. On older version I was able to disable stocks, notes, and many of the tmobile bloatware. Now I am unable to and there constantly running in the background. In fact theres a lot more apps running in background now!

  • JBLife

    My Google Maps crashes all of the time now (almost unusable, distracting while driving). And my battery life has definitely been shortened.

  • OZ

    I have compiled a few steps to reduce battery power consumption. I have posted it on my blog:

  • techdudette
  • The only thing that worked for me was going into google search settings>google location settings>toggle off (let google apps access your location). After jb update, battery went from leaving work at 10-14% left of juice now after toggling off google apps access loc. I leave work at about 70%, same use nothing diff. Battery saver apps dont work nothing else worked for me. Seems like there is a legit bug dealing with gps/location service.Which does suck because whole point of update was to use Google Now which is now rendered useless due to battery drain issue. Waiting for rumored Nexus 4 LTE to jump ship. Thanks HTC but no thanks, you can keep your ONE. – hope this helps

    • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

      not an HTC issue. This is happening on my GN2 as well. I did a web search and this google maps location auto detection theme is the major culprit. Most people turn it off, but as you have said, likely will render Google Now useless.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    HTCs always have crappy battery life. Such a shame really because they make nice, premium phones. The reason why I ditched them for a Galaxy S III.

  • Ckay

    Downloaded the jellybean update two days ago and there is a disastrous and considerable change in my battery life. Battery drains even when my phone is sitting idly. Before i was a able to listen to music, surf the web, check and send emails and Id have to charge my phone at the end of the day when I got back. I disabled my wifi calling and some apps, but even then, my battery is draining in about 6 hours. WHATS UP WITH THAT???

  • StephNYC

    The same thing happened to me. I updated my HTC One S to 4.1.1 and the next day after taking the phone off the charge at 7:30 in the morning, the battery had reduced by 50% before noon, even though it was staying idle and not being used. Checking my battery history in the settings, I noticed GPS was continually draining my battery, despite it being switched off in the settings.
    However, I managed to find two solutions that have worked greatly, while I continue to wait for T-Mobile to fix this attrocious bug…

    1. Use the ‘Power Saver On’ option located in the top pull-down menu. Make sure GPS and WI-FI calling is disabled. You can leave on Google’s Location Service for your apps.
    2. Download an App from the Play Store called “Battery Dr Saver”. This app manages to truly turn your GPS off, which seemed to be the major cause in the battery draining. This app is also a task killer, so I am going in to kill all apps every few hours. I downloaded the app this morning. I left the house with 99% battery at 8:30 am and now it is 3pm and my battery is 80% full !! When I go into battery history now, GPS is not even on the list, so it seems to be truly disabled.
    Please circulate this to see if it can help my fellow HTC One S brothers and sisters out there, which I hope it will. And let’s keep our fingers crossed that TMobile can come up with a fix very soon.. :)

  • The first day after the update, my phone was dead in 6 hours on light use. Before the update, my phone would last 12 hours at least on moderate to heavy use. It’s gotten a bit better since I played with some of the settings but my phone still doesn’t last all day anymore.

  • Paul L

    My phone charged used to last a good few days, but since the Jelly Bean update – more like half-baked bean – my battery lasts about a day. It’s irritating in the extreme.

  • dtam

    so I haven’t updated yet…would the consensus be to wait until there is a fix?

  • Paddy_Tanninger_Caddy_Manager

    i researched this topic and realized this is a JB issue, not a HTC issue. I also get battery drain in airplane mode on my GN2. Do a websearch on “Google Maps location search battery drain” or something to that effect, you’ll see tons of stuff written about turning the settings off.

  • Papo

    Yeah same here battery is dead in a matter of a few hours. BOOOOO Tmobile … itll take another year to fix this

  • jordanman

    My HTC one s battery last for like 3 hours if I listen to music with out using it probably 4

  • penguin

    Unlike my other HTC phones from the past, the One S has an absolutely amazing battery life…or rather had. I installed the Jelly Bean update five days ago and now my battery is completely down the drain. I went from charging once a day (sometimes 1.5 days) and now I have to have a charger with me all the time because after 5 hours I am at 50%. The battery drains even on stand-by. I miss ICS :(

  • gabe

    My battery is fine and I installed the update a month ago

  • Chia-wen

    Yes, I got the same battery issue. I check the battery usage. The GPS remains on even if I turn off GPS and close all applications.
    T-Mobile and HTC MUST fix this bug ASAP.

  • Punch

    My battery life took a serious nose dive after Jelly Bean, wish I had not updated.

  • sonyxperiat1

    I had this issue with my sony xperia t phone. Battery was not lasting half the day. I read up on it and the solution was a factory reset. Since i did that the battery life has been back to normal if not better.

  • 16309

    Looks like a patch is out!

  • bilgy_no1

    Battery is terrible with navigation after the update. But there are more issues: when using gps and navigation, the phone gets extremely hot. Also, the gps is sometimes inaccurate. The app itself renders the charts slowly and sometimes it’ running behind the actual position of the car. Finally, after the JB update the voice search doesn’t work anymore in the Car app to enter a destination.

    Does anyone know if a fix is on the way?