T-Mobile FINALLY Rolling Out Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean To The HTC One S

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 7.39.43 AM

What a great way to start the news day and no, your eyes are not deceiving you HTC One S owners, Jelly Bean is here, it’s really really here. The Android 4.1.1 update weighs in at a hefty 675.49MB and due to its size, can only be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection.

The update brings the usual fare of an updated user interface to the Android experience in addition to several enhancements.” The update is expected to take around 10-20 minutes to install, which is a fraction of the amount of time compared to how longĀ One S owners have waited for the update to actually arrive.

Hit your “Check for updates” option under settings and get going right this minute.
Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 7.40.03 AM

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  • MusicCityChad

    Is this update going to ruin my phone like the ICS update did to my HTC Sensation

    • TechHog


    • Chad Vincent

      What problems did you have with ICS on the Sensation? I’m having issues with my headphone jack, but figured that was just physical…

      • MarkAzali

        I have a problem with my headphone jack but wasn’t sure since I got my One S used

        • Chad Vincent

          Sorry I edited my comment… “New phones” and I were talking about the Sensation, not the One S. Hooray tangents!

  • angry person

    Bastards. They waited till you spent money on the HTC One to do this.

    • zx6guy

      Don’t worry, they’ll do it again.

    • BadRock


    • Ryan

      Ya totally intentionally done. “come get the brand new HTC One with android 4.1.1 the newest os upgrade in the HTC android line up” I downloaded the update at like 3am est. Had a feeling it was gonna happen today and I was right. I’m sure others thought the same. Then I FINALLY was able to get on the damn website to get the HTC One this afternoon after checking with all the stores in my area I found that only one store which had it. 50 some miles away from me… And I signed up for the pre-order avid because of the stupid website I missed out since it wasn’t really an actual re-order… Bull s#$%

  • TechHog

    Enjoy this, One S owners, since this is probably the last update you will see

  • Mark

    “Get going right this minute”? I’m at work, you insensitive clod! Couldn’t you have waited until after 5:00 EDT to post this? :D

    So far as the update ruining the phone goes, I survived Eclair on the original Cliq, I can probably handle this one.

  • jayawill

    O sweet jesus!!! been waiting forever for this day.

  • TMobee

    Finally HTC…learn from their mistakes not to abandon the product, but is it too late now? Some people like me already move on to Nexus & Nexus device only..

    • mdosu

      Would have been great if this came through in January. I just sold my One S for a Note 2.

  • TBN27

    I hope it works well with no hiccups on the OneS. If it does, then this will make it an awesome phone for the price.

  • trife

    And this is why I’m apprehensive about the One.

    AWESOME device from a company with a less than stellar track record when it comes to timely updates. I hope HTC steps it up this time around because the One is amazing and deserves all their focus and attention.

    • Spanky

      The fact that the One comes with Android 4.1.2 should set off a red flag.

      • zifnab

        ^ This!! You know it wont get the 4.2.2 update until 6 months after release, and that may possibly be the last update until next year when another phone comes out. HTC doesn’t back their products for more than a year, ever.

        • Ryan

          The one is supposed to be the flagship for the year or so they’ve said.

      • Ty Christensen

        Yeah, already starting off behind makes no sense, there will be some sick roms but rooting isn’t for everybody

    • tomarone

      There is a reason for the late updates (late or never) I will guess the reason is that they put resources into hardware, and software that works with that hardware, and they would have to hire a lot more people to port and test those HW/SW mods in a new OS, which they don’t have, but Samsung can afford. The phones are, after all, much better than Motorola phones. I don’t know about the latest LG phones, if they are updated promptly. I agree it should be that way, but HTC is going after different fish, and hey, they work well. Aren’t apps, after all, more important?

      • kalel33

        Motorola has Jellybean on their phones. The original Droid Razr and the Droid Bionic has Jellybean and HTC Amaze/Rezound(which was released at the same time as the Motorolas) doesn’t even have a rumor it’ll receive the update.

        • tomarone

          Just because a phone has jellybean does not mean it’s as good as some other phone, is all I am saying.

        • kalel33

          Ah, I thought you meant that HTC was better about updates. About the only manufacturer that is worse than HTC about updates is LG, which their updates are almost non-existent even when they need bug fixes. I’d say Motorola Razr phones are pushed to a different market than the HTC phones. If you want a phone with huge amounts of battery life and really skinny then you get a Razr, but if you don’t care about battery life then you might have an argument for HTC.

  • OZ

    And I just got my One on Tuesday. Will give it a try anyways

  • Tom

    I’m so excited, yet so trepidatious. I’m 20% downloaded at the moment. My fingers are crossed that it doesn’t brick my phone or erode battery life to 75 minutes…I’m optimistic though!

  • MoeizW

    Can anyone confirm if it has wi-fi calling?

    • WiFi Calling has been available on the One S.

    • Guyborg

      It does!

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    Finally!! I went twelve minutes late to school but its all worth it!

    • mdosu

      Is there a new HTC Sense wrapper that comes with this?

  • 16309

    I never expect them so I won’t be disappointed, but when they come it’s always exciting!
    I’m such a geek!

  • Phil

    It is an almost old device.

    • epsiblivion

      It’s been out for a year.

  • so having unlimited data and you can’t download a large file? i guess i get it but not everyone has readily available WiFi throughout the day particularly while at work. oh well. hopefully it won’t disappear from my notification bar.

    • superg05

      check settings

    • I think the decision to make it WiFi only relies upon the fact that a bunch of people downloading the update via T-Mobile would congest the network

      • Ty Christensen

        They just don’t want people to use up all their data I think and maybe WiFi is more reliable

        • that too but Wi-Fi is definitely not more reliable. in addition is slow in my case. slower than what T-Mobile offers 6mbps vs however much T-Mobile upgrades to currently 42mbps that would cost extra $$ from a internet service provider.

        • Ty Christensen

          Depends on your ISP I guess, I get a constant 20mbps from my ISP at home, there are a few spots where I can get 20mbps on my Nexus 4 but it’s pretty rare here in Utah on HSPA+.

  • zifnab

    HTC coming up short again. 4.2.2 is out? /sigh. This is why i’ve turned back to Nexus. I’m too lazy to deal with rooting and finding a rom that doesn’t have tons of bugs, and HTC doesn’t update anything until 6 months to a year after the update is released.

  • GuyBorg

    Its nice to see the holo presence more in this update! :)

    • Yeah but no pull down notification bar for gmail :(

    • Ryan

      I don’t think that leaving the blue in was intentional lol.

  • OZ

    Any improvements with Wi-Fi Calling?

    • Delta

      I called myself from a landline and phone rang almost instantly. Looks good so far.

      • OZ

        Testing it now. I no longer experience the communication breakup which occurred randomly every few seconds. I will keep it on; let’s see how it goes from here.

  • Delta

    Updated to JB but having problems with Data. Phone shows 4G but no apps work. Data is enabled. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Snowblind

    So I downloaded the update about an hour ago and here’s my first thoughts…

    First off the skin I was using before with an orange accent color is gone.

    The wallpaper doesn’t move when yougo from one screen to another, which sucks because I liked that.

    The keyboard is different now and there isn’t the option to put the keyboard down. It makes it frustrating to type because sometimes what you are writing is behind the keyboard.

    • mdosu

      That keyboard thing bugs me too. I thought it was Samsung thing, apparantly it’s a Jelly Bean thing. I’m using a Note 2, I use to have a ICS One S

      • Mark

        That was one of the first things I looked up; the “remove keyboard” function has been moved to the Back button. I found the same info on a Samsung forum so I guess it’s a JB thing.

        Also, the non-scrolling wallpaper is because swiping the home screens now wraps around, so you can go in one direction infinitely. I think they’re trying to get rid of the concept of home screens as being linear, and adapting the scrolling wallpaper would have hindered that.

        Google Now is confusing, but I can definitely feel the Buttery difference.

  • tomarone

    I see ‘USB Audio’ as new in 4.1, which means I guess plugging in a USB speaker? Someone try that! ‘Improved voice search’, “Ability for other launchers to add widgets from the app drawer without requiring root access” … Doesn’t the newest Android version do away with widgets altogether? Just a side question.

    • OZ

      Where is the option?

      • tomarone

        Settings, scroll all the way to the bottom, About, Software Updates. button on bottom ‘Check Now’.

        • OZ

          I mean’t to ask if there is an option to enable/disable USB Audio.

        • tomarone

          Hopefully it would be detected. don’t know. There are usb audio apps on the play store that seem to be for usb audio sound cards whatever that is.

        • tomarone

          The option for USB Audio? Don’t know, just saw that it was a 4.1 feature on the list in wiki.

  • Snowblind

    Also I’ve noticed that the notification bar keeps dropping down asking me to select my input method, which is stupid because if I want to use voice input I’ll press the damn button to use it.

    Honestly I’ve been wanting this update for a long time, but it’s a huge disappointment. It’s making using my phone not as user friendly as it was before

  • rixqkjames

    Love the update now it feels like I got new phone. Everything works smoothly….nothing is lagging.

  • I have been waiting 5 days for my
    Update on my l9. Nothing yet.
    I really wish that they get there facts right before they tell us there’s a major update available for your device.

  • OZ

    I am having the perception that my battery is draining much faster with Jelly Bean, even with the Power Save On. I just rebooted and will re-charge; currently at 14%. Anyone else?

    • Jared

      You may want to do a full phone reset – sometimes after a major OS upgrade if there are strange issues full resets can help a lot.

      • Ty Christensen

        Very true

      • mdosu

        that’s not very convenient.

      • OZ

        That’s what I will do later today. It is sucking battery big time. I have power saver on, and nothing abnormal on battery usage.

        • Daniel Duran

          I’m having the same issue… The battery saver is NOT working. I’m thinking of rooting for a cpu app to control the frequency. All on all the phone is snappier and faster thanks to project butter but my battery life is worse.

        • OZ

          I’ve read somewhere else that the reason some us might be having battery drainage problems is because we updated to Jelly Bean when the battery charge was at 50% or less. Somehow Jelly Bean “thinks” that is 100%. A way to fix it is to let the battery drain til 20% left, then fully charge. Perform this 5 times. After this, when the phone is at 100%, perform a master reset.

          I am going through that process now.

        • Tom

          Any luck with this???

        • OZ

          Still going through the process. I am seeing better battery life, but not yet as close as ICS level.

        • Daniel Duran

          Master reset!? Awww Mannnnn. I hate having to redownload all my apps and get everything back the way like it.. thanks for the info though, I probably will be getting the S4 soon though.

        • OZ

          I went through the process and did not help much. The only time that battery does not drain is when I am in an area with 2G. Getting an exchange.

        • Daniel Duran

          I went through a few power cycles without a master reset and noticed a slight longevity in my battery life but nothing too dramatic.. waiting to get the next big thing

      • OZ

        Performed a clear storage and factory reset 4 times. Plain Vanilla phone sucking battery up like crazy. I might need to exchange it under warranty.

    • tomarone


      • OZ

        Got Wi-Fi ON all the time. It actually drains less battery than regular data.

    • Michael

      I am noticing the same, and I can literally watch the battery drain down. Is there a fix for this? With a non-removable battery this is a HUGE problem

      • OZ

        I’ve been having better results after these steps:

        Clear storage (I know, it sucks)
        Perform a master reset from the phone boot menu.
        Perform a clear storage from the boot menu.

        Will continue watching. I already had a call with T-Mobile and have a replacement lined up if these steps do not reduce power consumption to a pre jelly bean state.

  • sidekicker89

    Hey did anyone else notice a random game called “Teeter” installed itself on the One S after the update?.. or is it just me?.. I don’t remember installing this game.

    • Xanderalmighty

      That game is usually common on HTC phones, it is preloaded. I am surprised you didnt notice it before the update.

    • 16309

      I just discovered it too. I know for sure it was not on there before.

  • mdosu

    Finally, some JB love for HTC One S owners. Now be prepared to be massively disappointed with Google Now. lol

    • Ryan

      I love Google now :/ I had a galaxy nexus before I got the one s and fell in love with it. But the galaxy nexus was crap. I should’ve gotten the one s instead and saved myself $350…

  • tomarone

    I lost my wallpaper!

  • rob

    Opens drawer
    Looks at One S

    “Its time”

    Good thing HTC didn’t promise the new Sense on the One S. “Coming to a 2012 HTC device this time, next year.

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    I didn lose anything at all..this update is amazing..really fast..love some new features..battery is better..what my phone needed..an overhaul!

    • OZ

      Opposite experience here. Battery is draining fast! I guess I’ll need to reset

      • Jefferson Josue Morales

        You know what..I’m starting to see that now and my WiFi connection its having problems how about you

  • ajace

    my One S has been rooted to JB for awhile now. think it’s worth it just for wifi callling? I never really used it

  • Content

    Everything seems a bit more snappy. Def more user friendly. Seems i dont have the option to NOT allow the capilatization of the first word i use in a sentence anymore… but i guess this all doesnt matter since im getting the blackberry q10.

  • Drunk Jimmy

    I thought Jelly Bean was supposed to have photo sphere? :(

    • might be 4.2

      • Chris Schaaf

        Yes and no. It did come in 4.2, but it’s a Nexus-specific feature. It won’t be coming to any other phone (as seen in Google’s implementation). Other companies might create their own version of it though.

  • Alan713

    i think HTC one S is very good design-wise. They could release One S 2nd gen with higher resolution screen and better specs but keep the design.

  • Don Turner

    Where is Google Now at?

    • Rudy Belova

      Mine is directly on the home screen. (on a fresh format) google search widget.

  • joshmane9


  • Ryan

    only thing I don’t like is that there was a mess up with the color scheme. Some menu buttons and highlights that were green are now blue like they forgot to change some vanilla code. So damn happy to have goggle now though.

  • battery808

    I love that since the One S has a small amount of non expandable storage, I got the nice message of a new update, got very very excited, just to find out i need to delete 600 MB of personal items before I can have it

  • MusicCityChad

    Will I have to reinstall Swype? That’s always a pain in the butt.

    • tomarone

      I did not have to. It worked.

      • OZ

        $0.99 for the new (non-beta) version 1.5.

  • Socheath Sun

    The notification bar still looks crappy…the colors still sucks(it stil has the lame ass gradient grey and black from top to bottom…
    The notification bar slide down added this extra “save power” option that I can’t get rid of… or customize not to show (I like having a clean interface.)..
    Everytime I type something the keyboard option is in the notifications (its annoying)…. The camera still look the same…. They changed the photo gallery by adding a gallery of gallories full of pictures… (Who has time for all all that? )….. Everything looks the same except added Lil nick backs….

  • tomarone

    Oops I have a kind of crash bug in Google Drive. Cannot edit view any simple text documents that were created in google docs. Message is “Sorry! Internet has stopped unexpectedly. Would you like to send an error report…blah blah”. I have rebooted the phone… This happens on TMO network, and on WIFI does not matter.
    BTW where in Drive does Keep keep it’s information, anyone know? (answer: drive.google.com/keep)

    Maybe I have to reinstall google docs…Nope, Drive includes Docs I think. No google docs on play store?

  • Socheath Sun

    HTC or whom ever programmed these updates, please… If you’re going to do a project that is taking a whole year to complete… make sure whatever is being released are class A products… Treat every project as if its your last and make sure that you are moving forward and not backwards… We are in the future wear everything is sleek, shiny and sophisticated… Nothing says more sophistication than simplicity with an advance interface… I hate looking at this 4.1.1 interface…. I am highly disappointed in this update that I recieved yesterday, that I waited a whole year for… After this HTC one s….I’m not getting another HTC….

  • tomarone

    It seems like ‘google drive’ refuses to load simple text documents. After the update. Can anyone verify this?

    • tomarone

      Hooray! This bug was Magically Fixed! (so far I hope it sticks) I love the new update, it is buttery smooth. The home screens swipe in a circle so you never reach the end on left or right. It is beautiful, maybe a little too responsive, more bad screen tap errors because it’s quicker to detect something. GO HTC!

  • tomarone

    When you plug in USB to the computer (Win7) it’s different. AutoPlay comes up. ON the phone it lists ‘USB network setting’ what’s that? it lists internet pass-through and tethering. Passthrough is it uses the PC’s internet. WOW!. Also has bluetooth tethering and hotspot settings. great! I never used any of those before.

    • tomarone

      When you plug in USB to the computer it automatically runs and downloads ‘HTC Sync Manager’. I’ve found the golden cookie!

  • Bee.

    for anyone who had trouble figuring out how to expand the notification.. you have to like pinch out the notifcation itself if that makes sense? Two fingers and slide out. Lol. The only thing I’m so far digging is the caller I’D picture with the notifcation and the fact that in contacts the pics aren’t pixalated like before.. hate this keyboard tho.

    • tb

      yes me too I cant pull down the notifications normally like ICS I thought I was the only one

  • Bee.

    is anybody else having REALLY bad battery drainage or is it just me?

    • OZ

      I am! It is terrible. I just reset the phone. Will see how it goes from here.

      • Daniel Duran

        Ya. Me too. Power saver doesn’t seem to work…

  • OZ

    Guys, any way to rollback to ICS? I am having issues with Exchange with JB.

    • despotic

      Figured out the Exchange problem

      • OZ

        Note sure why It posted as a different name up there

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    Is anyone having problems with the WiFi connection? Because I am x(

  • JellyBean

    My Google Maps is now constantly crashing.

    • I have noticed that too. I’ll start Google Navigation, and everything seems to be working fine except for a sort of slight tearing while rendering the 3D maps. After a couple minutes, I get a message saying that Google Maps has stopped working, and needed to close. It seems as though this problem only occurs when the map is visible – obviously a problem during navigation. Wondering if I should contact customer service for a warranty replacement or just wait for a patch. I have already performed a master reset on the device, and erased everything on the phone, and that doesn’t seem to work either.

  • James

    I have been trying to pull the upgrade manually for the last 3 days, but it keeps saying there are no updates. I have not rooted and have the applicable software version for the update. Anyone else having this issue?

  • chewsta

    This update kills the battrey on this phone why!

  • keasycase

    I love this update… Everything is smother and my battery life is waaaay better

  • edzzz

    How can i remove autocorrect in texting? thanls

  • Nick

    My phone has received its update, and now my battery life is almost cut in half! Is anyone else experiencing diminished battery life on their Jelly Bean updated HTC One S?????

    • Delta

      Yes the battery wasn’t all that great prior to update and now it’s horrible. Basically a ticking timebomb counting down from 100 -> 0

    • OZ

      Same issue here. I am still going through the cycles of discharge/recharge after a full phone reset on Friday. I am not sure if it’s helping yet. Battery live has been horrible since the update.

  • OZ

    Opened a thread on T-Mobile Support. This is my reply: http://support.t-mobile.com/message/235651#235651

    “I experienced the same exact issue, and had the same services at the top (IPServices) which I tried all kinds of permutations to reduce its battery usage. It went away after 2 days, however, I am still having battery drainage problems. Right now the high usage is from Android OS itself. My battery drains even in airplane mode.

    Today I had 89% battery at noon, and used the phone for a few text message and 1 email reply. Wi-Fi enabled, Wi-Fi calling enabled. This is how I could squeeze as much battery as I could with ICS. by 7:20 PM my phone went dead. Mind you, I had urgent calls coming in that I could not pick the phone to answer. This is the first time in years that I had a dead phone and it happened; what are the chances right?

    I went ahead and called T-Mobile, escalated to retentions and asked for a replacement phone immediately. I cannot continue having the same issue.

    As soon as the new phone arrives, I will charge it to 100% and while plugged, upgrade to Jelly Bean. Go from there.

    This has been my battery history: http://pic.twitter.com/QwPoptEKxB

    • ip services also drained my battery. check apps that may be using gps which is google now. go to settings and in location settings disable the phone from sending its location on google now. After i did this, the ip services and gps is not turn on by itself. Battery is a lot better than it was on ics.

      • OZ

        Google now, or all checkboxes in location menu?

        Last time I disabled, I could not have the weather app update with current information. Do you have the same issue too?

        • help me spread the word with my solution

          i have the one s and after the update i had the same problem. I flipped through my apps and thought that it might have been google now that was draining my battery. you open google now-settings-privacy and accounts- manage location history-location settings- uncheck”enable location sharing and on the safe side i also unchecked enable location history. after this, ip services never turned on and my battery is way better than what it was with ics. I can last 3-4 days with at least 6 hours of heavy use. Google now still updates by itself and i encountered no problems after this.

        • OZ

          Thanks. On top of that, I have disabled Wi-Fi calling. I’m seeing better battery life.

        • Daniel Duran

          Props to you Oscar, you got the battery issue recognized and featured in David’s Tmonews blog

        • OZ

          Thanks for the heads up Daniel. I have gotten my replacement phone and it has ICS. I am still playing around with the options to see which ones help minimizing battery usage. So far I can confirm that Wi-Fi calling as well as location drain a lot of battery. Will continue testing.

          Thanks again.

    • Don

      Oscar the battery drainage may be due to you phone trying to either connect to wifi unsuccessfully or using other apps in the background. This is usually accompanied by the phone over heating. Shutting down the phone and allowing it to cool for 20/30 mins may help.

  • TB

    Does anybody have sensitivity issues with the touchscreen? The problem that I am having is that pulling down the notification bar would take several tries and would sometimes work correctly. I have not dropped my phone or any type of damage.
    PS: I do not have the same problem with the power drain like some other people!!!! I can finally go through a full day with charge unlike with ICS.

  • Don

    Ok Folks I have had some improvements by changing the wifi settings:





    Ensure that DNLA auto-IP is unticked…

    This may solve most of the Wifi connection issues for older Routers across most platforms.

  • Oma

    Is it possible to UNINSTALL the UPDATE