HTC One S Jelly Bean Update For T-Mobile Entering Beta Phase

HTC One S owners take note as an exclusive program for HTC has begun to trial Jelly Bean on T-Mobile. This is an exclusive beta program limited to a select group of customers who have managed to find themselves in the good graces of the HTC. Limited group of VIP testers aside, we’re just happy to see that the update is moving to a beta stage given that the international HTC One S began receiving Jelly Bean earlier today. There’s no telling how long it will take between now, beta testing and release, but this is a sign we’re moving in the right direction stateside. Let’s hope that the testing process goes well and T-Mobile signs off on the update and we see a release in the very near future.

Fingers crossed.

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  • Frettfreak

    How do we go about getting on that list? ;-) been an extremely loyal HTC customer for almost 6 yeara

    • Jonathan Shaw

      Start by following HTCelevate on Twitter.

      • Mark

        This is the first I’ve ever heard of Elevate; they don’t seem to promote it much.

    • jake

      Who knows if elevate will still be around after this leak of information. As a member we all sign an oath of confidentiality. After this breach who knows how long elevate will be around or if they will even continue further with jellybean beta testing or release it at all. Sad day for HTC and its customers.

      • TechHog

        They’re not gonna end the program because of this. lol

      • davedsone

        Back away from the cliff. It’s going to be o.k.

  • jak2rocks

    My co-worker already randomly received his update…

    • This isn’t available for the general public, so unless he’s part of the program, nobody else has it.

      • jak2rocks

        Never mind. Turns out he doesn’t know what he’s talking about… I looked at his phone and he got confused between the Android version and the version of Sense he has on his phone. He’s just a regular Joe, I should’ve known better.

    • od312

      So did my wife; on Christmas day :)

  • ant

    wonder if i get the htc one s tomorrow would i recieve a update i been a htc member for years but i had the hd2 then sensation idk if i should stay being teamhtc or samsung

    • Jose Hernandez

      I jumped form an HTC MyTouch 4G Slide to a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have had my Jelly Bean update for more than a Month now. We were the second carrier in the US to get the update (Samsung). HTC makes good hardware, but the software side has not been as good for a while now. And unfortunately, they are just so very bad when it comes to updates. Samsung was not that much better but seems to have turn that around now and seems to be doing way better. The only way I would ever buy another HTC phone would be if they made another Nexus device. I feel bad for them, but it seems that they may not be around much longer. It’s a sad story. They used to be the one Android company everyone else wanted to be, and now they are going the way of Rim/Nokia.

      • ant

        this exactly how i feel its like they fell off their game they barely do commericals now its like they gave up and samsung took over but since samsung doing well i myawell get a note 2 or something

        • Jose Hernandez

          The Note 2 would be a great choice. I had to get the S3 because my phone died a few months back. I could not wait for the Note 2. HTC is hurting for cash right now, that is probably why they are not advertising they way they should. it is kind of hard for them right now. They should spend the money so people will know about their product, but at the same time they only have so much money left to spend on advertisements.

        • mueller2051

          i have a sensation and the amaze and was very happy with htc , but wont be buying the htc one s and that because i cant buy a extended battery or add my music collection on sd card to my phone, htc has dug there own hole by not listing to the people. and now there going to leave me in the cold for the next update. there also still playing the exclusive game with at and t. i guess sometimes company dont like to admit there mistakes and go back to the way it was untell there no longer a game player. What is HTC new phone i havent heard of one comeing out in time soon

        • ant

          newest one i heard was the htc dna n yea i love my htc sensation thought it was the best tmobile android because it did so much and was fast without the newest android os but i guess they want to release something next year for the us people upgrading idk im just impatient and i just want a bigger screen and some more features

        • tomarone

          I don’t miss a bigger battery or SD card. I hope they convert their dummy Windows phones to new Android ones soon…The One-S is beautiful as a device just not big enough for me, I expect removable battery and Sd card would make it clunky like a samsung phone.

      • Snapdragon

        HTC is actually the first carrier to release updates for ALL their phones. Samsung only releases it for their flagships first which is why people think they are better. There was an article on phone arena about it just last week.

  • htc wing, htc shadow, htc hd2, htc hd7, htc sensation, htc one s enough said i need jelly bean

  • tomarone

    Why can’t they AT LEAST get their grammar correct? The second sentence is NOT a question! I am a techie and I am not that dumb!

  • Addam

    Random Question: I’m thinking of purchasing the N4, but still need UMA calling a lot. Is there anyway to use my old blackberry (currently active) when I need UMA and switch to the N4 when I don’t. In other words, is it possible to have two different types of SIM cards active with TMO on the same phone number in order to swap devices for UMA?

    Edited for clarity

  • JB

    Although HTC took its time in roiling this out, T-Mobile is taking theirs. beta testing should have been done by now.

  • Not_a_G1

    I went out and downloaded the update from HTC’s support site. I think I’ll wait until Tmo unleashes it’s version of JB instead of the European version.

  • G1andonly

    I just got the amaze 2 months ago and love the phone, chose it over all others because of the build quality, sd card, removable battery. It was just released last year and no jelly bean? That will push more people away from a dying company.

  • guess some time next year. ppl that want JB have gone to other phones, myself included lol. not that i did it for JB though

  • philly8

    love my htc one s! Hopefully it runs smooth if its with htc sense.

  • I’m excited, hopefully the fully Jellybean update will be dispersed before I go back to school @ the end of January, that’d be nice even though that may be wishful thinking.

  • cycad007

    The *BIG* disappointment will be that the update will disable Adobe Flash. Some sites still require it for the “full experience”

  • ajace

    not sure if they’re still accepting beta testers but I signed up anyways.

  • anon

    HTC One S is a good phone (minus a few drawbacks) but when HTC started advertising that users would officially get Jelly Bean at the end of Oct I was really pleased with my choice. Now that it’s almost Jan and they are starting Beta, I am much less pleased. I’ve already put a custom JB rom on my phone because I wanted the damn features HTC promised I would have in Oct, but I’ve noticed some problems with features and lack of Beats compatibility so I guess I’ll stick my thumb up my ass and wait even longer. Never again, HTC.

    • TBN27

      It seams the most reliable solution is to always buy Nexus device….provided they are available.

  • cardi dark

    i wonder if any that got it were rooted and copied the update before installing if so they got to post it

  • Reeshar

    Well a friend who has had the T-Mob update in the UK says he’s had loads of radio problems since installing it. And there have apparently been a couple of supplementary updates since the release although they haven’t fixed the problems – stuff like the phone not ringing when a call comes in. So I’d be a little careful at the moment about being too eager to get the update. And you might like to do a full backup of the firmware on your device first so that you can restore it if you need to.

  • rob1119

    Guys and girls I have tried the jb update through flashing a Rom on xda and it will be worth the wait when it does come, its a lot faster, looks a bit nicer, better keyboard, and has google now it makes this phone worth keeping imo

  • ant

    well my sensation got stolen and tmo insurance people offered me this one s becuse they dont carry sensations but i heard it suck and i heard its nice idk whats true or not so i need your help and also i dont want to regret this letter

  • mo

    Any further news on this update release date?

    • Nope, new news will get posted right away!

  • I’m so pissed at T-Mobile and htc for their slow updates. They just lost a customer because of that.

  • Partne

    So what is last status of upgrade

  • It’s been almost a month and no further news have come out.
    T-mobile, at least give me a date!

  • CerealKiller

    This lack of info from both tmo and HTC is getting old. It’s February now and not one word from either of them. I’m starting to think It’s time to switch manufacturer AND carrier

  • henry

    this update is really pissing me off its february now and just for t-mobile i want you guys to know you guys suck! im changing phone and carrier

  • Daniel

    It been almost two months now…..wheres my Jelly Bean T_T

  • I’ve had an HTC One S for quite some time, and this is likely the last non-nexus phone I’ll ever get. If nothing else, some updates and timetables for upgrading would be nice, but evidently, that’s too much to expect. Next up; Nexus 4.

  • mdosu

    lol, still waiting? it’s april now btw