(Updated) HTC One S Software Update Rolling Out…But It Isn’t Jelly Bean


Update: T-Mobile has updated their support page for the HTC One S with details of the new software update. Unfortunately, the page only references “security enhancements,” so anyone expecting anything more will be underwhelmed.

In the midst of all this HTC One news today, another HTC One device gets a little love, though definitely not as much love as HTC One S owners would like. A 50MB software update is rolling out as of this morning, though we haven’t been able to find what’s changed. At least a few users are reporting slightly better voice quality, but as of this writing T-Mobile’s support page for the One S has yet to show a new update. We’ll update this post as soon as we learn more.

As of now, there is still no estimated time of arrival for Jelly Bean to hit the One S. We’re told it’s still in “testing.”

Keep your eye on T-Mobile’s support page for changes.


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  • Jose M Gonzalez

    i got my update and all it says is it provides security updates…could it be a precursor to the official JB update? i hope so but i’m not holding my breath

  • jim

    Could this be a precursor for the JB update?

    • domatau

      i hope you’re right. can’t believe it’s been 2 months since the “news” about t-mobile testing jellybean and it still hasn’t been out. WTF?

  • D

    Sense 5 almost out and we’re still stuck with ICS, I hope JB is soon

  • James Keeling

    Arg. I was hoping this article was going to say, “It’s not Jelly Bean–it’s Key Lime Pie!”

    • mgrexx

      You are such a tool!!

  • Edgar Veloz

    By the time we (HTC one S owners) get the JB update, android software will probably be on 4.5 or so..

    • Nick

      I agree, this is annoying -.-

    • 412East

      Im glad im getting my Galaxy s3 and sell my HTC One S on craigslist

      • superg05

        aim hirer get a note 2

  • JBL

    Seeing how’s I ain’t even touched Jelly Bean (JB), I’m not too excited. But, I do think it’s cool that they call it JB!

  • tomarone

    Security updates. Can’t complain.

  • Mark Hennessey

    Pretty bad when T-Mo and Samsung are getting updates out so much faster than HTC…

    • Jon

      T-Mobile has already received the update from HTC. T-Mobile just has to add all their stupid apps and apparently they’re doing a pretty slow job. Otherwise we probably would’ve had it by now because it seems every other carrier has already released it. It makes you wonder how long we’ll have to wait for other updates.

  • JBG6

    very sad. I’ve had JB since November (Nexus 4). KLP is coming this spring.

  • kev2684

    … so close…

  • harper

    Give tmobile a piece of your mind about the delay of update for the htc one s here http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/38623?tstart=0

    • wilde_ride


  • Damn I switched to HTC from Sammy(Stupid Kies) to get update faster and look what happens! Sammy now does OTA and HTC and Tmo are being more than stupid. @#$%^&U*^&.

  • Jelly bean still isn’t released. I went to the support site and voiced my frustrations. you guys should give it a try too http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/38623?tstart=0

  • Ed

    Can someone please test Wi-Fi calling? There was an issue where incoming calls on Wi-Fi, the caller would echo horribly. I’d like to know if that got fixed for my parents have these phones. Thanks!

  • Rocco Gallo

    i did the update and wiped my phone what the heck

  • wilde_ride

    HTC has “tested” itself right out of this loyal customer. I’ve had many HTC phones and praised them to friends, but I won’t be lied to. They promised Jellybean long ago. There is no reason on God’s green earth that the new One should be coming out before the One S has jellybean. “Testing” my ***. I deliberately chose the HTC One S over the Samsung Galaxy, big mistake. I’ll never purchase another HTC again. I hope they go bankrupt. I’m also a very loyal TMobile customer, praising them to friends as well, but if they don’t get their customer service act together they will be losing me too. I’d rather pay extra to the evil monster that is AT$T than be constantly lied to and mistreated by TMobile.

    • finkelstein

      It’s not htcs fault. T-Mobile has been sitting on this update since mid October. The beta test test was held late October.

  • ant

    the way you all acting is if the phone must have jelly bean get a F ING life lol i mean not having jelly bean on your phone cant be life the one coming out next month so get that if u must have jelly bean im with the sensation im not crying

  • Shawndh

    I was hoping this update would give me a microSD card slot :P

  • T-Mobile sucks! I’m going to be buying directly from Google now. Pay little extra and stay up to date. Too many broken promises.

  • Pathetic

  • ingram1225

    And I thought Motorola was bad at software updates… Guess it’s just a T-Mobile thing. Thanks.