Best Buy Finally Puts The HTC One Up For Sale, $299 With Two-Year Contract

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Classic Plan customers take note as the HTC One makes its return to the Best Buy website in 32GB flavor for $299 with contract. The One had originally surfaced on the Best Buy website earlier this month as a $249 pre-order, but was quickly taken down. The pricing is only good for Classic Plan customers and requires a two-year agreement, something Best Buy hopes to rectify as it moves to Value Plan pricing in the future. Hit the link to get your order in fast, before it sells out.

Best Buy


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  • mreveryphone

    I don’t plan on signing a contract ever again in life for a phone and no one else should be made to sign one either.


    Ordered mine through a similar link from T-MO NEWS on APRIL 17:

    The link was dead for about 10 days,but,out of desperation,tried it one more time & it was active once again on the 17th & AFAIK continued to be well afterwards.

    Even BEST BUY had to access it this way,as the T-MOBILE variant was no where to be found by any other means,including via chat/phone/in-store,showed the clerks in the store the link to access it & process the transaction in-store.(BTW,bought it off-contract,& used Best Buys’ trade-in program,ended up w/a better deal than a direct sale w/T-MOBILE & similar buy-back offer).

    Anyway,it’s arriving today via UPS…..

  • Dakota

    Too pricey


    NVM,all is well in T-MO NEWS land……………………….. :-)

    • thepanttherlady

      Comments with links ALWAYS have to be approved by David prior to them being posted to reduce spam.

      Also remember that Disqus doesn’t always show comments in a timely manner when they’ve been posted. :/

      • KOLIO

        Sorry for jumping the gun,please accept my apologies.

        • thepanttherlady

          Absolutely no apologies needed here. :) Not everyone realizes this and we all know how frustrating it can be, especially when Disqus posts comments slower than molasses!

        • KOLIO

          I’m new here,but,not new to DISQUS & you’re right as rain,it (DISQUS) can be slower than a snail’s pace.

          Just wanna mention that the local T-MOBILE store looks here first for ALL THINGS T-MOBILE,including official channels.

          No surprise there,as this seems to ring true in life in general….. ;-)

        • thepanttherlady

          We have several employees that participate in conversations are quite helpful in answering questions as well.

          When I was awaiting the release of the Note 2, I was speaking with a sales rep on the phone. I forget the questions I was asking at the time and she asked me if I’d heard of this blog because they are constantly checking it for information. :)

        • KOLIO

          My statement was in no way an indictment on the employees of T-MOBILE,more so just getting official word from topside on things in general.

          The employees of T-MOBILE in my area are quite professional,polite & knowledgeable. Couldn’t ask for a better group,being a new customer all of one week,as they’ve already corrected an erroneous bill & helped in expediting my employee discount (approved in less than 24hrs. of application). :-)

        • thepanttherlady

          Didn’t take it that way. :)

        • KOLIO

          Just making sure,as it never hurts to give praise where it’s due.

          TTYL,gonna wait by the door,awaiting my ONE to arrive….. ;-)

        • thepanttherlady

          Hahaha…try to hold back and not attack the driver! =D

        • KOLIO

          GOT IT! Delivery was right on-time,w/an ETA of 3:45-7:00 P.M.,showed up @ 3:55.

          This phone is simply AWESOME!


    david the galaxy s4 for tmobil is on costco for only 199 with 2 year extension much better deal then htc one at bestbuy. im torn between the two like them both but at 199 for s4 i would say so long to htc

  • Looks like the Uncarrier plans will be the best option for this device.

  • J. Walter Weatherman

    On contract price at Walmart is $150 in store. Got mine last night.

  • why so expensive?? They sell the at&t and Sprint variants for $199.

    • kev2684

      this is T-Mobile saying start buying phones full-price/off-contract or suffer high down-payment + 2 year contract

  • Kenan Jackson

    But look at the unactivated price – $699!!! Buy it direct from Tmobile for $579. Now that’s a ripoff.

    And since most states calculate sales tax on the full price of the device, a $120 difference is a hit.

  • We can buy 2 Lumia 521 without contracts :) Now i dont see why we should buy a $600 phone….. I know I know .. for tech enthusiasts and those who cannot live without a Certain App … but for regular use Lumia 521 at $150 is a steal

    • ssl48

      I think I’m getting one since I can’t decide which high end phone to get. I’m using an old Blackberry right now. I think I’ll wait for the next Nexus or X phone to come out in the fall. I like the HTC One, but I don’t like the color silver and who knows when they’ll release the black variant.

  • gomez

    $148 at WALMART…BESTBUY MOBILE is a ripoff on this one….

  • josue_velasco

    today while at work i see a tmobile employee with a black htc one… so i gues its going to be release on tmo later on..

  • Hah?

    Just checked walmart site and their new contract price is 499?