Best Buy Posts T-Mobile HTC One Pre-Order For $249

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With HTC One pre-orders already hitting the HTC site without warning and selling out just as fast, attention now turns to retailers like Best Buy, which has placed the One up for sale online for $249. Before we move forward, I’ll try and remind everyone once again that third-party national retailers are not selling T-Mobile devices with the Simple Choice Value Plans, so this offer requires a Classic Plan.

Moving on, the estimated date of delivery begins April 19th which lines up with the shipping timeframe as well. It appears that even as T-Mobile remains silent on the matter, April 19th is looking more and more like a potential release date. Still, aside from shipping dates there’s not a lot more to confirm this so take it with a grain of salt.

One last note as any pre-order of the HTC One from Best Buy will require a two-year agreement and a minimum $20 per month data plan with all Classic voice plan. If all that sounds good, hit the Best Buy link below to get your order in fast, before it’s gone.

Best Buy


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  • Ermagerd!! Still waiting on T-Mobile’s official pre-order however, most likely Monday I’m guessing.(hopefully anyway)

  • Deon Davis

    Worst Buy off contract price is outrageous!

    • the2000guy

      I just saw that buying it for the uncarrier plan costs less. OR is it only that I just dream about it? A total of $579 instead of $699.

  • I hope it is released on the 19th.

  • wiiengineer

    I’m finally unchained from my contract and no longer bound to searching for these offers throughout retailers. Its amazing having this new freedom and I must say T-mobile is on to something this time, so good luck to everyone still on a classic plan, I’ll be picking this up directly from T-mobile at their likely down payment of $99 can’t beat it.

    • Corey

      the price on the htc one for tmobile will be 99.99 down for well qualified buyers i.e financing .

      • LordCaliban

        You don’t need that great of credit to be a well qualified buyer though, just can’t be really bad. When I bought my Sensation 4G they split up my $199 payment over my next 4 bills which was really nice.

  • So what does everyone think as pricing via T-mobile? Maybe $149 down plus $20 a month for 24 months or $629 outright?

    • T-Mobile already announced a $99 down payment.

      • Guess I missed that during all the lovestruck hub bub. What will be interesting now is to see whether or not T-mobile is making or losing money selling the One, S4, etc at $579 when we know for a fact they are selling the iPhone at 10% below Apple retail.

        • They are selling the iPhone at the wholesale cost Apple gives it to them, maybe even a little bit more. T-Mobile orders units in sets of hundreds of thousands, so the per unit cost is reduced (which is typical for bulk orders).

          But now, T-Mobile is passing that savings onto subscribers, which means a lower cost for devices than with any other carrier.

        • Derrick

          WalMart only makes $17 profit of ipads so I imagine tmobile profits off iPhones will be in same ballpark

        • sidekicker

          The big question on my mind is how much did it cost T-Mobile to get the iPhone! Any ideas?? Obviously it wasn’t as much as Sprint’s cost was.

  • Andreas Gehring

    Check out the “estimated arrival time” link on BestBuys website… it says 4/19 – 4/22/2013… So, keep your fingers crossed…

  • Steve0

    Any news on the Galaxy 4 I’m due for an upgrade (last Thursday) my 2.5 year old thought it would be funny to put my wifes Sensation in the microwave as she fished his tooth brush out of the toilet,,,, Lol,,,,, Insurance deductable increased to 150. Just thought id wait it out and give her my G3

    • LC

      If you’re talking about the release date, T-Mobile will launch the phone on May 1.

  • JustSaying

    I currently have an HTC One S and i really like it. Thinking about getting the One. Is anyone moving from a non HTC device they currently have to the One? Just wonderin..

    • I’m going to ditch my galaxy s3 for it lol

      • swscout


    • Travis Castellanos

      Im just waiting for both the one and the s4 to come out to see which one i like better

      • Jason

        Get the S4, HTC phones are nothing but a headache. Well built, crap software.

    • Alexander Rivera

      I will do it. I currently have an s2 from Sprint. Sprint sucks.

  • S. Ali

    That is about $249 too much

    • jonathan3579

      You wrote about 6 ignorant words too many.

    • the2000guy

      if you dont like it then wait until an offer appears. At least for 3 months will stay at that price. I want to test it because I dont like the build quality of samsung phones even though they have great performance and are reliable to use them.

  • Drewmann

    I know this has nothing to do with this article, but does anyone know if Apple retail stores will be selling the T-Mobile iPhone 5 April 12th? Or will I have to Pre-order the iPhone 32GB through T-Mobile? Because i would much rather prefer picking it up somewhere rather than waiting for it to ship to me. Again i know this has nothing to do with this article, but thank you for any answers.

    • Vak331

      Apple will be selling them but the cost will be greater (+70 USD). Likewise I belive that you cannot do it through the new Simple Choice Plans.

      • Adrayven

        Incorrect. It has been announced that Apple will be using Barclay to do the purchase over time like T-Mobile. They will also be offering the new simple plan services of T-Mobile.

        It’s also been announced that Barclay will be taking $70 off the phone to match T-Mobiles $580 price.

        • Drewmann

          So then the Apple retail store wil be selling the T-Mobile iPhone 5 for the same price as T-Mobile? $99 (16gb), $199 (32gb), $299 (64gb)? I called my local store and they said they will be selling the T-Mobile version of the iPhone 5 April 12th, and then i asked if the pricing would be the same as T-Mobile and the guy said they havent been given the details on what the pricing scale is going to be. So im hoping it will be the same because i dont want to pre-order mine from T-Mobile and have to wait for it to ship.

        • Dakota

          You should know by now not to listen to anything a Tmobile employee tells you – especially at retail. The ones Ive dealt with are always super uninformed and give terrible responses that are often inaccurate.

    • Bratty

      The Apple store will sell it unlocked.

  • galaxymaniac

    does this need a $20 data plan? I was able to reach checkout after selecting the 500 MB data with hotspot for $0.00, total $60 a month for the base UL Talk and text

    • John

      Because this Phone purchase is in a classic plan aka subsidized. Cognitive reading my friend.

  • yati

    Why pay $249 when Tmobile will sell it for $99 + $20 per month for 2 years.

    • thepanttherlady

      This is for classic plan customers. The other is for simple choice or value plan customers.

    • Guest

      Why pay $249 instead of $579? Were there a few words you left out of that comment or was that honestly what you meant, cause I can think of about 330 reasons why

  • Alex

    Meh…while the higher specs interest me, I got my Nexus 4 last week after owning a Gnex. Can’t see myself going back to a bloatware infested phone anytime soon.

    • QBeastly

      That really limits your selection significantly lol. If you own an Android phone and are able to follow relatively simple instructions, I would highly recommend learning how to ROOT a phone. Most people don’t realize how much better your Android phone can be… even if you don’t want to FLASH another ROM, ROOT+TitaniumBackup = Clean ROM =)

      • kalel33

        I root all my phones but HTC still has the problem of releasing drivers and is the worst for trying to get S=OFF. Can’t even run a non-buggy ASOP OS.

        • Jason

          AGREED 100% SAMSUNG ALL THE WAY. If HTC would make their phones more developer friendly I would consider buying one again.


    The HTC pre-order and now the Best Buy pre-order have both only been the Silver One. Any news on when we’ll see the Black One?

    • jonathan3579

      From what I’ve read everywhere, T-Mobile opted to not offer the black version.

      • xBIGREDDx

        Noooooooooooooo, this is the worst news I’ve heard all week. Silver is terrible.

        • LordCaliban

          Everyone has their own preference and I’m usually all about getting a nice sleek black phone, but I’m really digging the silver this time around.

      • Rashad Rose

        Calling it now. T-Mobile will offer the black one later this year as a “special edition”

        • jonathan3579

          You mean like they did with the One S which was online only and incredibly late.

      • MDizz

        Where is this officially said? I keep hearing people say it but haven’t read it anywhere. The preorders for AT&T and sprint that I’ve seen are also only for the silver one. I saw the sprint preorder actually with the black one but it says out of stock.

        • jonathan3579

          I don’t think it’s been “official” but I’ll try to dig up some sources.

      • Ricklhswood

        Hey Jonathan, would you mind posting some links where you read T-Mobile is not offering the black version? I would like to have my curiosity satiated.

        • jonathan3579

          Sure, I’ll look for where I read it. If I remember right off hand, it might have been Android Police or The Verge.

  • Dos-Ekis

    I will just wait for T-Mobile for the release of HTC One.

  • Dakota

    Are the classic plans the same prices as they were before the uncarrier announcement or what

  • Dakota

    Just curious about you super users that switch phones constantly – what makes you switch – a slightly faster processor or camera? I dont get it. Maybe no one has ever taught me but isnt it a pain to switch phones so often and constantly have to reconfigure everything on your phone and redownload stuff. Thats been my experience – its been so aggravating and time consuming that the last thing I want to do is switch phones frequently. Ive had to redownload everything ; lose all progress on any games; have to redownload and reset all my settings and ringtones and notifications and apps…its been a pain – and from what I understand from friends, iphone is so much easier as they just back everything up to itunes and waa la

    • LordCaliban

      I switch only when my contract allows me to. Coincidentally, my “after 22 months” upgrade became due on the 5th of this month which allowed me to switch to Tmo’s new Un-Carrier plans while I wait for the ONE to come out. My first HTC was the 8525 on AT&T, then I moved to TMo to get my hands on the HD2 Windows Phone which I eventually flashed Andriod onto. That was followed by my current Sensation 4g which has done great up until the last couple of months it’s been slowing down. Just got my Fiance a GSIII and I love playing with it, but I can’t wait for the ONE.

    • Spanky

      I used to switch phones about once a year before getting the Galaxy S3. For the most part, I’m very happy with this device and see no need to switch to anything that’s coming out in the next few months. What I’m really waiting for is a Nexus device with LTE capability, as I dislike manufacturer overlays and am sick and tired of carriers meddling in Android updates. Hopefully, my wish will come true sometime this year.

    • Santos Gomez

      I get a new phone about every 6 months. I don’t play many games and having a new un-cluttered phone is actually freeing. Helps me simplify. But apps I do use often usually have methods of backup and recovery and Google keeps track of currently loaded apps and will load em all for you onto the phone if you want. I get new phones only if the specs are quite better or if the design/ability is something I can benifit from. I have a nexus 4 and I’ll be getting the HTC one for the bigger storage and heavy duty frame (The N4 is beautiful but too fragile for me )

    • Jason

      Your contacts and apps will all automatically download when you sign into your phone. You can also use apps like Titanium Backup to automatically put all your old apps on your new phone (if you don’t want to wait for all the re-downloads). Just save to a ext sd card and pop into your new phone. Takes a few seconds.

  • Funny no mention of storage space in the BB link. Watch it be like a 16GIG.


    As far as I know, TMO is NOT offering contracts anymore. Best Buy or someone has their information wrong. TMO is known as the no-contract carrier now and EVERYONE will be off contract when their current contracts expire. For new people. the classic plans are no longer available. Why buy a HTC One from BB for $249 anyway when I can get one for $99 down from TMO at $20 month and still save money on my simple choice plan.

    • thepanttherlady

      This offer is for classic plan customers who don’t want to switch plans.

    • Third-party retailers and T-Mobile authorized dealers will still sell devices on contract with a brand new one-size-fits-all rate plan that T-Mobile introduced the same day as their new Value Plans. So yes, they are still offering contract plans, just not through company-owned channels.

  • Kit Pogi

    per ordered mine yesterday, waiting for it to arrive on the 19th. :-)

  • Jason

    HTC can keep their developer unfriendly phones with locked boot loaders, give me a S4, Sammy knows what their doing!

  • Carlo J

    I was so happy last Saturday when I ordered my HTC One. The receipt said shipping Monday 4/8 … and then on Monday it said shiiping Wednesday 4/10 … and then today it was updated to 4/24. Skrew it HTC, keep your damn phone. I want one but cannot take dates that are intentionally not kept. I’m cool if there was a technical glitch and the date should not have been 4/8 but should have been 4/24 … but when you initially updated it to 4/10 and then updated it to 4/24 I realized I was being dicked around (and I’m not good at being dicked around by anyone). Called and cancelled my order today and the woman I spoke with said there were a lot of people calling in and cancelling their orders.

  • sysu3peat

    Can someone please clear things up for me? I’m just looking to get the One via an upgrade (2 year extension) since I’m on a family plan. Can I order it from T-Mobile or would I have to go to a third party like Best Buy? What’s recommended?

    • thepanttherlady

      If you’re on a Classic plan you can only upgrade through a 3rd party retailer or a T-Mobile authorized retailer location.

      • sysu3peat

        Thanks for your response. If I’m on a Value Family Plan then I’m able to upgrade through T-Mobile right?

        • thepanttherlady

          Yes, you can. You can either buy the phone outright or utilize the down payment and EIP (monthly payments) option.

          I’m currently on the old Value plan (contract ends October 2014) and have done the same. My plan is $10 cheaper right now over the new Simple Choice plans so I decided to keep it.

        • sysu3peat

          Alright great! Thanks so much! One more question the down payment and EIP option through T-Mobile is probably the best deal at launch date right?