Pre-Order The HTC One Direct From HTC, Ships April 18th

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 12.12.45 PMHere’s a bit of a kicker for those of us still eagerly awaiting T-Mobile’s announcement of an official HTC One release date. The manufacturers own “shop” page has placed the T-Mobile variant up for pre-order with shipping taking place on April 18th. With the 18th as a shipping date, my best guess is that we’re then looking at the 19th as an official release date, which does line up with other rumors I’ve heard but unable to confirm. Take the 19th with a grain of salt until we can get something more substantial than whispers.

Mind you HTC’s shop store is powered by so UNcarrier Value Plan options will not be available. This will be strictly for customers on or switching to T-Mobile’s Classic plan option not available through company-owned locations or channels.

The rate plan scenario is why we see a $199 price tag, instead of the $99 price tag T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced at the company’s Simple Choice UNcarrier announcement on March 26th. Hit the link below if you’re a Classic Plan subscriber otherwise hang on tight Value Plan fans as we’re press to find out more info before you can exercise your credit card.

HTC  One Pre-Order (

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    I am going to wait till it comes officially to T-Mobile.

  • MDizz

    Wait, is there no black version on tmobile?

    • ant

      no smh pised me all off

      • MDizz


  • I’m buying it outright but I’m waiting until T-Mobile offers it. I have a feeling T-Mobile will charge a bit less for it outright, probably $579 vs $649.

    • I wanna say like $589 since the Samsung Galaxy SIII is $589 for the 32GB version. And plus the Developer edition of the HTC One is $649 with 64GBs. And considering T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice plan, and charging less overall than the other carriers, I don’t see it being any higher than $600. I’m paying mine outright in the long-run. I have like 3/4’s of it now, I’ll have the rest of it in the next 2 months or so.

      • sloanie

        Yeah, the 32gb version is $599 outright on AT&T. $580 on T-Mobile would equate to $100 down and $20 for 24 months.

    • Yes. I heard $579 if buy from Tmobile! And I also hear the 19th in store. But I have to purchase by the 18th in order to get $100 trade upp offer from HTC

  • mdosu

    HTC has this phone at $650 without contract. I thought T-Mobile was offering this at $580? ($100 down, $20 x 24 months)

    • ant

      this not tmobile its htc tmobile only doing the uncarrier option even best buy dont do the uncarrier plan


      $650 is for 64GB HTC ONE

      $ 579 is for 32GB UNLOCKED HTC VERSION @HTC.COM

  • T-Mobile is so sucky the way they’re handling the release of the HTC One. Seriously, they’re p***ing me off. AT&T & Sprint announced their versions for April 19th, and T-Mobile is all like “we’ll let you know, when we know.” I swear I went to the T-Mobile store when I had Spring break, this was around March 19th, and I asked about the HTC One because the rep kept trying get me to ask her questions, I guess to help her with a certain quota of assisting customers. She said they had just got the stuff to train with it, and what not. I even spoke to a T-Mobile rep like a week ago, and they were talking about how good it was. So It’s like what’s the hub bub T-Mobile… I really am waiting to upgrade, and I don’t have time for them letting us all know at the last moments. Excuse my frustration. Sometimes it’s just very annoying to see T-Mobile be last at things, or do poor at certain things, when there’s absolutely no reason I can see why they can’t just do better.

    • Speak_English_momo

      What the f is “tryna?”

      • Tryna =Trying. It’s not that hard to figure out. It kills me when somebody reads a whole response, and decides to only comment on the only typo or slang term. But if pointing out my 1 typo or slang used term makes you happy, I hope you’re happy. Quite pathetic, but whatever.

        • Slang Slinger

          Actually, it’s ‘trying to’ not ‘trying’

      • Zacamandapio

        His Sista.

    • ant

      i asked a guy in store he said any day they dont know BECAUSE HTC DIDNT TELL THEM why you think they dont have a 64gb BECAUSE HTC DIDNT SUPPLY THEM WITH THAT why you think they dont have the black color BECAUSE HTC DIDNT SUPPLY THEM WITH THAT why im not buying the htc one BECAUSE IM ON TMOBILE AND THEY DONT GOT A BLACK 64GB MODEL

      • Evaris

        And you need more than 32GB local + 30GB online storage (25 dropbox + 5 google) and you need it in black why exactly?

        • ant

          because i like black not white thats why if im pay 600 for a F IN phone i want what i want in what color i want it in not only the color they fell i should have

        • Evaris

          get it painted then? All the black version is is a high quality paint job after all, it’s not like it’s micro arc oxydation or a treatment to the metal.

  • Goliath King

    Where is the Black Version!!!!!!!

    • i’d like to know that too

      • Jack

        htc said that all at&t and tmobile and sprint have all colors but they the one to decide when to put them on the website go to facebook for htc usa and read the answer about the black its from the carrier.

  • Andy

    Do you know how this pre-order relate to the $100 trade-in offer they announced earlier?

  • Guest

    I’m waiting until this is sold on best buy so I can take advantage of the $50 best buy rebate and the $100 htc trade-in

  • Jason Choi

    I’m waiting until this is sold at Best Buy so I can take advantage of the $50 rebate from Best Buy AND the $100 Trade-in with HTC

    • impasse

      if i could do this on one or two of my family plan lines and not change anything about the plans or data (or even on my.tmobile), i’d jump on it in a heartbeat. instead i have to call retentions and try to figure out what kind of discounts i get now that i can no longer see anything that works with grandfathered plans online.

    • ant

      right but they do the 2 year contract thing thou smh

  • sloanie

    Perhaps a commenter on a previous thread was right… Could be that T-Mobile is giving the iPhone the spotlight for a bit before announcing an official date / doing HTC One preorders.

    • LordCaliban

      I agree. If this ship date is true, we will probably see the HTC One instores on the 19th would be my guess. The iPhone is more known to the general public (us nerds aside) so they might do preorders or just have a release date come out soon. I’m really looking forward to this phone, hopefully I’ll have my hands on “One” soon!

    • auraseale

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  • rob

    A better question is, who is going to get the Red variant?… (Spoiler alert: AT&T will flash money at HTC to make that color an exclusive)

    • fixxmyhead

      lol so true since HTC is desperate for money

  • MatthewMurawski

    Ugh, where’s my S4 preorder already? Lol

  • corona10

    My guess is since the Iphone will be in the stores for Tmobile on April 12th. We may not hear anything about the One until after that date, which still gives them time to have it by the 19th on the shelves. I just ordered mine from the HTC website. I’m sick of waiting on carrier bs. I dont care if its more. I’ve been waiting 2yrs for Tmobile to get a device that i wanted. And no a Note 2 or GS3 isnt the device for me. I loathe touchwiz and i dont like the physical home button on the gs4. And the Note 2 is too big. If i wanted a tablet and I do, i’m waiting for the next Nexus 7.

  • nd

    What is the difference between the unlocked version vs the tmobile version? Are the bands the same

    • Unlocked is streamlined; no bloatware.

      • turb0wned

        And your don’t get T Mobiles AWS HPSA….

        • that has been my question too, I have a feeling that the t-mo version doesnt have 1700mhz HPSA either.. and they’ll only sell the phone in select markets where LTE is lit up.

          I hope not, but it would make sense.

  • joeM

    Will the unlocked version not be compatible with Tmobile LTE??

  • Ronnie Miller

    I really want this. But my heart tells me to go for the S4. Should I be selfish and listen to my head on the HTC One or just follow my heart?

    • ant

      yea man f the htc one dont settle if u settle they would keep doing stuff like this if they see that money not coming in theyll do better like samsung (back when they first came out with the galaxys they were horrible htc was the stuff now look at them )

  • I just ordered one the 32gb in white.

  • natedenver

    I aam upset that I can’t order on HTC website with any other plan then unlocked or classic plan. I am on the value plan and want to do the small down and 24 months to pay it off. Oh ell. I have been patient for a few months now. A few more weeks won’t hurt.

    • thepanttherlady

      3rd party retailers can’t support the EIP program at this time unfortunately.

      • natedenver

        I know. And that is to bad. I will have to wait for official release. The most recent I have seen is that the Tmobile stores will have them on May 1. I got that info from the around page 105 or 106

      • natedenver

        I know. It is very sad.

  • I tried to buy one but HTC is forcing you to sign up for a 2-year contract “classic plan”??? WTF HTC?? Why are you forcing people to sign onto a plan no one wants nor is it still available from T-Mobile.

    • thepanttherlady

      I’m guessing you didn’t read the article?

      • I did, however I tried to buy one previous to coming to this site because I got an email notification from HTC saying the phone is ready to pre-order for T-mobile.

  • Jack

    i’m in the UK When this phone was announced I was excited for it. Now I finally have
    it the phone is amazing! The feel of the cold aluminium is amazing. Im
    picking the phone up for no reason because it looks & feels so good.

    The speakers are loud and sound great. Even at full volume there is no distortion.

    The camera overall is good. It takes nice daylight photos but the low
    light photos are amazing. Even the nokia lumia 920 doesn’t hold a candle
    to the HTC One.

    The 1080p screen has amazing colour accuracy and amazing viewing angles. The pictures look painted on the screen.

    I also am very surprised about the battery. I thought it would last all of 5 seconds but I can easily get through a day.

    The phone is connected, with LTE, bluetooth, Wifi a/b/g/n/ac. The first phone to have WiFi ac.

    Finally one of the best things about this phone is performance. The
    phone has never lagged for me even with power saving mode on. The UI is
    fluid and I have never lagged in any game I have used on the phone.

    Would definitely recommend this phone.

    thank you HTC

  • Erek IamUpzkale McKay

    are the tmobile 2 year contracts really over then? because i dont mind a two year contract if it means paying 199 for the phone and getting it on a confirmed release date

    • thepanttherlady

      This offer is for Classic plan customers in which phones are still being subsidized. My guess is if you upgrade you will be required to sign a contract. Simple choice plans are the post paid non-contract plans where you can put a down payment on a phone and pay the balance monthly.

      • weezy

        Tmo Rep told me they dont do subsidies anymore. Guess I neee to stop listening to corp store reps. Is it only tmo resellers offering subsidies? Do you pay more in the long run?

  • Jenny

    How come it says “coming soon” for me? And when I click to preorder, the 8x shows up…

  • Anyone kind enough to tell me if the unlocked version supports the upcoming T-Mobile LTE bands ?

    • TMobile customer service didnt suggest the unlocked version and mentioned it not having all of the T Mobile feature if you get it. …so I’m not getting that one. (I almost did too bc I want it so bad)

  • wheelman13

    When I try to preorder it automatically changes the phone to the Windows 8X with no option to change. Weird!

  • Natedogg

    my pre-order went all the way through and then automatically cancelled. ugh

  • Joshua

    Does the 64GB unlocked HTC One work on the T-Mobile network (HSPA & LTE)?

    • Derrick

      Nope, has AT&T bands only. you can use it on tmobile in one of their refarmed areas though.

  • John

    this is turning into the biggest disaster in history every step of the way. They have the best designers this side of Steve Jobs’ people, yet the rest of the company at HTC have no clue.

  • John

    Site now shows out of stock for T-mobile

  • Deon Davis

    Why oh why did htc handicap themselves with no hspa aws support on the unlocked phones! I would have loved to order the 64GB edition. Plus they’re offering me a free $40 flip-case to pre order Argh!!!!! Plus no taxes for me. I know when I order through t-mo it will be at least $50 in taxes making the the 32GB locked phone almost the same price as the 64GB unlocked developer edition @ 658.94 with 2 day shipping.

    • Joshua

      That’s what I’m saying.

    • you know… I didn’t think about it that way. Good point! Even tho I live in a refarmed area, I don’t think I’d like not having AWS HSPA at this point in time, next year will be a whole different ball game tho. By then we’ll most likely have Dual carrier HSPA+42 1900. But this year yea, not yet.

  • Kevin Bellamy

    Best Buy now has the One online for Tmobile priced at $249.99
    There goes the $50 card deal. How is it Sprint and AT&T get posted $50 cheaper?

    • Because Best Buy doesn’t get the new 2 year contract kickback, so they have to make money some how. I bet that T-Mobile will sell them for $199 with $100 mail in.

      • weezy

        Yep as soon as they have to start price matching cause everyone is pissed at tmo corp price. Most customers think about out the door price, not over 2 years price.

  • Annnnnnnnd they’re gone.

  • Yoda

    Already sold out

  • None

    Does this mean no carrier branding or carrier installed apps?

    • Turb0wned

      In a short youtube video BGR did, they had the T-Mobile version and it looks like there is no branding and 3 T Mobile apps.

  • Steve Park

    TMO version showing “Sold Out” on T-Mobile….huh?????

  • anti-apple

    I’m about to order the phone but it’s sold out..Its gone :( huhuhuhu:(

    • luithbert

      I just placed an order at the website about 20 mins ago. You might want to try it.

  • Time I sent G2 into retirement. Thought about Nexus 4. LG =not me. Thought Iphone for 1ms then my brain panic attacked. HTC-One better not disappoint me. I thinking the better play is to NOT go with unlocked device. Waiting on T-mob site ordering so current mess of phones/replacement coverage/data plans/lines do not get F/up. 64GB would be ok-by-me.