(Updated) Carrier Update Now Available Enabling LTE, Visual Voicemail For Unlocked iPhone 5 Models

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Update: After spending the better half of my day trying to figure out when this update would roll out, T-Mobile has removed the support page leading us to wonder if it was posted prematurely. As we remarked below in the main text, today was noted earlier in the week as the available date so we really don’t know what happend or why. Hopefully the update will make a quick return and we’ll actually see it roll out. 

Right on schedule T-Mobile has updated their support forums to highlight a new carrier update for the iPhone adding a host of new and important features. This update was first hinted at earlier this week with a source dropping word to us as enabling LTE on unlocked iPhone devices. As a quick reminder, this update will enable LTE on unlocked iPhone 5 or AT&T unlocked devices with LTE already enabled on iPhone 5 units being sold on or after April 12th.

Let’s just get right to the update which is available as a OTA update or connecting through iTunes:

T-Mobile Carrier Update


iOS software version 6.1
Updated 4/05/2013
Available to all eligible iPhones using a T-Mobile SIM card


Enables the following:

  • Visual Voicemail
  • 4G network indicator
  • Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS)
  • AWS LTE (T-Mobile and officially unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 only)
  • HD Voice (T-Mobile and officially unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 only)
  • AWS HSPA+ (T-Mobile and new 2013 AT&T iPhone 5 only)

Auto configures:

  • MMS Settings
  • Personal Hotspot Settings (Smartphone Mobile Hotspot)
  • APN settings for LTE connectivity

My Account bookmark


  • Battery life (result of network/device optimization)


T-Mobile iPhone or any officially unlocked GSM iPhone

Latest iOS software version

Device software is not jailbroken

50% battery life or connected to a power source

Data connection or a computer with iTunes and internet access

Minimum of 1 MB available memory (File size of update is ~10 KB)

  • Mossme89

    So it enables AWS HSPA+ for AT&T iPhones? Thought it didn’t.

    • TechHog

      Read it again. Only for the new model, which is the same model that T-Mobile is getting. That model isn’t even in AT&T stores yet I think.

    • CoasterFreak2601

      For new 2013 Apple iPhone 5…no clue what this is though

      • TechHog

        Now you do ;)

    • Betty Rubble

      The update for AWS is for the new iPhone 5 model. From my understanding, T-Mobile and AT&T will carry the same model iPhone 5.

    • ACI

      AWS HSPA+ is for the new, slightly modified iPhone 5, which will be the standard one from Apr 12th. The other iPhone 5 units that were released in Sep of 2012, will be able to take advantage of T-Mobile’s LTE only, not AWS HSPA+. AWS band is 1700Mhz. iPhone 4,4S and 2012 iPhone 5 works on T-Mobile’s refarmed 1900Mhz band. In order to take 100% full advantage of every signal that T-Mobile has users would need the device that has AWS support and it is better because there will be no worry about not being in refarmed area and so on.

  • ACNJR28

    Hey David… Is there any word when GS3 LTE will be released?

    • TechHog

      If there were any word, it would be reported. At this point, however, it probably got cancelled in the same vein as AT&T’s GS2 Skyrocket HD.

  • Brandyn Duncanson

    I don’t see it available yet :(

  • Tried both methods, neither works, no update for my iPhone 5. I am wondering what is 6.1? since mine is already 6.1.3.

    • R10T

      I don’t quite understand what is going on with this either… shouldn’t this be 6.1.4?

      • BBtech

        The support doc was just updated with the following information:

        Compatible with iOS software version 6.1.X
        This update will not change the software version on your device.

        • R10T

          Just noticed that as well, however there is still no update available

        • pyfgcrl

          Save your time,


          from the SVP of T-Mobile Network and Operations….

          Dear Mr. Baldwin,
          The bundle will now be delayed until Monday.

          Abdul Saad
          SVP, Network Technology
          â–ªTâ–ª â–ª â–ªMobileâ–ª® USA

    • TBN27

      I will just plain say that it wasn’t released today.

  • No update yet, just tried both methods, what is 6.1? I am already on 6.1.3

  • Adam

    Try going to Settings > General > About. If available, the carrier update will pop up there. Let me know what you see.

    • Anton Buynovskiy

      Nope… still nothing

    • DaygosTommyT

      i’ve been sitting at the About screen for 15 min since someone said the same thing earlier. No pop up for me, still says carrier 14.0. I’m in San Diego, CA.

  • Just checked on my Verizon iPhone 5 with my tmobile sim card. No update found.

    • Ian Harrington

      Read dude, it is for the At&t or officially unlocked iphone 5. The verizon iphone does not have the T-mobile towers programed into it nor will it ever, best you can ever get is 2g

      • Luis Medina

        He can get hspa+21 on the 1900 mhz band, I’m sure the carrier bundle will also apply to his because it’s factory unlocked

      • Fabian Cortez

        All iPhones receive all of the official carrier bundles from other operators. This is included in iOS and iOS updates.

        A carrier bundle update is a way for a carrier to push settings to the phones in case they want to make certain changes without needing Apple to release an entirely new operating system.

        The Verizon iPhone 5 will eventually receive the carrier bundle once [and if] 6.1.4 is released. However, it seems like T-Mobile is not willing to officially provide a carrier update for Verizon iPhone 5s.

        If you have a Verizon iPhone 5 and would like the carrier bundle, either wait for someone to get it and post it. From there, you can officially install in via iTunes (please Google this).

        Or, if your iPhone is jailbroken, you can install it that way (again, Google).

        EDIT: As Luis Medina stated, you will get up to 21 Mbps HSPA+ with the Verizon iPhone 5 over PCS on T-Mobile. Potentially, you could get 42 Mbps DC-HSPA+. You would just have to wait for T-Mobile to deploy dual carrier HSPA+ over PCS. This is in the works as LTE rolls out and occupies the AWS band.

        • T-Mobile isn’t going to have enough spectrum to deploy DC-HSPA+ in the PCS band, certainly not until it gets rid of all 2G GSM traffic (and that will take years).

        • Fabian Cortez

          Please re-read my edit carefully.

          I’ll clarify: “… as LTE rolls out and occupies the AWS band.”

          This means that DC-HSPA+ will be scaled down (for legacy device support) over AWS and LTE will be gradually increased to take its place. PCS will be the default band for 3G [and GSM] whereas AWS will be reserved for LTE. Albeit, a small portion will remain for the early WCDMA AWS-only devices.

          Also understand that in certain markets, T-Mobile has enough spectrum to deploy DC-HSPA+ over PCS (GSM included) and AWS along with LTE over AWS.

      • Nick

        Carriers don’t “program towers in” to phones. That information is partially kept in the SIM card which is like a key to accessing a certain network. If that network is available for connection, the phone “shows” the SIM info to the network and the network either lets you connect or doesn’t depending on your SIMs info.

  • tony

    i have a iphone 3gs with 6.1.3 i dont see any update where any where we dont know please help

  • MikeAndersonWA

    Still no update available for my 4S unlocked on T-Mobile… Any word on if this update is being pushed to the 4S as well?

    • It will be updated on the 4s just no LTE ! Just some other features we just don’t know what time waaaahhh there slackin :-/

  • Billy

    Will this update enable AWS HSPA+ for Factory unlocked iphone 5

    • Joe

      I was told it would by an Apple rep but, quite frankly, all of the reps there have their heads up their a**es.

    • Nope, the iPhone 5 you got from apple store in the last few months (or jailbroken AT&T version) does not HSPA+ on AWS band, so iOS update won’t help, it will help you to get LTE though. To get HSPA+ on AWS, you need to buy another one after April 12th, that kind sucks!

  • Dan

    Will this work only for iPhone 5, or can iPhone 4S get 4G LTE?

    • 4S does not have LTE!

    • Squirrel

      Will an iPhone 4S get LTE? What do you think?

      • MikeAndersonWA

        LTE is a hardware option that was not included on the 4S, so you have to have a 5 to get LTE, however, the 4S will be getting MMS and the Visual Voicemail update, and various other goodies. But it would be impossible for T-Mobile to magically give us LTE.

  • CJ

    So you can just buy the unlocked IPhone from the Apple Store and download this update and you will be good to go? I like Free shipping!

  • Guest

    Does this do anything for the 4S?

    • Ian Harrington

      The 4S is done with updates

      • guest

        wrong. they get vvm

      • The 4s is not done with updates. 4s will now have visual voicemail and other features just no LTE:-)

        • Fabian Cortez

          The 4S should receive the “4G” logo as well.

        • the2000guy

          Only at 1900 MHz is possible.

  • tmofan

    tried both methods to no success

  • Aurizen

    im jailbroken and on 6.1 so i guess I cant get the update.

    • msohail

      use the Jailbreak patch to get the carrier update

      • Luis Medina

        what is that?

        • the2000guy

          An option to enable LTE on att unlocked iphone 5 without waiting for the update

        • Luis Medina

          oh I see the one that david blogged about. I personally think it’s better for people to wait for the little update.

  • msohail

    Nothing yet … tried both the ways.

  • bob90210

    I bought my iPhone 5 years ago and I can’t find the update. Will I get LTE? Can I jailbreak the AWS to HSPA+ instead?

    • msohail

      Can you clarify your comment? iPhone 5 is not even a year old.

      • You do realize he’s being a troll right?

    • NaN

      “AWS LTE (T-Mobile and officially unlocked AT&T iPhone 5 only)” if you met that criteria you are fine.

  • IphoneTMobileUser

    Why did you publish this article saying the update is available when it’s clearly not available yet? All you did was cause more confusion as more people are wondering why they aren’t able to download this.

    • Guest

      umm people are downloading it, its not David’s fault, its your own.

      • Brandyn Duncanson

        Who is downloading it? I haven’t heard of anyone getting it yet.

        • Aurizen

          people on the tmobile forum is downloading the same site in the picture above.

        • Jack1267

          SirAuron14- you are the perfect example of why people shouldn’t believe everything they read on the Internet…

      • Rarenugget1

        Who is downloading this exactly? The comment section is full of people
        saying they can’t get it to work so far. Heck, it may start to download
        in a few minutes or hours or who know. David got his source from a T-mobile support forum. Maybe T-Mobile is just getting the info out first and then in a few hours, they’ll release the update???

    • You need to take a time out lil fella, lol. It’s totally not up to David, lol. Go call T-Mobile and complain. There is no confusion, you are just upset it’s not working for you…seriously???

  • Devin Fischer

    Nothing here and no LTE showing in an LTE city

  • Someone already reported he got 6.1.4 via iTunes!


    • Fabian Cortez

      If 6.1.4 was released, it’d be all over the internet.

      Please don’t be so naive.

  • So this is good for the ‘factory unlocked versions’ as well, just not AWS right? I have a Verizon version, but I ordered a 32GB TMo version this morning…

    • TBN27

      It will not work for the Verizon version because the LTE hardware in the Verizon version is for a different band

    • If UR software is not compatible with LTE then it should work on the 1900mhz.. So U should be gettin visual voicemail and some other cool iphone features :-$

  • adeedew

    I got factory unlocked 5 from apple. No carrier update yet…on tmobile

  • should this also appear shortly for tmobile ipad Mini users?

    • Joey

      What apn are you using with your iPad? And what data plan?

  • BallaOnnaBudget

    I’m reading the comments on here and LMAO. Its clear that nobody reads anymore or that reading comprehension here in the US has gone in the toilet. No wonder our kids suck in standardized testing Vs. other countries!!! Read which phones this is available for people!!!

    • RTFA

      Seconded. Is it asking too much to take responsibility for actually reading the article before asking redundant questions?

  • stan

    IPhone a piece of $%&# that’s why it don’t work

  • Lindy
  • Lindy

    This is NOT an iOS update, kids; this is a carrier update. I’m on Carrier 14.0 currently, still waiting for my update…

  • Johnny

    If you’re jailbroken, can you still update through iTunes?

    • the2000guy

      For jailbroken there is a post that david provided to enable LTE. For the other features you have to remove the jailbreak and you will lose the opportunity of jailbreak your iphone again

      • Guest

        This is not true.

        • the2000guy

          What is not true? He has to remove the jailbreak to update officially. And to get enable LTE with jailbreak without updating he can do it by a procedure that david placed in one of his articles. And if he update to 6.1.3 is not possible to jailbreak his iphone

  • Rico

    it says prerequisites: device software not jailbroken… i guess we have to choose between losing our jailbreak and getting these features

    • niftydl

      Welcome to Apple, how may we not help you use your device to its full potential?

    • MaseW

      That’s always been the case for iOS products. It’s the main reason that if you are someone that jailbreaks their iPhone or iPad, the people that put together the jailbreaks, tell you not to update your device until they have confirmed that they can jailbreak the new version.

  • timmyjoe42

    I wish T-Mobile would release Visual Voicemail and wifi calling for the Nexus 4… :(

    • Ashley

      Visual Voice mail is available from Tmo on the market

      • Andrea R

        I don’t see where visual voicemail is available from Tmo on the market? It isn’t for apple products anyway. I don’t see an apple update either. I have the latest March ios update.

        • MaseW

          It’s in the Google Play Store, not the Apple App Store.

          It got added to my wife’s 4S when we pointed the browser to the T-Mobile iPhone configuration link. I don’t have the link, but it was somewhere on the T-Mobile support site, I googled my way to it when I was trying to figure out how to get MMS working.

          Just wait for the update, it’ll be part of it. At worse, maybe you get it on Monday instead of today. At least through iTunes, Apple doesn’t “stagger” releases. Everybody will have access to it as soon as it goes live.

        • Andrea R

          Thank you for the clarification. I will wait for the update as it should be very soon hopefully.

      • timmyjoe42

        And so it is…

    • MaseW

      I have visual voice mail on my Nexus 4…it’s in the Play Store.

      WiFi calling ain’t gonna happen in any type of “official” capacity, as it would mean that Google would have to implement it, because they are responsible for the official software on the Nexus 4.

      Not. Gonna. Happen.

      I haven’t checked in awhile, but I know that there were some people over at XDA at least researching if it would be possible to put it in a custom ROM.

  • Winski

    I just tried using iTunes and it DOES NOT SHOW ANYTHING…. WTF??

  • Will a factory unlocked IPHONE 4S work on T-Mobiles 4G network after update, or T-Mobile 3G network towers even if the 1900mhz re-farm is not completed in my locale.

    • Rinnovare

      Yes it will

      • Rinnovare

        Only on reframed. If not reframed you need the tmobile iPhone that enables 1700mhz

    • MikeAndersonWA

      It will still only work on the 3G towers, although the 3G speeds I’m seeing are HSPA+ speeds. Hopefully they’ll finish the re-farm soon!

    • sloanie

      All this will do for the 4S is enable Visual Voicemail and update a number of settings for things like MMS (which I’m looking forward to). It won’t change the speed at which you connect to the network– that requires physically different hardware (with the exception of iPhone 5 users in LTE areas).

      • RedGeminiPA

        The iPhone 4S is an HSPA+ device. It would require the 1900MHz refarmed network. I’m not totally sure if it’s HSPA+21, though.

  • St254

    Is it only iphone 5 update? Or will i get it on my 4S as well?

    • MikeAndersonWA

      It’s being pushed out to all devices running the latest iOS, so the 4S will get it as well.

  • Risner

    Anyone who has the ipcc file for iPhone 4 yet able to put it up for DL or post the link to apple.com to download it directly? It isn’t showing for me yet.

  • Guest

    Just talked to a Tmobile rep and they appear to be behind the ball. Someone jumped the gun either David or Tmobile. I just want to get VVM!!

    • Luis Medina

      no offense to david but both of them jumped the gun, tmobile always updates that page hours before releasing the updates

  • Winski

    At 12:50 pm PST, iTunes has nothing and no OTA has appeared..

    Wonder what’s up??

    • Anton Buynovskiy

      Maybe at 2-3 PST it will come? I’m really getting annoyed….

  • James

    How exactly do you update? It’s not in the software update tab in settings. Is it a profile we install or something? I think it will be ios 6.1.4 because ios 6.1 is already out. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • MikeAndersonWA

      It’s just a carrier update, so go to settings > general > about and when it’s finally available in your area it will prompt you to install the update. You will still be on iOS 6.1.3, but you will now have Carrier 15 instead of Carrier 14.

      • Did you get the update? It does change it to say carrier 15.0?

        • MikeAndersonWA

          haven’t gotten it yet, but it’s a pretty major carrier update, so i assume it will update to “Carrier 15.0”

        • Fabian Cortez

          “Carrier x.x” is used for the unknown bundle. Official carriers have their names in the field followed by the version.

          T-Mobile USA is now an official carrier.

        • So wtf does that mean lol explain

      • Fabian Cortez


        It will most likely say “T-Mobile 14.0” or “T-Mobile 14.x”.

  • tony

    i think this is what you need to do wait for carrier update go to settings>general > about And wait, a pop up window should appear telling you that there is an update for carrier settings ok wait

    • Waiting… Nothin has changed lol

    • Antonio Hill

      lol we been waiting for days now

  • Guest

    Lol that’s Hott

  • Mike

    Will face time over cellular work on the new t-mobile iphone?

  • Guest

    this is what you get carrier update file://localhost/Users/Tonyvillalpando/Desktop/carrier-settings-update.jpeg

    • Guest


  • d

    wow. this is what happens when you have tmobiel and not know anything about cell phones. 1. no 6.1.4 at all 2. 4s not lte compat at all 3. unlocked no jailbroken devices only as of now.

    • Guest17

      The 4S never had the hardware capable of LTE. They say no jailbroken devices but people are saying they’ve installed carrier updates without it affecting their jailbreak.

  • d

    4s no LTE
    added to original comment. only HSPA

  • TechBell

    The update comes when it comes – later today, tonight or maybe overnight. We’ve waited a long time, a couple more hours won’t make any difference. Funny how everyone justified their unlocked iPhone on TMO for so long and the 2nd class status we had with it and now it’s like armageddon if we don’t get the update right this very second. Relax, it’s coming.

    • Tony

      so is that mean if i am using Unlocked IPhone5 but if its not T-Mobile or At&t version can not using T-mobile LTE network right?

      • Americans for Truth


    • Flyerrr

      More like waited long enough.

    • disqus_BhHugZae0X

      so using tmobile on the verison version is a waste, correct?

    • TBN27

      The update came. I had to to turn off the automatic connection under carrier to get it. If I could post a picture of it, I would.

    • Nick P




      • Guest

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the LTE upgrade doesn’t work on jailbroken phones.

      • TechBell

        Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the LTE upgrade won’t work with jailbroken phones.

  • On phone with T-Mobile tech support right now. She is checking. I tried both ways & no luck.
    I’ll post whatever she says.

    • esterbin vargas

      let us know what you find out

  • esterbin vargas

    We have waited so long for this, but the last couple of hours are the worst.”your software is up to date 6.1.3″ I’m beginining to hate that phrase.

  • she found the document on the T-Mobile support site and is now transferring me to the supervisor

  • ACI

    iPhone 4s on T-Mobile, nothing yet…currently connected to PC via iTunes.

  • mproni

    can iphone 5 from Tmobile be used with Verizon once it’s unlocked?

    • no verizon is CDMA

      • Matt Farncombe

        Not entirely true – The VZW phone can be used with Tmo’s HSPA network, just not LTE. It includes support for all pre-LTE GSM networks including Tmo and ATT.

        • thepanttherlady

          The question was can the T-MOBILE iPhone 5 be used on VERIZON, not the other way around.

    • You can only use phones Verizon has sold to you on their network.

  • I had to walk the supervisor through the navigation on the T-Mobile site to find the document detailing this update

  • the T-Mobile tech support supervisor said the update has not been pushed out yet but once it is we will still need to request a software update the usual way. She said to check back soon.

  • Iphone 5

    Cheating! Liar

  • esterbin vargas

    As impossible as it may be if we get hspa 21mbps on the iphone 4S its gonna be an awesome day.

  • Ben Russo

    anybody knows an easy effective way to downgrade to 6.1.2 for jailbreaking purposes?

  • Bruce Arce

    But what about the iphone 3gs and iphone 4 and 4s? will this update upgrade the signal from E to 3G?

    • esterbin vargas

      From what I have read so far it wont change it permanently, but only in the areas that have been refarmed.

    • MikeAndersonWA

      You don’t need an update to go from E to 3G, you just have to be in a re-farmed area. I’ve been seeing 3G just about anywhere I go for the last 4 months or so, with solid HSPA+ speeds on my 4S.

  • steven

    You’d think T-Mobile would have it’s marketing act together. You go to the company’s mobile website and you’d never know the iPhone was coming next week. There’s no mention of the iPhone on the homepage and likewise no Apple or IPhone on the device page. Still don’t understand their choices. You’d think they’d be screening this from rooftops and they’re not even using m.tmobile..com

    • thepanttherlady

      What are you talking about? It’s on slide 1 of 3 right there on the homepage.

      • mgldan

        OP is talking about m.tmobile.com, which doesn’t have the iPhone on any of the slides.

        Even so, there should be an iPhone section listed in the “Phones” dropdown at the desktop site, or at least an iPhone picture for the “4G Phones” section. They have one for Android, and you know that consumers are searching for the iPhone by name.

      • eddydrizzle

        That’s true, but there was really no big advertising aside from that. It was disappointing.

    • RobotChupacabra

      It’s the first thing you see on their website. Along with big “PRE-ORDER” and “LEARN MORE” buttons.

      • thepanttherlady

        Someone else replied (it’s not showing up yet for me to respond to) that the mobile version for tmobile doesn’t show. I have my settings to always show me desktop versions so I answered based on that. I’m wrong and they’re correct.

    • the2000guy

      Thepantherlady is right… It appeared the next day after the official announcement. I checked it out early in the morning. Tmobile doesnt place the phones in their lineup if they dont have it first available. What they do is to put announcements in their homepage about them to let you know when the phones are available. If you noticed. Last week they had the announcement of the Iphone, Htc One and BB Z10.

  • mgldan

    I guess “unofficially” unlocked iPhones won’t make the cut. Frankly, I’m surprised Apple even allows them to acknowledge the distinction between official and unofficial (Gevey, GPP) unlocks.

    • I did my unlock service online how do I know if its officially factory unlocked :( I did it through cellular meddic.com

  • Josh

    enter this link in safari and it will install the profile


    thumbs up for me :)

    • Guest

      This isn’t the carrier update, doesn’t enable VVM or LTE.

      • What this guy said.

    • tony

      whats that for?

  • Bradley Wilkinson

    Sucks that an iPhone 5 I just purchased about a month ago can’t be enabled with AWS. Would have been awesome. Yet another disappointment.

    Anyone know if there will be a trade in program to move to the T-Mobile AWS iPhone 5 for a low fee without having to sell my iPhone 5 and repurchase another at retail?

    • Amy Tran

      Yes, there is, but the bad news is probably you won’t get more than $250 for the 1 month old iPhone, other people complained about getting $275 for the $800 32GB iPhone. I also think the price on eBay will be less since T-Mo customer are less enthusiastic about it, but it is going to be much better than T-Mo will give to you@google-d4b4a3df87940ec15e47d224151cfdc9:disqus

    • NaN

      You have 30 days to return it. I just returned mine yesterday.

      • Bradley Wilkinson

        Yea, I found my receipt. Was a bit longer than 30 days. Purchased on Feb. 19th on my AMEX card.

        • GwapoAko

          If there is a problem just return it to Apple store after April 12. It’s till under warranty or sell it on ebay or craigslist for $580.

        • Bradley Wilkinson

          So, you are saying that after April 12th, the Genius Bars may be stocked with all AWS iPhone 5? That would be awesome. I may have to look into that.

    • MikeAndersonWA

      You would be far better off selling it on eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon… unless the Apple Store is willing to exchange it for you, I would just call Apple and see if they’d be willing to swap it for you since it was so recent.

  • Ed Lopez

    Tmobile’s trade in value for a new iPhone 5 would be approximately $280, that’s what they told me at a store.
    Still waiting for the update, strange they mentioned it, but it’s not out yet, it’s not April 1st anymore.

    • Baxter DeBerry

      280 is low, id sell it on craigs be able to at least get 500 easy then bam get the new one

      • C Smith

        thats my plan..

  • guest

    will the AWS hspa+ work for the iphone 4s

  • Ed Lopez

    Not for the AWS HSPA+ Steven, but if you’re in a refarmed area your iPhone will show the 4G icon for the 1900 band, the speeds should be the same as what you have now.

  • Shaa

    common Tmo, how many people now waiting and waisting their time just for update to arrive.

  • Guest

    Incredible that only 10 KB of information is creating so much anxiety. Release the damn update!! :)

  • TONY


    • Guest


  • Bud

    7:33 pm est still no go

  • Antonio JcRM

    guys just get it here, jailbroken or non jailbroken.. tmobile.com/isetup

    • DaygosTommyT

      not the carrier support update, the carrier update that everyone is waiting for brings us vvm (visual voicemail) and LTE support for GSM unlocked and AT&T unlocked (A1428) iPhone 5 models…the link you provided does neither

      • Antonio JcRM

        o ok, my fault.

      • Baxter DeBerry

        nor will your link needed be after the carrier update.., it removes the hassle to add the APN’s required for MMS and internet

  • Winski


    You seen any update?? This is NUTS !!! (4:35PM PST)…..

  • tmouser

    It seems that this supposed carrier update announcement was a “rough draft” for next Friday 12th, who knows.

  • TBN27

    There is banter in other forums that people have called T-Mobile and was told that the update will not be available until April 12.

    • fatchua

      same thing this rep is telling me.

    • MikeAndersonWA

      I just got a tweet from T-Mobile saying that they’re working really hard to push it out, and that it’s scheduled to come out today, they’re just running behind a bit.

  • Roger Caramelo

    Can you explain to me what this means in terms of speed? On the AT&T iphone 5 or the 4S?

    • adeedew

      Zero unless you’re in the handful of LTE markets tmo lit up. Not even sure if any are live? IPhone 4S doesn’t support LTE. You’ll get same speeds you’re getting now but “3G” name will change to “4g” the same fake 4g AT&T does. I just want the damn visual voicemail!

      • Roger Caramelo

        So absolutely no difference from what I have now on my AT&T 4S? I am planning on getting the 5 on the 12th anyways.

        • mgldan

          No difference in speed, but VV should be enabled, and you’ll no longer be able to manually tweak your APN settings.

  • hollywoodguy

    Update: You can also install this profile by visiting tmobile.com/isetup directly on your iPhone if your phone is on T-Mobile’s network but doesn’t show up any available updates.

  • Said

    they removed this page from T-Mobiles websites it doesn’t tell you how to update the carrier bundle anymore! See for yourself you need to log into i assume a rep account now!


    • DaygosTommyT

      I had a feeling it was removed when I couldn’t find it anymore. I was on that page, then went to another link, pressed back and it wasn’t there. Maybe we won’t see an update til the “tweaked” iPhone 5 is released on the 12th.

  • MikeAndersonWA

    UPDATE: I got a tweet from T-Mobile stating: “We appreciate your patience! We are working to push it out as soon as possible! ^ZH”

    so, i’m thinking that means that they’re trying to push it out today? Kind of a vague answer, but I saw some other tweets from them stating that it was scheduled to be released today.

  • Ninak


    • Because those people have no idea what they are talking about.

      • Ninak

        I agree David I know that CMDA models wont work but Factory Unlocked ones and ATT ones should.. People are always so quick to jump to conclusion and do not know the truth.. Hopefully we see the update later on.

  • Amy Tran
    • That’s not the right update.

  • Swagged

    Patiently waiting… 😴


    Just want to give everyone a heads up it should come out by tonight we hope.. The update has been ready and checked by Apple and was supposed to be sent out today but for some reason theres a glitch like always and its being checked on why it wont go out by OTA or Manual we will have a new posting up shortly follow our T-Mobile help on twitter for more information quickly.

    • Me

      You didn’t leave your twitter name to follow…….

      • MikeAndersonWA

        it’s just Tmobilehelp on twitter.

  • Winski

    Here is a note I just received from the SVP of T-Mobile Network and Operations….

    Dear Mr. Baldwin,
    The bundle will now be delayed until Monday.

    Abdul Saad
    SVP, Network Technology
    â–ªTâ–ª â–ª â–ªMobileâ–ª® USA

    • Americans for Truth

      …and there you have it folks. We’ve waited a long time, we’ll just have to wait a little longer.

    • Magnetic

      Thank you for posting!

    • Ben Russo

      Such crap!!

  • TBN27

    oh well. save for the building penetration, hspa+ over PCS is still pretty decent and it can hold me for now.

  • eastpointvet

    so nobody just used tmobile.com/isetup from the iphone to automatically import it?

    • Guest

      That’s not the update. David should close the comments now. Nothing new is happening and the wrong information is being spread.

  • Chaz

    i talked to support and got this. !Anna L: Looking into our resources, we will start sending the software update Over-The-Air today 04/05/13.

    • Winski


  • Tony

    Why in the world is T-Mobile in charge of this update? I think Apple would have done a far better job releasing the update than little old inexperienced T-Mobile.

  • MikeAndersonWA

    UPDATE from Twitter: “We apologize, the release of the Carrier Update has been postponed. We will provide more information once it is available. ^ZH”

    Hopefully it’ll be released soon….

  • Tmobile user

    Can’t believe it. T mobile managed to botch this simple carrier update…(sigh)

    • Ger

      And you would be complaining if they had released and it didn’t work properly due to a bug which is the likely reason it was delayed.

  • Ben Russo

    Just spoke with a supervisor, “the update will be there in the morning”, he was secretive about it but i was able to pull it out from him. (11:20 NYC time)

    • Jon

      Mm….still no.

    • Day don’t light yet? Lol

  • PhantomWraith

    so now that T-mobile has the Iphone this site will transition into a Iphone news site as 6 of the 12 stories on the front are about the iphone and not really about t-mobile. Who could of guessed that one…

    • DaygosTommyT

      You obviously didn’t read the letter from the editor

    • ReallyDude!?

      Dude really? Iphone is finally coming to T-mobile so that’s why it is news right now! There’s an update today along with Pre-orders starting today. As new phones come out they too will get the same coverage. Chill! Why don’t you read Davi’s rant from a couple days ago about you!!!

    • Someone didn’t bother to read their homework! https://www.tmonews.com/2013/04/editorial-a-quick-note-from-your-editor-thats-me-regarding-coverage/

      When the Galaxy S 4 launches, 6 out of the 12 stories will be about it, and the same with the HTC One, but for some strange reason…people have a hard time following that.

      • Joseph Tongret

        I can only imagine that with all of the critical, rude, misguided, hurtful, and most of all, unnecessary, comments ppl slather the internet with everyday that you have to reach a point of disgust and zero tolerance? (And it seems justified as we’re human) But, I’m beginning to believe that a good portion of those comments on this particular site are made just for the attention from the editor they feel they’re bound to get based on your tendency to address “trolls” in a very personal and direct fashion. The unfortunate truth David, is that you can never really win when it comes to dealing with it, and “dealing with it” may actually be more equivalent to “losing”? All of the editorials in the world, the disproving, the logic, and the arguments are never going to make them pack up and go away, lol. You have a big following of ppl who appreciate your writing, your inside info you share with us, and the hours you put into keeping Tmo News up and running. You operate the ONLY place on the Web dedicated to T-Mobile news! I wanna make it clear that I’m not knocking you or how you approach the issue because I’ve never had to deal with it personally in the manner in which a Web Journalist does, and I’m definitely on board with Team Beren, lol! I just don’t see a reason for a high profile guy who’s got enough work on his plate already to even dignify most of this nonsense with a response? Anyone who spends some significant time on your site can understand why you publish what you do. And, apparently what you publish has brought you success, so if it ain’t broke….right?lol

        • PhantomWraith

          Yes you comment has enlightened me. After all my comment wasn’t any of the above it was actually factual. I realize your unable to see that and based on your opinion if I don’t agree with you then I should eliminate you. Adolf Hitler thought something very similiar.

        • Bratty

          You dont actually understand what the word “factual” means champ. Middle school is calling you back.

        • GodwinsLawl

          Holy mother of God, did you really just bring Nazis into this? Really? Cause Adolf Hilter was a huge fan of the Android OS. Rommel liked the Nokia 5190, but no one really knows this.

        • h_f_m

          Doh.. I just saw your comment… +1

        • h_f_m

          Holy mother of Godwin, it’s happened…


      • PhantomWraith

        So because you get to rant in a editorial I am no longer able to say what my opinion is? All I can say is just WoW. Maybe you should do your homework! http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution_zoom_1.html but some strange reason you have a hard time comprehending anything about that.

        • TechHog

          not sure if trolling or just stupid

        • I vote that he’s just stupid. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet.

        • Oh oh, privately owned website! I reserve the right to modify, delete, ban, preserve or otherwise determine who can comment and what they can say. Freedom of speech isn’t a crutch you can always fall back on. Before throwing it around you should really get a better grasp of just how it works. Before you do that, try and understand the internet, private websites and what freedoms you have on them. In fact, here’s a good read:


          All that said, the iPhone is the phone of the week so yes, there’s more news, which should be evident right from the start and not warrant your comment in the first place.

    • TechHog

      Huh. So, would you mind telling all of us which of those iPhone stories are unnecessary? because as some who openly hates Apple, all of the stories I see are completely necessary and directly related to T-Mobile. You could maybe argue that the second one about pre-orders could have been an update to the one before it, but that’s about it. I only with we could post links here so I could make you look like even more of an idiot.

    • “Who could’ve guessed that” or “who could have guessed that”

    • sjt2

      Dude. Remember that I visit this site only for iphone news on tmo. I am sure the number of people like me will go higher.

    • Milad

      The iPhone is Tmobile related story of this week

    • Bud

      you weren’t complaining when it was all about samsung.

  • Tulio M. Mesa

    David if you read this apple store genious told me when you buy the iphone from the apple store for Tmobile it will come automatically unlocked!

    • Bratty

      That is. Because it is not tied to a 2yr contract. If you leave Tmo early, pay off the phone and move on.

  • TeflonFong

    I wonder how VVM is going to work? Do you need to pay for that feature? Is it free?

    • mgldan

      It comes with any service plan, totally free.

  • MikeAndersonWA

    Further update from Twitter: T-Mobile told me to try the update again after 5PM PST, and that they’re working hard to get it pushed out. Who would have known that this carrier update would be such a pain?

  • CommonSense

    This is all Apple’s doing. It has Apple’s grubby, control-freak fingerprints all over it. Trust me — as someone who deals with Apple every single day, this is all them. Think about it — the carrier update comes through iTunes, which is totally under Apple’s control. They didn’t like something about it, so they’re holding it up and making T-Mobile take the fall. This is what they do.

    And I say this is a former rabid Apple fan since the mid-90s, way before it was trendy to be one.

    • I love the conspiracy theories. Can you tell me what happened to the aliens from Roswell as well? Updates get pulled all the time, how this went down is the problem, not that the update was pulled.

      • CommonSense

        Nice and condescending. I’m not sure how you read what I posted as a “conspiracy theory”; I’m merely trying to offer a counterpoint to all the finger-pointing at T-Mobile. And given that I work with Apple as a thoroughly integral part of my work (I won’t go into further detail), I have a good sense of their culture.

        And I AM addressing “how it went down” by saying that my suspicion is that Apple had an “issue” with it and held it back.

        Fine, maybe I’m wrong, but your condescension brings nothing to the discussion. Maybe I should be the 948th person to say “but I went to the isetup website and did it myself? Duh, isn’t that enough?”

        • Guest911

          His condescending attitude does bring something to the discussion – humor. And it highlights how dumb you sound. Win – win.

        • CommonSense

          OK, I’ll try to be patient and rational here, since someone has to be.

          I, apparently, am “dumb” because I cited facts. OK. Please tell me how any of these are not facts.

          1. Apple is the final gatekeeper when it comes to what gets distributed through iTunes (be it music, video, iPhone carrier updates, podcasts, etc.).

          2. From the original iPhone onward, Apple set a new precedent for control over the user experience of the phone. You don’t see stupid AT&T or Verizon logos screen-printed on the iPhone or carrier-bundled crapware pre-loaded on it, because Apple put their foot down, played hardball from day one, and said this is how it’s going to be. (Sounds pretty controlling — though in this case, it’s pretty pro-consumer control.)

          3. This one, I admit, you’ll have to take on faith, but as I said before, due to the nature of my work, I deal with Apple every single day. Five days a week. They are instrumental in how I make my (admittedly paltry) money. I talk with, e-mail, and/or see actual Apple staff in person regularly.

          4. Apple is very perfectionist, to a fault. A quick Google will turn up any number of accounts of how projects get held up because something isn’t “just right.”

          Put all of the above together, and yes, my conclusion was in fact “Apple was behind the delay of this carrier update getting out.” T-Mobile is a brand-new partner with Apple (in the US anyway, but for all intents and purposes they’re an entirely different company than in Europe), so it especially behooves them to dance to whatever tune Apple is playing.

          I said sure, I could be wrong — odds are that none of us will ever really know (and after the carrier update finally comes out, nobody will care anyway). What I don’t get is the complete lack of openness to this possibility. Instead, there’s irrelevant sidetracks about over my writing style of writing or my choice of adjectives.

          (shrug) Fine, whatever. I give up. It’s all T-Mobile’s fault, then. (Not that any of you have any evidence of that, either.) Interesting position to take on tmonews.com, but there you have it.

        • Guest911

          Here is where you are missing – you have conjecture and conclusion not FACTS. And you fight it. Sigh.

        • CommonSense

          I’m not sure I ever said otherwise.

          Anyway, you seem hell-bent on having the ”
          last word, so go ahead and reply to this, and I won’t respond back. It’s an Internet forum dream come true!

    • Lada

      Yeah. I think so too. Tmobile is very eager to do it, but they need a “apple juice” to make it happen. Haha in short that isn’t a good way to treat the consumer. Not fun at all!

  • Genecio

    Off Topic: T-mobile is offering Handset insurance on its version of the iphone, but not on unlocked/third party ones.

  • Ghost79

    What is the offer given to loyal customers who buy the iPhone? I got one of those text message from T-Mobile with a video of the CEO explaining the company.

  • disqus_BhHugZae0X

    So using the verizon version of the iPhone 5 for t-mobile is a complete waste?

    • RobotChupacabra

      That one’s unlocked factory. You’d still get HSPA+ 21 on 1900 MHz in markets where T-Mobile has done the refarming.

    • Winski


  • Ok, so i have a factory unlocked iphone 5 that i bought directly from apple. Will i be able to get 4G/LTE?

    • Gary

      Yes you will get LTE once you get the carrier update but you just won’t get the HSPA+42 band which is T-mobiles most stable 4G network compared to the HSPA +21 which they are still refarming & has a huge tendency to dip to edge

      • is that just for now? Will they fix this?

        • That’s for now they’re still working on the refarmed network for current iPhones.

        • any idea how long it’ll take? I paid freaking 800 bucks for this phone, if i cant use it to its max capabilities thats gonna suck

        • Winski

          A YEAR.

        • h_f_m

          How long ago did you buy it? If it was within the return window I would take it back and get the updated model with better T-Mo support when it releases.

          I bought a 32G unlocked one from Apple for my wife for x-mas, so it’s been too long. I did get her AppleCare though.. hmmmm… The good thing is that the 1900Mhz refarm is in pretty decent shape in NYC so she doesn’t have too many complaints. It could be better, but it’s not horrible. YMMV I suppose, I have heard others saying it sucks.

    • Marc Sabatella

      You already *can* get 4G – T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 21 versipn of 4G, which is about the same speed as most other carriers’ LTE version of 4G – if your region of the country supports it. By now, quite a lot of the country does support it, although a lot does not. So, the carrier update is not going to change that at all. You either get HSPA+ right mow or you don’t, and if you don’t now, you probably will by the end of the year, carrier update or no carrier update.

      Now, if you happen to live in the *miniscule* area of the country where T-Mobile has started setting up LTE, them the carrier update *will* give you access to that. So for maybe 0.1% of the country, existing unlocked iPhones will get LTE as soon as the carrirer update goes put – maybe today, maybe Friday.

      But for 99% of us, that just isn’t the case. The carrier update could come toay but we’ll still have to wait for T-Mobile to actually get LTE running in pur regions before we can use it. And we can already use HSPA+ 21 right now if we live in an area of the country where it is supported (roughly 50/50 at this point, maybe?)

      So unless people are just that gung ho about the visual voicemai, I don’t really get why everyone is so worked up over this update. It’s a complete non-issue for most of us.

  • jordanfernandez86

    ATTENTION!! All you gotta do is go on Safari on your iPhone 4/4S/5 and type in tmobile.com/isetup in the url box and voila, the OTA update/profile will pop up for you to install. Easy as 1-2-3!!

    • That’s actually not it at all, that’s just for the APN, it has NOTHING to do with this update.

    • bozzykid

      Of course that will setup the wrong APN settings if you have an iPhone 5. And it will not setup visual voicemail or enable LTE. That is not a carrier update.

  • If I don’t see a update by tomorrow am done with tmobile my Internet sucks on my Iphone 5

    • I don’t know why you would be waiting for this in the hopes it would help your internet? Nothing we have posted has shown any indication this would make a difference unless you are in an LTE area.

  • Johny

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am not looking forward to this upgate, becaues I am affraid it may break my $4.99 unlimited t-zone data plan…

  • Anon

    Has the update been released yet?

  • chris

    I just got the update FYI. Plugged it into iTunes this morning and clicked check for update then a message saying “A carrier update is available to download”. Downloaded it now it says for carrier in settings “T-Mobile 14.1” and LTE is available now! Go download via connecting to iTunes!

    • Justin

      I can confirm I just got a download prompt in iTunes with the phone connected…checking to see if it worked now

      • Justin

        I definitely have the Visual Voicemail screen enabled on an iPhone 4!

    • Justin

      The update sets the APN settings to fast.t-mobile.com

  • Gary Benoit

    Just finally got the update via iTunes

    • Omin97

      U sure ?

  • I just got mine this morning.

  • Josh

    I got mine too via iTunes, the voice mail feature is awesome !!!!

  • dragon_warrior

    It’s here! Go Settings>General>About, update will pop up

  • Omin97

    “It’s available OTA, go to settings & then about & the option pops up, you can update or choose not now, about time”

  • Michael Kares

    The update has shown up here in California! No visual voicemail for prepaid SIMs though….

  • kciddy

    l just updated mines!

  • M

    updated the carrier settings, but my personal hot spot is gone.. anyone know where i can find it?

  • parkpy

    FINALLY!!! I finally have group MMS!! w00!

  • Updated mine, but it had no effect. No visual voicemail, no 4G indicator, etc. I’m doing a restore and I’ll report back.

    • Restore seems to have done the trick. Visual voicemail, 4G indicator, etc. are all there. Now if only I had someone to test HD Voice with…

  • DVN

    I got the update. However, the LTE (Optional) setting is blank and my connection says only 4G. I’m in Houston TX, shouldn’t I have LTE? If so do I need to input LTE settings to get LTE?

  • Honza

    Got the update! No LTE yet, 4G only. (Boston Metro) Visual voicemail and MMS works great. Had to restart the phone to get everything going.

  • Jonathan Walter Quesada

    i got the update but i did something to get it git it a shot. first what I did was went to carrier then where it says automatic I turned it off after that I went to be about menu and waited about 10 seconds roughly the phone automatically turned the carrier back to automatic and while in the about menu a little message came up asking if I wanted to do a carrier update one down side is that once you do update the update eliminates free tethering therefore it takes away your free personal hotspot

  • Dave

    I have an iphone 4, i got the update and it changed the apn and the carrier, i turned it off and back on but all i got was edge ?

  • 3shan

    I’m only getting edge too but I expected it

    • 3shan

      But I have an i5

  • Rick Rudge

    It was a very quick download from iTunes. The Carrier version is now 14.1 on my iPhone. You power off your iPhone and then turn it back on and the features are now on the iPhone. I have an iPhone 4 using a Pay-As-You-Go (non-data) plan. So the in phone voice-mail system isn’t working for me.

    However, I still get the new Voice-Mail screen with a red dot (but no numbers). I just click on the “Call Voice-Mail” button and it dials my old voice-mail system and I access it the same way I normally do. Haven’t tried MMS messaging as yet, but sure that it will work fine, just as all Apple products do.

    Thank you Apple and thank you T-Mobile for all of your support.

  • Logan

    Has anyone actually got LTE yet with this carrier update?

  • nyjumpman23

    It messes up on the MMS messaging on unlocked iphone 4s

  • msohail

    The update is now live … Go to Settings > About on your iPhone to get the update.. Note: the update kills tethering … it also enables LTE, HSPA+ and Visual Voice mail

  • jp2592

    I just manually downloaded the ipcc file and updated it using itunes. I was on carrier 12.0 but now it says 14.1. Rebooting to make sure the changes take into effect. Will report back.

  • natebinsf

    I’m getting 4g on an Iphone4s; however, I’m pissed. The carrier update deleted all my voicemails, 20 or so were from my mom who recently passed. Is there ANY way to get these back?????

    • msohail

      Sorry to hear that .. call T-Mobile … i did the update on my iPhone 5 and it still kept my old voice mails… i hope they can help you retrieve those VM’s

  • Juan Vasquez

    The update disables your hot spot capabilities if you’re on unlimited prepaid plan!

  • Chant

    Guys to let u know that I have been in contact with tmobile technical support and they have pick me as a candidate to try resolve the issue with apple in regards to tethering problems after carrier 14.1 update they have been getting calls about.

  • Hec H

    I have a Sprint iphone 4s 6.1.3 with GPP chip on T-mobile network in the USA. The T-mobile carrier update (14.2) does not automatically download to GPP iphones. Anyone try manually installing the T-mobile carrier update hack from itweakios(dot)com to the iphone 4s? Does it work? Did it fix the visual voicemail, hotspot, HD audio, improve data speeds? Anyone up for the challenge?